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Friday, 13 January


Australia Day Lamb Video has jumped the shark. "IndyWatch Feed National"

For the first time in 10 years I'm not running the lamb video. It's just boring. If you want to see it in all its forced cliche try-hardness you'll find it here. Interesting that comments are disabled. Meanwhile Henry Winkler nails it.


Black Kite at Murarrie (suburb 10klm east Brisbane CBD) reported by Andy Eacott on 12-01-2017 "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

A single bird soared briefly before heading toward the city at 9:45 am. Deeply forked tail was obvious.


Ten things you need to know about TiSA "IndyWatch Feed National"

While global attention has been focused on other trade deals, such as the failed TPP, governments and corporations have been working hard to push through the Trade in Services Agreement†(TiSA).

Negotiations have been shrouded in secrecy but leaked documents show that global services corporations and some governments are using the deal to push a deregulation and privatisation agenda.

A deal could be reached as soon as early 2017. Here’s what you need to know.

1. It's massive, but excludes most low income countries

All 28 EU member states, as well as the United States, Australia and 20 other mostly high income countries* are involved in TiSA negotiations, meaning the deal will cover around 70 per cent of global trade in services.

Emerging economies like Brazil, India, China, Russia, and over 100 developing country WTO members are not included in making the rules, but would be pressured to join later.

2. Negotiations are secret

TiSA negotiations are held behind closed doors, with very little public consultation and no public access to negotiating texts. But ‘corporate advisors’ representing global services companies have access to negotiators to push their deregulation and privatisation agendas.

3. Almost all services will be affected

TiSA could set rules affecting almost all service provision including education, healthcare, transport, water, telecommunications, postal services, aged care, child care, energy, retail and banking services. These are services which many of us use each day. It’s claimed that “public services†are not included in the negotiations but the TiSA definition of what constitutes a public service is very ambiguous.

4. De-regulation is the aim

Instead of reducing tariffs on goods, TiSA aims to reduce government regulation on services, by freezing regulation at current levels and reducing it over time. This suits global services corporations but not peoples’ needs.

Many services require re...

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IndyWatch Cairns QLD All Topics Summary Today.

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Thursday, 12 January


Moderators who had to view child abuse content sue Microsoft, claiming PTSD "IndyWatch Feed National"



in San Francisco

Microsoft workers on the “online safety team” were forced to view photos and videos of “indescribable sexual assaults”, “horrible brutality”, murder and child abuse, resulting in severe post-traumatic stress disorder, according to a lawsuit.

Read More


What Palestine Ltd tells us about disaster capitalism in Palestine/Israel "IndyWatch Feed National"

My following review appears in the US publication Mondoweiss:

Palestine Ltd: Neoliberalism and Nationalism in the Occupied Territory (I.B. Taurus), by Toufic Haddad

The Israeli media barely covers Palestine. Although many local, corporate outlets have “Arab affairs” correspondents, a faintly colonial position that reeks of paternalism, 99.9 percent of Jewish journalists live in Israel proper (or the occupied, Palestinian territories) and barely spend any serious time in Palestine (except when serving in the IDF). The lack of Palestinian perspectives is striking considering the geographic closeness of the two peoples.

With notable exceptions such as Haaretz journalists Amira Hass and Gideon Levy who live in the West Bank or constantly visit it, as well as 972 Magazine, the inevitable outcome is that most Israelis view Palestinians through a security framework. The media reinforces this inherent bias. Palestinians are seen as a foreign threat to be feared or loathed, unless proven otherwise. It’s therefore unsurprising that contact between Israeli Jews and Palestinians is increasingly rare unless occurring at a military checkpoint or Israeli-run, industrial park in the West Bank.

These issues go beyond the Israeli press. I’ve long believed that the more international journalists who live in a city or country the worse the reporting will be. This may be a strange conclusion and counter-factual. Surely the more eyes and ears in one place will improve coverage? In fact, the opposite happens because a herd mentality quickly develops and few journalists, despite convincing themselves otherwise, want to stand out. Think of London, Washington, Canberra and Jerusalem and the lack of distinctive voices emanating from these locations. Too many reporters live and breathe the same air, speak to the same sources, dine in the same places and socialise with the same people. I’m not immune, being a journalist myself, but I’ve spent my professional life rejecting the comforting embrace of stenography reporti...


Of skinks and snails and purple hen tales "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

Among some odd sightings lately, Purple Swamp-hen drinking at roadside pool a few metres from the local beachfront. Only one of the species I've seen since moving to Townsville from Ingham (where the birds - Cane Coots - win few friends by dining on young sugar cane shoots).

From the middle of severely burnt blady grass patch, snail survivor. So what? So, this is the first live snail I've found for years. It was struggling for purchase in a sea of ash. And it had survived dozens of Black Kites, Kookaburras and Lapwings. Imagine how gently I picked it up, gave it a wee wash, let it goob over my hat, and set it down safely in a patch of unburnt grass. 

Nothing odd about a Spangled Drongo, this one from from the Sustainability Centre walkway next to my new abode. But certainly something odd about 16 of them almost on top of each other in the Town Common yesterday and again early today. One or two appeared to be youngsters begging to be fed. The local birds usually get about in threes. I can't resist it: maybe it was just a local branch meeting.


Looking for gym suggestions "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

Hi all, as the title says I'm looking for a good gym up here to join as I'm new to Townsville. I live in North Ward so this side of town would work best, and anyone looking for a gym partner hit me up!

submitted by /u/weaseljew92
[link] [comments]


National Welfare Rights Network changes its name "IndyWatch Feed National"

12th January 2017

The National Welfare Rights Network has changed its name to the National Social Security Rights Network.  We will update the website as s


Australian material in Project Blue Book files "IndyWatch Feed National"

Hi all,

Readers will have noticed that I have been busy going through digitised issues of the Flying Saucer Review; NICAP's the UFO Investigator; the MUFON Journal, and the APRO Bulletin, in order to document Australian material in these overseas periodicals. Having Excel spreadsheet indexes of this material, makes it so much easier, when I am answering email from people, asking me about Australian sightings.

My latest small project was examining online resources, which contain files relating to the former USAF Project Blue Book, and checking these for Australian material. In all, I found 20 Australian sightings in these Blue Book files.

The best reference source I found, was Fold3. However, simply typing in such keywords as 'Australia;' Tasmania (as many Americans refer to Tasmania as if it were a separate country to Australia, whereas it is one Australian state); New Guinea etc., may not have revealed the full extent of Australian material. There may be additional sightings listed in other ways. I also found that you need to look at each page listed, as, for example, there were three reports for Melbourne, Victoria, dated 1 January, 14 January and 15 January 1954, all contained in the file dated 1 January 1954, Melbourne.  In addition, I found pages about non Australian sightings, attached as part of an Australian sighting file.

All in all, I found a total of 104 pages for the 20 sightings. Many of these sightings had Project Blue Book evaluations, e.g. Condamine, Queensland, dated 2 February 1951 was said to be a meteor; while the 20 August 1963 Turner River Station, Western Australia was listed as a satellite observation.

One example will illustrate the path these sightings took. On 12 June 1961 there was an observation by two residents of the Azerita Plantation, Papua New Guinea, at 0400hrs local time. Over a fifteen minute period the observers saw a shiny object w...


How The Other Half Lives: Welfare Torts Vs Travel Rorts "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Turnbull government is in chaos, and we’re not even halfway through January, writes Ben Eltham.

Human Services Minister Alan Tudge finally returned from his summer holidays this week.

While he was away, the Department he oversees was melting down. Centrelink was sending out tens of thousands of threatening letters to innocent Australians, falsely accusing them of welfare fraud.

As we detailed last week, it was a fiasco entirely of the government’s own making. The “robo-debt” letters were generated despite obvious and glaring failures to match up elementary information. Centrelink and the Department knew that the robo-debt system was fatally flawed. They went ahead anyway.

So what did Minister Tudge do when returning to the smoking ruins of his portfolio? Nothing. Nothing at all.

Human Services Minister Alan Tudge, on ABC's Lateline program.Human Services Minister Alan Tudge, on ABC’s Lateline program.

Tudge finally fronted the media on Wednesday morning, talking to the ABC’s Hamish Macdonald. Macdonald asked him whether the government would scrap the robo-dobt algorithm.

“No we won’t be,” Tudge replied.

There’s an important principle here, Hamish, that we’re trying to implement and that is to ensure that there is great integrity in the welfare system because after all the welfare system constitutes a third of the budget.

We want to make sure that people get the welfare entitlements that they’re entitled to and no more and no less. Consequently we do have a robust compliance system in place and in the last six months alone, we’ve recovered over $300 million to the taxpayer through that process. So the system is working and we will continue with that system.

It’s a measure of how out of touch this government is that Tudge thinks the “system is working.” Centrelink has sent out more than 169,000 robo-debt letters since September 2016. Many of those letters, perhaps a majority, are wrong.

Centrelink itself is in melt-down; staff are taking industrial action; there are massive queues at offices;...


Why reward illegals with $10K starter packs when a veteran pays $7,000 visa fee for his wife "IndyWatch Feed National"

I'll let you know how Ralph and Ruby's Visa application is progressing through the normal channels. I don't think it's fair that a man who volunteered for active service, who is now a TPI war veteran, who wrote out a cheque up to the value of his life made payable...


