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Sunday, 15 January


Shallow M6.1 earthquake hits south of Fiji "IndyWatch Feed National"

A strong and shallow earthquake registered by the USGS as M6.1 hit Fiji region at 06:11 UTC on January 14, 2017. The agency is reporting a depth of 10 km (6.2 miles). Geoscience Australia is reporting M6.0 at a depth of 0 km. According to the USGS, the epicenter was...... Read more »


What is AUSGOV for if it can't send Julie to the polo? #good-gov-lost-its-way "IndyWatch Feed National"

News Ltd reports this under the moniker, ahem: politics Julie Bishop pulls out of Portsea Polo JANUARY 14, 20179:36PM Staff writersHerald Sun FOREIGN Minister Julie Bishop has been a last minute no-show at today’s prestigious Portsea Polo. Ms Bishop and her partner David Panton were listed as guests at the...


Australia’s biggest tax cheats? Kerry Stokes’ Seven Group Holding. $3.6 Billion revenue – No tax paid "IndyWatch Feed National"

The publicly listed Seven Group Holdings which is controlled by Kerry Stokes had $3,583,478,772 revenue in the 2014/2015 financial year but paid no tax. That is almost $3.6 billion but they apparently did so badly there was no tax to pay. It wasn’t much better the previous financial year of 2013/2014 when they had $3,975,156,028 […]

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IndyWatch Cairns QLD All Topics Summary Today.

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Saturday, 14 January


Meet Mike Enoch &/Or Mike Peinovich : They’ve got ‘The Right Stuff’ "IndyWatch Feed National"

FTR & FWIW … In the last coupla weeks, various nazi dingbats active on the #altright in the US have been doXXed — seemingly as a result of some internecine online warfare. The latest casualty in this war is Some … Continue reading


Sam Dastyari. Shallow Halal. "IndyWatch Feed National"

Elvis anticipated this. The Shallow Halal tribute. For Sam. Because Elvis has left the building. And he liked a drink.


More truths emerge on U.S. 'regrettable mistakes' bombing in Syria "IndyWatch Feed National"

On 17 September 2016 aircraft of the so-called 'coalition', led by the United States, bombed Syrian Army troop positions at Deir Ez-Zor. Aircraft from the United States, United Kingdom, Denmark and Australia took part in the attack. Between 62 and 90 (reports vary) Syrian troops were killed and more than 100 injured. The attack allowed ISIS forces to take control of what was a vital area protecting the airport. Comment: Russia-brokered ceasefire shattered as US airstrikes against Syrian Army in Deir ez-Zor leaves 80 soldiers dead, over 100 injured (UPDATES) At the time, the attack was labeled a "mistake". Australia's Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull apologized, saying he regretted the loss of life and injury to Syrian personnel. A spokesman for the Syrian government said that the attack was "intentional", a view shared by Syria's ally, Iran. The US military ordered an inquiry into the incident. It is usually the case with such inquiries that little is done, nothing other than "regrettable mistakes" are admitted, and no-one is sanctioned. Often, some reason is found to attribute the "error" to the enemy's actions, as with the bombing of the Kunduz Hospital in Afghanistan. Comment: Switching tactics: U.S. now claims that the Kunduz hospital bombing was due to an 'intelligence systems failure'


M6.1 Earthquake Strikes SW of Nadi, Fiji "IndyWatch Feed National"

Strong Earthquake Strikes 152km SW of Nadi, Fiji EQ Details Magnitude: 6.1 Location: 18.588°S, 176.230°E; depth=10.0 km Time: 06:11:41 UTC  2017-01-14 Source: USGS/EHP Analysis available from FIRE-EARTH PULSARS. Filed under: News Alert Tagged: Australia plate, earthquake, Fiji, FIRE-EARTH PULSARS, M6.1, Nadi


Crowdfunding Terrorism Through Halal Certifications "IndyWatch Feed National"

Middle East (SCF) – Although it is well known that the Wahhabist governments, royal families, and top businesses of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, and Bahrain directly finance jihadist terrorists in Syria, Iraq, and countries around the world, many consumers are unaware that percentages of their purchases of Muslim «halal» (imam-certified) food products eventually end up in the hands of jihadist organizations. Halal refers to any food product that can be eaten by observant Muslims. Anything other than halal is «haram» and prohibited for Muslims. Haram includes pork, blood, or meat from approved animals but which have been strangled or slaughtered with blunt knives.

Food and drink producers pay Muslim halal certifiers fees to certify their products as halal. According to Australian One Nation party leader Pauline Hanson and others, certain Muslim halal certification agencies use profits from certification fees to fund terrorist attacks around the world. During an election campaign in Queensland in 2015, Hanson told reporters: «ASIO [Australian Security Intelligence Organization] has picked up that this money has been funded through an organization to fund Syria and the terrorism there». ASIO, all too quickly, denied the charge.

Even if a small percentage of imams who certify products as being halal are passing the profits on to terrorist organizations, it potentially represents a large amount of money. Malaysian studies have valued the worldwide halal food industry as between $600 billion to $2.1 trillion. Halal certifications are usually paid by food companies at set annual rates. Considering all the firms worldwide that pay such fees to imam halal certifiers, this amounts to hundreds of millions of dollars. Some halal certifiers have become quite wealthy from the halal certification scheme. Halal certifiers have also been quite secretive about who receives donations, with some admitting only that the funds go to Islamic madrassa schools and mosques. However, many of these madrassas and mosques are linked to the Wahhabis.

Some Muslims have opined that halal certification is nothing more than a money-making scam, with the most ridiculous aspect being halal certification for dog food. It is ironic that the same imams who declare dogs to be «unclean» animals also willingly charge pet food manufacturers to certify food for the «unclean» beasts to be halal. Other Muslims have conceded that the halal certification scheme has become as financially corrupt as segments of the Jewish kosher product certification system. South African Muslim authorities have pointed out, to the dismay of the halal certification industry, that the Koran forbids imams from charging money to certify food as halal. Yet, the practice continues with fees charged for halal «stamps» on food, in some cases, i...


Reader Comments & Observations "IndyWatch Feed National"


COMMENT #1:  Regarding your post Currency vs Language, I wanted to add that in NY I have an abundance of IT co-workers that are H1-B visas holders working as consultants from India. They are extremely nice and I’ve enjoyed learning about their culture. As I’ve stated before, these consults overwhelmingly supported Hillary Clinton. Some of the consultants were naturalized and voted for Hillary. People from India are social and they often gather and speak among themselves; therefore, as more before naturalized and vote, you can expect more Democrat voters. With regard to language, they’ve confirmed to me that they speak their India state language at home, not English. You are correct, even in NY, “If that subculture then becomes the majority, the culture of the state will change and therein lies the seed …”

COMMENT #2: The Xi Jinping article about the coming new world order, in it you provide a good explanation of why we think linearly and they think cyclically. My explanation lies along the lines of religious background. Even if/when people leave the confines of religion, the subconscious thought remains. I believe that we think linearly because our religion teaches us that things begin and end. They think cyclically because their religion teaches them that things begin and end and then begin again and end again.

COMMENT #3: Hi Martin, I appreciate the work you do and making your blog available for free. I thought you might like to know that Canada is also moving toward a cashless society. Yesterday I went into Scotia Bank and tried to buy foreign currency. I offered them cash and they refused it. They told me that the money had to be paid by cash transfer. Because I didn’t have an account with them I could not buy the foreign currency. The Canadian banking system is primitive compared to New Zealand and Australian banks where I have also lived. Another bank would not allow me transfer money online from my own bank to a relative’s bank account at their bank. I would have to personally go into...


Australian Dollar and Bitcoin "IndyWatch Feed National"

1.00 AUD = 0.0009 BTC
0.0010 BTC = 1.10 AUD


To Jan 14 Climate and Nuclear News "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

A week away from Donald Trump taking over the USA Presidency, and it’s anybody’s guess as to how bad the repercussions of that will be, for climate action, nuclear safety, and the public good. If there happen to be some accidental unintended benefits for they public good, I doubt that these will compensate for the world’s most powerful nation being run by the lead bully boy for corporate America. Barack Obama retires graciously, claiming that “we did”. Perhaps more accurately “we tried”.

Don’t for one minute think that nuclear power is in any way “green“.

Record loss of sea ice in 2016-both Arctic and Antarctic.

Alexei Yablokov, grandfather of Russian environmentalism, dies at 83


Australian not-for-profit, the Alternative Technology Association (ATA) installs solar household systems in East Timor villages.

Loss of Great Barrier Reef will be part of major collapses of ocean ecosystems.

Australia and USA trail behind in renewable energy, as China and India lead.

ACT. Australian Capital Territory prepares for role as clean energy hub and exporter of renewable technology

South Australia. Pro nuclear former Senator Sean Edwards to run for South Australian Parliament, considers leadership of S.A. Liberals . Prominent wealthy nuclear industry fans back former Senator Sean Edwards.

Western Australia....


Minister Nahan "IndyWatch Feed National"

It has been a very long time since I have accused a Minister of the Western Australian parliament of Institutionalised racism. As many of you would know I have been at various times since 2001, the President, Treasurer and Secretary of the body known as the Ethnic Communities Council. I am, as we speak, the […]


Financial assistance needed urgently for Rod Culleton "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

Rod has achieved more to restructure the illicit banking industry in his short tenure as a senator for Western Australia than most other politicians have in a lifetime. The banks have targeted him with the aid of the political parties and sections of the judiciary. The moves made by Rodney, such as getting the High Court of Australia to admit its rules were faulty by reinstating process under the Queen and the latest manoeuvre to summons Senate President Stephen Parry and Attorney General Brandis to the High Court will force it to determine if only the senate can remove one of its members, as stated in the Commonwealth Constitution of Australia.

Please dig deep to help Rodney, he is fighting for you, your family and your property. Rod described the banks yesterday as the “biggest asset strippers in our history.” Unfortunately making a deposit into a bank account is at present the only method of getting funds to help with court costs.

Maitland Lawyers Trust Account:

Commonwealth Bank

BSB 063840

Account  10237728

From the Cairns News team across Australia, thank you.


Will Trump Be Killed? What Would Happen Next? "IndyWatch Feed National"

New York Times photo of Donald Trump and Mike Pence by Mary W Maxwell Right now we’ve at least got a president-elect, Donald Trump, who makes leaderly noises. Does that mean he is a person of vision? I have no idea. He does talk a good game, though.  It will be nice if it turns […]


Hitler defeated Lenin, Chiang defeated Mao "IndyWatch Feed National"

It is a commonplace that the victors write history. But which victors? The victors that are claimed to write history are normally taken to be those who win wars and other conflicts. But just because one side wins a war or conflict, it does not follow that its ideas triumph in the longer term.

Consider contemporary China. Mao Zedong defeated Chiang Kai-shek in their epic decades-long conflict, driving him and his Kuomintang forces to exile in Taiwan. Now, look at contemporary China–is it closer to Mao’s vision or Chiang’s?

Obviously Chiang’s. As a wit observed, the story of post-1979 politics in both “Chinas” (the People’s Republic and Taiwan) is the Communist Party of China trying to become the Kuomintang and the Kuomintang trying to become the Democratic Progressive Party. Mao may have won the military struggle, but Chiang’s vision won the wider social war. It turns out that social reality is not entirely plastic to our visions, and Chiang’s proved to be more human and achievable than Mao’s. That matters, in the end.

Lenin‘s successor Stalin, with huge help from the Anglo-Americans (who provided trucks, rolling stock, canned food, and munitions crucial to the Red Army while their bombing campaign diverted the Luftwaffe and many thousands of tank-killer 88mm guns from the Eastern Front), defeated Hitler on the Eastern Front. But consider contemporary postmodern identity progressivism (PIP), with its concern for authenticity, identity, emotion over reason, environment, obsessions with the Jewish state, dismissive treatment of workers and belief that a sufficiently interventionist state does not have to own firms to control them: whose obsessions does it better reflect, Hit...


LAUNCHED in powerful Guardian article. What next? "IndyWatch Feed Qld"



We have launched our direct action campaign with a powerful feature article in The Guardian. Please post this amazing article on social media and encourage friends to register for action.

We’re currently organising get-togethers in capital and regional cities around Australia. Due to the risk of infiltration, these meetings will be open to known and trusted activists only. Send us some information about yourself and we can go from there. Encrypted connections also available.

Not an experienced activist? No worries! We have almost 8000 people committed to local direct action and will make sure we have events and direct actions you can be part of in your region. Follow us on social media for real time updates.

We’re totally self-funded so please contact us if you can donate or organise a fundraising event. Otherwise, please tell your friends about the campaign by email, social media, carrier pigeon or even in person. Together we will win!


Is the Dam of Disclosure About To Break? -- 2017 Could be the Year of Unveiled Truth "IndyWatch Feed National"

Source: Stillness in The Storm

There have been multiple stories in the area of Extraterrestrials and Ufology. On January 5th, The Huffington Post reported on a 9 minute video released by the Chilean Navy purported to be an official UFO sighting, with this even reaching the trending page on Facebook. Then, on January 4th through 6th, the BBC, CNN, and again the Huffington Post all simultaneously release a story on a "fast, strange, mysterious" radio burst detected by astronomers in Australia who have gotten 20 puzzling bursts over the past 10 years, emanating from a galaxy 2.5 billion light years away.

The Chilean government also released footage from a UFO captured by the Navy.

Related Chilean Navy Releases Shocking Declassified UFO Footage

We have also had disclosures on US intelligence agencies and Wikileaks front. On January 3rd, 4th, and 5th, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange sat down for an interview with Sean Hannity on Fox News. This interview was split into three parts and aired during primetime television. On January 6th, Fox News also ...


The Solution to Exposing Gov’t Child Trafficking and Pizzagate As the Fraud It Is "IndyWatch Feed National"

Since the real foundation of these absurd allegations started with the fraud of Franklin Credit in Omaha, Ne in the 80’s- which was what caused the the horrible witch hunt that ensued as a result- until it was completely debunked as the hysteria based on falsehoods that is was- there is no better person to represent the facts of this than the VERY person who did so then- Col. Michael Aquino- Founder of Temple of Set, government official- and the one MOST KNOWLEDGEABLE as to what occurred back then.

He WAS the “unofficial” spokesperson for False Memory Syndrome Foundation- and was all OVER every media outlet at the time, and since he is the ONLY ONE left of that group- I believe that it just make sense that such a distinguished and educated government official- ranking as he does, who was THERE and fought it so well- should represent the accused and defend them against these allegations as he did before when it occurred the first time.

Now, since Ted Gunderson is dead, and John DeCamp doesn’t even know who he is anymore as he is suffering from Alzheimer’s- I believe that I- David Shurter- should represent the other side. I was there- I have an established reputation with MANY people as being an expert on the situation- and I would be willing to represent that side that Mr. Aquino did such a marvelous job defeating in the 80’s,

However- I have some stipulations.

One- it will be PUBLIC- and FACE TO FACE- just as he was willing to do with Ted Gunderson many years ago. I have absolutely NO history of violence- and so claiming he is afraid of me in public can’t really be argued effectively, although he can have as much protection as he deems necessary.

And two- it will be videotaped. This just makes sense- since we are doing this to resolve this insane issue that is so similar to the “satanic panic” hysteria that enveloped this country back in the 80’s- and so this is important for the PEOPLE to see as well as just a select group.

I think to put this country at ease- we must rise- as good American’s, and try to put this matter to rest- and the oaths that Col. Aquino took to protect and honor America I believe should compel him to agree.

We owe it to our country to do this- so that we can put our fellow American’s at ease and assure them that their children are safe. After all- this IS the land we all love and we ARE Americans after all.


West Papua independence bid continues decades after 1969 UN backing "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

West Papua independence bid continues decades after 1969 UN backing

Matt Connors, The Courier-Mail January 14, 2017 1:00am

Video Sorong Samurai – Airileke Feat. Twin Tribe

They gathered on Biak, a small island nestled in the crystalline waters of Cenderawasih Bay.

In July 1969, hundreds of stoic Papuans stood and listened, sweating in the jungle heat. Standing witness were Reuters journalist Hugh Lunn and a Dutch newspaper colleague, Otto Kuyk.

Those gathered were there to hear about the Act of Free Choice, a long-promised,
UN-backed vote to allow all the Papuan people a say in their independence.

What they instead heard were the first murmurings of a broken promise that, to this day, plays an enduring role in the bond between Australia and its nearest neighbour, Indonesia.

Just how pivotal played out in curious fashion last week when the TNI, the Indonesian armed forces, announced it had suspended all military ties with Australia.

Indonesia’s program of transmigration has seen the Mela...


Is the Dam of Disclosure About To Break? — 2017 Could be the Year of Unveiled Truth "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Pitfalls of Partial Disclosure - Examining the Process of Disclosure and the Reasons why a String of Half-Truths Just Won't Cut It

By Jordan Sather

Only thirteen days into 2017, and there have been many breaking stories presented by the mainstream media that suggest grand changes are taking place behind the scenes. The truth that has been withheld and obfuscated for so long seems to be coming to light.

There have been multiple stories in the area of Extraterrestrials and Ufology. On January 5th, The Huffington Post reported on a 9 minute video released by the Chilean Navy purported to be an official UFO sighting, with this even reaching the trending page on Facebook. Then, on January 4th through 6th, the BBCCNN, and again the Huffington Post all simultaneously release a story on a “fast, strange, mysterious” radio burst detected by astronomers in Australia who have gotten 20 puzzling bursts over the past 10 years, emanating from a galaxy 2.5 billion light years away.

The Chilean government also released footage from a UFO captured by the Navy.

Related Chilean Navy Releases Shocking Declassified UFO Footage

We have also had disclosures on US intelligence agencies and Wikileaks front. On January 3rd, 4th, and 5th, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange sat down for an interview with Sean Hannity on Fox News. This interview was split into three parts and aired during primetime television. On January 6th, Fox News also...


Melanie Shaw and the UK Child Abuse Shit "IndyWatch Feed National"

Melanie Shaw, in a secret court hearing, was given two more years in jail. So if you fuck children in the UK- you are protected and given ZERO jail time. But if you make the mistake of trying to protect children- it is off to jail you go. And more than that- into solitary confinement.

And what do the people do? They sit back- entertained. And expect Heaven to serve them cake and ice cream for their efforts.

Yeah- the world- and ESP. The people in it- SUCK. Although I am sure if you ask any of them- they would argue the point.


Keith Jackson & Friends: PNG ATTITUDE "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

My Walk to Equality CoverNOW ON SALE - 'MY WALK TO EQUALITY'

Essays, Stories and Poetry by Papua New Guinean Women edited by Rashmii Amoah Bell
With forewords by Tanya Zeriga-Alone and Elvina Ogil

Paperback edition - $US10.53 (plus postage)                       Kindle edition $US$1.01

Order your copy by clicking through here to the Amazon website


1) Papua Sees Better Economy, but Stagnant Politics, Security: Expert "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

2) Silence equals complicity: Indonesia’s Jokowi blamed for human rights failures
3) TNI Should Be Indonesia-Centric, Not Java-Centric: Jokowi
4) Raja Ampat gears up to attract more tourists

1) Papua Sees Better Economy, but Stagnant Politics, Security: Expert



Kennt ihr den schon?Zum Thema "Geschlechterforschung" ... "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Kennt ihr den schon?

Zum Thema "Geschlechterforschung" sollte auch Sachsen-Anhalts AfD-Landeschef André Poggenburg sprechen.
Uh-oh, man kann sich schon grob vorstellen, was als nächstes passiert ist.
Als Poggenburg mit seiner Rede beginnen wollte, entrissen ihm die Studenten sein Manuskript. AfD-Anhänger versuchten, ihn zu beschützen. Dabei kam es zu einer Prügelei.
Einer warf sogar einen Böller auf Poggenburg.

Und so haben es die Demonstranten geschafft, dass nicht die AfD wie die Nazis aussehen hier, sondern sie. Wieso setzt ihr euch nicht lieber ins Publikum und stellt peinliche Fragen, die die Unkenntnis der AfD über Genderstudies bloßlegen und die Daseinsberechtigung von Genderstudies ein für alle Mal zementieren? Oder habt ihr solche Fragen womöglich gar nicht, und müsst deshalb zu Gewalt greifen?

Update: An dem Artikel hängt jetzt ein Update dran:

Anmerkung: In einer früheren Version hieß es, Poggenburg sei von einem Böller getroffen worden. Tatsächlich wurde der Böller nach Angaben der Polizei Richtung Podium geworfen.

Update: Die Zeit dazu, die Huffington Post dazu, der MDR dazu, jetzt (SZ) dazu.


PNG government continues to fail on rights, says watchdog "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Police at UPNG, 2016 - students were shotHUMAN RIGHTS WATCH | Edited extracts

THE Papua New Guinean government has failed to adequately address gender inequality, violence, corruption or excessive use of force by police, says the global NGO Human Rights Watch in its 2017 World Report.

In May 2016, Papua New Guinea’s human rights record came under detailed scrutiny during its periodic review at the United Nations Human Rights Council.

A month later, police opened fire on protesting university students in Port Moresby, wounding 23 people. The protesters had attempted a march to the national parliament to call for a vote of no confidence in the government of prime minister Peter O’Neill.

They had been protesting for five weeks demanding O’Neill step down over corruption allegations. Anti-corruption officers have held an arrest warrant for the prime minister on corruption charges since 2014, although a court order has prevented its execution to date.

In Papua New Guinea, police abuse, including of children, continues with little accountability even for fatalities and egregious physical abuse.

Between 2007 and 2014, 1,600 complaints of police abuse were received by the Internal Affairs Directorate with 326 classified as criminal cases. The government has not publicly said how many, if any, of these resulted in criminal convictions of police officers.

“People took to the streets to voice concerns about corruption, and the only government response was gunfire,” said Elaine Pearson, Australia director at Human Rights Watch.

“Corruption and abuse will only end when abusive officials are held responsible for their crimes.”

Despite some worthy legal and institutional initiatives, inadequate implementation has meant few genuine improvements for victims of human rights violations in...


1) West Papua independence bid continues decades after 1969 UN backing "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

2) Interpol: Red Alert!
1) West Papua independence bid continues decades after 1969 UN backing
Matt Connors, The Courier-Mail January 14, 2017 1:00am
Video Sorong Samurai - Airileke Feat. Twin Tribe
 They gathered on Biak, a small island nestled in the crystalline waters of Cenderawasih Bay.
In July 1969, hundreds of stoic Papuans stood and listened, sweating in the jungle heat. Standing witness were Reuters journalist Hugh Lunn and a Dutch newspaper colleague, Otto Kuyk.


The link between creative problem solving and finding hidden pictures "IndyWatch Feed National"

Information analysis, followed by step-by-step logical deduction is often our go-to method to solve problems we encounter in life. Yet, for some problems we seem to suddenly gain insight - we realize the solution in an "Aha!" kind of moment. Known as 'insight problems', they can seem impossible or unsolvable until creative insight appears and a solution is unexpectedly realized. Is it possible to increase the likelihood of the arrival of such creative insight? PhD candidate Ruben Laukkonen along with Dr. Jason Tangen at the University of Queensland in Australia, have recently published a study in the journal Consciousness and Cognition suggesting that it is. "We might be taking a walk, riding a bike, or having a shower, when we finally understand something we've been struggling with. One goal of this study, and ongoing research, is to understand what it is about those situations that evoke epiphanies," Laukkonen says.


FSRN - January 13, 2017 "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Stories in this edition of the weekly: U.S. Senate starts Affordable Care Act rollback during budget reconciliation process Trump downplays ethics, transparency in first post-election press conference Cabinet confirmation hearings: week one Opponents of planned Louisiana pipeline document 144 pipeline accidents in 2016 Tribal and Non-Native Water Protectors urge Wells Fargo to Divest from Dakota Access Pipeline Seabed mining project advances, Papua New Guinea locals consider lawsuit For more information about individual stories, including transcripts, visit:


Seabed mining project advances, Papua New Guinea locals consider lawsuit "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

The deep seas are some of the most uncharted ecosystems in the world. Scientists say we know more about the surface of the moon than the deep seas. Yet the world’s first commercial deep sea mining operation for gold, copper and silver in the Bismarck Sea could be underway in just a year. But, as Georgia Clark reports, Papua New Guinea locals are considering a lawsuit, calling for greater transparency and fearing the project could cause irreversible damage to one of the world’s few pristine frontiers. For more information on this story, including a transcript, visit


FSRN Weekly Edition – January 13, 2017 "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

  • U.S. Senate starts Affordable Care Act rollback during budget reconciliation process
  • Trump downplays ethics, transparency in first post-election press conference
  • Cabinet confirmation hearings: week one
  • Opponents of planned Louisiana pipeline document 144 pipeline accidents in 2016
  • Tribal and Non-Native Water Protectors urge Wells Fargo to Divest from Dakota Access Pipeline
  • Seabed mining project advances, Papua New Guinea locals consider lawsuit

Download Audio


West Papua issue gains momentum but no Christmas present yet "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

West Papuan leaders & Vanuatu PM meetBONIFACE KAIYO

FOR West Papua the winds of change are blowing steadily, but Christmas has come and gone and not brought any presents yet.

When it met at Port Vila, Vanuatu, in December, the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) delayed a decision on the application for full membership by the United Liberation Movement for West Papua West Papua (ULMWP).

ULMWP officials met with the prime minister of Vanuatu on the sidelines of the MSG leaders’ summit (photo) and, in a traditional ritual, offered gifts to signify the connection between Vanuatu and the independence struggle in West Papua.

It was a further sign that, since December 2014, Papua’s international diplomacy has continued to gain momentum.

Papuan political factions no longer present themselves as different voices.

The three major Papuan political organisations - West Papua National Coalition for Liberation, Federal Republic of West Papua and West Papua National Parliament - have jointly stated “that all West Papuans, both inside and outside West Papua, are united under this new body (the ULMWP) and that we will continue our struggle for independence”.

The ULMWP has put on notice critics and skeptics who remain unconvinced of its ability to drive aspirations, articulate demands and mobilise popular mass support for Papuan nationalism.

The united organisation has secured international recognition from the Melanesian Spearhead Group and has gained more attention from the United Nations and the Pacific Island Forum. Papua has become an effective insurgency.

West Papua is part of the MSG family, a natural proxy to Papua New Guinea, and the issue of its independence struggle cannot be just wished away.

It took 15 years for the Papuan leaders to convinc...


Teenage surfer stable following shark attack at Ballina, Australia "IndyWatch Feed National"

A teenage surfer was in stable condition after he was bitten by a shark Monday at the same Australian beach where a Japanese surfer was fatally mauled last year, officials said. Cooper Allen, a 17-year-old high school student, was surfing with friends on the first day of the students' spring vacation when he was attacked off Ballina's Lighthouse Beach at midmorning, Ballina Mayor David Wright said. The shark struck from behind and bit across the board's fins as the boy lay on the board paddling. The shark's lower jaw tore into the fiberglass as its upper teeth clamped his right hip and thigh, Wright said. "The shark lacerated his leg in three or four places fairly deep," Wright said. "Luckily the lifeguards were on duty and got down there quickly."


Quietly as a mouse she slipped into the world "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"


Quietly like a mouse she slipped into the world
Oh, but dad she’s a girl
my fate he held that night
And like in ink he wrote my story
Page by page my journey went
None for me all but for his glory

Ten and tall I stayed at home
everything a women did I learnt so well
thin and wiry like a donkey
day by day stooped with loads
20 kilos and more

twelve and round my flowered skirt
I held between my knees
eyes downcast I moved among men
loud they talk, proud and strong
beside the fire my back to them

I sit and stare and watched my journey
with the flames up it went and disappeared
the fire crackled my tears dropped
no it wasn’t  from the smoke but
were they to look into my youthful heart
my tears they would not count

it came to pass a beat somewhere
an answer and a bust of light through the dark
a chance to fly away
oh my heart! But


Mystery of the Knights Templars: Protectors or Treasure Hunters on a Secret Mission? "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Mystery of the Knights Templars: Protectors or Treasure Hunters on a Secret Mission?

By Bryan Hilliard

The Knights Templars were a secret society whose true purpose remains a mystery or is at least vigorously debated among scholars and historians to this day.  The Templars left behind many clues of their actions which have been passed down through generations, hidden in ancient manuscripts and discovered by archeologists in the modern era.  Their story is one that has captured the fascination and curiosity of people throughout the ages – were they sent to the holy land in Jerusalem to protect Christians on pilgrimages, or were they sent there on secret missions by higher authorities in order to unearth lost artifacts and buried treasure under temples and sacred holy sites?

The Knights Templars were members of a religious military order of Christian knighthood founded around 1118-1119 in Jerusalem by the French knight Hugh des Payens.  For nearly two centuries this organization was the most powerful order in the medieval world.  They were the first standing army in Europe since the fall of the Roman Empire and by the time they reached their pinnacle of power in 1300, it is said they numbered in the tens of thousands.  In the beginning, there were a total of nine founding knights who made up the organization and were all related to one another through blood or marriage.  As both monks and soldiers, they were a paradox without precedent since there had never been praying priests who took up arms who also took vows of poverty, obedience and celibacy.  Knights Templars did not surrender unless they were outnumbered three to one and believed that since they were fighting for God they would be immediately sent up to heaven upon falling in battle.

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Friday, 13 January


Syria and the US: More Truths Emerge "IndyWatch Feed National"

8634434On 17 September 2016 aircraft of the so-called ‘coalition’, led by the United States, bombed Syrian Army troop positions at Deir Ez-Zor. Aircraft from the United States, United Kingdom, Denmark and Australia took part in the attack. Between 62 and 90 (reports vary) Syrian troops were killed and more than 100 injured. The attack allowed ISIS forces to take control of what was a vital area protecting the airport.

At the time, the attack was labeled a “mistake”. Australia’s Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull apologized, saying he regretted the loss of life and injury to Syrian personnel.

A spokesman for the Syrian government said that the attack was “intentional”, a view shared by Syria’s ally, Iran. The US military ordered an inquiry into the incident. It is usually the case with such inquiries that little is done, nothing other than “regrettable mistakes” are admitted, and no-one is sanctioned.

Often, some reason is found to attribute the “error” to the enemy’s actions, as with the bombing of the Kunduz Hospital in Afghanistan.

Two recent developments however, cast some new light on that “mistake” in September 2016.

The first is the release of the report into the investigation by the US Central Command based in Qatar on 29 November 2016. As is almost invariably the case, the report found “no evidence of misconduct.”

The report did acknowledge however, that the US did mislead the Russian military command about where the strike was to occur.

Further, the report acknowledges that the US Command ignored both actual information and intelligence analysis that the positions targeted were occupied by Syrian government troops and were not ISIS terrorists.

The third revelation was that the air strikes shifted from the strategy of “deliberate targeting” to one of an “immediate strike.” This violated usual US Air Force operational procedure. No explanation was given for this violation of normal procedure.

The fact that the Russians were misled, the ignoring of their own intelligence and factual information, both electronic and human, and the abrupt change in operational procedure without a good reason, all reinforce the conclusion reached at the...


Red and grey squirrels in Britain "IndyWatch Feed National"

This is an Eurasian red squirrel (Sciurus vulgaris) video from Germany.

By Peter Frost in Britain:

The battle of the squirrels

Friday 13th January 2017

PETER FROST’S affection for the native British red squirrel sends him in search of measures that would boost its survival chances

There were once three and a half million of our native red squirrels (Sciurus vulgaris) in the forests and woodlands of Britain.

Today that population is down to well under 150,000 and although still reducing dramatically a number of initiatives are reducing the rate of decline.

What happened? Well, in 1876 some stupid aristocrat decided to import grey squirrels (Scirius caroliniensis) from their native North America releasing them in Henbury Park, Cheshire.

It’s not clear why they were introduced, probably as a live novelty garden decoration. Rich Victorian land owners simply had no idea about the risks of introducing non-native species to their estates.

Other landowners in other parts of Britain also imported the greys which spread rapidly. There are now estimated to be about 2.5 million grey squirrels in Britain.

Unlike the bold and oft seen greys our native red squirrels are very shy and elusive and spend much of their time in the tree canopy. Telltale signs to look for include large dreys in trees, scratch marks on bark and chewed pine cones that look like chewed apple cores. You might also hear the distinctive “chuk chuk” noise they make.

Although the grey squirrels don’t actually attack the native reds they carry the squirrel pox virus which is fatal to red squirrels without harming its grey carriers. Squirrels come in all colours.

Entirely black ones are becoming common and originate in colder regions of Canada where their dark skins absorb more winter sun to keep them warm.

A family of at least...



Glossy Black-Cockatoo at Blackrock, Coochin area near boonah. 28'06'56.39S 152'40'21.79E reported by Errol Stenzel on 12-01-2017 "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

Three birds flying slow ,real low and headed up creek to Mountain area. (there are lots of ROSE SHEOAKS up in the hilly areas.)


National Social Security Rights Network statement about the new online compliance system "IndyWatch Feed National"

13th January 2017

This statement about the Centrelink online compliance system calls for the suspension of the system until concerns about it are addressed


HR Watch says PNG has failed to protect women and children "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"


 A student protest in Port Moresby in June 2016. Human Rights Watch says PNG has failed to respond to corruption and police violence. Photograph: AAP

Author: Helen Davidson     Source: The Guardian

Papua New Guineans took to the streets to protest against government corruption and were met by gunfire, Human Rights Watch has said in a scathing assessment of Australia’s nearest neighbour.

In its annual assessment of more than 90 countries, Human Rights Watch has warned of the rise of populist leaders threatening the protection of human rights. It says PNG has failed to protect women and children, or to respond to corruption and police violence.

Anger against the Peter O’Neill government – linked to numerous and high-profile corruption scandals and allegations over recent years – became the focus of student protests, culminating in the march on parliament in Port Moresby in June calling for O’Neill’s resignation.

The students, who had boycotted classes, were stopped from boarding buses to parliament where O’Neill was set to face a vote of no-confidence. Police opened fire, and 23 people were injured.

O’Neill was defiant, and blamed “agitators” funded by the opposition for the protests, which spread and escalated across the country.

“People took to the streets to voice concerns about corruption, and the only government response was gunfire,” said Elaine Pearson, Australia director at Human Rights Watch.

“Corruption and abuse will only end when abusive officials are held responsible for their crimes.”

O’Neill, who continues to avoid an arrest warrant over a long-running corruption investigation, survived a no-confidence motion in parliament the next month.



Culleton summons Parry and Brandis to appear in High Court over senate vacancy "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

Senator Rod Culleton says he has the numbers to bring the Attorney General and Justice Barker of the Federal Court before the Bar of the senate to show cause why they should not be sacked.

Senator Rodney Culleton is under siege ordered by the Federal Government aided by their political and judicial puppeteers, the banks, and is bunkering down for a battle before the Full Bench of the Federal Court.

Today his Melbourne solicitor, John Maitland, filed a Summons in the High Court of Australia, sitting as the Court of Disputed Returns requesting an order to stop the President of the senate, Liberal Stephen Parry from making any representations that Senator Rod Culleton is an undischarged bankrupt and/or disqualified to sit as a senator for Western Australia or to declare the seat vacant.

The Summons has been served on the Liberal Attorney General George Brandis and Senator Parry below.




Hidden Valley mine review agreement endorsed for signing "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

THE revised agreement of the Hidden Valley mine will now be forwarded to the National Executive Council on January 19 for its endorsement.

The long delay of the revised mining agreement was finally endorsed by all the parties at the Lae International Hotel recently.

MRA managing director Philip Samar and his officers who attended the meeting said they will hold another meeting within this month to look at the revised agreement and they will forward it to the national government for its endorsement on Jan 19.

Harmony Gold CEO Mr Van Heerden also approved Mr Samar's comment and said that the revised agreement will now be given priority by all parties to have it ready to be forwarded to NEC for its endorsement.

Hidden Valley landowners were represented by the Nakuwi Landowners Association chief Mr Mauri, deputy chairman Wayang Kawa, secretary Ben Joseph, executive Maurie Mita and Ayamba Suwara.


International Satellite operator given license to operate in PNG "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

A first international satellite operator was granted license today to operate in Papua New Guinea.

The National Information and Communications Technology Authority, presented three licenses to the Asia Broadcast Satellite, to incorporate its company, ABS Global Satellite Limited to operate in the country.

This breakthrough means ABS Global Satellite is now licensed to provide data and internet services over facilities and infrastructure for its PNG customers.

ABS Global Satellite is also now approved to provide international connectivity services for international voice and data connectivity and province internet voice and data services in the country.

The company's Managing Director, Southeast Asia and Asia Pacific, Gabriel Pimental, says the venture aims at ultimately providing cost-effective internet connectivity to as much of Papua New Guinea's rural areas.

"Traditionally, we've been providing space segment boundaries, but we believe we can go one step further where necessary, not just to rely as a satellite capacity provider, but to start to develop services off the ground, to enable a cheaper satellite value that we bring, to be passed on to the consumers.

"By coming here we are indeed providing much more competition to the established service providers.

"Competition has always resolved to the benefit of the consumers."