Culleton removal from senate premature and unlawful "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

Senator Rod Culleton

Senator Rod Culleton

by Robert J Lee in Canberra

WA Judge Michael Barker has not followed the court rules while persecuting Senator Culleton

WA Judge Michael Barker has not followed the court rules while persecuting Senator Culleton

Judicial corruption has again reared its head after Western Australia Federal Court Judge Michael Barker informed the President of the senate that Senator Rod Culleton is a bankrupt.

Senator C...


The Privacyless, Freedomless Smart City of 2030 the Elite Are Engineering "IndyWatch Feed National"



Well here’s a fat bag of crazy for you, courtesy of the elites over at Davos ahead of their 2017 meeting.… Read More


Turnbull's Sheik Shady dinner cost $33,000 - the insult to Australia will last forever "IndyWatch Feed National"

Here are the financial costs of Turnbull's dinner with the death-cult Sheik and Mufti. The damage to Australia is priceless. The Mufti's support for the Sheik stands. The Mufti's repudiation of Australia's PM stands. Turnbull's failure to condemn the Mufti condemns Turnbull. $5,800 for Turnbull's staff to fly in and...


Opening Pandora’s Box: Metadata in civil procedings "IndyWatch Feed National"

Last night Open Knowledge Australia (Melbourne) hosted the first of what will be two events on the issue of the plans by government to open retained metadata to civil proceedings. It was a very interesting event with a strong turn out of around 50 very informed people, most of whom had something to add to discussion throughout the night.

For a bit of background, the Attorney-General and Communications Portfolios are running a departmental Inquiry seeking submissions into whether metadata collected by Australian ISP’s should be used not only for investigating us under criminal law but also for civil cases. Jon Lawrence from Electronic Frontiers Australia provided much-needed background looking back on...


10 years of the intervention is too long "IndyWatch Feed National"

After 10 years of the intervention there are more people unemployed, more people incarcerated, and more children being taken away. Overcrowded housing persists. Land has been acquired through intergenerational leases by the government, and the basics card has been rolled out into the wider community. Barb Shaw is calling out to people to come together for a convergence in Alice Springs 24 – 26 June 2017 to discuss these and strategise together.

See her call out here:


Inglourious Basterds "IndyWatch Feed National"

John Howard, the former politician, author, public speaker and Iraq war criminal, is still being lionised by Australian media, particularly at the ABC. Lawyer and human rights activist Kellie Tranter takes aim.

In 2013, Professor Stuart Rees, Founder and Chair of the Sydney Peace Foundation, wrote in an article John Howard’s Iraq War Fantasy that, “The arrogance of western warmongers enables them to behave as though they are not accountable to international law. Not only that, they can also make small fortunes from writing books and giving lectures about their conduct.”

After Howard’s inglorious personal demise in the 2007 federal election – only the second prime minister in history to lose his seat while in The Lodge – he followed that path exactly, joining the lucrative speaker’s circuit, writing his autobiography and receiving an honorary doctorate from Sydney University.

In 2014, John Howard published his book ‘The Menzies Era’ which was developed into the series Howard on Menzies: Building Modern Australia and which aired on the public broadcaster last year.

In response to a Freedom of Information request attempting to ascertain who was responsible for nominating John Howard as the presenter, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) responded as follows:

“The Director of Television has confirmed that the idea for series Howard on Menzies: Building Modern Australia was developed internally. He advised that ABC TV had wanted to do a documentary on Menzies for some time, and when John Howard’s book was published, this was identified as useful source material for that documentary. A creative decision was made that John Howard would be a good choice to present the documentary, as the most authentic voice in the circumstances. ABC TV approached production company Smith and Nasht and commissioned them to make the series…”

In a further email received in December last year the ABC confirmed that “the Director of Television made this conceptual decision in collaboration with the Head of Production.”

Since the Iraq war it is no doubt difficult for many to accept that John Howard is considered an ‘authentic voice’ on any issue. But the reality is that John Howard won’t be held to account by international law, and will continue to be treated as a statesman instead of a war criminal because his crime of aggression occurred at an historical moment where no crime existed.

An American chopper patrols over the skies of Baghdad. (DVIDSHUB, Flickr)An American chopper patrols over the skies of Baghdad. (DVIDSHUB, Flickr)...


Orville Wright, Three Museums and one Recurring Casualty "IndyWatch Feed National"

Orville Wright, Three Museums and one Recurring Casualty

By Steven & Evan Strong

My time with keyboards and screens is always a reluctant engagement, all planning and general writing takes place outside on the farm beside the rainforest during the day. Using the computer as a typewriter is the full extent of my liking or empathy for any screen with attachments and aps (whatever that means). Once my wife goes to bed my right index finger spends three to four hours pushing buttons, and it is nearly always to the accompaniment of background music. Most of the content on mainstream TV is shamefully numbing, exploitative and fearful, and even if it is just humming in the background, that alone hinders the process and necessitates the off switch.

This time around should have been a repeat dose of alternatives that soothe, and as Del was making her way down the hall towards the bedroom, I rose with every intention to switch the setting on the amplifier to a mixed bag of music from Double Jay. I was within a metre of the remote when first hearing Wilbur WrightâŹ"s name. I had very little to offer on this topic outside his brother Orville, and a flimsy piece of sticks and cloth cobbled together called the âŹÜKittyhawkâŹ" that flew a few feet in the air, that was the sum total personally known on what the commentator declared to be a seminal moment in history. Claims like that are so cheap and ready, but yes in this case this proclamation of brilliance has substance. Moreover, as I knew virtually nothing about this historic discovery, a break in routine was taken as I did something quite unusual, which I knew from the time of changing tact was heavily laced in irony. My hope was to find out what really happened and how great these two men were, via a mainstream media outlet.

As the documentary began, having no program, review or preview to sway or prepare, I assumed this was all about Wilbur and Orville as children jumping off hills while holding wings of fabric and wood, their discovery of an elemental truth in aerodynamics all the way through and past the first officially recorded fli...


How to make cricket bats, 1962. Once were craftsmen. "IndyWatch Feed National"

Raise your hand if you remember your first pot of linseed oil. When I was a boy my family held craftsmen like this in the highest esteem. My father spoke of older tradesmen he worked with in almost reverential terms. Now we have Malcolm and innovation. Why make things when...


Curtain And The Case For Freedom: How Many Indigenous Prisoners In Australia Are Innocent? "IndyWatch Feed National"

Amy McQuire has been investigating the jailing of an Aboriginal man in Queensland for over a year. Here she details at the case, and the broader reality of wrongful convictions in Australia.

In 1991, an Aboriginal woman named Lynda tragically lost her life on the banks of the Fitzroy River in Rockhampton, Central Queensland. She as found by a fisherman, early on a Sunday morning. A police investigation was immediately called into her death, and the next year, four people were convicted in relation to her death.

While news of her death originally made the front pages of the local paper, by the time the trial rolled around the next year, the story was consigned to the middle sections. Now, 25 years on, few remember her name or the specifics of her death.

But there are reasons we must remember, because for the past quarter of a century, rumours of a grave miscarriage of justice perpetrated against Lynda have persisted.

It revolves around the person who received a life sentence for her death – an Aboriginal man by the name of Kevin Henry, or as he is more widely known, ‘Curtain’. Kevin Henry was picked up by police and charged with Lynda’s death within the same week she was found.

Curtain has always maintained his innocence but his pleas have fell on deaf ears. For Aboriginal people who already have the justice system stacked against them, the avenues to protest a guilty verdict are limited, and it is unlikely you will be believed.

Wrongful convictions in Australia are relatively rare, especially when compared to countries like the United States. In 2015, a new record was set in the US, according to the University of Michigan Law School, which counted 149 exonerations in that year alone.

San Quentin Prison, in the United States. (IMAGE: telmo32, Flickr)San Quentin Prison, in the United States. (IMAGE: telmo32, Flickr)

A large proportion of these people had actually plead guilty even though they were innocent, 27 of them had given false confessions, 75 per cent of homicide cases reported official misconduct, and in 75 of the cases, there had been no actual crime committed.

There have been high profile cases of wrongful conviction in Australia – like Andrew Mallard in Perth, and more recently, Henry Keogh in South Australia, who was exonerated after it was found flawed forensic evidence was presented at his trial.

But these cases are seen as exceptions, rather than a symptom of the deep-rooted flaws within our own legal system.

However, if these two white men could be wrongfully conv...


50,000 years of story "IndyWatch Feed National"

Troowolway man Nathan Maynard’s play The Season, premiering this week at the Sydney Opera House as part of the 2017 Sydney Festival, has been a long time in the making. In some ways, it began at an Indigenous scriptwriting program a couple of years ago, but it’s also been guided to realisation from a lot further back by family mentors. There are stories threaded throughout from Maynard’s childhood in northern Tasmania, and older stories still – traditional stories that have carried over millennia. The play is hotly tipped to be a festival standout.


Stu of NT - Goin' Rortin'. "IndyWatch Feed National"

But fear not. Here are the keepers of the standards and guardians of the treasury.


Calls by Vic kids in crisis go unanswered "IndyWatch Feed National"

Michael C. Irving’s Child Abuse Monument 7. Photo Harvey K

Michael C. Irving’s Child Abuse Monument 7. Photo Harvey K


Victoria’s child abuse hotline reportedly failed to answer 20,000 calls for help in an 18-month period with some people waiting two hours to speak with an operator.

Freedom of information documents obtained by News Corp suggest almost 57,000 calls to the Child Protection Crisis Line were not responded to between mid-2010 and late 2015.

Children Minister Jenny Mikakos insists the Andrews government has increased funding to the service ‘after years of neglect by the previous government’.

‘Labor has increased funding, resulting in a decrease in the number of abandoned calls and a significant reduction in waiting times,’ the minister says in a statement on Thursday.

The government says in the last six months of 2016 the percentage of abandoned calls dropped to six per cent, with the average waiting time cut to one minute and 11 seconds.

The post Calls by Vic kids in crisis go unanswered appeared first on Echonetdaily.


Replacement for Culleton unknown "IndyWatch Feed National"

Senator Rod Culleton leaves the Federal Court in Perth, Dec. 2016 after a Federal Court judge has declared him bankrupt. AAP Image/Richard Wainwright

Senator Rod Culleton leaves the Federal Court in Perth, Dec. 2016 after a Federal Court judge declared him bankrupt. AAP Image/Richard Wainwright


A replacement for dumped senator Rod Culleton remains unknown but it could be the second person on the One Nation ticket – his brother-in-law Peter Georgiou.

The independent senator lost his spot on Wednesday after he was declared bankrupt by a Federal Court judge.

Senate president Stephen Parry said in a statement that he had informed Mr Culleton and WA governor Kerry Sanderson there was a vacancy because the former One Nation member had been disqualified from the position as he was an ‘undischarged bankrupt’.

Senator Parry also advised party leaders and independent senators of the development.

But the Court of Disputed Returns is yet to determine whether Mr Culleton was ever eligible to be selected as a senator as he had been convicted of a larceny charge, which was later annulled, at the time of the federal election in July.

‘It will be necessary for the Court of Disputed Returns to deliver its answers to the referred questions before it will become apparent how the vacancy may be filled,’ Senator Parry said.

It will be reported to the Senate when it meets on February 7.

Depending on the court’s decision, the vacancy will be filled by either Mr Georgiou, or the party can nominate a replacement.

‘If a casual vacancy is declared because of Rod Culleton’s disqualification I have already chosen a great person to replace him in the Senate,’ One Nation leader Pauline Hanson tweeted on Wednesday night.

Mr Culleton had been ordered to pay former Wesfarmers director Dick Lester $205,536 in 2013 – which has since increased to $280,000 – over unpaid rent relating to a $13.2 million 2009 pro...


Rolf Harris accused of ‘unwanted groping’ "IndyWatch Feed National"

Entertainer Rolf Harris arriving for sentencing at Southwark Crown Court in London 2014 file photo

Entertainer Rolf Harris arriving for sentencing at Southwark Crown Court in London 2014 file photo


Rolf Harris has a proven propensity for indecently assaulting young females and is guilty of further offences of ‘unwanted groping’, the prosecution has told a London jury in his new trial.

The 86-year-old entertainer is facing a six-week trial in Southwark Crown Court on seven charges of indecent assault against women and girls and one alternative charge of sexual assault.

The charges relate to alleged offences committed between 1971 and 2004 against complainants aged between 12 and 42 at the time and when Harris was aged between 41 and 74.

Prosecuting lawyer Jonathan Rees on Wednesday told the jury of seven women and six men that they would recognise Harris as someone who had been an artist, musician, popular entertainer and television personality of international standing for over 50 years.

But he said that in July 2014 Harris had been convicted of 12 offences of indecent assault against four female victims aged between 8 and 19 at the time of the offences between 1969 and 1986.

Harris is now serving a sentence of nearly six years on those charges and has been granted leave to appear at his new trial by videolink from Stafford Prison due to his age and state of health.

Mr Rees told the jury that none of the alleged assaults in the new trial involved sexual penetration of any kind.

‘Most of the behaviour complained of falls into a broad category that might be described as unwanted groping, and includes, for example, grabbing or touching breasts over clothing, and slipping a hand up or into a skirt to touch the vaginal area,’ he said.

Mr Rees said that a notable feature of the offending was it all occurred in public settings when there were other people in the near vicinity.

He said the prosecution would argue that, despite Harris sa...


Stop Taxpayer's Money Funding Adani !!! "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

Adani could get be about to get their its hands on $1 billion dollars of Australian taxpayer money.
Right now the Turnbull Government is preparing to subsidise the destruction of our Reef and climate with a public handout for Adani's rail line to its monstrous Carmichael coal mine.
The government body that could provide Adani with this outrageous taxpayer handout is the Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility (NAIF).
The board of NAIF are considering Adani's application right now and most of the board have extremely close ties to the coal industry. You can bet they'll be under immense pressure from their mates in the coal lobby to make sure Adani get their handout.
Can you contact the board of the Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility and tell them why you oppose a handout for Adani?


Continuing rebound in Qld private sector job vacancies at end of 2016 "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

There was good news for the Queensland economy yesterday, with the ABS reporting a continuation of the rebound in private sector job vacancies in the final quarter of last year (see chart below). Private sector job vacancies have increased from a low of 19,900 in May to 30,500 in November 2016, bringing total vacancies to 33,600. Partly the strong performance in November would have been seasonal. As the Acting Treasurer Bill Byrne noted in a media release yesterday regarding the increase in vacancies:

“A significant proportion of this will be seasonal work in retail and also on farms with crops ripe for picking.”

I also suspect the strong performance of the Queensland tourism sector, largely related to the lower Australian dollar, made a major contribution to the private sector recovery in job vacancies over the second half of 2016.


Queensland’s recovery in job vacancies stands in contrast to the performance of other States, in which vacancies were more-or-less stable (e.g. see chart comparing Queensland, NSW and Victoria below).


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Wednesday, 11 January


Did Julian Assange Just Use the Bitcoin Blockchain to Prove He Is Alive? "IndyWatch Feed National"

Julian Assange, the WikiLeaks editor-in-chief, read yesterday the bitcoin blockchain hash of block 447506 during a recorded video. At the time, it represented the most recent bitcoin block published to the blockchain. Experts contend this is proof that Mr. Assange is alive – or at least that the video, in which the whistleblower appears uncoerced, was not pre-recorded.

Also Read: WikiLeaks Has Raised 4,000+ BTC Since 2011

Bitcoin’s Blockchain is Public and Immutable


There had been some speculation that Mr. Assange was dead or lost control of his online identity. Instead of holding up today’s newspaper, as might have happened historically, the Australia-native used the blockchain technology to prove he is alive, contained at the Ecuadorian embassy.

As a public cryptographic ledger, the bitcoin blockchain allows anyone to “mine” and add pieces of information (known as ‘blocks’) to the blockchain, but only upon completing a computer process known as “proof of work”.

Bitcoin’s hash algorithm, known as SHA256, scrambles data stored in the blocks (in the case of bitcoin, mostly transaction data) into a string of letters and numbers referred to as a hash. Knowing what data went into creating a hash is very hard. However, it is very easy to determine the hash of a particular piece of data.

A bitcoin block hash represents a random group of letters and number virtually impossible to predict. Once distributed via the blockchain, however, the hash is widely available and cannot be altered. By reading the most recently published block hash, Mr. Assange could prove today’s interview had not been pre-recorded.

Bitcoin Removes Financial Blockades



Mainstream Media Cynically Attacks Social Media Over Fake News "IndyWatch Feed National"

Des Pensable copyright 2017

Recently, since the election of Donald Trump as the next US president, stories of “fake news” in the social media has been widely reported in the main stream news media accusing it of altering the election results. Similar stories occurred in Australia during the last election.  However, targeting social media by the main stream news is a little like the pot calling the kettle black. Fake news is widely spread throughout the news media throughout the world whether it is the social media or the main stream TV, newspapers and magazines.

The difference is that people on social media can quickly spread stories that they like, feel important or believe to be true to their friends on the social media and this concerns politicians especially during the run up to elections as they fear it may alter peoples’ perception of political parties and their voting intentions.

The truth of course is that fake news been used for decades in the USA, UK and Australia by the Murdoch media empire to distribute political propaganda aimed at directing public discussion and thought in a direction desired by the government of the day and blocking thought in a direction that might be opposite or inconvenient to the government of the day. Some call this mind control and it’s common in every country.

Let’s be quite honest for a moment, fake news are lies spread by malevolent people to deceive and confuse you and your friends into having false beliefs and making poor or incorrect decisions that may cost you money or endanger your health or even your life.  The real problem is that many people choos...


Dear 2017, Please Be Kind "IndyWatch Feed National"

Fuck, I go. I think this is the future.

It’s 2017, and the Old World slips away from us more and more every day. Fidel Castro and David Bowie are dead.  Our phones control our lives. My local mall has a giant billboard suspended from the ceiling, with holographic advertisements on it, that looks exactly like the one in The Hunger Games Arena. You can get hamburgers out of the wall in Amsterdam.

2017 is a new year, new you, new president-elect. Everything’s coming up Milhouse. Obama’s last days in Washington are putting dough in all the meme doctors’ pockets. The planet mourns what’s passed, while scuttling around in this strange limbo that follows New Year’s and the silly season, all of us feeling shit-scared of what lies ahead. The new year yawns ahead of us like a clinical futuristic chasm, and I for one have genuinely no idea what to expect. It feels like the world has gone mad.