NBC News / PNG Today


1) Solomon PM on tour of MSG capitals "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

2) Sogavare starts MSG tour amid West Papua impasse
3) Freeport, PT Amman Pay Rp2.5tn in Export Duty on Concentrates

1) Solomon PM on tour of MSG capitals
9:25 pm GMT+12, 12/01/2017, Solomon Islands



Sussan Ley resigns - still doesn't get it - Team Turnbull comes 1st, privilege to serve Turnbull "IndyWatch Feed National"

She's so crystal clear. She's doing this for Turnbull. Not because it's right. Not because she's done wrong. This one's for the team. Which creates obligations. And so the gravy train rolls on. At least Turnbull is making the right noises. Today we have announced the most significant reform of...


How to deal with the new Australian piracy law "IndyWatch Feed National"

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The company called the 'Australian Government' told the mainstream media that there is going to be a crackdown on piracy "Big Time", and in turn the mainstream media passed on this message to the slave population.

This comes literally straight after the peasants were made aware that people in government are defrauding their slave population on a huge scale, more damage than any single 'pirate' ever could do.

So apparently Australia is full of pirates (the "haaar haaar mi maties", type), where one could say that all of them are in government. 

"Why's that?" could ask the beer gut footy lover.

'Cause they're not in office lawfully, nor the company called the 'Australian Government' is the de jure government of the people, as described in a document called 'An Act to Constitute the Commonwealth of Australia...


Troubled Waters. "IndyWatch Feed National"

Photo Credit: Getty Images.

Is it safe to drink from fast flowing pristine looking waters in the bush?


Was Einstein Right, Is Time Travel Possible? Scientists Tested it "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

The University of Queensland Australia has done subsequent studies on time travel, its possibility aspects, and components. According to in-depth studies from the University, time travel is a possibility. The scientists used single particles of light photons to simulate quantum particles that travel through time. The study indicated that modern physics has strange aspects that were explained by Professor Timothy Ralph. Quantum particles are made up of fuzzy or uncertain components that make it possible for them to wiggle around and thus avoid inconsistent time travel situations. Therefore, nature behaves differently making the impossible possible.

Read more


Australian Dollar and Bitcoin "IndyWatch Feed National"

1.00 AUD = 0.0009 BTC
0.0010 BTC = 1.10 AUD


PNG Opposition raises concerns over government's interference on established Election Laws and Process "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

The PNG Deputy Opposition Leader. Sam Basil, says he is gravely concerned over the announcement that ‘the general order of the 2017national elections is likely to be interrupted as a trial by a nervous government to gauge the reaction of the PNG public.’

Mr Basil questioned the role and official obligation of the PNG Electoral Commissioner Mr Patilus Gamato in independently overseeing the success of general elections. “Mr Gamato must be able to explain his organisations’ original advice and submission to the National Executive Council (NEC) that has provided the inspiration for these major proposed changes to PNGs election laws.
Mr Basil says ‘the changes will have the effect of excluding many viable intending candidates interested in contesting the limited number of provincial and open seats in PNGs national parliament, not just in 2017 but beyond into future elections.

Mr Basil also cautioned media agencies to encourage sound and accurate reporting of current issues such as all election-related matters ahead of the issue of writs.
The Deputy Opposition Leader says “unless a future parliament has the numbers to reverse such limiting provisions that are currently on the table for passage by this heavily-induced majority government, PNG can no longer call itself a vibrant democracy.”
The parliamentary leader of Pangu Pati and current sitting Member for Wau/Bulolo Open, Mr Sam Basil says he is alarmed over the timing of the proposed changes to laws governing a key constitutional event like a general election and its institutional processes and requirements.
Mr Basil said that PNG’s electoral calendar must not be politically engineered to undermine the constitutional guarantee of ‘free and fair’ general elections.

The Deputy Opposition Leader cautioned PNG citizens to be weary of the proposed amendments to election laws that will have the effect of influencing the rights and choices of voters and the outcome of the general elections.


NT Youth Justice Class Action | Maurice Blackburn "IndyWatch Feed National"

NT Youth Justice Class Action | Maurice Blackburn: Maurice Blackburn, Australia’s leading class action law firm, has filed a class action on behalf of current and former detainees at youth detention centres in the Northern Territory who were subjected to assault, battery, and/or false imprisonment during their detainment in excess of the lawful powers granted to prison guards. The class action was filed on 23 December 2016.


New book explains ‘what justice will look like’ "IndyWatch Feed National"

IN his new book Treaty and Statehood – Aboriginal Self Determination, Michael Mansell discusses models for a seventh state – or First State for the First People, designated Aboriginal seats in parliament and a treaty. The Tasmanian Aboriginal lawyer, activist and secretary of the Aboriginal Provisional Government spent three years wading through constitutional law, reading any High Court cases vaguely relevant and connected to the legal principal of designated Aboriginal seats in the parliament. He also researched the legality of treaty, what it would deal with and its effect on the Australian public, sharing of power and autonomous communities. “I really can’t remember what I set out to do other than to write up the political solutions that were available to us,” Mr Mansell said. “The book is for Aboriginal people who have a gut feeling that we have been denied justice and want to have someone explain what justice will look like.”


2017 TESAS list for Continuing students available online "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

​The Department of Higher Education has published the TESAS (Tertiary Education Students Assistance Scheme) scholarship lists online for continuing students.
Awarding of TESAS is based on receiving an admission offer, being a registered student, and maintaining a high GPA;

Students, parents, guardians and sponsors can access the list on the link below.

Note: We do not represent the University and all queries regarding  errors and omissions on the listing should refer to the University or the college.


Malmsbury: Riot police storm juvenile prison to suppress riot "IndyWatch Feed National"

Inmates during the riot at Malmsbury.

12 Jan – A riot at the Malmsbury Youth Justice Centre came to a dramatic end on Thursday night, with heavily armed police storming the facility.

Six inmates were arrested after rioting at the facility.

Teenagers at the Malmsbury Youth Justice Centre during the riot.

Police were called to Malmsbury at 1.50pm after the inmates armed themselves with metal poles and locked themselves in a secure exercise yard.

The situation came to a head shortly before 6.30pm, when heavily armed riot police carrying shields stormed the facility.

Six inmates were arrested and brought out by the riot police shortly after.

Riot police prepare to enter Malmsbury Youth Justice Centre.

A police spokeswoman said the six inmates would be interviewed on Thursday night, with control of the facility due to be handed back to prison guards.

The whole centre had been put in lockdown to prevent any trouble spreading, sources said. The centre has capacity for 135 juvenile inmates, and is close to full at present.

A Department of Health and Human Services spokesman said the perimeter of the centre was secure. He said the incident was safely resolved without any injuries to staff or young people.

Teenagers inside Malmsbury Youth Justice Centre.

The incident is the latest in a string of riots to hit the state’s youth justice centres.

Last September, rioting prisoners scaled the roof of the Malmsbury centre, about 100 kilometres north-west of Melbourne.

Violence erupted again at the facility in October, when a group of youths ripped benches from their fittings and armed themselves with metal legs before taunting guards.

Also last year, the Parkville Youth Justice Centre was crippled so badly by rioting teens that some units were left inoperable. The Andrews government moved some teen inmates from Parkville to a unit at t...


Coolbellup: Roe 8 protests ramp up as activists clash with cops "IndyWatch Feed National"

A protesters is hand-cuffed by police after the fences guarding the site were pushed down

12 Jan – Police have clashed with protesters at the Roe 8 building site, after the fences guarding the area were pushed down, a woman holed up in a tree platform and more people chained themselves to machinery.

Protests ramped up on Thursday morning in Coolbellup, where clearing of bushland is due to continue to make way for the controversial Roe 8 road, which is part of the planned Perth Freight Link.

Journalist Belinda Cameron said a large amount of people had gathered at the site early in the morning, singing and chanting “give it up Colin”.

“Things have really kicked off this morning. When I arrived there were about 1000 people lining the gates that surround the site.”

She said that at about 7am protesters pushed down the fences surrounding the bulldozers at the building site.

“Police were quite outnumbered and several arrests were made,” she said.

“At the moment there are about 200 people still here who performed a sit-in around the equipment.

“There are also people who chained themselves to the machinery.

“I saw several elderly women walking around the site which has been partially cleared – openly crying, seeing what’s happened to their bushland.

“There have also been a few flare-ups between police and protesters and security has been brought into the site with several large German Shepherds now guarding the equipment.”

Reports say a young woman called Jacinta had set up in a platform on a tree, which is tensioned across access tracks. Any clearing work conducted would be dangerous to her safety.

Two other people called Koro and Jan had attached themselves to machinery.

By 10:30am police had made over a dozen arrests, with six people charged for trespassing and resisting arrest.

City of Melville councillor Tim Barling and City of Fremantle councillor Sam Wainwright were among those arrested on Wednesday, with protesters wanting work to stop until the March state election.

More than 100 police officers attended the protest, including plain-clothed detectives, mounted police and the dog squad.



Melebourne: Youths transferred to adult prison after more riots at Parkville youth justice centre "IndyWatch Feed National"

Police and paramedics at the Parkville youth justice centre

9 Jan – Seven young people have been transferred out of Melbourne’s troubled Parkville youth justice centre, some to Barwon Prison, after rioting for six hours overnight.

Paramedics and police, including dog handlers, were called to the centre on Park Street on Parkville shortly after 8:00pm.

Families and Children Minister Jenny Mikakos said a group of six inmates broke away during a sporting activity before accessing a roof cavity and freeing another detainee.

“[The group] broke away from staff. They then managed to gain access to one of the units, and gain entry into the roof cavity of that unit,” she said.

“Whilst they were in the roof cavity, they managed to free one of their co-detainees out of his locked cell.”

Ms Mikakos said the incident was resolved by about 1:30am and no-one was injured.

Ian Lanyon, director of secure services at the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), said 13 beds were damaged, taking the facility’s number of usable beds to about 50.

“We hope to have [those beds] repaired in the next few days and that unit fully back online,” he said.

The youths had been playing basketball before they absconded, Mr Lanyon added.

Before November’s riots, Parkville had a 123-bed capacity.

Some of the seven youths transferred were taken to the Grevillia Unit at Barwon Prison — a maximum security adult jail.

The others were sent to another youth justice centre at Malmsbury, about 100 kilometres north-west of Melbourne.

Police dog handler at Parkville Youth Justice Centre

A DHHS spokesperson said damage was being assessed and police were investigating.

“There were no injuries to young people, staff or police and at no point was there a threat to the security of the perimeter of the facility,” a statement read.

“Damage to the facility will be assessed with repair work to start as soon as this is completed.”

The State Government has been holding young people at the Grevillia Unit since Nove...


Australia Meteorological Office Caught Covering Up Chemtrails "IndyWatch Feed National"

There is outrage in Australia after the Meteorological Office attempted to brush a chemtrails scandal under the carpet by declaring the geometric lines are a “beautiful natural phenomenon.” The rows of perfectly straight chemtrails were caught on camera by a passenger onboard a Virgin Australia flight and uploaded to social media. The extraordinary photos caused outrage on Twitter and Instagram, with Australians demanding to know the truth about the real nature of geoengineering in their country. Then the Meteorological Office entered the fray, claiming the rows and rows of perfectly straight lines are not man-made, but rather a “beautiful natural phenomenon.” A Met Office spokesperson attempted to explain the rows of chemtrails. “In terms of how they form, it’s about air rising, cooling and then descending again. The rising, cooling and falling of atmospheric waves creates the thin strips of clouds.” Right… Remarkably, many people are taking the official narrative on face value. The most unique cloud formation I have seen to date on route from Perth to Adelaide somewhere over The Great Australian Bite • • • • • #flying #clouds #rollcloud #nature #windowseat #wing #airplane #plane #boeing #737 #virgin #perth #adelaide #Australia #ocean #engine #turbofan #turbine #instagramaviation #avgeek #iphone [...]

The post Australia Meteorological Office Caught Covering Up Chemtrails appeared first on Your News Wire.


The next Sausage Sizzle and the next General Meeting dates "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

The next sausage sizzle is at Bunnings this Monday, 16 January from 8am to 2:30pm.

<p>The next General Meeting will be next month at Hervey Bay RSL Lakes Room on Thursday 16 February from 7:00pm.</p>


China Daily: Tillerson’s “Disastrous” Actions Would Set The Course For A “Devastating Confrontation” "IndyWatch Feed National"

By Tyler Durden

We were surprised by how contained China was this morning after yesterday’s confirmation hearing of Rex Tillerson, in which the former Exxon CEO said that a failure to respond to China had allowed it to “keep pushing the envelope” in the South China Sea and added that “we’re going to have to send China a clear signal that first the island-building stops and second your access to those islands is also not going to be allowed” and that putting military assets on those islands was “akin to Russia’s taking Crimea” from Ukraine.”

Traditionally such a direct threat would be i) perceived as very undiplomatic and ii) prompt an immediate, and angry rebuke from Beijing, with China immediately shifting to the offensive.

“This is the sort of off-the-cuff remark akin to a tweet that pours fuel on the fire and maybe makes things worse,” Malcolm Davis, a senior analyst at the Australian Strategic Policy Institute in Canberra told Bloomberg. “Short of going to war with China, there is nothing the Americans can do.”

But not today: during his press conference earlier today, Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang could barely muster the will to sound defensive, saying China has been acting within the limits of its sovereignty. “Like the U.S., China has the right within its own territory to carry out normal activities,” he said at a regular briefing in Beijing. When asked repeatedly about Tillerson’s comments on blocking access to islands, China’s foreign ministry spokesman said he couldn’t make any guesses as to what Tillerson was referring to and would not answer hypothetical questions, Reuters reported.

As it turns out, China may not have had time to digest what Tillerson said. After all his South China sea remark was toward the end of his nearly all day long hearing, and so many local media outlets may have simply missed it. However, they caught up today, and first China Daily, then its nationalist tabloid, the Global Times took turns to first mock, then attack Tillerson.

Here is the gis...


Rally rider hopeful for 2018 Dakar "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

Queensland rally rider Scott Britnell has been watching the Dakar Rally on TV while recovering from a crash six months ago that also crashed his hopes of competing in this year’s event.

However, Scott Britnell is still planning to join the gruelling rally next January and is busy raising funds with his KTM 450RR race bike arriving soon.

“I have been watching Dakar and it seems like this year’s edition is a cracker,” he says.

“It seems the complaints about the WRC-style first half of last year’s race have been answered by Marc Coma.”

2017 Dakar Rally riderFive-time Dakar champ and now motorcycle course organiser Coma grabs a selfie

Aussie’s mixed Dakar fortunes

He says it was disappointing that Australia’s first Dakar winner, Toby Price, crashed out on stage four. 

“I see it as a simple case of paying dues for living life on the edge as many of the top guns have in the past,” he says.

“This is a perception that I also carried into combat many times and have leant on to accept a far greater sacrifice made by several friends/colleagues along the way.”

Fellow Queensland Rod Faggotter also retired from the event on stage four with technical problems in his Yamaha.

Meanwhile, after two stages were abandoned because of rain and mudslides, the two remaining Aussies are battling on.

Todd Smith (Honda) is sitting in 21st outright and Dakar Debutante Matt Hart (KTM) is in 53rd.

Dakar Rally rider Matt Hart - Toby Price Dakar rally swamped...


Yabun Movie night! "IndyWatch Feed National"

Looking for something to do after Yabun?!? Get down to Leichhardt for Yabun Movie night. Starts at 8 with animations about Dreaming Stories and then the feature film Spear starts at 9. Takes place at Memorial Park on Norton Street in Leichhardt. It’s 100% FREE!

Yabun Movie Night



This vegetable project would not have eventuated without support from the Goilala District Development Authority guided by the MP for Goilala, Hon. William Samb.

I also acknowledge the high-quality input from Joel Neva and Victor Keruv equally supported by Benjamin and Bosco in Tanipai and Kevin and Raphael Ivoro in Kosipe.

The most important group in this whole project are the hard working farming clans and families for whom this whole project was supported by the GDDA.

Flowering English Potatoes - Kosipe ...


Brass Shells for my Black Powder DB Shotgun. "IndyWatch Feed National"

My youngest son bought me two boxes of brass shells for my black powder 12 gauge, so I have some hand loading to do.
Bring on the Zombies 😊 

No loader required, I can load these brass shells in just the same way as I load my muzzle-loading guns. The only difference is that I also need primers for the shells. More on this when I start reloading.


Submarine cable negotiations in the Solomons to commence soon "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Negotiation with the world’s largest telecommunications equipment manufacturer Huawei for the implementation of Solomon Islands submarine cable project will commence as soon as the CEO of the Solomon Islands Submarine Cable Company (SISCC) assumes duty, the Ministry of Finance and Treasury (MOFT) announced.

In a statement issued Wednesday, the ministry said, “Arrangements are now underway for the new CEO to take up the position early February 2017 in Honiara.

“The Cabinet has awarded the supply and laying of the undersea cable to Huawei. The Government is committed to this important project and arrangements are being made for contract negotiation and signing to take place.

‘The SISCC is the company established to implement the submarine cable project and the shareholders in this company are the Solomon Islands National Provident Fund (SINPF) and Investment Corporation of Solomon Islands (ICSI).”

The MOFT statement said officials from both MOFT and the Ministry of Communication and Aviation are in the meantime arranging the financing package for the project.

It said the project is long overdue and it is the intention of the Government that it is implemented as soon as practicable.

“The cable project is expected to reduce the cost of communication and make broadband internet connection efficient, faster and also accessibility available to more users,” the MOFT statement said.

The MOFT statement said there are critics who are opposed to the project as carried in today’s issue of the Solomon Star, stating that the Government should focus on basic infrastructure such as health, education, transport, tourism and so forth.

It said whilst these sectors are important as expressed, communication is becoming a basic service to many more people and furthermore a key enabler to business operation and development of other basic services in health, education, policing and so on.

“Improved communication is expected to have a positive impact on economic growth and on improving the lives of our people.” The MOFT statement added.



Experimental Seabed Mining Project Advances, Papua New Guinea Locals Consider Lawsuit "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Concept art of bulk cutter. Image: N.R.Fuller

Concept art of bulk cutter. Image: N.R.Fuller

Free Speech Radio News | January 12, 2017 

The deep seas are some of the most uncharted ecosystems in the world. Scientists say we know more about the surface of the moon than the deep seas. Yet the world’s first commercial deep sea mining operation for gold, copper and silver in the Bismarck Sea could be underway in just a year. But, as Georgia Clark reports, Papua New Guinea locals are considering a lawsuit, calling for greater transparency and fearing the project could cause irreversible damage to one of the world’s few pristine frontiers.

In the next hundred years, humankind is set to face ever more pressing environmental challenges. With climate change already taking hold, scientists say conservation is crucial. But economies with growing populations continue to depend o...


Australia Day Lamb Ads: Vastly Improved, But A Pig In Lipstick Is Still A Pig "IndyWatch Feed National"

Perpetual killjoy Chris Graham is not amused. Here he explains why you shouldn’t be either.

At the outset, I’ll concede that Meat and Livestock Australia has come a long way from the days of Sam Kekovich staring into a camera and lecturing a nation about how to be an ‘ocker’.

The latest Australia Day Lamb ad, released yesterday, has 10 times the production values, and much better gags. But it was coming off a very low base.

In my kinder moments, I think there’s a lot to like about the ad. But only when I think about it purely as a piece of marketing and comedy, and ignore what the issue is really all about.

As a piece of advertising and marketing, it’s clever and well produced. But as a comment on Australian society and values…. well, no matter how much lipstick you put on a pig, it’s still a pig.


In a nutshell, the most exceptional thing about the MLA ad is its determination to avoid the elephant in the room. All it really is is an aspirational statement about what our national values should be. Blokey BBQs, everyone being made to feel welcome, emb...


Loss of Great Barrier Reef will be part of major collapses of ocean ecosystems, "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

Death of the Great Barrier Reef: One scientist’s planetary tipping point, Independent Australia  12 January 2017 Nearly a quarter of the Great Barrier Reef is dead and there has been no discernible political response, writes Dr Geoff Davies.

THERE WAS no big revelation, just a train of thought. Nearly a quarter of the Great Barrier Reef is dead and there has been no discernible political response. Global temperature is rising off the chart, only glancingly noted in the torrent of chatter. The decades-long trend of ever-more perverse and destructive politics continues. Societies are fragmenting.

For perhaps two decades I have held to the thought that while ever there was a chance of avoiding a planetary tipping point I would continue explaining how we can avoid the worst. Through that time, the path to a healthy, stable world has become clearer and more obvious, demonstrated in a thousand practical, small-scale ways. All that time, the window of opportunity was closing. It is, in my judgement, barely open any more.

Few seem to understand that even if we ceased greenhouse gas emissions tomorrow the world would still warm for two or three decades more. That is about the time marine scientists give for the rest of the Great Barrier Reef to be killed off on present trends. I can’t see how the Reef can survive. Its loss, along with vast stretches of mangroves in our north, kelp forests in the west and rich continental shelf life across the south, will be see major collapses of ocean....


Humanity In Crisis, Part 3: The Food Controllers "IndyWatch Feed National"

Careful, don’t touch the food! by Dee McLachlan Many years ago I mentored a young couple making a film about child soldiers in Uganda. In one sequence they filmed a huge warehouse stacked high with sacks of US corn. At the time there were literally mountains of this subsidized GM (genetically modified) corn. The young […]


Victims of Falls Festival crush come forward "IndyWatch Feed National"

Lorne Falls Festival stampede victim 'Maddy' said she still doesn't have white in her eyes 'it's just blood' after she was trampled on. Photo: Triple J Hack

Lorne Falls Festival stampede victim ‘Maddy’ said she still doesn’t have white in her eyes ‘it’s just blood’ after she was trampled on. Photo: Triple J Hack

The law firm leading a class action law suit against Falls Festival organisers over the Lorne crowd stampede on December 30 claims many victims have responded to the call.

Maddens Lawyers from Warrnambool last week urged people affected by the incident to be part of the class action, and some victims came forward with graphic photos of their injuries caused by the crush.

The stampede happened as people moved between two stage areas where headline acts were playing or had finished.

At the recent Byron Falls festival held at Yelgun, organisers had improved the access to its main amphitheatre stage by making it one-way to avoid crushes at peak times.

Class action principal Brendan Pendergast said at least 40 people, many from south-western Victoria, had come forward and thus the law firm was likely to pursue the class action.

Mr Pendergast told the ABC that those who had been in contact had suffered broken bones or suffered psychological trauma.

In response, the festival’s organisers said they were still trying to contact everyone involved in the stampede.

Around 80 people were caught up in the crush and 19 people hospitalised as a result.

Mr Pendergast said it appeared from initial reports that the crush could have been avoided if the site was designed better.

WorkSafe Victoria is conducting an investigation into the incident that will look specifically at whether the festival broke rules and regulations around site design and safety procedures.

That probe is expected to be completed in around six months.

Co-producer of the festival, Jessica Ducrou, said after the incident that a ‘confluence of events’ led to the crush, and that patron safety was of paramount importance to organisers.


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23Years Old Young Woman Arrested For Attempting To Smuggle Cocaine To Prisoner (Pics) "IndyWatch Feed National"

A 23-year-old self-employed woman dealing in used ladies shoes from Berekum in the Berekum Municipality of the Brong Ahafo Region, Sakina Mustapha, is in the grips of the Police for attempting to smuggle a substance suspected to be cocaine to an inmate at the Sunyani Prisons.

According to the Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the Prisons, ASP. Johann Nii Narh Nartey, the suspect believed to be a member of a notorious drug syndicate terrorizing residents in the area, was arrested on Monday at the Sunyani Central Prison with the substance.

He explained that Sakina was apprehended at the Sunyani Prison Barracks after she paid a visit to a prisoner in custody, Taufik Mohammed, who is serving a ten (10) year jail term with hard labour for narcotic drug offences.

He added that the initial demeanour of both convict and visitor appeared normal at the initial stages of the visit, but the interaction aroused suspicion at the latter stage and so both of them were put under strict surveillance.

ASP Nartey continued that, Sakina was later seen hanging around at the barracks in anxiety after the visit, and was subsequently invited into the prison where a search was conducted on her, and Ninety nine (99) pieces of substances suspected to be cocaine wrapped in cigarette foil were found in her purse.

The Regional Police Public Relations Officer (PRO), Supt. Sampson Bandin, confirmed the arrest and stated that his outfit has commenced investigation into the matter, and the suspect will be put before court soon.


Acknowledgement "IndyWatch Feed National"

Indeed, the ‘janitorial ring’ of ‘traditional custodians of the land’ of which Flournoy complains in her article is part of the symbolic problem she later raises: the practice has become routine, rehearsed. I would say the practice has become strategically corrupted: pithy Acknowledgements, heartfelt and perfunctory alike, are equally capable of trying to dislodge Indigenous belonging when they suggest Indigenous relationship to land is ‘traditional’, managerial and ‘custodial’, or position our claim to sovereignty as ‘past-based’, ‘non-possessive’ and merely reparative.


Natural Gas and Land Ownership: Conflict in Papua New Guinea "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

The Papua New Guinea government has deployed over a hundred and fifty soldiers and police officers to Hela province, to respond to reports of tribal violence.

However, that same site is home to the nation’s new liquefied natural gas project – a project that has which has been disrupted recently by incursions and blockades from disgruntled landowners.

Australian National University PhD candidate Michael Main joined us to shed some light on this situation.

Produced by Tom Jordan

Image sourced from Wikimedia Commons. 


A TALE OF TWO REPORTS! "IndyWatch Feed National"

Starting with the bold exclamation quoted in the title of this post, Number 88 at Biased BBC has spotted an absolutely astonishing pair of contrasting reports about a special away-day session at the University of Oxford held by Parliament's Education Select Committee. 

He has in mind the respective accounts from the BBC and the Daily Telegraph, and I'd urge you to read both of them back-to-back.

Number 88 is not wrong when he writes:
MSM reporting of the proceedings is diametrically opposed and the differences in the account of the evidence given by this man, Professor Alistair Buchan, who is in charge of Oxford’s Brexit strategy, is quite startling. Were the reporters at the same meeting?

...Professor Buchan presents a positive take on Brexit to MPs, saying the Brexit will bring the best and the brightest to the UK and that the EU held back such people from the likes of Canada, Australia and the U.S. It might help to revive English-speaking medicine. 

According to the Telegraph's Harry Yorke, the academics at the session looked to a global view post-Brexit, though towards the end of the article he reports that the Oxford academics said that a 'hard Brexit' that ends freedom of movement could be damaging to the UK's role in the educational world.

In contrast, the BBC's version is wholly negative about Brexit...



Aust panned in global human rights report "IndyWatch Feed National"

The cover of the report shows men carrying babies making their way through the rubble of destroyed buildings after an airstrike in Syria’s northern city of Aleppo in September 2016. © 2016 Ameer Alhalbi/Agence France Presse/Getty Images

The cover of the report shows men carrying babies making their way through the rubble of destroyed buildings after an airstrike in Syria’s northern city of Aleppo in September 2016. © 2016 Ameer Alhalbi/Agence France Presse/Getty Images

Peter Mitchell


Australia’s reputation has been damaged by serious human rights issues including its ‘draconian’ asylum seeker policy, overly broad counterterrorism laws, failure to protect children in detention and limits to the rights of people with disabilities, according to a new global report released by Human Rights Watch.

The report also notes Indigenous adults are 13 times more likely to be imprisoned in Australia than non-indigenous counterparts and the nation still does not recognise the right of same-sex couples to marry.

Human Rights Watch reviewed more than 90 countries in its 687-page report and Australia’s asylum seeker policy drew most criticism for the nation.

‘Refugees and asylum seekers languish in limbo after years of detention, and new laws will subject children to easy-to-abuse control orders,’ Elaine Pearson, Australia director at Human Rights Watch, said.

‘If Australia wants to be a global human rights leader, then it should take immediate steps to end these unlawful policies.’

Human Rights Watch recommends Australia take responsibility for the refugees it placed in Papua New Guinea and Nauru and end the system of offshore asylum processing and detention.

The organisation also criticised Australia for a double-standard on human rights.

‘Australia raises human rights concerns in other countries, but does so very selectively,’ the report states.

‘It seldom raises human rights concerns publicly about countries it works closely with in interdicting asylum seekers and refugees or with which it has significant trade relations...


PNG blasted for police brutality "IndyWatch Feed National"

PNG police assault a man. Still from a video uploaded by

PNG police assault a man. Still from a video uploaded by

Lisa Martin

Canberra [AAP]

Papua New Guinea has been lashed over police brutality in the Human Rights Watch annual world report.

In June last year, police opened fire on protesting university students in the capital Port Moresby, wounding 23 people.

The students had been attempting to march to the national parliament to call for a no-confidence motion in Prime Minister Peter O’Neill, who is facing corruption allegations.

The report said police abuse continues in PNG with little accountability, even in cases involving fatalities.

Between 2007 and 2014, there had been 1600 complaints but it’s unclear if any cases had resulted in criminal convictions against police officers.

The report was also critical of the PNG government’s efforts to crack down on violence against women and children, and the dire lack of services for survivors.

PNG is one of the most dangerous places in the world to be female, with the majority experiencing rape or assault during their lifetimes.

The report noted instances of mob violence against individuals accused of sorcery and witchcraft.

In one case, a family of four was killed and in a separate incident, a woman’s hand was chopped off.

The Manus Island immigration detention centre also raised the ire of Human Rights Watch.

The centre has been slated for closure but no time frame has been set so far.

‘Closing the centre on Manus once and for all, and promptly resettling the refugees to Australia or suitable third countries needs to be a top priority for Australia and Papua New Guinea,’ spokeswoman Elaine Pearson said.

She said the refugees and asylum seekers had suffered enough and deserved an opportunity to live in safety and dignity.....


Seabed mining project advances, Papua New Guinea locals consider lawsuit "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

The deep seas are some of the most uncharted ecosystems in the world. Scientists say we know more about the surface of the moon than the deep seas. Yet the world’s first commercial deep sea mining operation for gold, copper and silver in the Bismarck Sea could be underway in just a year. But, as Georgia Clark reports, Papua New Guinea locals are considering a lawsuit, calling for greater transparency and fearing the project could cause irreversible damage to one of the world’s few pristine frontiers.

Download Audio 

In the next hundred years, humankind is set to face ever more pressing environmental challenges. With climate change already taking hold, scientists say conservation is crucial. But economies with growing populations continue to depend on finite resources, like fossil fuels and minerals, pushing exploration for deposits into new frontiers. And that quest for resources has come to an underwater biosphere off the coast of Papua New Guinea’s New Ireland Province.

“These deep sea hydrothermal vents are some of the most remarkable biological communities ever discovered and they were only very recently discovered in the 1970s,” says marine biologist, professor Richard Steiner, who has been studying the area and the life it sustains. “The rarity of this ecosystem is extraordinary, it could be the most rare ecosystem type in the biosphere of this planet.”

Canadian mining company, Nautilus Minerals, has been developing a plan to extract high-grade deposits of copper, gold, zinc and silver on the seabed near the mineral-rich underwater Hydrothermal Vent Systems. According to their Environmental Impact Statement, remote-controlled seafloor mining devices would collect ore that will be sent to the surface for processing. Known as the Solwara 1 project, the 25-acre underwater site is slated to become the world’s first commercial seabed mine.

But the project has been under fire, with critics arguing that the environmental risks are too high and, more recently, calling on Nautilus to be more transparent.

“For the past four years the deep sea mining campaign and also communities in Papua New Guinea have been calling on the government and Nautilus to release documents around this project,” explains Natalie Lowrey, media coordinator at the Deep Sea Mining campaign. “If they don’t there could be a situation where communities there look at a legal challenge.”

Some Papua New Guinea locals have raised concerns about the government’s 15 percent stake in the project.

“The PNG government is so corrupt that it’s very difficult to monitor and regulate projects li...


US names Indon network as terrorist group "IndyWatch Feed National"

Indonesian anti-terror police patrol the streets in Jakarta on Christmas Day 2016. Photo EPA/Adi Weda

Indonesian anti-terror police patrol the streets in Jakarta on Christmas Day 2016. Photo EPA/Adi Weda


The US has designated an Indonesian radical network behind an attack in Jakarta as a terrorist group and announced sanctions on four militants in an effort to disrupt Islamic State operations and recruitment in Australia and Southeast Asia.

The announcements by the Department of State and Treasury Department come after police in Australia and Indonesia foiled IS-inspired attacks planned for the holiday season in those countries.

The State Department said it has designated the IS-affiliated Jamaah Ansharut Daulah as a terrorist group, which in practice prohibits US citizens being involved with it and enables the freezing of any property in the US.

JAD militants are believed responsible for a January 2016 attack in Jakarta that killed eight people including the attackers.

Treasury announced sanctions against two Australians, both previously believed killed in the Middle East, and two Indonesians, one of whom is in prison in Indonesia.

The statements did not say whether the four had any assets within US jurisdiction. However, the steps show continued US commitment to anti-terror efforts in Australia and Indonesia.

The US and Australia were instrumental in upgrading Indonesia’s counter-terrorism capabilities following the 2002 bombings on the tourist island of Bali that killed 202 people, mostly foreigners.

The sanctioned Australians are Neil Christopher Prakash, also known as Khaled Al-Cambodi, who was the senior Australian recruiter for IS, and Khaled Sharrouf, an IS fighter in Syria and Iraq since 2014 who carried out executions for IS.

The Indonesians are Bahrum Syah, who sent funds to militants in Indonesia from Syria, and his mentor Aman Abdurrahman, who from prison has recruited militants to the IS cause, authorised attacks and was IS’s main translato...


Hottest NSW town to reach 47C "IndyWatch Feed National"

One of the inhabitants better suited to the heat, a frill-necked lizard at White Cliffs, NSW. Photo Gordon Chirgwin

One of the inhabitants better suited to the heat, a frill-necked lizard at White Cliffs, NSW. Photo Gordon Chirgwin

Sydney [AAP]

Temperatures up to 47C are forecast in northwest NSW and many parts of the state will swelter with the mercury predicted to rise above 40C on Friday.

The tiny outback town of White Cliffs is likely to be the hottest place in the state at an expected 47C, while Bourke is due for a scorching 46C, Dubbo 43C and western Sydney 42C.

The record for consecutive days above 40C could be broken at Bourke, which in 1892 was set at 22 days.

Meanwhile, it will be much cooler in Sydney city with a forecast maximum of 33C and conditions should ease for the southern half of the state during the weekend, a Bureau of Meteorology forecaster told AAP.

But the heat is set to come back early next week with many areas likely to again experience temperatures in the low to mid 40s.

‘It’s not over yet,’ the BOM forecaster warned.

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Japanese PM to visit Australia "IndyWatch Feed National"

Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe reviews the troops during a welcoming ceremony in Manila, Philippines, on Thursday. AP Photo/Bullit Marquez

Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe reviews the troops during a welcoming ceremony in Manila, Philippines, on Thursday. AP Photo/Bullit Marquez

Sydney [AAP]

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is due to land in Sydney on Friday as he begins a busy weekend visit to Australia.

Mr Abe and his wife Akie, who are on a six day diplomatic tour which takes in the Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam, will be accompanied by a delegation of Japanese business leaders from banks, resources firms and education institutions.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull will host a bilateral meeting on Saturday, during which it is expected they will discuss the implications of a Donald Trump US presidency on the Asia-Pacific and the controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal, the nuclear threat from North Korea and South China Sea tensions.

The two countries are expected to sign a revised acquisition and cross-servicing deal, under which the Australian defence force will be able to supply ammunition to the Japanese military for the first time.

Mr Abe last visited Australia in July 2014 and this trip comes after Japan lost out out to a French ship builder for the contract to construct Australia’s new fleet of submarines.

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Qld told to check for wee problem in heat "IndyWatch Feed National"

Photo Lindspetrol

Photo Lindspetrol

Melissa Grant


Queenslanders are being urged to be on the lookout for a ‘wee problem’ as a heatwave continues to sweep the state’s south.

Acting health minister Stirling Hinchliffe says people should be regularly checking the colour of their urine to ensure they stay hydrated.

Mr Hinchliffe delivered the golden advice on Thursday, when the mercury soared to 35.6C in Brisbane and past 40C in many towns in the state’s southwest.

‘I don’t want to be squeamish about this but you need to monitor your own urine,’ he told reporters.

‘If you are feeling that your urine is dark, you should make sure that you increase your fluid intake – that’s the best way of making sure you keep yourself safe.’

Mr Hinchliffe said he had been briefed about the importance of urine monitoring by the state’s chief health officer.

Opposition transport spokesman Scott Emerson agreed people needed to watch their fluid intake when asked whether his counterpart, Mr Hinchliffe, had delivered a bladder blunder.

‘People should do everything to make sure they do get enough fluids, [that] they stay out of the heat,’ Mr Emerson said.

Paramedics responded to 18 heat-related incidents across the state’s southeast on Thursday, including 11 where people were hospitalised.

The temperature hit 35.6C in Brisbane just after 1.30pm, six degrees above the average daily maximum for this time of year.

Ipswich sweltered with a top of 37.2C, while the mercury topped 40C in many towns in the state’s southwest.

The hottest town was Ballera where the temperature reached 45.4C.

BoM meteorologist Andrew Bufalino said residents across the state’s sout...


Human Rights Watch Country report Indonesia "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Human Rights Watch World Report 2017

World Report 2017 summarizes key human rights issues in more than 90 countries and territories worldwide. It reflects investigative work that Human Rights Watch staff undertook in 2016, usually in close partnership with human rights activists in the country in focus.