But then, wham, bang, bam. Meryl Streep’s Lifetime Achievement Speech at the Golden Globes. Straight up beautiful. A calm island in our overheated sea. That woman is a wizard. We are all muggles. Meryl stood up on that stage, and under the fake lights and mammoth camera lenses, under the vapid eyes of Hollywood big guns, beneath the botoxed lips and repulsively extravagant displays of wealth, she said a few things that were dead-set real.

Hollywood is notorious for being anything but. They, the red-hot centre of Western culture, have made us want happy-ever-after Marriages and yellow backless evening dresses and brooding dark men for the past 60 years, all set to a jaunty backing track that prohibits sadness or indignity. Formulaic and contrived, they shape our advertisements and our lives. They are responsible for the 21st-century curse of constant dissatisfaction and consumption.

But Meryl talked about the fat orange man in a suit who is probably, as we speak, cackling evilly while rubbing his hands together over a rotating globe model. She talked about the importance of art in dark times. She talked about integrity and compassion. She talked about Love.

It was a super unexpected, seeing a speech that seemed Resistance-like in nature, a call to action, a call to arms, in a context that is so usually synonymous with conformity and consumerism. She was basically telling us to fight back.

We sit on an uncertain precipice, with the realisation dawning on us babies fr...


Geoengineering and Weather Modification Patents-Chemtrails, Calmatives, and Terrorism "IndyWatch Feed National"


Geoengineering Weather Modification Patent


This listing of geoengineering and weather modification patents is far from complete and will be updated occasionally.

Please submit patents by leaving a comment on this page or contacting me via one of the social media links on my page:  The ResoNation

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The World of Zadie Smith: Mixed-Race People and Polychromatic Dreams "IndyWatch Feed National"

Swing Time like its predecessors is intensely curious about race, but it is also curious about so much more than race, such as Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, Ali Baba Goes to Town and Michael Jackson.

Zadie Smith. Credit: Youtube screenshot

Zadie Smith. Credit: Youtube screenshot

Cool Britannia, slickly marketed by Tony Blair’s Labour government, was hardly a monochromatic one. The London of Alexander McQueen, Oasis, Blur, Damien Hurst and the Spice Girls was a pastiche of the preceding Conservative regimes and a variegated motif of multiculturalism. White Teeth, that rollicking sketch of the post-colonial migrant experience, that comical world of inter-locking narratives – a genre that James Wood compellingly defined as ‘hysterical realism’ – landed amidst the boisterous icons of Cool Britannia in 2000, announcing the arrival of Zadie Smith – young, black, British, freckled, high cheek-boned.

White Teeth, an ostensibly hilarious examination of the vagaries of racially mixed friendships, is perhaps the loudest testimony to what Smith does best – bring the Joneses, the Iqbals and the Chalfens together in the hybrid topography of Willesden in north-west London. The book is, as described by Smith herself, in an interview, “…a kind of mishmash, as first novels tend to be”. Swing Time, Smith’s newest fiction, published in November 2016, is an evocation of that very universe – a hotchpotch of people and places, a medley of sights and sounds and smells. It is also a deeper and somewhat quieter rumination on race.

Wistful love letter to friendship

Two seven-year-old girls, the unnamed narrator and Tracey, meet for the first time in a churchyard, on their way to a community dance class. “Our shade of brown was exactly the same – as if one piece of tan material had been cut to make us both – and our freckles gathered in the same areas, we were of the same height”. Tracey, from the very beginning, cuts a glamorous figure: “…she looked like a darker Shirley Temple…” She wore her hair in two long plaits that reached her backside and were tied with yellow satin bows. “Satin yellow bows were a phenomenon unknown to my mother,” declares the narrator, whose mother is a “feminist” who “never wore make-up and dressed us both as plainly as possible”.

Told in retrospect by the biracial narrator, Swing Time is a wistful love letter to this friendship. The girls, who live in housing estates in London, follow divergent trajectories as they grow up – the narrator becomes the assistant....


Trump puts RFK Jr – who has railed against a vaccine ‘holocaust’ – in charge of new commission on vaccine safety "IndyWatch Feed National"


  • images-3
  • President-elect Donald Trump invited Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. to meet at Trump Tower
  • He is placing Kennedy, the son of RFK and nephew of President Kennedy, in charge of a new commission on ‘vaccine safety and scientific integrity’
  • Says he is ‘very pro-vaccine’ but wants to make sure they are ‘as safe as they possibly can be’
  • Kennedy has spoken of an unproven link between vaccines and autism 
  • Trump has repeatedly linked vaccines to autism in his remarks and tweets
  • RFK becomes the first Democrat to accept a Trump-appointed role 


Organspende - Die verschwiegene Wahrheit - Werner Hanne bei SteinZeit "IndyWatch Feed National"


Beim Thema Organspende geht es regelmäßig um den Organspender, d. h. um einen Menschen, dem Organe entnommen werden können, weil er
a) für hirntot erklärt wurde und
b) er selbst oder seine Angehörigen einer Organentnahme zugestimmt hatten.

Selten wird jedoch beschrieben, wie die Situation bei den Organempfängern aussieht, d. h. bei den Menschen, denen dann die Organe eingepflanzt (transplantiert) werden. Warum wohl? Dieses Thema ist der Schwerpunkt in dem Gespräch mit Werner Hanne.

Darin geht es zunächst um Zeitpunkt des Beginns der Transplantations-Manie und warum der Hirntod erfunden werden musste. Danach wird die fast nicht zu glaubende Vorgehensweise bei einer Organentnahme beschrieben und was danach mit dem ausgebeinten Körper geschieht.
Im Hauptthema wird jedoch von den Auswirkungen berichtet, denen sich regelmäßig der Or-ganempfänger ausgesetzt sieht und die der Öffentlichkeit verschwiegen werden:


George Soros "didn't want anything" for donations, he was 'just giving back' "IndyWatch Feed National"

This email is from Rob Wolfe - the proprietor of one of the legions of consultancies the Clintons use to tell them what to say. The time frame - this email was sent on 10 March 2016. You'll see Hillary in the video taken on the following Super Tuesday, 15...


Killing Sprees Done Under Mind Control? "IndyWatch Feed National"

by Danny Guest Editor’s Note: This is reprinted from The Daily Sheeple The latest official gunman is Esteban Santiago the alleged killer of 5 people at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport in January of 2017. “In November 2016, Esteban Santiago walked into the Anchorage FBI Field Office to report that his mind was being controlled […]


1) Detainment of four Papuan students for alleged treason extended "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

2) Defense Ministry upholds training for Islam Defenders Front

1) Detainment of four Papuan students for alleged treason extended

Lita Aruperes The Jakarta Post
Manado | Wed, January 11, 2017 | 11:10 am



Yabun Festival Program is OUT! "IndyWatch Feed National"

Hot off the press the program for this year’s Yabun Festival is available by clicking here. It’s packed with all the important info you need so you don’t miss a beat – including the times and the line-ups for the Main stage, Corroboree Ground, Young Black and Deadly stage, Jarjums Zone, Elders Tent and the Speak Out Tent.

There’s also a site map with information about the location, access and amenities.


Lions Rd closed for six months "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

Bad news for motorcyclists in South East Queensland and Northern NSW with the famous Lions Rd now closed to traffic for six months and then open to heavy traffic.

Not only will riders be unable to use the road, but the picturesque wooden bridges – some single lane – will be replaced by modern, two-lane, concrete bridges. They will have no load limits, allowing trucks and caravans to use the route.

Lions Rd bridge closuresOld bridges to be replaced

While the work will help keep the road open in flood times, it may become a slower trip with riders hindered by slow-moving trucks and caravans using the shorter route.

Kyogle Council says the new bridges will help the local timber and beef industries, so we can expect logging trucks and cattle transports on the road.

The alternative route along the Mt Lindesay Highway and Summerland Way almost to Woodenbong is 24.3km longer, so we can expect many other interstate trucks and grey nomads to also start choosing the hilly Lions Rd.

Council says the bridges will help the tourism industry, but it certainly won’t help motorcycle tourism if the road is open to big trucks and caravanners.

Lions TTLions Rd closed for six monthsLions Rd scenery

Emergency access

Kyogle Council says the two-lane concrete bridges will mean faster and easier access for emergency vehicles.

Let’s hope that the improved road does not also come down with a dose of “white-line fever” with solid white and double-white lines painted along its leng...


The Manic Pixie Dream Girl on Tour "IndyWatch Feed National"

Manic Pixie Dream Girl: “that bubbly, shallow cinematic creature that exists solely in the fevered imaginations of sensitive writer-directors to teach broodingly soulful young men to embrace life and its infinite mysteries and adventures.”
Nathan Rabin, film and music critic, and the man that (regrettably) coined the MPDG label

At some stage in our lives, all of us fell in love with a doe-eyed, fictionalised character and her dorky-but-cute idiosyncrasies. In fact, most of us are still in love with her (here’s looking at you Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Natalie Portman in Garden State, Kirsten Dunst in Elizabeth Town and Zooey Deschanel in, well, everything).

This trope is not, however, limited to the constraints of film and literature. It is also manifested in the eccentric solo traveler and her Instagram account. Donning macramé bracelets and small tattoos, the wanderluster embodies liberation, spontaneity, intelligence and autonomy. She seeks wisdom and understanding in a world consumed by greed and technology. She’s creative, quirky and perfectly imperfect. She can craft a facade of emotional depth on social media that lures the lonely boy who dreams of independence and freedom.

It is not until the female traveller returns from her wanderings that she is confronted by the reality of her MPDG title. “Oh you’re SO adventurous and free spirited!” Lonely Boy groans. “I’ve been lurking all your photos for the longest time! Have you seen Into The Wild? It’s my FAVOURITE movie.”

He proceeds to plan a picnic by a waterfall, buys a copy of Kerouac’s On The Road and picks up a Contiki tour brochure at the local travel agent with a beaming smile on his face. Suddenly, the MPDG becomes a catalyst for him to discover how to embrace life in a true and authentic way.

According to Hugo Schwyzer, the Manic Pixie Dream Girl “knows him better than he knows himself, or so he believes. This convenient assumption allows the young man both to adore the MPDG and to avoid any responsibility for reciprocity. How can he be expected to give anything back when she has this magical intuition about the world that so vastly exceeds his own?”

But every so often, as any woman who has had the MPDG thrust upon her knows all too well, Lo...


Ralph Blewitt's preparations to return to Australia "IndyWatch Feed National"

The stumbling block for Ralph and Ruby had been the $7,000 application fee for the Australian Government to consider Ruby's spousal visa application. Right now Ralph's waiting to see if there is any provision for a TPI war veteran on a DVA pension to have the fee waived. We'll keep...


Calls for prosecution of authorities involved in Ms Dhu’s death "IndyWatch Feed National"

ABORIGINAL leaders, including from the National Congress of Australia’s First Peoples, want Western Australian authorities involved in the death of Ms Dhu prosecuted. The WA Coroner found the 22-year-old Aboriginal woman was treated inhumanely by police and her death could have been prevented. Ms Dhu died two days after being locked up at South Hedland Police Station in August 2014 for unpaid fines totalling $3622. Coroner Ros Fogliani found Ms Dhu’s death could have been prevented if her illness had been diagnosed earlier and she had been given antibiotics. National Congress co-chair Jackie Huggins says there should be prosecutions. “Whilst Congress cautiously welcomes the recommendations from Coroner Fogliani, we strongly believe that the findings fall short and should recommend prosecution for those whose negligence and racism (whether unconscious or conscious) resulted in the death of a young Yamatji Nanda/Bunjima woman,” she said.


Chinese Company Huawei to help PNG build broadband transmission network "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

FOURTEEN coastal centres will have better access to internet services when Huawei completes a national broadband transmission network in the country, a company representative says.
The Chinese company, according to Huawei Australia corporate affairs manager Geeke van der Sluis, would help PNG build the national broadband transmission network.

The centres are Vanimo, Wewak, Madang, Lae, Popondetta, Alotau, Kerema, Daru, Kimbe, Kavieng, Kokopo, Lorengau, Arawa and Port Moresby.
“According to our headquarters in China, the project will start deployment in the second quarter of this year,” he said.

Huawei and PNG DataCo Limited, a telecommunication carrier established by the Government, will build the 5,457km cable network in 14 coastal centres. This will meet the increasing demand for internet connectivity.

DataCo managing director Paul Komboi said new system was very important to PNG as it not only include a new submarine cable network but also provide internet gateways and data centres.
“This will improve the whole information communication technology infrastructure in the country and greatly increase network coverage, capacity and the availability of internet and broadband services to end users,” he said.

Komboi said DataCo was proud to contribute to the national broadband plan.
“Our selection of the experienced team at Huawei Marine, following a tender process, will ensure a successful implementation and delivery of this system,” he said.
Huawei Marine chief executive officer Mike Constable said for island nations, the submarine cable systems were required for the development of an affordable and effective ICT infrastructure.
“We are proud to be partnering with DataCo to improve and expand telecommunication access in support of PNG’s social and econ...


THe identity of Cryptopodia spatulifrons Miers, 1879, and description of a new species, Cryptopodia fistulosa from Australia "IndyWatch Feed National"

THe identity of Cryptopodia spatulifrons Miers, 1879, and description of a new species, Cryptopodia fistulosa from Australia


MARA Inc sells office building in Melbourne for RM76.75m "IndyWatch Feed National"

Mara Incorporated Sdn Bhd (MARA Inc), a subsidiary of Majlis Amanah Rakyat (MARA), has completed the sale of its commercial office building on 51 Queen Street in Melbourne, Australia, for RM76.75 million. The sale was via an open tender. MARA Chairman Tan Sri Annuar Musa said the tender exercise was completed in August 2016 and […]


Public transport system in PNG to be improved "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

UN Women partners in the transport sector are undertaking innovative strategies to improve safety, mobility and accessibility of public transport for Papua New Guineans, including for women and girls.

This follows the first-ever Gender and Transport Seminar facilitated by UN Women, where participants from donor and civil society organisations, academics and government authorities, identified specific service gaps in the current public transport system.

Some shortfalls included unsafe public spaces at bus stops and on buses for women and girls, lack of accessibility for people living with disabilities, poor enforcement to regulate bus tariffs and a need of a transport regulatory framework.

Transport Secretary Roy Mumu said: “We require a holistic approach by all partners to include women in the development and transport agenda.”

As such, the Road Traffic Authority (RTA) will be conducting a Household Survey to identify gaps and opportunities for improving public transport in Port Moresby. The study will take into account the different mobility needs of women and men, in order to recommend specific measures to improve intermodal connectivity and reduce travel time.

Meanwhile, Fiji Land Transport Authority is providing technical support to RTA to regulate the public transport system in Port Moresby, with the expectation that transport will improve for all in PNG.

UN Women Country Representative, Dr. Jeffery Buchanan, commended the partners for their support and contribution towards making Port Moresby a safe city for women and girls, including in transport.

“Women and girls often experience harassment when using public transport,” he said. “A UN Women study in 2014 found that more than 90 percent of women and girls experienced some form of abuse whether it be physical, sexual or verbal, when accessing public transport.”

Dr Buchanan said at present, a temporary measure such as the Meri Seif Bus, a women’s only bus service, offered a safe, reliable and affordable option for Port Moresby residents.

This service supports the mobility needs of over 15,000 women and girls per month and is part of UN Women’s Safe Public Transport Program, in partnership with Department of Transport, National Capital District Commission (NCDC), Ginigoada Bisnis Development Foundation and RTA.

“We look forward to working closely with the transport sector to increase their capacity to include women’s mobility needs in the planning and provision...



A row over ‘offensive’ training materials that led to Jakarta briefly break


A row over ‘offensive’ training materials that led to Jakarta briefly breaking military ties with Canberra highlights sensitivities regarding Indonesia’s secular ideology


8 JAN 2017

Indonesian President Joko Widodo sits in the cockpit of a Sukhoi Su-30 aircraft next to his military chief Gatot Nurmantyo. Photo: AFP

It is turning out to be a storm in a smaller-than-usual teacup, but the latest spat between Jakarta and Canberra over what was perceived to be insulting content in military training materials underlines once again the sensitivities surrounding Indonesia’s often brutal past.

It also speaks to the current state of Jakarta’s domestic politics, with government sources revealing that President Joko Widodo didn’t know arme...


Minister Tkatchenko’s fingerprints all over PNG rugby "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"


Media reports say controversial Sports Minister, Justin Tkatchenko has been issued a “stern warning“ by World Rugby to refrain from interfering with Rugby matters in the country [see story below].

World Rugby is the international governing body for Rugby Union and has a zero-tolerance policy on political interference. It views the issue so seriously it could suspend PNG teams from participating in regional and international tournaments.

But Rugby Union is not the only rugby code where Minister Tkatchenko is heavily involved.

Justin Tkatchenko is the sole shareholder of PNG Rugby League Foundation Limited, where he is also a director.

PNG Rugby League Foundation is, in turn, the sole shareholder in PNG NRL Bid Limited, where Tkatchenko is also, again, a director.

So Tkatchenko owns both PNG Rugby League Foundation Limited and PNG NRL Bid Limited and sits on the board of both companies.

But his involvement doesn’t end there. Justin Tkatchenko is also a...


Tonga makes fish affordable as part of national fight against NCDs "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

The Tongan Government through the Ministry of Fisheries has kick-started an initiative to sell fish at an affordable price to locals to ensure people are eating healthy food.

Radio Tonga News reported last week that the Ministry of Fisheries sold six tonnes of fish at the Tuimatamoana wharf, to offset the hike in the price of meat such as chicken and mutton during the festive season.

CEO of Fisheries, Dr Tu'ikolongahau Halafihi told Radio Tonga News this was the second shipment of catch partially offloaded in Tonga as part of an agreement with a Taiwan fishing vessel to provide part of their catch to be sold in local market.

Fish was sold at between TOP$2.50 to TOP$7 a kilo (US$1.10 – US$3.08) to ensure locals can afford to buy fish.

This is part of the Ministry's initiative to make affordable healthy food for Tongans as the country fights against rising non-communicable diseases.

The Ministry of Agriculture is also working on amending the island kingdom's Food Act to ensure proper labelling of all food items sold in shops.