In his introductory essay, Executive Director Kenneth Roth writes that a new generation of authoritarian populists seeks to overturn the concept of human rights protections, treating rights not as an essential check on official power but as an impediment to the majority will.

wr2017_cover_a.jpg?itok=Y08jhqZc World Report 2017 – Human Rights Trends Around the Globe
World Report 2017 summarizes key human rights issues in more than 90 countries and territories worldwide. It reflects investigative work that Human Rights Watch staff undertook in 2016, usually in close partnership with human rights activists in the country in focus. In his introductory essay, Executive Director Kenneth Roth writes that a new generation of authoritarian populists seeks to overturn the concept of human rights protections, treating rights not as an essential check on official power but as an impediment to the majority will.


1) Human Rights Watch Country report Indonesia

Indonesia Events of 2016

President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo’s rhetorical support for human rights has yet to translate into meaningful policy initiatives to address the country’s serious rights problems. In 2016, Jokowi notably failed to speak out against or otherwise address discriminatory statements and policies issued by senior government and military officials that have fueled violations of the rights of religious minorities and the country’s...


‘Walk to Equality’ is a confidence boost for PNG women writers "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"


THIS week My Walk to Equality, the first ever collection of women’s writing by Papua New Guinean authors was made available to the public through Amazon Books prior to its dual launch in Port Moresby and Brisbane on International Women's Day in March. Leiao Gerega of the PNG Post-Courier newspaper spoke with the book’s editor, Rashmii Amoah Bell….

Leiao - As the woman behind this remarkable project, please can you tell us a little about yourself, your journey with writing, the challenges you face and your current profession.

Rashmii - My name is Rashmii Bell and I am from Sio in the Tewaii-Siassi local level government area in Morobe Province.

Reading has always been a part of my life so it feels like a natural progression to move into writing. I grew up surrounded by books in my family home and I have been able to access community libraries in Australia.

My professional background is in criminology and mental health working predominantly with boys and men in secure-care settings like prisons and youth detention centres.

I exited the full time workforce in 2008 to become the full-time carer of my three young children and, since 2014, I’ve focused on developing my writing technique under the mentoring of Keith Jackson and PNG Attitude’s community.

My writing published on PNG Attitude is predominantly opinion, commentary and essay with a focus on socio-economic and gender equality issues in contemporary PNG society.

PNG Attitude is the only space that I’ve found where individuals, particularly PNG women, can engage in respectful debate, discussion and sharing of creative writing about issues within PNG and its relations with countries such as Australia, New Zealand and in the Asian region.

When did the project begin and how did PNG women res...


1) Human Rights Watch Country report Indonesia "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

  • 2) Korean company bans forest clearing for Indonesian palm oil concessions
  • 3) Indonesia says Freeport, other miners halt exports
  • ———————————————————————————-

Human Rights Watch World Report 2017
World Report 2017 summarizes key human rights issues in more than 90 countries and territories worldwide. It reflects investigative work that Human Rights Watch staff undertook in 2016, usually in close partnership with human rights activists in the country in focus.
In his introductory essay, Executive Director Kenneth Roth writes that a new generation of authoritarian populists seeks to overturn the concept of human rights protections, treating rights not as an essential check on official power but as an impediment to the majority will.


A chance judicial encounter in remote Papua New Guinea "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Julie L KesslerJULIE L KESSLER | Asia Times

PAPUA New Guinea’s remote Hela province, in the north-central part of the country’s southern highlands, is home to the indigenous Huli tribal clan of hunter-gatherers.

It’s also the only place in the world where you will find the King of Saxony bird of paradise, and a plethora of other winged wonders. It is a region steeped in history, mystery, myth, and diversity.

Between them, Papua New Guinea’s seven million people speak more than 800 indigenous languages. Some 80% live in rural areas where modern services have never existed and more than a third of the population is illiterate.

On a recent excursion, my travel partner and I were the only guests at a small lodge atop a hill near the isolated Tari Gap. Our hosts had both running water and electricity – luxuries after several days spent on the Karawari River, a tributary of the mighty Sepik.

As we were seated for dinner, a dozen enormous men suddenly entered the dining room. Were it not for their black camouflage fatigues, knit hats and AK-47s, one might have pegged them for a Melanesian rugby team. That we were practically in the middle of nowhere made the scene even more surreal.

We sat on silently as they reconnoitred the dining room, guns cocked. Finally satisfied with their scan, they quietly departed and, as I took stock of my cardiac health, a short, dapper, bespectacled Papuan walked in, sat down and ordered wine.

“I believe that independence came too fast for PNG, and our biggest challenge is to get people ready for the future”

And so my meeting with the Honourable Ambeng Kandakasi, a justice of the PNG Supreme Court who was in Tari for a few days to conduct a land-dispute mediation, came to pass entirely by chance.

Why all the heavy-duty security? For starters, the Australian government’s travel guidelines for PNG a...


Missing 6yo girl & her father sail into Australia after month at sea "IndyWatch Feed National"

A man and his six-year-old daughter have sailed into a coastal town in New South Wales Australia - a month after an international search began to locate the pair, who were reported missing in New Zealand. Alan Langdon, currently involved in a custody dispute with the mother of his daughter, Que, said he didn't expect the "mass hysteria" over their disappearance. He set sail with the child on his 6.4-meter (21ft) catamaran from Kawhia Harbour on New Zealand's North Island on December 17. Que's mother reportedly hired a child-recovery service in an attempt to locate the pair. This was said to be the second time she hired the professionals to locate the duo.


More unit of Police Mobile Brigade corps sent to Papua "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

More unit of Police Mobile Brigade corps sent to Papua

Kamis, 12 Januari 2017 11:05 WIB | 318 Views

Pontianak, W Kalimantan (ANTARA News) – Police have sent more unit of its mobile brigade to Papua to maintain security in the countrys easternmost province of Papua.

"On Wednesday night I just saw off 101 members of the Mobile Brigade Corps to Papua where they would be on duty under the Papua regional police," Head of the West Kalimantan Police Insp.Gen. Musyafak said here.

The new unit under Adj. Sr.Com. Raymond M Masengi will be on duty in Papua for four months to replace a unit sent there previously.

The ceremony took place at the parking area of the Supadio airport of Pontianak from there they flew directly to Papua on board a Lion Air aircraft.

Musyafak told the members of the police special force to cooperate with local police members and the military in carrying out their duty in Papua.

Earlier this month, another unit of 120 members of the police mobile brigade corps already arrived in Papua from West Java.

The members of the special police force from the West Java police were to be stationed at the posts of Sinak, Ilu and Ilaga in mountainous district of Puncak Jaya.

Upon arrival here from Java, Papua police chief Insp.Gen. Paulus told them to seek communications with local people as well as other police members and other members of security force.

He warned them not to leave their post alone when they were on patrol, saying the areas around their posts are known to be often infiltrated by separatists.

After being briefed by the police general, the members of the unit were flown to Wamena and from there they were split into smaller units to be stationed at different posts .

Papua has remained a hot spot in the country with separatist rebels hiding in the mountain jungles launching sporadic attacks on the government police or military posts.(*)


The Two Hampstead Children and Their Pending Abductions… "IndyWatch Feed National"

So what’s next for the two Uk children of Hampstead? Somethings tells me they just might be abducted so that Hoaxtead’s shills can be blamed- as if Sabine or Angela Power-Disney or any of the other idiots thay speak about are ANY kind of leaders for survivors. Why do I say this? Because the comments on Hoaxtead are ALREADY LEADING UP TO THIS…


What awaits Syria at the Astana peace talks? "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Russian-Iranian-Turkish Tripartite is preparing to mediate a new round of intra-Syrian talks in Astana sometime soon, and President Assad just announced that he is ready to negotiate on "everything" provided that the process follows the legal mechanisms laid out in the Syrian Constitution. Australian professor and prominent Syrian activist Tim Anderson is correct when he wrote in his latest article for the Centre for Research on Globalization that "wars are always concluded with political settlements", and that's certainly going to be the case with the War of Terror on Syria. The game-changing Tripartite partnership between Russia, Iran, and Turkey - originally forecasted by the author over six months ago in a series of articles listed at this link - is taking the lead in resolving this conflict by organizing the upcoming intra-Syrian talks in Astana, which importantly exclude the participation of the US. President Assad told French media in an exclusive interview that he's willing to negotiate on "everything", but that the process must be in line with the legal mandates set out in the Syrian Constitution. If any sort of compromise is reached which leads to an outcome separate from that which is allowed under existing Syrian law, then the constitution must be changed in order to accommodate this, and the Syrian people must formally agree to any amendments by means of a referendum. This is an important checks-and-balance system which ensures that the results of the peace process will be democratic and represent the will of the Syrian people.


Hua ta be ta (month by month) "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"


When will the act of gathering oneself from the debris of yesterday happen? Listen to the voice that is calling out to you from the sea, the wind, the river, the garden…  can you hear your home? The most likely place I think of as an idea to find comfort in the uncertainties in life. If you can relate, I convey 2017 Lagani with a beautiful smile. A voice from the Lakwaharuan Calendar - VSJ

Listen! My people from all clans
In the abundance of noise
You have not a choice
But to acquaint with this plans

Tell your heads I am here
My name is Biriakei
I have come with Laurabada
Sent by Hitolo, our foe in terror

Tell your hearts I am here
It is I, Biriabada who brings songs of love
I have been summoned by Ori on a dove
To find Lalokau, a gift to share

Tell your souls I am here
Son of Lagani the third, Guiraura
Dressing the sea with Lahara
And Dinagu with fish inside Marogerea

Tell your hands I am here
I am Goha, the slave of Goada
I have come for you to toil the Uma
And make a fireplace for our care

Tell your minds I am here


Australia Day Lamb Video has jumped the shark. "IndyWatch Feed National"

For the first time in 10 years I'm not running the lamb video. It's just boring. If you want to see it in all its forced cliche try-hardness you'll find it here. Interesting that comments are disabled. Meanwhile Henry Winkler nails it.


Black Kite at Murarrie (suburb 10klm east Brisbane CBD) reported by Andy Eacott on 12-01-2017 "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

A single bird soared briefly before heading toward the city at 9:45 am. Deeply forked tail was obvious.


Serious dog attacks jump 85% in a year for Wollongong, Australia "IndyWatch Feed National"

The number of dog attacks in Wollongong has continued to drop in recent years, but according to the latest figures, serious attacks on people - where injuries needed medical treatment or hospitalisation - have gone up 85 per cent in one year. Despite a small drop in the total number of attacks - from 229 to 225 attacks - only two council areas in NSW had more dog attacks than Wollongong. Additionally, the latest statistics from the NSW Office of Local Government show more than 150 residents in the area were injured by dogs in the year to March 2016. Fifty-two of these injuries were classed as serious, compared to only 28 classed as serious in the previous year. Only Newcastle and Gosford council recorded more attacks overall, meaning Wollongong jumped to third worst in the state after being ranked fourth in previous years.


Ten things you need to know about TiSA "IndyWatch Feed National"

While global attention has been focused on other trade deals, such as the failed TPP, governments and corporations have been working hard to push through the Trade in Services Agreement†(TiSA).

Negotiations have been shrouded in secrecy but leaked documents show that global services corporations and some governments are using the deal to push a deregulation and privatisation agenda.

A deal could be reached as soon as early 2017. Here’s what you need to know.

1. It's massive, but excludes most low income countries

All 28 EU member states, as well as the United States, Australia and 20 other mostly high income countries* are involved in TiSA negotiations, meaning the deal will cover around 70 per cent of global trade in services.

Emerging economies like Brazil, India, China, Russia, and over 100 developing country WTO members are not included in making the rules, but would be pressured to join later.

2. Negotiations are secret

TiSA negotiations are held behind closed doors, with very little public consultation and no public access to negotiating texts. But ‘corporate advisors’ representing global services companies have access to negotiators to push their deregulation and privatisation agendas.

3. Almost all services will be affected

TiSA could set rules affecting almost all service provision including education, healthcare, transport, water, telecommunications, postal services, aged care, child care, energy, retail and banking services. These are services which many of us use each day. It’s claimed that “public services†are not included in the negotiations but the TiSA definition of what constitutes a public service is very ambiguous.

4. De-regulation is the aim

Instead of reducing tariffs on goods, TiSA aims to reduce government regulation on services, by freezing regulation at current levels and reducing it over time. This suits global services corporations but not peoples’ needs.

Many services require re...

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Thursday, 12 January


Moderators who had to view child abuse content sue Microsoft, claiming PTSD "IndyWatch Feed National"



in San Francisco

Microsoft workers on the “online safety team” were forced to view photos and videos of “indescribable sexual assaults”, “horrible brutality”, murder and child abuse, resulting in severe post-traumatic stress disorder, according to a lawsuit.

Read More


What Palestine Ltd tells us about disaster capitalism in Palestine/Israel "IndyWatch Feed National"

My following review appears in the US publication Mondoweiss:

Palestine Ltd: Neoliberalism and Nationalism in the Occupied Territory (I.B. Taurus), by Toufic Haddad

The Israeli media barely covers Palestine. Although many local, corporate outlets have “Arab affairs” correspondents, a faintly colonial position that reeks of paternalism, 99.9 percent of Jewish journalists live in Israel proper (or the occupied, Palestinian territories) and barely spend any serious time in Palestine (except when serving in the IDF). The lack of Palestinian perspectives is striking considering the geographic closeness of the two peoples.

With notable exceptions such as Haaretz journalists Amira Hass and Gideon Levy who live in the West Bank or constantly visit it, as well as 972 Magazine, the inevitable outcome is that most Israelis view Palestinians through a security framework. The media reinforces this inherent bias. Palestinians are seen as a foreign threat to be feared or loathed, unless proven otherwise. It’s therefore unsurprising that contact between Israeli Jews and Palestinians is increasingly rare unless occurring at a military checkpoint or Israeli-run, industrial park in the West Bank.

These issues go beyond the Israeli press. I’ve long believed that the more international journalists who live in a city or country the worse the reporting will be. This may be a strange conclusion and counter-factual. Surely the more eyes and ears in one place will improve coverage? In fact, the opposite happens because a herd mentality quickly develops and few journalists, despite convincing themselves otherwise, want to stand out. Think of London, Washington, Canberra and Jerusalem and the lack of distinctive voices emanating from these locations. Too many reporters live and breathe the same air, speak to the same sources, dine in the same places and socialise with the same people. I’m not immune, being a journalist myself, but I’ve spent my professional life rejecting the comforting embrace of stenography reporti...


Shares secured for PNG LNG Landowners "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Four beneficiary groups in the PNG LNG project, including the Western Provincial government have finally secured the Kroton Equity option enable them to have shares in the project.

According to the Managing Director of Kumul Petroleum Holdings (KPHL) Mr. Wapu Sonk, the Kroton Equity option is one of the benefits agreed upon in the Umbrella Benefit Sharing Agreement (UBSA) signed in Kokopo, East New Britain province back in 2009 and today has seen it being accomplished with the landowners signing the agreement.
The Beneficiary Groups, who have exercised their Options today, have written in before the expiry of the Option date of 31st December 2016 to show their intent to exercise the Option using KPHL’s Vendor Finance.

The signing of the Unit Application Form will see them now exercise their Kroton Equity Option (Options) using KPHL’s Vendor Finance.
KPHL Managing Director Wapu Sonk while commending the Beneficiary Group’s positive step said, “KPHL’s role is to implement the agreement that was reached in the terms expressed in the UBSA and, provide additional benefits for the Landowners and relevant Provincial Governments if they elect to invest in Kroton.”

“KPHL does not want to see any Beneficiary Group to lose out on their right to acquire their interest in Kroton so the NEC endorsed KPHL to offer a safety net finance package to make sure that any Beneficiary Group who wanted to participate in an additional interest in the PNG LNG Project through a shareholding in Kroton would be able to exercise their option,” Mr Sonk added.
He assured that the Board and Management of KPHL are committed to ensure that all Landowners and Provincial Governments entitled to the benefits of the Kroton Option are able to make their decision on whether or not to exercise their Option – which is a commercial arrangement entered into between the State and the Landowners – and to ensure that once exercised they receive their entitlements under the UBSA.



No Planes Over Antarctica and Admiral.Byrd Mason Working for Rockefeller "IndyWatch Feed National"

22. Another Brick in the Wall (Part 2/2)

SEPTEMBER 20, 2016

This page contains the second half of the post that was started in Another Brick in the Wall (Part 1/2), and it is thus strongly recommended that you read Part 1 before continuing here.

We ended Part 1 by discussing the circumnavigation of albatross, and we’re going to continue on the theme of air travel by taking a look at airline flights in the Southern hemisphere.

Air Travel in the Southern Hemisphere

South America to Australia

Do you want to join me on a flight from Santiago, Chile to Sydney, Australia?

There’s just one catch, our journey will have to go via North America…

Why is that then?

… Surely it should be quicker to fly straight there, over the Antarctic region…

Well, the reason why we have to fly via North America is because all flights between Sydney and Santiago go via North America, as you can see below…

Read More:


Of skinks and snails and purple hen tales "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

Among some odd sightings lately, Purple Swamp-hen drinking at roadside pool a few metres from the local beachfront. Only one of the species I've seen since moving to Townsville from Ingham (where the birds - Cane Coots - win few friends by dining on young sugar cane shoots).

From the middle of severely burnt blady grass patch, snail survivor. So what? So, this is the first live snail I've found for years. It was struggling for purchase in a sea of ash. And it had survived dozens of Black Kites, Kookaburras and Lapwings. Imagine how gently I picked it up, gave it a wee wash, let it goob over my hat, and set it down safely in a patch of unburnt grass. 

Nothing odd about a Spangled Drongo, this one from from the Sustainability Centre walkway next to my new abode. But certainly something odd about 16 of them almost on top of each other in the Town Common yesterday and again early today. One or two appeared to be youngsters begging to be fed. The local birds usually get about in threes. I can't resist it: maybe it was just a local branch meeting.


Looking for gym suggestions "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

Hi all, as the title says I'm looking for a good gym up here to join as I'm new to Townsville. I live in North Ward so this side of town would work best, and anyone looking for a gym partner hit me up!

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Spectacular rare 'morning glory' roll cloud photographed over Australia "IndyWatch Feed National"

ONE of the world's most spectacular cloud formations has amazed hundreds of passengers on an Australian jet. Virgin Australia tweeted an image of almost perfectly straight, serried rows of white clouds laid out below a plane flying across the Great Australian Bight. "Flying above the clouds has never looked this good!" read the tweet. "These incredible cloud formations were seen on board VA714 from Perth to Adelaide. The mysterious white fluffy rows are examples of wave clouds, the most famous of which — the Morning Glory — is found only in Northern Australia. While these invisible waves in the sky occur elsewhere, it's the cloud accompanying it which is so rare. Their distinctive fat sausage shape is due to water vapour rising to form the cloud then evaporating back again to the ground. "Wave clouds can form anywhere on the continent but they are only called the Morning Glory when they form across the Gulf of Carpentaria, Neil Bennett, a Western Australian spokesman for the Bureau of Meteorology told


How many federal electorates have you visited? "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

When I travel outside my home state I like to pay attention to which federal electorates I'm in at the time.  A few months back I thought it might be fun to try to work out how many federal divisions I had actually visited.  Because I live in Tasmania and do not drive, my score is not as high as it might otherwise be - indeed for a nine-year period covering most of the 1990s I didn't leave Tasmania at all.