If approved, Tonga's Food Authority will work with businesses to make sure all food items are properly labelled with instructions of ingredients and other necessary information.

Metuisela Falesiva of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food told Radio Tonga News they hope the amendment to come into effect soon will ensure that locally produce food items are safe for consumption..



Centrelink system is working: Tudge "IndyWatch Feed National"

centrelinkThe federal government is standing by its controversial Centrelink debt recovery system despite widespread criticism.

Human Services Minister Alan Tudge insists the automated process is not flawed, saying more than $300 million worth of overpayments has been recouped.

‘The system is working and we will continue with that system,’ he told ABC radio on Wednesday.

The system has produced about 170,000 debt notices since July based on data from the tax office and that given to Centrelink.

But there have been numerous reports from welfare recipients that they’ve been mistakenly targeted, causing distress.

It’s led to calls from Labor and the Greens to scrap the scheme, which is being investigated by the Commonwealth Ombudsman.

Mr Tudge, however, said he wasn’t aware of anyone who was completely convinced they don’t owe money but have been given a debt notice.

‘There are three opportunities for individuals to update their records if a discrepancy is identified,’ he said.

He denied reports a man had to call Centrelink 350 time to try resolve his matter, but acknowledged wait times can be long on occasions.

‘Yes, sometimes people do have to wait longer than what they would like to wait. We simply ask them to be patient, that they will get through or they can go into a Centrelink office.’

Mr Tudge reiterated that if someone has deliberately defrauded the welfare system, they would be tracked down and could face jail time.

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Qld govt rules out daylight saving change "IndyWatch Feed National"

daylight-saving-400Queensland government minister Bill Byrne has ruled out any changes to daylight saving in the state, despite a new poll showing strong public support for the switch.

Deputy Brisbane Mayor Adrian Schrinner is advocating for the move, saying it would boost the economy, pointing to an online poll he conducted showing 88 per cent support from the public.

But Mr Byrne said the Palaszczuk government’s position hasn’t changed, and they won’t be considering a change to daylight saving in Queensland during this term of government.

He said in addition to the political stance, he personally dislikes daylight saving as well.

“Having lived in a daylight saving state in the past, I remember with children under 5, where the sun doesn’t go down until 9 o’clock at night it’s a very difficult set of circumstances,” Mr Byrne told reporters on Tuesday.

The issue of daylight saving has been a yearly debate in Queensland since 1992, when a referendum saw the measure narrowly defeated.

The state stands with only Western Australia and the Northern Territory in not putting the clocks forward during spring and summer.

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Expense scandal spreads to other ministers "IndyWatch Feed National"

Foreign affairs minister Julie Bishop. AAP Image/Lukas Coch

Foreign affairs minister Julie Bishop. AAP Image/Lukas Coch

Julie Bishop is the latest politician facing scrutiny over travel expense claims as calls for an overhaul of the entitlements system grow louder.

The foreign minister charged taxpayers more than $2700 to attend a polo event last year on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula as a guest of Peroni and Jeep.

Her office told the ABC Ms Bishop was there on official ministerial business in her capacity as foreign minister and deputy leader of the Liberal Party.

It’s also been revealed three others, including two government ministers, claimed thousands for a trip to the AFL grand final in 2013.

Among them was Finance Minister Mathias Cormann, whose department oversees politicians’ entitlements.

There are also reports cabinet minister Darren Chester settled on an investment property while on a taxpayer-funded trip to Melbourne, where he also attended the Australian Open tennis.

It follows the scandal around Sussan Ley, who was forced to stand aside as health minister pending investigations into trips she made to the Gold Coast.

On one of them, she bought an $800,000 apartment.

The federal government has vowed to make changes to the entitlements in the first half of 2017 based on recommendations from a review published early last year.

Greens leader Richard Di Natale has reiterated calls for a national anti-corruption body that will in part scrutinise politicians’ expense claims.

Crossbencher Nick Xenophon also wants an independent watchdog, as well as real-time disclosure of claims and harsher penalties for those who exploit rules.


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Warnings as scorcher tipped for NSW "IndyWatch Feed National"

NSW is in for a heatwave today.(file pic)

NSW is in for a heatwave today.(file pic)

NSW residents are being urged to drink plenty of water and swim safely as sweltering temperatures intensify.

The mercury is tipped to reach near or above 40C in many parts of the state on Wednesday, with temperatures in the northwest town of Bourke forecast to hit 45C.

Sydneysiders should experience a less extreme 38C, but temperatures in some western suburbs, such as Penrith and Liverpool, are expected to nudge over 40C.

A total fire ban has been declared for some areas, including the greater Sydney and greater Hunter regions.

‘The best way to reduce the risk of heat-related illness is to drink plenty of water and keep your body as cool as possible, and avoid prolonged sun exposure by staying indoors in cool or air-conditioned facilities,’ the Bureau of Meteorology said in a statement.

Surf lifesavers are urging those who head to the beach to watch themselves and loved ones for signs of heat stress, such as dizziness, fatigue and headaches.

They also want swimmers to stay between the flags.

‘Lifeguards and lifesavers have been extremely busy over the last few weeks and we are urging the public to do what they can to help lessen the load by taking some responsibility for their own safety,’ a Surf Lifesaving NSW statement said.

While a wind change is expected to bring relief to those in southern and central coastal parts of NSW on Thursday, the heat is tipped to build again on Friday.

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Kiwis among world’s top porn watchers "IndyWatch Feed National"

Kiwis are known for punching above their weight.

This includes the country’s impressive medal haul at the 2016 Rio Olympics and the All Blacks’ record winning run.

But now New Zealanders’ porn habits have also become notable with Kiwis ranking fifth in the world for per capita visits to the Pornhub website.

Kiwis on average viewed 173 Pornhub pages each, the site’s 2016 year in review has revealed.

With global visitors watching around 91 billion videos during 23 billion visits in 2016, only the United States, Iceland, United Kingdom and Canada had more per capita visits.

That also means Kiwis are indulging more often than Australians, who ranked eighth for per capita visits.

‘New Zealander’s spend nearly half a minute longer on Pornhub than their Australian neighbours,’ the Pornhub report said.

New Zealand also stood out for how many women watch porn, with females accounting for 35 per cent of the country’s visits to the site, up on the world average of 26 per cent.

Lesbian was the most popular search term among Kiwis, while the third most searched term was Maori.
Worldwide, lesbian was also the most searched word, followed by stepmom and MILF.

Kim Kardashian was the most searched celebrity, followed by fellow Kardashian reality figure Kylie Jenner and Angelina Jolie.

Visitors most commonly browsed the site between 10pm and 1am with around 60 per cent aged between 18 and 34.

When it comes to the duration of visits, Filipinos spent longest on Pornhub, browsing for an average of 12 minutes 45 seconds, while Cubans went in for quickies lasting just under five minutes.

‘Collectively, that’s 4.6 billion hours of porn watching stuffed into just one year,’ Pornhub said.

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Civil society opposes stricter medicine monopolies in RCEP "IndyWatch Feed National"

11 January 2017: A newresearch paper in Third World Resurgence outlines key concerns that civil society groups, treatment providers and academics have regarding not only the intellectual property proposals but also the continuing lack of transparency in the RCEP negotiation process.

Report authors: 

  • Belinda Townsend is at the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Deakin University, Australia.
  • Shailly Gupta is Deputy Head (India) of the Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) Access Campaign.
  • Patricia Ranald is Convener of the Australian Fair Trade and Investment Network.
  • Leena Menghaney is Head (South Asia) of the MSF Access Campaign.

Read the report: Civil society opposes stricter medicine monopolies at RCEP negotiations


Government fends off adequately funding TAFE over breakfast "IndyWatch Feed National"

Tweed MP Geoff Provest (Nationals) imagined eating breakfast in state parliament. Photomontage

Tweed MP Geoff Provest (Nationals) imagined eating breakfast in state parliament. Photomontage

Hans Lovejoy

While Geoff Provest (Tweed Heads Nationals MP) stuffed his face in the NSW lower house (re-imagined, right), debate raged around him over the Technical and Further Education Commission Amendment (Funding Guarantee for TAFE) Bill 2016

The bill is an attempt by Labor’s Prue Car to guarantee that at least 70 per cent of vocational training funding in NSW goes to TAFE.

Recently the coalition government has diverted some TAFE funding to businesses to provide training.

Yet the ‘Smart and Skilled’ reforms have not entirely been a huge success – even Murdoch’s The Australian reported in July 2016 that the ‘scheme is partly to blame for a dramatic drop-off in publicly funded training.’

Will Labor’s bill succeed in restoring funding? No.

Government MPs in the lower house have the majority and defeated the second reading on November 17 last year by eight votes.

So let’s examine – post mortem – how our dearly elected rabble debated such an important issue.

Essential services

There are big questions around the merits of privatising essential services.

Not just education, but health and prisons, for example. Should the market determine and own everything?

Are our dearly elected so incompetent that they need to divest all their responsibilities? Reforming TAFE by the political elite appears to be really about making it into a factory to ‘get a real job’ and giving business the reigns, no matter the consequence.

The value art – or pursuing anything other than making money for its own sake – is something conservatives will never understand, let alone care about (art classes were some of the first to go after the government moved on TAFE)....