For this task I set a couple of ground rules.

Firstly I imposed an age limit - anywhere I went before I turned fifteen doesn't count.  15 is the age from which my travel decisions were generally independent.  Before age ten I travelled around Brisbane and up and down the eastern seaboard with my family a lot, which would add many electorates to this list, but there's no hope of me remembering everywhere I went.  

Secondly, I exclude any electorate I was just passing through (or over) for travel purposes between points outside that electorate and without staying overnight in the process.  Last year I spent three hours in Moscow airport because flying from Baku to Dubai via Moscow was much cheaper than flying there direct and didn't get me home any later, but that doesn't really count as having "been to Russia".  

Applying this second standard gets slipperier than a minister's travel entitlements but the rule I've applied here is to count any marginal cases.  Some people might deliberately drive from A to C through B with the partial aim of enjoying the scenery in B along the drive, and in that case B could be counted.  In my case the view is never much of my reason for going a certain way, so I don't count those examples. (In total there are at least 21 electorates I have passed through for purely travel purposes, which I didn't count.)

On this basis, I count 57 electorates I have visited since age 15.  (If I think of any I have missed I will edit them in):

ACT (2/2): Canberra, Fenner

NSW (19/47): Bennelong, Berowra, Calare, Cook, Grayndler, Hughes, Hume, Kingsford-Smith, Macquarie, Mitchell, New England, North Sydney,  Richmond, Riverina, Page, Sydney, Warringah, Wentworth, Whitlam

NT (0/2): (I will go there someday!)

Qld (7/30): Brisbane, Fairfax, Fisher, Griffith, Kennedy, Leichhardt, McPherson

SA (3/11): Adelaide, Mayo, Sturt



More unit of Police Mobile Brigade corps sent to Papua "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

More unit of Police Mobile Brigade corps sent to Papua

Kamis, 12 Januari 2017 11:05 WIB | 318 Views
Pontianak, W Kalimantan (ANTARA News) - Police have sent more unit of its mobile brigade to Papua to maintain security in the countrys easternmost province of Papua. 

"On Wednesday night I just saw off 101 members of the Mobile Brigade Corps to Papua where they would be on duty under the Papua regional police," Head of the West Kalimantan Police Insp.Gen. Musyafak said here.

The new unit under Adj. Sr.Com. Raymond M Masengi will be on duty in Papua for four months to replace a unit sent there previously. 

The ceremony took place at the parking area of the Supadio airport of Pontianak from there they flew directly to Papua on board a Lion Air aircraft. 

Musyafak told the members of the police special force to cooperate with local police members and the m...


How To Change The World, One Person At A Time "IndyWatch Feed National"

This article is original copyrighted material belonging to Global Freedom Movement. It may be re-posted in full with proper (clickable) attribution, with all hyperlinks, author bio, and this copyright statement intact.

how to change the world global freedom movement aimee devlin

Find someone passionate about a recent conscious change they’ve made in their life, and I guarantee you they feel great about creating massive change in the world. They also might want to tell you all about it.

Granted, you may not be interested and your first instinct might be to fake an important appointment you must attend immediately, but this is likely because they’ll also swear that the change they’ve made is the most important thing YOU can do to make everything better in your life too.

I’m sure you’ve come across this situation more than once.

Whether it’s the newly-turned vegan, the plastic-slaying environmentalist, or the Ayahuasca-drinking shamanesse – they have one thing in common. They’re right.

Making a change in our own life is the only way we can change the world. Lead by example. The ripple effect. The butterfly effect. It’s been said so many times in so many ways it’s now a vomit-worthy cliché, but it’s true. No matter how defiantly you ignore that fact, it remains there to haunt you. Worse still, you ignore it, and you commit the sin of wilful ignorance. Which is certainly a behaviour the world does not need more of.

What’s right about these above examples is not that you need become a plastic-slaying, Ayahuasca-drinking vegan; but that you (and the world) will benefit greatly from you making conscious decisions daily. That is, if you start thinking about and feeling into wh...


National Welfare Rights Network changes its name "IndyWatch Feed National"

12th January 2017

The National Welfare Rights Network has changed its name to the National Social Security Rights Network.  We will update the website as s



Sopu Community School in Tapini LLG’s Ward 3 is the only school operating. Kileipi Community School is closed.

Sopu Community School has been closed since 1995. That’s close to 20 odd years of closure.
Kids who were born in 1995 today are adults bearing kids.

Do they have some form of education? NO.
Are they literate? NO.
Is it there fault that they are illiterate? NO.

With the kind gesture of local volunteer teachers, Sopu Community School has been operating since 2014. This year 2017 is their 4th year running.

Sopu Community School today received their desks dropped off by Manolos Aviation chopper.

Sopu Desks at Manolos Base - LaeSopu Desks at Manolos Base – Lae

Goilala District Authority has approved funding for school desks to be produced in Lae and utilising the forward loading option available with Manolos Aviation these desks are distributed across selected schools throughout the District.




Telikom Technician Lyndon E. Gregory today boarded a Manolos Aviation chopper from Lae to be dropped off at Omu mission station to get the V-SAT installation underway.
Map - Omu.JPG
Manolos will then drop off desks at Sopu (see separate story) then pick up Michael Atuai who is doing potato farming at Tanipai/Kosipe.

Michael Atuai will be dropped off at Kambisea to continue inspecting the progress of potato farms at Kambisea and Ononge and Chopper will head to piCk up rest of Telikom team and will drop off at Omu.


Australian material in Project Blue Book files "IndyWatch Feed National"

Hi all,

Readers will have noticed that I have been busy going through digitised issues of the Flying Saucer Review; NICAP's the UFO Investigator; the MUFON Journal, and the APRO Bulletin, in order to document Australian material in these overseas periodicals. Having Excel spreadsheet indexes of this material, makes it so much easier, when I am answering email from people, asking me about Australian sightings.

My latest small project was examining online resources, which contain files relating to the former USAF Project Blue Book, and checking these for Australian material. In all, I found 20 Australian sightings in these Blue Book files.

The best reference source I found, was Fold3. However, simply typing in such keywords as 'Australia;' Tasmania (as many Americans refer to Tasmania as if it were a separate country to Australia, whereas it is one Australian state); New Guinea etc., may not have revealed the full extent of Australian material. There may be additional sightings listed in other ways. I also found that you need to look at each page listed, as, for example, there were three reports for Melbourne, Victoria, dated 1 January, 14 January and 15 January 1954, all contained in the file dated 1 January 1954, Melbourne.  In addition, I found pages about non Australian sightings, attached as part of an Australian sighting file.

All in all, I found a total of 104 pages for the 20 sightings. Many of these sightings had Project Blue Book evaluations, e.g. Condamine, Queensland, dated 2 February 1951 was said to be a meteor; while the 20 August 1963 Turner River Station, Western Australia was listed as a satellite observation.

One example will illustrate the path these sightings took. On 12 June 1961 there was an observation by two residents of the Azerita Plantation, Papua New Guinea, at 0400hrs local time. Over a fifteen minute period the observers saw a shiny object w...


How The Other Half Lives: Welfare Torts Vs Travel Rorts "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Turnbull government is in chaos, and we’re not even halfway through January, writes Ben Eltham.

Human Services Minister Alan Tudge finally returned from his summer holidays this week.

While he was away, the Department he oversees was melting down. Centrelink was sending out tens of thousands of threatening letters to innocent Australians, falsely accusing them of welfare fraud.

As we detailed last week, it was a fiasco entirely of the government’s own making. The “robo-debt” letters were generated despite obvious and glaring failures to match up elementary information. Centrelink and the Department knew that the robo-debt system was fatally flawed. They went ahead anyway.

So what did Minister Tudge do when returning to the smoking ruins of his portfolio? Nothing. Nothing at all.

Human Services Minister Alan Tudge, on ABC's Lateline program.Human Services Minister Alan Tudge, on ABC’s Lateline program.

Tudge finally fronted the media on Wednesday morning, talking to the ABC’s Hamish Macdonald. Macdonald asked him whether the government would scrap the robo-dobt algorithm.

“No we won’t be,” Tudge replied.

There’s an important principle here, Hamish, that we’re trying to implement and that is to ensure that there is great integrity in the welfare system because after all the welfare system constitutes a third of the budget.

We want to make sure that people get the welfare entitlements that they’re entitled to and no more and no less. Consequently we do have a robust compliance system in place and in the last six months alone, we’ve recovered over $300 million to the taxpayer through that process. So the system is working and we will continue with that system.

It’s a measure of how out of touch this government is that Tudge thinks the “system is working.” Centrelink has sent out more than 232,000 robo-debt letters since July 2016. Many of those letters, perhaps a majority, are wrong.

Centrelink itself is in melt-down; staff are taking industrial action; there are massive queues at offices;...


Why reward illegals with $10K starter packs when a veteran pays $7,000 visa fee for his wife "IndyWatch Feed National"

I'll let you know how Ralph and Ruby's Visa application is progressing through the normal channels. I don't think it's fair that a man who volunteered for active service, who is now a TPI war veteran, who wrote out a cheque up to the value of his life made payable...


Sydney: Anti-WestConnex protesters clash with police "IndyWatch Feed National"

A man on the ground with police holding his hands.

11 Jan – Protesters have clashed with police in Sydney Park, in the city’s inner-west, as workers begin lopping trees to make way for the construction of the WestConnex interchange.

Some protesters are climbing trees in a bid to disrupt the work at St Peters and several have been forcibly removed by police.

The protesters, who have set up a camp four months ago in Sydney Park, are angry at what they estimate will be the removal of more than 800 trees to make way for the interchange.

Among the protesters was Jennifer Killen who has lived in St Peters for more than 30 years.

“I’ve lived here since before this park was built and it’s made an enormous difference to local people,” she said.

“It’s very distressing to see it destroyed like this.”

Roads Minister Duncan Gay said the trees in Sydney Park were not actually in Sydney Park park at all.

“Those trees are on a road reserve,” he said.

“A reserve dedicated in the 1950s for the widening of Euston Road.”

The extent of the tree removal was revealed for the first time in a report released by WestConnex on Friday afternoon.

The assessment earmarked 827 trees for removal.

But the WestConnex Action Group says a further 200 trees are “at risk from the project unless there are redesigned or careful protection measures taken”.

Action Group Spokeswoman Reah Liebmann said she was not reassured by a Government promise that more trees will be planted to replace those being lopped.

“It’ll take decades to re-establish the canopy that’s there now and all of the undergrowth which will allow animals and wildlife and birds to come back,” she said.

Protester Chris Nash said today’s action was not just about the loss of the trees.

“The reason they’ve [the trees] been scheduled for destruction is they want to put seven lanes along two sides of the park and that’s going to pump an extra 60,000 vehicles a day into these suburbs,” he said.

The Minister questioned the motives of some of the protesters.

“We don’t listen to people that are just against things for the sake of being against it,” Mr Gay said.

“Where people have genuine concerns an...


Wulagi: Seven teens in custody after Primary School vandalised "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Wulagi Primary School in Darwin

11 Jan – Seven teenagers are in police custody after allegedly breaking into Wulagi Primary School in an attack that saw computers damaged, shelves overturned and fire extinguishers let off.

Most of the destruction was in a shared library and technology hub.

Sensors in the library were activated about 11:30pm, which notified a security officer who called police after he went to the school and could hear the group inside.

Police used specialist units and dogs to catch the alleged vandals.

“We sent all of our available units who cordoned off the school with dogs and eventually we located and arrested the seven youths,” Duty Superintendent Rob Burgoyne said.

It is understood six of the seven children arrested have collectively had more than 300 involvements with police in the past.

Teachers and staff from the Northern Territory Education Department were on site today to assess the damage and assured the school community that they would make sure the area was ready before school returned on January 30.

“It’s an absolute disappointment for the students and staff who work hard in this school community,” chief executive of the NT Education Department Vicki Baylis said.

She said it would be frustrating for staff to again have to prepare the school for the start of the academic year.

“We’ve got a lot of paint everywhere, tagging, a lot of broken glass with clear intent of just breaking things,” she said.

“All of the fire extinguishers have been let off and pushed throughout the rooms, attempts to break into cabinets and secure areas, broken TV screens, computer screens that we will have to work to clean up now,” Ms Baylis said.

She said the Wulagi school community wanted the alleged offenders to come back to the school for community service.


Hela ‘no Bougainville’, says former PNG defence force chief Singirok "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Police and soldiers in Papua New Guinea wait to board a flight to the Hela Province highlands. (ABC News: Eric Tlozek)

Police and soldiers in Papua New Guinea wait to board a flight to the Hela Province highlands. (ABC News: Eric Tlozek)

Catherine Graue | Asia Pacific Report | January 12, 2017

As hundreds of police and soldiers begin their work in Papua New Guinea’s Hela Province this week, there have been comparisons made with the civil war in Bougainville in the 1990s.

The defence forces are in Hela as part of a government security call-out with concerns warring clans are using high-powered guns, while landowners are also disgruntled as they have not received royalty payments from the PNG LNG project.

While there was no once single cause for the Bougainville war, the Panguna mine played a central role; with the mine’s operations and sharing of its revenue a major sticking point between Bougainville and the PNG government.

Jerry Singirok was commander of the PNG Defence Force du...


Culleton removal from senate premature and unlawful "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

Senator Rod Culleton

Senator Rod Culleton

by Robert J Lee in Canberra

WA Judge Michael Barker has not followed the court rules while persecuting Senator Culleton

WA Judge Michael Barker has not followed the court rules while persecuting Senator Culleton

Judicial corruption has again reared its head after Western Australia Federal Court Judge Michael Barker informed the President of the senate that Senator Rod Culleton is a bankrupt.

Senator C...


The Privacyless, Freedomless Smart City of 2030 the Elite Are Engineering "IndyWatch Feed National"



Well here’s a fat bag of crazy for you, courtesy of the elites over at Davos ahead of their 2017 meeting.… Read More


Tonga well prepared to build Games, host Wales test, says Deputy Prime Minister "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Tonga is well prepared to build facilities for the Pacific Games 2019 and host a test match against Wales despite concerns.

The government now has money and there is a contingency budget for the constructions, Deputy Prime Minister Siaosi Sovaleni told Letio Broadcom Broadcasting yesterday.

Mr Sovaleni was responding to an interview with the radio over the reconstruction of the Teufaiva Stadium Park.

The Deputy Prime Minister (DPM) said the government was in the process of finalising a deal with an overseas company which has a local partner to reconstruct the national stadium.

He says the construction company has presented its paper work and it shows that they did big projects including renovating the stadium in Samoa for the Manu Samoa tests with the All Backs last year.

“The government is happy with their construction proposal”, Mr. Sovaleni said.

He is optimistic the construction could be finished before the ‘Ikaletahi test with Wales in June.

“The construction works could start this month”, he said.

Mr Sovaleni said works for the Teufaiva stadium would follow a sequence of work-phases which was planned to be completed over a period of time after the rugby tests.

His response came after concerns Tonga could not host the Wales test because of lack of works started to rebuild the Teufaiva stadium.

Wales Rugby Union CEO Martyn Phillips said in reports earlier this month “There are still some things to iron out with Tonga” and “the stadium infrastructure is not in place so we are meeting with World Rugby again”.

Mr Sovaleni said the government struggled to find a suitable construction company to do the project since last year.

“They finally found one yesterday (Tuesday) ”, he said.

New Zealand government has donated NZ$2 million for the construction of Teufaiva stadium.

Tonga’s Prime Minister ‘Akilisi Pōhiva told Parliament last year he doubted whether Tonga could host the 2019 South Pacific Games.

However the DPM said the condition of the overall preparation for the 2019 Pacific Games is “satisfactory” and they could be completed before 2019, he said in Tongan.

PNG donation

Mr. Sovaleni said the Papua New Guinea government’s promise to help fund the Games still stands.

The Papuans would sta...


PNG's National Airline, Air Niugini to commence flights to Townsville in March "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Papua New Guinea's National airline Air Niugini is set to commence bi-weekly flights to Townsville in the Australian state of Queensland from March 2017. The move strengthens Port Moresby’s Jacksons International Airport status as a regional aviation hub.

Air Niugini will commence direct flights between Port Moresby and Townsville, the largest city in Northern Queensland in March 2017.
‘The step will enhance the growth of the Jacksons Airport hub,’ noted Air Niugini Chairman Sir Frederick Reiher in a statement. ‘Travellers from Townsville, and the surrounding areas, will be able to connect to our services to major destinations, including Singapore, Manila, Hong Kong and Narita and, soon, Shanghai.’
‘Townsville Airport sees this as the beginning of a much stronger relationship between our region and PNG,’ Townsville Airport chief operating officer Kevin Gill told the Townsville Bulletin.
‘The service will provide opportunities across a range of sectors including health, education, business, mining, defence and tourism.’
Townsville Airport services a catchment of 250,000 people, which is projected to triple by 2030. Townsville has an existing sister city relationship with Port Moresby.

The announcement means Air Niugini will fly to four destinations in Australia in 2017: Townsville, Brisbane, Sydney and Cairns. In December 2016, the airline commerced regular flights to the Federated States of Micronesia and it has also flagged an intention to commence flights to Shanghai, China.
Townsville in a nutshell

  • Population: 194,000 (2015)
  • Gross Regional Product: AUD$11.1 billion (2014/15)
  • Industries: tourism, agriculture, mining (incl. mineral processing), healthcare, tropical sciences
  • Attractio...


Laws inadequate in addressing Samoa’s problem of child street vendors "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Samoa’s police say they could only warn families of children who were caught on CCTV beating up a man on the street in Apia recently.

Police are hoping new laws would help address the problem of children selling food in the streets as well as roaming around late at night.

Police spokesperson Su’a Le Mamea Tiumalu says they followed procedures in the recent case of children beating up a man sleeping on the footpath in Apia last month.

“We’ve followed proper procedures with the formal warning and we are planning to try and do more by running seminars in the villages, especially the ones who have children as vendors,” Su’a said.

“Hopefully when we build a better collaboration with the villages, the parents of these children would take the safety risks posed by these children being out so late into consideration,” he said.

Meanwhile, Su’a still hopes the laws would give police the powers to detain children found in the streets late at night.

“We have our jobs and our jobs depend on the law. Right now, there is no law that stops them from being out so late. The only area this touches is that they can’t be out selling products on a school day, during school hours,” he said.

“The compulsory education act is where that falls under and it revolves around basically sending kids to school. We are hoping that our government would consider another solution to helping keep children off the streets,” he added.

“We aren’t just concerned for the people in the street, but also the children themselves. We just had another recent case of two young street vendors having a brawl in town in broad daylight, and its things like that we are trying to avoid,” Su’a said.

He says consultations through various mediums will not be enough to resolve the recurring problem, but instead he says face to face collaboration with villagers and families may help provide a solution, and if not, then the law must take consideration.

Loop Samoa/ Photo from CCTV    


Man found dead in family car in Samoa, brother-in-law in custody "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Police in Samoa have charged a 23 year old man with murder over the death of his brother-in-law at the weekend.

The victim, aged 33, was found dead in the backseat of the family car by his brother in the early hours of Saturday.

Police spokesman Su’a Le Mamea Tiumalu says the car was parked outside the family home at Faatoi’a.

“It was around three in the morning when the deceased’s brother came to wind up the windows of the car because it was raining that he found his brother lifeless in the backseat. It was then they alerted authorities and his family about what had happened,” said Su’a.

A few hours earlier, the deceased was travelling in the car with his brother-in-law, while his sister was driving the vehicle from the airport to their home at Faatoi’a.

A Police report says the two men allegedly had a scuffle in the backseat of the car.

“The sister thought that it was just a small ruckus and that it wouldn’t be much. However, when they got home she and her husband, who is the accused, got out of the car and went to the house, while the deceased was believed to be asleep,” said Su’a.

He added that investigations are continuing to determine when the victim died.

“The report is that he was sleeping in the car. However, later that night he was found in the backseat lifeless with blood from his nose and mouth,” added Su’a.

The suspect will appear in court on January 23.


Turnbull's Sheik Shady dinner cost $33,000 - the insult to Australia will last forever "IndyWatch Feed National"

Here are the financial costs of Turnbull's dinner with the death-cult Sheik and Mufti. The damage to Australia is priceless. The Mufti's support for the Sheik stands. The Mufti's repudiation of Australia's PM stands. Turnbull's failure to condemn the Mufti condemns Turnbull. $5,800 for Turnbull's staff to fly in and...


This Australian Diver’s Good Friend Is A 6-Foot-Long Shark "IndyWatch Feed National"

Credit: Rick Anderson

To what lengths would you venture to visit a good friend? For diver Nick Anderson, he’s willing to don scuba diving gear, breathe through a regulator, and descend deep into the ocean to visit a very special Port Jackson shark.

Though the marine animal doesn’t have a name, she and Anderson have been friends for a long time. The 6-foot female lives off the coast of Nobbys Beach in New South Wales, Australia, and is easily identified by her marking. Of course, it helps that she also recognizes Nick when he dives sto visit her.

Credit: Rick Anderson

Anderson, who’s been scuba diving for 27 years and runs a dive school, told The Dodo:

“I started playing with her about seven years ago when she was just a pup about 6 inches long. I approached her carefully so as not to spook her, then began to gently pat her. Once she got used to me, I would cradle her in my hand and talk soothingly to her through my regulator.”

Credit: Rick Anderson

“I did this each time in t...


Opening Pandora’s Box: Metadata in civil procedings "IndyWatch Feed National"

Last night Open Knowledge Australia (Melbourne) hosted the first of what will be two events on the issue of the plans by government to open retained metadata to civil proceedings. It was a very interesting event with a strong turn out of around 50 very informed people, most of whom had something to add to discussion throughout the night.

For a bit of background, the Attorney-General and Communications Portfolios are running a departmental Inquiry seeking submissions into whether metadata collected by Australian ISP’s should be used not only for investigating us under criminal law but also for civil cases. Jon Lawrence from Electronic Frontiers Australia provided much-needed background looking back on...


10 years of the intervention is too long "IndyWatch Feed National"

After 10 years of the intervention there are more people unemployed, more people incarcerated, and more children being taken away. Overcrowded housing persists. Land has been acquired through intergenerational leases by the government, and the basics card has been rolled out into the wider community. Barb Shaw is calling out to people to come together for a convergence in Alice Springs 24 – 26 June 2017 to discuss these and strategise together.

See her call out here:


KJRI Melbourne didatangi pemrotes pro West Papua, satu orang ditahan "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Jayapura, Jubi – Aksi protes atas sikap reaktif Indonesia terkait isu Papua di Australia digelar komunitas solidaritas Free West Papua di depan Konsulat Jenderal Republik Indonesia (KJRI) Queens Rd Melbourne, Australia, Rabu (11/1/2017) pukul 10 pagi tadi waktu setempat. Puluhan pemrotes asal Papua di Melbourne dan masyarakat yang mendukung berkumpul di depan gerbang KJRI dengan…

KJRI Melbourne didatangi pemrotes pro West Papua, satu orang ditahan was originally published on

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Inglourious Basterds "IndyWatch Feed National"

John Howard, the former politician, author, public speaker and Iraq war criminal, is still being lionised by Australian media, particularly at the ABC. Lawyer and human rights activist Kellie Tranter takes aim.

In 2013, Professor Stuart Rees, Founder and Chair of the Sydney Peace Foundation, wrote in an article John Howard’s Iraq War Fantasy that, “The arrogance of western warmongers enables them to behave as though they are not accountable to international law. Not only that, they can also make small fortunes from writing books and giving lectures about their conduct.”

After Howard’s inglorious personal demise in the 2007 federal election – only the second prime minister in history to lose his seat while in The Lodge – he followed that path exactly, joining the lucrative speaker’s circuit, writing his autobiography and receiving an honorary doctorate from Sydney University.

In 2014, John Howard published his book ‘The Menzies Era’ which was developed into the series Howard on Menzies: Building Modern Australia and which aired on the public broadcaster last year.

In response to a Freedom of Information request attempting to ascertain who was responsible for nominating John Howard as the presenter, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) responded as follows:

“The Director of Television has confirmed that the idea for series Howard on Menzies: Building Modern Australia was developed internally. He advised that ABC TV had wanted to do a documentary on Menzies for some time, and when John Howard’s book was published, this was identified as useful source material for that documentary. A creative decision was made that John Howard would be a good choice to present the documentary, as the most authentic voice in the circumstances. ABC TV approached production company Smith and Nasht and commissioned them to make the series…”

In a further email received in December last year the ABC confirmed that “the Director of Television made this conceptual decision in collaboration with the Head of Production.”

Since the Iraq war it is no doubt difficult for many to accept that John Howard is considered an ‘authentic voice’ on any issue. But the reality is that John Howard won’t be held to account by international law, and will continue to be treated as a statesman instead of a war criminal because his crime of aggression occurred at an historical moment where no crime existed.

An American chopper patrols over the skies of Baghdad. (DVIDSHUB, Flickr)An American chopper patrols over the skies of Baghdad. (DVIDSHUB, Flickr)...


Orville Wright, Three Museums and one Recurring Casualty "IndyWatch Feed National"

Orville Wright, Three Museums and one Recurring Casualty

By Steven & Evan Strong

My time with keyboards and screens is always a reluctant engagement, all planning and general writing takes place outside on the farm beside the rainforest during the day. Using the computer as a typewriter is the full extent of my liking or empathy for any screen with attachments and aps (whatever that means). Once my wife goes to bed my right index finger spends three to four hours pushing buttons, and it is nearly always to the accompaniment of background music. Most of the content on mainstream TV is shamefully numbing, exploitative and fearful, and even if it is just humming in the background, that alone hinders the process and necessitates the off switch.

This time around should have been a repeat dose of alternatives that soothe, and as Del was making her way down the hall towards the bedroom, I rose with every intention to switch the setting on the amplifier to a mixed bag of music from Double Jay. I was within a metre of the remote when first hearing Wilbur WrightâŹ"s name. I had very little to offer on this topic outside his brother Orville, and a flimsy piece of sticks and cloth cobbled together called the âŹÜKittyhawkâŹ" that flew a few feet in the air, that was the sum total personally known on what the commentator declared to be a seminal moment in history. Claims like that are so cheap and ready, but yes in this case this proclamation of brilliance has substance. Moreover, as I knew virtually nothing about this historic discovery, a break in routine was taken as I did something quite unusual, which I knew from the time of changing tact was heavily laced in irony. My hope was to find out what really happened and how great these two men were, via a mainstream media outlet.

As the documentary began, having no program, review or preview to sway or prepare, I assumed this was all about Wilbur and Orville as children jumping off hills while holding wings of fabric and wood, their discovery of an elemental truth in aerodynamics all the way through and past the first officially recorded fli...


How to make cricket bats, 1962. Once were craftsmen. "IndyWatch Feed National"

Raise your hand if you remember your first pot of linseed oil. When I was a boy my family held craftsmen like this in the highest esteem. My father spoke of older tradesmen he worked with in almost reverential terms. Now we have Malcolm and innovation. Why make things when...


Curtain And The Case For Freedom: How Many Indigenous Prisoners In Australia Are Innocent? "IndyWatch Feed National"

Amy McQuire has been investigating the jailing of an Aboriginal man in Queensland for over a year. Here she details at the case, and the broader reality of wrongful convictions in Australia.

In 1991, an Aboriginal woman named Lynda tragically lost her life on the banks of the Fitzroy River in Rockhampton, Central Queensland. She as found by a fisherman, early on a Sunday morning. A police investigation was immediately called into her death, and the next year, four people were convicted in relation to her death.

While news of her death originally made the front pages of the local paper, by the time the trial rolled around the next year, the story was consigned to the middle sections. Now, 25 years on, few remember her name or the specifics of her death.

But there are reasons we must remember, because for the past quarter of a century, rumours of a grave miscarriage of justice perpetrated against Lynda have persisted.

It revolves around the person who received a life sentence for her death – an Aboriginal man by the name of Kevin Henry, or as he is more widely known, ‘Curtain’. Kevin Henry was picked up by police and charged with Lynda’s death within the same week she was found.

Curtain has always maintained his innocence but his pleas have fell on deaf ears. For Aboriginal people who already have the justice system stacked against them, the avenues to protest a guilty verdict are limited, and it is unlikely you will be believed.

Wrongful convictions in Australia are relatively rare, especially when compared to countries like the United States. In 2015, a new record was set in the US, according to the University of Michigan Law School, which counted 149 exonerations in that year alone.

San Quentin Prison, in the United States. (IMAGE: telmo32, Flickr)San Quentin Prison, in the United States. (IMAGE: telmo32, Flickr)

A large proportion of these people had actually plead guilty even though they were innocent, 27 of them had given false confessions, 75 per cent of homicide cases reported official misconduct, and in 75 of the cases, there had been no actual crime committed.

There have been high profile cases of wrongful conviction in Australia – like Andrew Mallard in Perth, and more recently, Henry Keogh in South Australia, who was exonerated after it was found flawed forensic evidence was presented at his trial.

But these cases are seen as exceptions, rather than a symptom of the deep-rooted flaws within our own legal system.

However, if these two white men could be wrongfully conv...


50,000 years of story "IndyWatch Feed National"

There are stories threaded throughout from Maynard’s childhood in northern Tasmania, and older stories still – traditional stories that have carried over millennia. The play is hotly tipped to be a festival standout; it’s a decidedly more direct path to recognition than is usual for a first-time playwright, particularly a young Aboriginal one.


Stu of NT - Goin' Rortin'. "IndyWatch Feed National"

But fear not. Here are the keepers of the standards and guardians of the treasury.


Eaten Fish "IndyWatch Feed National"

Cartoonist Eaten Fish, imprisoned by Australia on Manus Island, will be sent back to Iran, where he faces imprisonment or execution.

Sea turtles "IndyWatch Feed National"

Australian volunteers tag and measure the loggerhead sea turtles every year as they lay eggs on the beach. They rarely find a mature turtle they had not already tagged, which indicates the species is dying.

Irukandji jellyfish "IndyWatch Feed National"

Tiny irukandji jellyfish, whose sting can kill a human, are spreading along the Australian coast, far beyond the equatorial areas where they have lived in the past.

Global heating is cause of this, as well as so many larger dangers.


Calls by Vic kids in crisis go unanswered "IndyWatch Feed National"

Michael C. Irving’s Child Abuse Monument 7. Photo Harvey K

Michael C. Irving’s Child Abuse Monument 7. Photo Harvey K


Victoria’s child abuse hotline reportedly failed to answer 20,000 calls for help in an 18-month period with some people waiting two hours to speak with an operator.

Freedom of information documents obtained by News Corp suggest almost 57,000 calls to the Child Protection Crisis Line were not responded to between mid-2010 and late 2015.

Children Minister Jenny Mikakos insists the Andrews government has increased funding to the service ‘after years of neglect by the previous government’.

‘Labor has increased funding, resulting in a decrease in the number of abandoned calls and a significant reduction in waiting times,’ the minister says in a statement on Thursday.

The government says in the last six months of 2016 the percentage of abandoned calls dropped to six per cent, with the average waiting time cut to one minute and 11 seconds.

The post Calls by Vic kids in crisis go unanswered appeared first on Echonetdaily.


PNG commander says Hela task is huge "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

LNG Project facility, Hela Province, Papua New Guinea Photo: RNZI / Johnny Blades

LNG Project facility, Hela Province, Papua New Guinea Photo: RNZI / Johnny Blades

Radio New Zealand | 12 January 2017

A commander for an operation to end lawlessness in Papua New Guinea’s Hela province says the task is huge and won’t be finished quickly.

300 police and military personnel have been deployed to the Highlands province, which is home to the lucrative LNG project, after months of tribal fighting and a build-up of high-powered firearms.

Police operations commander, Assistant Commissioner David Manning, said the first step would be for personnel to fan across the province to try and clear it of illegal firearms.

He said work would then need to be done to reconcile warring tribes and restore confidence in the provincial government, which he said would have to involve the people of Hela.

“The success of this operation hangs all over the shoulders of the people of Hela and how we – the operatio...


NZ Seabed mining opponents want a say "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Rochelle Bullock, left, liaises with Phil McCabe and Wanda Barker from Kiwis Again Seabed Mining

Rochelle Bullock, left, liaises with Phil McCabe and Wanda Barker from Kiwis Again Seabed Mining

Laurel Stowell | Wanganui Chronicle | January 11, 2017

The Environmental Protection Authority has failed on two counts in the lead-up to hearings on Trans-Tasman Resources’ application to mine the South Taranaki seabed, Rochelle Bullock says.

Trans-Tasman Resources wants marine consents to mine nearly 66 square kilometres of seabed offshore from Patea. Hearings on the matter begin next month.

Ms Bullock liaised between opponent groups during Trans-Tasman Resources’ (TTR’s) last applications in 2013 and is doing so again. Opponents include iwi from the region, Kiwis Against Seabed Mining (KASM) and others.

The authority (EPA) has failed to keep in touch with submitters and also failed to hold hearings in the places where most of those who want to speak live, Ms Bullock claims.

Anyone who wants to speak during the hearings must contact the EPA before noon today to let it...


Replacement for Culleton unknown "IndyWatch Feed National"

Senator Rod Culleton leaves the Federal Court in Perth, Dec. 2016 after a Federal Court judge has declared him bankrupt. AAP Image/Richard Wainwright

Senator Rod Culleton leaves the Federal Court in Perth, Dec. 2016 after a Federal Court judge declared him bankrupt. AAP Image/Richard Wainwright


A replacement for dumped senator Rod Culleton remains unknown but it could be the second person on the One Nation ticket – his brother-in-law Peter Georgiou.

The independent senator lost his spot on Wednesday after he was declared bankrupt by a Federal Court judge.

Senate president Stephen Parry said in a statement that he had informed Mr Culleton and WA governor Kerry Sanderson there was a vacancy because the former One Nation member had been disqualified from the position as he was an ‘undischarged bankrupt’.

Senator Parry also advised party leaders and independent senators of the development.

But the Court of Disputed Returns is yet to determine whether Mr Culleton was ever eligible to be selected as a senator as he had been convicted of a larceny charge, which was later annulled, at the time of the federal election in July.

‘It will be necessary for the Court of Disputed Returns to deliver its answers to the referred questions before it will become apparent how the vacancy may be filled,’ Senator Parry said.

It will be reported to the Senate when it meets on February 7.

Depending on the court’s decision, the vacancy will be filled by either Mr Georgiou, or the party can nominate a replacement.

‘If a casual vacancy is declared because of Rod Culleton’s disqualification I have already chosen a great person to replace him in the Senate,’ One Nation leader Pauline Hanson tweeted on Wednesday night.

Mr Culleton had been ordered to pay former Wesfarmers director Dick Lester $205,536 in 2013 – which has since increased to $280,000 – over unpaid rent relating to a $13.2 million 2009 pro...


Rolf Harris accused of ‘unwanted groping’ "IndyWatch Feed National"

Entertainer Rolf Harris arriving for sentencing at Southwark Crown Court in London 2014 file photo

Entertainer Rolf Harris arriving for sentencing at Southwark Crown Court in London 2014 file photo


Rolf Harris has a proven propensity for indecently assaulting young females and is guilty of further offences of ‘unwanted groping’, the prosecution has told a London jury in his new trial.

The 86-year-old entertainer is facing a six-week trial in Southwark Crown Court on seven charges of indecent assault against women and girls and one alternative charge of sexual assault.

The charges relate to alleged offences committed between 1971 and 2004 against complainants aged between 12 and 42 at the time and when Harris was aged between 41 and 74.

Prosecuting lawyer Jonathan Rees on Wednesday told the jury of seven women and six men that they would recognise Harris as someone who had been an artist, musician, popular entertainer and television personality of international standing for over 50 years.

But he said that in July 2014 Harris had been convicted of 12 offences of indecent assault against four female victims aged between 8 and 19 at the time of the offences between 1969 and 1986.

Harris is now serving a sentence of nearly six years on those charges and has been granted leave to appear at his new trial by videolink from Stafford Prison due to his age and state of health.

Mr Rees told the jury that none of the alleged assaults in the new trial involved sexual penetration of any kind.

‘Most of the behaviour complained of falls into a broad category that might be described as unwanted groping, and includes, for example, grabbing or touching breasts over clothing, and slipping a hand up or into a skirt to touch the vaginal area,’ he said.

Mr Rees said that a notable feature of the offending was it all occurred in public settings when there were other people in the near vicinity.

He said the prosecution would argue that, despite Harris sa...