2) Imparsial Criticizes Defense Program
3) Indonesia to issue new mining rules this week -minister

A row over ‘offensive’ training materials that led to Jakarta briefly break

A row over ‘offensive’ training materials that led to Jakarta briefly breaking military ties with Canberra highlights sensitivities regarding Indonesia’s secular ideology




Ru Lu aka Dora Lu graduated from university in Shanghai in English Literature. She went to work for a Chinese State cultural agency as a researcher in Taiwan Affairs. At the age of 23, she was seconded to a second Chinese State Agency to secure access to funding for the cultural agency. Unbeknownst to her, she was groomed to be the mistress of the head of her new employer. She lost her virginity to the head of the state agency, her former employer got access to all the funding it required.

In time, she married a man who was migrating to Australia as a way of escaping her circumstances. She bore a daughter, Catherine, who is now 8 years old. 

However she returned to China to beg the man to who she was once a mistress, to giver her work. This man is now a very powerful figure in the PRC Government. He directed all SOEs from the PRC with interests in Oceania, to use Dora Lu as their agent to facilitate and secure contracts in the region. 

Enter Nixon Duban in 2014. He met Dora in Brisbane and invited her to come to PNG to do business. In exchange for granting 3 petroleum prospecting licences, his wife Debbie Anne and child are permitted to reside in her house in Indooroopilly. She resides in Chapel Hill. She also owns property in the Brisbane suburb of North Lakes. Her office is located at Unit 1A Fort Lane in Milton. She helped Nixon Duban and Debbie to seek IVF treatment to conceive their first child. In the process, she developed a romantic attachment to Nixon Duban and became his mistress while the wife resided in Brisbane. 

When her husband found out that she was Minister's mistress and arranging card games and sex parties in Asia for rich public officials and company executives in PRC, he filed for divorce in Australia and obtained sole custody of their daughter. 

Nixon Duban took on a 3rd wife who Dora Lu, as the second wife, disparagingly refers to as 'the pole dancer'. While they have substantial business interests together and maintain their romance, Minister Duban and Dora discontinued having sex. This does not stop the Minister from regularly sending pictures of his penis to Dora Lu's phone - she does not h...


Simbu teachers never get old; they just get a bit more class "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Alphonse Sil & Francis NiiFRANCIS NII

THERE is something special about schoolteachers which makes me curious - and that is they don’t seem to get old like the rest of us.

They do, of course, in terms of the passing years. But physically there appears to be some restraint on the ageing process.

I know this because most of the teachers who taught me in my primary school journey during the 1970s, and also in high school, are still strong and look younger than me.

One of them is Alphonse Sil from Kup in the Kerowagi District (pictured with me above).

Alphonse taught me from Grades 3 to 5 in 1975-77 and is now in his seventies but, as you can see, looks tough and youthful for his age.

Alphonse attended Rosary Kondiu Primary School in 1959-69 and in 1970 was employed by Bulolo Commonwealth New Guinea Timber.

While working there, he applied for teacher training and was accepted, graduating in 1974 after a one-year teacher training program at Holy Trinity Teachers College.

The following year he started teaching at Diani Primary School in the remote Salt Nomane area of Simbu. This is where he taught me until he was transferred in 1978.

What always impresses me of this great pioneer of modern education is the pride he has in his Kumai culture.

At school, Tuesday was the designated day for teachers and students to wear their traditional finery as a way of promoting heritage and culture.

But Alphonse would wear his Kumai bilas anytime of the week and earned the nickname ‘Kumai Skin Diwai’ because of the tree bark that he wore around his waist.

Alphonse resigned from teaching in 2014 after 40 years of service and, with his wife Lina,......


Man attacked by kangaroo while trying to protect daughters in Elderslie, Australia "IndyWatch Feed National"

An Australian dad who shielded his kids from an angry kangaroo has had his ear torn and ribs broken. Matthew Chenhall was walking behind his two daughters along his rural NSW property when a hissing and growling kangaroo appeared, stopping the girls in their tracks. The two-metre kangaroo stood tall and acted aggressively, he said. Nine-year-old Amelia threw a sausage sandwich she was holding in an attempt to lure the animal away, but this only fuelled its aggressive behaviour, Chenhall said. He stood between the kangaroo and his girls, before the kangaroo got him in a headlock position, ripped his ear and broke his ribs.


'Ration days again': cashless welfare card ignites shame | Australia news | The Guardian "IndyWatch Feed National"

'Ration days again': cashless welfare card ignites shame | Australia news | The Guardian: Welfare recipients in the trial communities, most of whom are Indigenous, began receiving 80% of their welfare payments into a restricted debit card. It cannot be used to withdraw cash or buy alcohol or gambling products. Many members of the communities and political leaders say the card has led to a decline in people playing the pokies and being drunk on the streets and say, anecdotally, they see more people buying fresh food.

Although the trial has been described as a success by the government and by the Ceduna mayor, Alan Suter, a visit to broader areas of Ceduna, including the north-west towns of Maralinga Tjarutja and Koonibba, reveals mixed responses.


Proposed changes to PNG election timing will help O’Neill "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"


IMAGINE you are a rugby league supporter attending your team’s grand final match. Five minutes before the match, the referee consults the opposing team and announces there will be new rules.

That is exactly what is about to happen in Papua New Guinea during this election year.

Papua New Guinea’s electoral commissioner Patilias Gamato is reported to prefer the deferral of PNG’s national elections in order to facilitate new rules proposed by the unpopular O’Neill regime.

Gamato told The National newspaper:

“In light of the decision by NEC (National Executive Council) to recommend the proposed legislative changes on election to reduce the campaign period from two months to one month, that will slightly affect the dates that I’ve announced.

“The government, through NEC, is focused on calling parliament on 24 January for the first reading of the amendments that they are proposing to parliament.”

Gamato however is not the villain as he will be only implementing the law of the land if parliament passes the changes.

The real villain is the O’Neill regime.

In this PNG vs O’Neill regime match, the referee will be forced to change to rules of the game.

Gamato further explained how the election will be rigged by the O’Neill regime:

“The second reading will be in March. NEC and the caucus are adamant to make those changes.

“If that goes through, I will have to recommend new dates to the governor-general to approve. Once that is done, I can announce new da...


Let us honour Auntie Jessie Ume "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"


She is a Delena woman.
She is a daughter, a sister, a mother, an aunt, a grandmother.
She has her garden, the sea is her backyard.
She cares for her family.
She cares for her extended family.

She is part of the United Fellowship Group.
She and her team work tirelessly through the year to fund raise with bake sales.
She leads the fellowship and cares for her community.
She will travel from Delena, over the open road on the Hiritano Highway.
She will go past Age Vairu, past Brown River, past Laloki.

Once in Port Moresby she will cook and visit Port Moresby General Hospital.
And share food and presents with patients.
The hospital has patients from all over PNG, some without family or friends.
Does she do it for money or to be recognised?
She does it because she cares about our people, our country.


350 Orang Daftar Jadi Anggota Partai Papua Merdeka Australia "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

MELBOURNE, SATUHARAPAN.COM - Peristiwa penerobosan Konsulat Jenderal Republik Indonesia (KJRI) di Melbourne oleh pendukung Papua Merdeka pada hari Jumat (6/1) lalu telah memicu kecaman dari pemerintah Indonesia. Kementerian Luar Negeri telah mendesak Australia untuk mengusut kejadian ini dan menangkap pelakunya. Peristiwa tersebut membawa pertanyaan seberapa besar sesungguhnya dukungan terhadap aspirasi dan gerakan untuk penentuan nasib…

350 Orang Daftar Jadi Anggota Partai Papua Merdeka Australia was originally published on

Continue reading


Sussan Ley on what comes first at taxpayer funded Team Turnbull "IndyWatch Feed National"

This is the transcript of Sussan Ley's media conference a couple of days ago. WORD COUNT Sorry - nil Error - nil Mistake - nil Normal, community standards etc - all nil Apologise - one to Helen, a journalist, well into the Q and A after Ley's prepared statement. Ley...


Antarctica: Vostock — The Lake of Shadows "IndyWatch Feed National"

Antarctica: Vostock — The Lake of Shadows

By Scott Corrales

The inspiration for this article began in the summer of 1996, when a series of email messages began to appear suggesting the possibility that “someone” or “something” was surreptitiously removing all recent maps of Antarctica.

The notion was so outrageous that even die-hard conspiracy theorists found themselves having to clarify the subject – it wasn’t that Big Brother and his henchmen were ripping map pages out of every World Almanac and atlas in the country, it had merely become harder to obtain recent maps on Antarctica.

Intrigued by the electronic statements, I placed a call to Penn-Oh-West Maps in Pittsburgh to check on the availability of Antarctic projections. The storeowner’s response was startling:

“Sorry, sir. All our new maps of South Pole are on back order. Must be some kind of problem with the USGS.”

The United States Geological Service, or USGS, produces the most detailed maps available, such as the 7.5-minute series topographic maps at a 1:20,000 scale.

Nor is the USGS planet-bound – their expertise extends to detailed maps of the Moon, Mars, and Venus.

Antarctica has nearly 90% of the ice and 70% of the fresh water on Earth. The third-largest continent, it is one and a half the size of the US. Nations including the United States, Britain, Australia, New Zealand, France and Argentina carry out experiments at bases dotted across the continent.