Increased Human Rights Violations in Papua in 2016 "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

A google translate. Be-aware google translate can be a bit erratic.
Original bahasa link at
Increased Human Rights Violations in Papua in 2016

Demo performed by SORAK Bandung to support the right of the right of self-determination for the people of Papua in Singapore a few months ago. (Doc Suara Papua)
Arnold Belau

Januari 11, 2017

JAYAPURA,– Institute of advocacy of human rights in Papua, Research, Study and Development of Legal Aid (LP3BH) Manokwari noted, human rights violations continue to increase significantly in Papua in the context pengekakangan and deprivation of the right to freedom of opinion (right to freedom of speech), the right to freedom of expression (right to freedom of expresion) as well as the right to freedom of association and assembly (right to freedom of assembly).
LP3BH explained the facts pointed to was the use of a security approach that emphasizes the element of violence in dealing with any peaceful protest of the people of Papua are always expressed opinions and political views of different political histories of the integration of Papua, as well as demands for the opportunity to obtain the right to self-determination (right to self det...


Stop Taxpayer's Money Funding Adani !!! "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

Adani could get be about to get their its hands on $1 billion dollars of Australian taxpayer money.
Right now the Turnbull Government is preparing to subsidise the destruction of our Reef and climate with a public handout for Adani's rail line to its monstrous Carmichael coal mine.
The government body that could provide Adani with this outrageous taxpayer handout is the Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility (NAIF).
The board of NAIF are considering Adani's application right now and most of the board have extremely close ties to the coal industry. You can bet they'll be under immense pressure from their mates in the coal lobby to make sure Adani get their handout.
Can you contact the board of the Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility and tell them why you oppose a handout for Adani?


1) LP3BH: Increased Human Rights Violations in Papua in 2016 "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

2) TNI-ADF military cooperation yet to resume: Army spokesperson

3) Indonesia seeks more influence overseas: Minister 
4) TNI chief denies spat with Jokowi


A google translate. Be-aware google translate can be a bit erratic.

Original bahasa link at

1) LP3BH: Increased Human Rights Violations in Papua in 2016



Medical Doctors Punished & Silenced for Giving “Unapproved” High Fat Dietary Advice "IndyWatch Feed National"


Dr. Gary Fettke, MD (left, image source) and Professor Tim Noakes, MD (right, image source).

by John P. Thomas
Health Impact News

Dr. Gary Fettke, MD, of Australia and Professor Tim Noakes, MD, of South Africa are both being attacked for saving lives by promoting the low carbohydrate high fat diet.

In the case of orthopedic surgeon Dr. Fettke, his offence against the Australian medical establishment was to teach his patients how to use the low carb high fat (LCHF) diet to reverse their type 2 diabetes and avoid the amputation of their feet and legs. He and his wife Belinda Fettke established two clinics to help people adopt a low carb high fat eating lifestyle. The sanctions placed on him prevent him from recommending or speaking about the LCHF diet to anyone, anywhere, and at any time for the rest of his life. [1]

Dr. Fettke specifically showed how consumption of sugar and polyunsaturated oils destroys health. He recommended the LCHF diet to address the root cause of modern diseases. The list of 146 harmful effects of sugar that Belinda Fettke has posted on the No Fructose website is a must read for anyone who is concerned about their health. [2]

In the case of Professor Emeritus Dr. Noakes, his offence against the South African medical establishment was to show that a low carb high fat diet could reverse numerous diseases. His LCHF book The Real Meal Revolution, is the all-time top selling non-fiction book in South Africa with more than 200,000 copies sold in the last two years. Affiliated with the University of Cape Town, Professor Emeritus Dr. Noakes has distinguished himself as one of the world’s most famous sports scientists. His work has evoked considerable backlash from those who seek to enforce compliance with high carb low fat dietary dogma.

Dr. Noakes is refusing to yield to persecution by the trivial charge that was brought against him, and is using his trial to bring the science of the LCHF diet into public view in South Africa and around the world. [3, 4]

Together, Drs. Noakes and Fettke used d...


‘Oli kam, oli bagarap, oli go’– they came, they stuffed up, they left "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"


ORGANISING Papua New Guinea’s national Crocodile Prize literary awards wasn’t particularly difficult.

In 2011 Keith Jackson and I were still actively working: Keith running a public relations company in Sydney and I fully occupied as a social mapper in Papua New Guinea and Australia.

The vast bulk of the planning and organisation was done by email. All our sponsors were contacted by email, including the Australian High Commission, which hosted the early awards ceremonies.

Even making the winner’s trophies was easy. I made up the wooden bases, stuck china crocodiles to them and attached a plaque engraved with the winner’s name by a local shop.

The most time consuming aspect was editing the entries. Producing the anthologies took up a bit of time, but it was a learning experience and once I’d mastered the system it was easy.

Even the costs were minimal. I just attached attendance at the awards ceremonies to my travel to PNG. The companies I worked for were understanding and supportive.

We did, of course, put extra money into it, especially Keith, but that was voluntary and wasn’t related to the actual organisation of the competition.

Given that experience, and the great success of the Prize, I remain mystified about why it seems so difficult to move the competition into Papua New Guinean hands.

When the organisation was handed over in 2013 it crashed badly and Keith and I had to rescue it late in that year.

The reason for the problems? Shall we say that certain vested interests were milking the Prize, which had quite a bit of money attached to it, before abandoning it when the hard work had to be done.

The 2014 and 2015 competitions went off well. Keith dealt with sponsors and edited a...


Continuing rebound in Qld private sector job vacancies at end of 2016 "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

There was good news for the Queensland economy yesterday, with the ABS reporting a continuation of the rebound in private sector job vacancies in the final quarter of last year (see chart below). Private sector job vacancies have increased from a low of 19,900 in May to 30,500 in November 2016, bringing total vacancies to 33,600. Partly the strong performance in November would have been seasonal. As the Acting Treasurer Bill Byrne noted in a media release yesterday regarding the increase in vacancies:

“A significant proportion of this will be seasonal work in retail and also on farms with crops ripe for picking.”

I also suspect the strong performance of the Queensland tourism sector, largely related to the lower Australian dollar, made a major contribution to the private sector recovery in job vacancies over the second half of 2016.


Queensland’s recovery in job vacancies stands in contrast to the performance of other States, in which vacancies were more-or-less stable (e.g. see chart comparing Queensland, NSW and Victoria below).



My changing life journey "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"


I AM the eighth child of 10 in a family from Egefa village along the Hiritano Highway in the North Mekeo area of Central Province.

Now I live in Madang Province and want to share my experiences of how the Tropical Gems Rhythm Foundation changed my life.

My father was a subsistence farmer and we spent our time making gardens while my elder brothers would go hunting or fishing.

Because of the remote location of our village, I was unable to complete my education, leaving school after Grade 6 in 1992.

My father and mother passed away when I was young, and it was difficult for me as a young woman growing up in a community where women, according to our Mekeo chieftain custom, have a lower status than men.

In a twist of fate I met a man who was educated and had a good job and I married him in 2002 and moved to the big city of Port Moresby and raised three beautiful children, two boys and a girl. I had always prayed about going to school to further my education but this did not happen.

In 2011, when my husband got a new job with the Ramu Nico mining company we moved to Madang Province.

Even though I had lived in a big city, I remained dissatisfied with my understanding of life as a village girl and still had a desire to learn and maybe one day to get a job.

Around June, 2013, I joined Tropical Gems which had established a school teaching about ‘mind setting’. The theme was ‘Making a Difference and Never Give up (MADANG)’.

I was encouraged because the school accepted anyone, even people without a formal education. I saw this as a golden opportunity and challenge to make a difference in my life.

With the support of my husband and three children, I paid my fees and started attending classes.



This road "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"


This road is unlike a river
Though like a river it meanders
With large and tiny bends
And mighty and feeble swirls
Oft in silence and secrecy

Though like a river it braids
With channels like blood veins
And many an eroding bank
Oft with energetic sound
This road is unlike a river

I am certain of it
Like the Okuk Highway
Like the Hiritano Highway
It goes uphill and into the clouds
It goes through countless swamps

This road is certainly unlike a river
Though it becomes murky at times
And clear at other times
You can't drink off it
Nor bathe in it

This road .... is my road.


Detainment of four Papuan students for alleged treason extended "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Detainment of four Papuan students for alleged treason extended

Lita Aruperes The Jakarta Post
Manado | Wed, January 11, 2017 | 11:10 am

Dozens of students, who staged a rally at a dormitory for Papuan students on Jl. Kampus in Manado, North Sulawesi, were brought to North Sulawesi Police headquarters to be questioned on May 31. (JP/Lita Aruperes)

The detention of four students from Papua who have been accused of treason by Manado Police, has been extended to Feb. 17 or 40 days since their arrest.

Manado Police crime unit head Comr. Edwin Humokor said Tuesday the case dossiers had been submitted to the prosecutor’s office. “Their detention has been extended to simplify the investigation process,” Edwin said.

He said the suspects violated article 106 of the Criminal Code on treason, which carried a maximum sentence of life imprisonment and 20 years as a minimum.

The four are: William Wim, Emanuel Ukago, Panus Hesegem and Indonesian Consulate of the West Papua National Committee (KNPB) head Hizkia Meage.

Lawyer Hendra Baramuli said he would file a pretr...


Poor Quality Olive Oil Companies Revealed – The Brands to Avoid "IndyWatch Feed National"

Rajie Kabli, Collective-Evolution
Waking Times Media

Olive oil is one the most widely used oils around the world, and said to be one of the healthiest. It is also, unfortunately, one of the most susceptible to fraud.

An investigation into the quality of olive oil revealed that seven of the major olive oil brands in the U.S. have been diluting their oil with cheaper alternatives like sunflower or canola to increase profits — at the cost of our health.

These lower quality vegetable oils can cause a number of adverse health effects and can often be genetically modified or pesticide laden.

Olive oil is a wonderful, healthy food and can be used effectively as a natural beauty product for skin and hair.  It contains healthy fats, tastes great, and works in a variety of recipes. But, it is also big business. A few cases have shed light on the sophisticated international ring of criminality that currently plagues the industry.

Corrupted Industry

For example, in 2008 over 400 Italian police officers participated in a major sting referred to as  “Operation Golden Oil.” They seized 85 oil farms that were adding chlorophyll to sunflower and canola oil and selling it as ‘extra virgin olive oil.’ The oil was mixed, perfumed, coloured, and then flavoured before being sold to the producer as extra virgin.

After this case, Australia took a much closer took into its olive oil producers and found that none of their products were pure. They did not issue any certificates that year. This and other olive oil scams prompted the University of California to carry out studies on 124 imported brands of extra virgin olive oil. Sadly, they found that over 70% of the samples failed the test. Some of these brands I have no doubt you will recognize.

Get Real Olive Oil


Wednesday, 11 January


Hungary Cracks-Down on all Soros Funded NGOs "IndyWatch Feed National"

George Soros and Viktor Orban: ( Image from: The Krasnals )

21st Century Wire says…

Extraordinary information has come to light that perhaps, goes some way to explaining the vicious EU and corporate media backlash against Hungarian Prime Minister, Viktor Orban, for his “nationalist” policies regarding the influx of refugees from various nations that have been targeted by the predatory interventionist alliance of the US, EU, UK, Turkey, Gulf States, Israel, Canada, Australia, Jordan and other smaller players. 

“Hungary does not need a single migrant for the economy to work, or the population to sustain itself, or for the country to have a future,” he told a joint press conference in Budapest with Austrian chancellor Christian Kern.

“This is why there is no need for a common European migration policy: whoever needs migrants can take them, but don’t force them on us, we don’t need them,” Orban said.

The populist leader added that “every single migrant poses a public security and terror risk”.

“For us migration is not a solution but a problem … not medicine but a poison, we don’t need it and won’t swallow it,” he said. ~ The Guardian

Orban is also a keen Donald Trump supporter:

Mr. Orban, who has ordered border fences built to stop migrants, said that the ideas of the “upstanding American presidential candidate” about the need for the best intelligence services and his opposition to “democracy export” were also applicable in Europe.

Mr. Orban, whose speech was broadcast on Hungarian...


PM O'Neill Warns Opposition not to Tarnish Constitutional Offices "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

The Prime Minister  Peter O’Neill  has cautioned the Opposition Leader saying that he must respect the Electoral Commission as a Constitutional Office of the nation, and not try to drag it into politics.
PM O’Neill made the comments after the Leader of the Opposition made inappropriate remarks about the independence and integrity of the Electoral Commission.

"It his highly disrespectful, and goes against the nature of our democracy, for the Leader of the Opposition to seek to tarnish the reputation of the Electoral Commission as he has done,” the Prime Minister said.
“The Opposition have to respect the fact that the Electoral Commission must remain separate from political debate and be allowed to deliver its mandated job without fear or favour.
“The language the Opposition Leader used in relation to the Electoral Commission was childish and not what the nation expects of a Leader.
“Particularly as we prepare for the nation to go to elections in only a few months, the Electoral Commission should be able to go about its work without distraction.
"I call on the Opposition to be sensitive to the Constitutional Offices of our nation and to accord them the respect that they deserve."
The Prime Minister said the 2017 National Elections will be delivered in an efficient and effective manner right across the country.

“National elections are the opportunity for our people to have their say and elect the Members of their choosing,” the Prime Minister said.
“The Nation’s Electoral Commission has been preparing for this election since 2012, and I am confident that 2017 elections will take place in a transparent way that will deliver certainty for our people.

“We cannot allow the wastage and exorbitant cost that was seen at previous elections to continue.
“The 2017 national elections will be delivered within budget, in a safe and secure environment and the integrity of this process will be maintained.”


Air Niugini dismisses report of flight hijacking "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

The management of Papua New Guinea's airline  Air Niugini has categorically dismissed reports that one of its international flights was hijacked, NBC news reports.

A passenger on the Air Niugini flight to Singapore on Monday this week, raised the alarm saying he witnessed a near hijacking incident while in flight on PX 392.

However Air Niugin's management told NBC News this evening, that it wasn't an hijacking incident.
The airline says there was a minor incident where one of the passengers had inflated a life jacket causing a commotion among other passengers.

It is not clear at this stage why the passenger decided to inflate the life jacket while the plane was in flight.
Air Niugini says it will release a full statement on this incident.

NBC News/ PNG Today


Governor Naru presents 2017 Budget "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Governor for Lae, Morobe province Mr. Kelly Naru has presented the 2017 Morobe provincial government budget to the Minister for Treasury and Member for Aitape-Lumi Mr Patrick Pruaitch this morning in Port Moresby.

Mr Naru says the budget underwent serious consultations with senior member from the administrations and a selected team from the provincial executive council headed by the Deputy Governor before presenting the budget to the Minister for Treasury.

He says the budget was approved by the budget committee and as a chairman for the budget committee; he presented the budget to the Tutumang Assembly during their last session in 19th December 2016.
He says Tutumang Assembly approved the budget of K424, 413, 300.00.
Governor Naru was assisted by the Provincial Administrator Ms.Shilla Harou and member for Huon Gulf Ross Seymour, Minister for Treasury Mr. Pruaitch upon receiving the provincial budget acknowledge the budget and thank the governor and his team for the presentations and to be the second province to present the budget this year. The first province to present their budget was Milne Bay.
He says the budget has gone through the normal consultation process to be approved by the Tutumang Assembly.
Minister Pruaitch says the ministry will go through the budget to ensure the budget adhere to the framework the ministry has set out for all government agencies.
Minister Pruaitch gave his assurance to Governor for Morobe and his delegations by saying the Ministry of Treasury will work quickly to give approval which will help in rolling out service programs for the people in Morobe. PNGFM / PNG Today


PNG Mens football team prepares for World Cup "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

The Papua New Guinea senior men’s football team will have a busy schedule this year as they prepare to qualify for the FIFA World Cup Russia 2018.

Assistant Coach Reginald Davani has put a 23 man train-on squad that will be in camp in Port Moresby by the end of the month to get underway with their preparation for the Oceania’s path to Russia.
The squad includes 16 former and current players plus 7 new players.

The 16 former players who were retained are: Ismael Pole, Roland Bala, Emmanuel Simon, Jacob Sabua, Otto Kusunan, Raymond Gunemba, Alwin Komolong, Felix Komolong, Philip Steven, Patrick Aisa, Ronald Warisan, Leslie Kalai, Daniel Joe, David Muta, Michael Foster and Nigel Dabinyaba.

The coaching staff also called in 7 new players: Greg Togubai, Emmanuel Airem, Samuel Kini, Sammy Campbell, David Brown, Stahl Gubag and Kolu Kepu
Assisatant coach Reginald Davani said he is still waiting for the confirmation from 6 more players and also hoping to add to the list, 2-3 more players that have been identified from abroad. One of those players is from the Australian A-League. 

With so much at stake, the start of a new phase of qualifying will see Papua New Guinea lining up in group B against Tahiti and Solomon Islands.

PNG kick off their campaign on March 20 and 28, in a home and away match against Tahiti.
PNG Men’s train-on squad: Ismael Pole, Roland Bala, Jacob Sabua, Otto Kusunan, Raymond Gunemba, Alwin Komolong, Felix Komolong, Philip Steven, Patrick Aisa, Ronald Warisan, Leslie Kalai, Daniel Joe, David Muta, Michael Foster, Nigel Dabinyaba, Greg Togubai, Emmanuel Airem, Samuel Kini, Sammy Campbell, David Brown, Emmanuel Simon, Stahl Gubag and Kolu Kepu,
Player waiting for confirmation:...


Did Julian Assange Just Use the Bitcoin Blockchain to Prove He Is Alive? "IndyWatch Feed National"

Julian Assange, the WikiLeaks editor-in-chief, read yesterday the bitcoin blockchain hash of block 447506 during a recorded video. At the time, it represented the most recent bitcoin block published to the blockchain. Experts contend this is proof that Mr. Assange is alive – or at least that the video, in which the whistleblower appears uncoerced, was not pre-recorded.

Also Read: WikiLeaks Has Raised 4,000+ BTC Since 2011

Bitcoin’s Blockchain is Public and Immutable


There had been some speculation that Mr. Assange was dead or lost control of his online identity. Instead of holding up today’s newspaper, as might have happened historically, the Australia-native used the blockchain technology to prove he is alive, contained at the Ecuadorian embassy. He referred to it as “proof of life.”

As a public cryptographic ledger, the bitcoin blockchain allows anyone to “mine” and add pieces of information (known as ‘blocks’) to the blockchain, but only upon completing a computer process known as “proof of work”.

Bitcoin’s hash algorithm, known as SHA256, scrambles data stored in the blocks (in the case of bitcoin, mostly transaction data) into a string of letters and numbers referred to as a hash. Knowing what data went into creating a hash is very hard. However, it is very easy to determine the hash of a particular piece of data.

A bitcoin block hash represents a random group of letters and number virtually impossible to predict. Once distributed via the blockchain, however, the hash is widely available and cannot be altered. By reading the most recently published block hash, Mr. Assange could prove today’s interview had not been pre-recorded.

Bitcoin Removes Financial Blockades


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