ALH 84001 was found in Antarctica during the 1984-1985 Antarct...


Leaked Document Reveals Internet Trolls May be Government Agents "IndyWatch Feed National"

Source: Humans Are Free

Leaked Document Reveals Internet Trolls Are Government Agents

Glenn Greenwald is a journalist, constitutional lawyer, political commentator and best-selling author.

He’s perhaps best known for working with NSA document-leaker Edward Snowden to expose the sneaky surveillance tactics used by governments and government agencies.

And while the issues surrounding privacy and the government’s invasion of it have grabbed a lot of the spotlight, Snowden’s NSA document leak revealed another intriguing government hobby and tactic – Internet trolling.

The Five Eyes Alliance

The Five Eyes Alliance consists of intelligence agencies belonging to the United States, Canada, Britain, Australia and New Zealand.

It was Britain’s GCHQ that drew up the documents proposing that Internet trolls be employed to “control, infiltrate, manipulate and warp online discourse,” as Greenwald writes in his article aptly titled “...


Unprovoked, a bull shark charges and attacks spearfisherman in FNQ - video "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

Danny Henricks, 35, told the ABC he was on holidays in Queensland on a spearfishing expedition, but was separated from the group when the incident occurred. (Facebook: Liquid Vision) "I was going to go for a deep dive, got halfway down ... I seen him [the shark] on edge of...


Video: GoldFish Report No. 67 -- Multi-Dimensional Physician Part 1-2 "IndyWatch Feed National"

On GoldFish Report No 67 Host Louisa Welcomes Multi-Dimensional Physician Maree Batchelor M.D. who describes how her DNA was activated after the tragic loss of her young son, and how this experience, and her journey of healing, transformed her practice of medicine and her life to treat people as the multi-dimensional beings that humans are and have always been. Maree describes how the Blue Ray Founder ET race assist her to energetically clear the blocks from past and current life vows and agreements, many of which she has found that humans were tricked into consenting to. Maree is a pioneer in medicine and energetic healing and is helping to lead humanity on the path to Ascension.She can be contacted at Maree has also published a chapter in Mary Rodwell's new book "The New Human" which will be featured at this week's After Life Exploreer's Conference in Australia at this link

You can follow GoldFish Report on Twitter @ReportGoldfish, on Facebook at , or on our blog at or at


Black Bittern at Double Creek, Calliope, Dawson Hwy reported by Ted Wnorowski on 09-01-2017 "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

A great view of Black Bittern. It flew over Dawson Hwy and landed in the trees along Double Creek (5 km west of Calliope.

Tuesday, 10 January


Behind the Headlines interview on “fake news” and independent journalism "IndyWatch Feed National"

Late last year I was interviewed from Jerusalem by veteran Australian journalist and campaigner Julie Macken, for her radio program Behind the Headlines, about “fake news” and my experiences as a journalist over the last decade in Israel/Palestine, South Sudan, Afghanistan and beyond. My interview begins around 15:50 (with a few scratchy sound issues via Skype):


William Shakespeare, new book "IndyWatch Feed National"

This video from Australia says about itself:

Germaine Greer: Shakespeare The Radical

31 October 2016

By Thomas Metscher in Britain:

Simply good Bard guide

Tuesday 10th January 2017

Fear Not Shakespeare’s Tragedies: A Comprehensive Introduction by Jenny Farrell (Nuascealta, £10.88)

MORE than a mere introduction, Jenny Farrell’s book provides a comprehensive guide for all wishing to understand Shakespeare for pleasure or study and his impact on cinema, theatre and even opera.

Central to the interpretation of each text is a close reading, setting the plays in their historical context.

The opening chapter explores the early modern period as a time of momentous change, in which the beginning of bourgeois society and Renaissance and Tudor absolutism defined the epoch from which Shakespearean theatre originates.

That brief outline leads on to Shakespeare’s life, about which much has been written but little is really known.

The readings of the four plays consider plot, characters, themes, dramatic devices, endings and tragic content.

Unlike most mainstream academic research, Farrell does not approach the text with a preconceived thesis to be illustrated but is guided by the conflicts developed in the tragedies.

These are, according to her convincing interpretation, the expression of a fundamental collision of conflicting historical and ethical forces that emerged after the collapse of the mediaeval world and the rise of the early bourgeoisie.

On the one hand, there arose a self-liberating humanity whose values are peace, justice, the welfare of all and, ultimately, the idea of human equality.

On the other, the instinct for do...


Opposition describes PNG Electoral Commission as a Rubber Stamp "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

The Opposition has described the PNG Electoral Commission as a yoyo, and a laughing stock to PNG and the International Community after reports of the deferral of dates for the issuance and return of writs for the National General Elections this year.

Opposition leader Don Polye said the previous dates set for the issue of writs on 20th April and return of writs on 24th July 2017 has now been moved to 20th May for the issue of writs and the return of writs thereafter and raises questions on the constitutional independence of the PNGEC office.
He said PNGEC is an independent state institution and must not be influenced by the NEC, candidates or government institutions.

He called on Commission Patilius Gamato to maintain and uphold the credibility and integrity of the office of the Electoral Commissioner and not succumb to NEC to run the elections as and when dictated by the PM.
“I call on the PM Peter O’Neill to stop using state institutions to serve his own interests and the interests of the PNC party.” PGNFM/PNG Today


Above Water "IndyWatch Feed National"

My breathing is choked and frantic as I struggle to get a handle on the anxiety attack that has suddenly latched itself to my core. I stumble into the aeroplane bathroom and slam the door behind me, falling against the wall for support. My head is aching and hot, sticky sweat begins to layer my face. I press tissues to my fiery cheeks and small pieces break off, clinging to my skin as I flush the rest. The overwhelming smell of blue chemicals wafts through my stinging nostrils, an injection straight into my throbbing head.

For most, planning a trip is thrilling: booking flights, scanning Hostelworld for party accommodation, scavenging the Instagram ‘explore’ page for the supposedly hidden gems of wherever you might be going. But what if planning a trip also meant you were pencilling in anxiety attacks, crashing lows, and gut-wrenching stomach aches that you knew all too well there was no escape from?

My anxiety truly took its darkest form when I saw that it wasn’t just me it was preventing from living, but it was the people I loved. When I was in third grade, I went to my first overnight ski camp. Three days in and I had barely eaten, the anxiety induced nausea seemed to be my only companion. My dad had to drive four hours to come pick me up, which of course only made me feel worse. When I was in middle school, my family planned a trip to Europe. I spent the weeks leading up to it hassling them to cancel and the trip locked in our hotel room.

I didn’t want to be the daughter that kept her family from travelling, the sister who sat with her brother at a pizza place in Italy not eating in silence, but it has never been something I could control. For me, arriving in an unfamiliar place felt like I had been pushed into a pool with a weight tied around my torso. Muffled sounds of voices and laughter echoed around me as I thrashed my arms wildly desperate to join them, but it was no use: I was drowning.

I grew tired of constantly regretting the things I could have done, but chose not to. I sat from the comfort of my room, scrolling through my friends’ Facebook pages as I looked wistfully at their photos abroad. Australia, Spain, South America… the jealousy was overwhelming.

 So I decided to push myself.

 It wasn’t until my third year in university that I actually gathered the courage to study abroad. The first week went as I expected it to: loss of appetite, surprise anxiety attacks that left me yearning for the quiet of my room, and a general lingering discomfort in my own skin.



Birdwatching world record interview "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

This video says about itself:

Nerd Nite Amsterdam, Friday 23 November 2015

Arjan Dwarshuis speaks at Nerd Nite Amsterdam about his crazy adventure of trying to spot 5500 bird species in one year.

By the end of 2016 we may have a world-record holder among our Nerd Nite alums: speaker Arjan Dwarshuis will attempt to see over half of the bird species on Earth (about 5500) in a single year. This adventure takes him to 34 countries on 6 different continents; from the barren peaks of the Himalayas to the vast deserts of Southern Africa and the steaming jungles of Papua New Guinea. The motivation? To raise public awareness of the fast-vanishing ecosystems around the world and the endangered bird species that make these remaining havens their home. We have arrived at a critical point in history where we can either lose our natural heritage forever, or start building on global attitude change and commit to safeguarding our heritage for future generations. Come listen to this ultimate global birder share his plans for his “Biggest Year”.

Arjan is an archeologist by training and birdwatcher by passion. As long as he can remember he has been identifying birds. His mission is to spread the bird-watching virus, upgrading a walk around the park to an exciting new level, probably ending up in Cafe Wester where he works as a bartender.

From BirdLife:

This man has just broken the record for most bird species seen in a year

By Shaun Hurrell, 9 Jan 2017

Interview: Arjan Dwarshuis has just broken the world record for the number of bird species spotted in a single year. And he is doing it to raise money for BirdLife.

Despite birdwatching around the world almost non-stop since January 2016 for his “Biggest Year”, which is also being captured in a documentary film, Arjan has an excitement that does not seem to fade, and his infectious enthusiasm makes you feel like you are looking through the scope with him. From Amsterdam, Netherlands, Arjan is a BirdLife Species Champion supporting our Preventing Extinctions Programme. We caught up with him at a birding lodge where he had brief access to...



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