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Friday, 01 December


Tropical Cyclone "Dahlia" forms just south of Java, Indonesia "IndyWatch Feed National"

Tropical Cyclone "Dahlia" formed south of Java, Indonesia late Wednesday, November 29, 2017, as the second named storm of the 2017/18 Australian region cyclone season. The season officially began November 1, 2017 and will end on April 30, 2018. On average,...... Read more

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Thursday, 30 November


Lobster with Pepsi trash 'tattoo' found in deep waters off New Brunswick coast, Canada "IndyWatch Feed National"

Fisherman Karissa Lindstrand drinks a lot of Pepsi every day -- so imagine her surprise as she was banding lobster claws and came across a lobster with the image of a Pepsi can on it. "It looked like the image was tattooed on the lobster claw," she said Wednesday. Lindstrand has been banding lobster on the boat Honour Bound off Grand Manan, N.B., for four years, and while she has seen some odd looking lobster, this was the first with an image on it.


There are many reasons to be cautious about bitcoin "IndyWatch Feed National"

No automatic alt text available.

The craze for initial coin offerings ignores financial fundamentals

The current craze for cryptocurrencies seems boundless. The dollar value of bitcoin has been multiplied by 10 since the beginning of the year, and by 30,000 since January 1 2011. Initial coin offerings, through which companies finance themselves by issuing tokens (cryptocurrencies newly minted for the occasion), have raised $3.5bn so far this year. We should be cautious of this trend: investors must be protected and regulated banks, insurance companies and pension funds should be prevented from building exposures to these instruments.

My scepticism does not concern blockchain, the technology behind bitcoin. This distributed ledger technology is a welcome innovation with useful applications, including fast, automatic execution of smart contracts. What worries me are the cryptocurrencies themselves. Bitcoin raises two distinct questions. Is it sustainable? And assuming it is, does it contribute to the common good? My answers are: probably not (the jury is still out) and definitely not.

On the sustainability question, bitcoin is a pure bubble, an asset without intrinsic value its price will fall to zero if trust vanishes. There are undeniably certain successful, long-lasting, bubbles: gold (whose value vastly exceeds the price that it would fetch if it were treated as a raw material and used for industrial or decorative purposes); or even the dollar, the pound or the euro. The history of markets, though, is littered with bubbles ending in crashes, from Dutch tulip bulbs in the 1630s and the South Sea bubble in 1720, to countless stock market and real estate bubbles. No one can say with certainty that bitcoin will crash. It could become the new gold. But I would not bet my savings on it, nor would I want regulated banks to gamble on its value.

Bitcoins social value is rather elusive to me. Consider seigniorage: an expansion in the money supply traditionally provides the government with extra resources. As it should, the proceeds of issuance should go to the community. In the case of bitcoin, the first minted coins went into private hands. Newly minted coins create the equivalent of a wasteful arms race. Mining pools compete to obtain bitcoins by investi...


Background Briefing with Ian Masters "IndyWatch Feed National"

Today on Background Briefing with Ian Masters


Despite Trump's Threats, North Korean Missiles Can Now Reach the US

We begin with the latest North Korean missile test that indicates their missiles now have a range to hit all of the continental United States and Australia. George Lopez, a Professor Emeritus of Peace Studies at the Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies at Notre Dame University who was on the United Nations Panel of Experts for monitoring and implementing UN sanctions on North Korea, joins us to discuss the extent to which Kim Jong-un has called Trumps fire and fury bluff resulting in the presidents limp response promising today to increase sanctions on the Kim regime, tweeting lamely that this situation will be handled. We will examine the lack of military options and the need for a diplomatic initiative and whether Trump who is re-tweeting far right ant...


(Web Exclusive) Trustee Sheldon Watts proselytizes at Clow UFO Base (Fiction) "IndyWatch Feed National"

By Reporter X

Trustee Sheldon Watts celebrated his reappointment to the Bolingbrook Village Board by preaching to aliens at Clow UFO Base.

I have walked through the valley of receiving the second fewest votes, yelled Watts, as he stood in the middle of McDowell plaza.  I thought I was all alone, except for my family and friends.  Then God guided me to back to his loyal servant Mayor Roger C. Claar.  Now I serve the higher powers of God, Roger, and Bolingbrook!

For over an hour, Watts sang and preached about God in the Plaza.  Most aliens ignored him, while a few staff members listened to him during their lunch breaks.  Much of his sermon was about his seven months out of office after finishing next to last in a six-person race.

God guided me to the Illuminatis Crown and Scepter.  They told me that elections are unenlightened.  How many elected leaders are there in the Bible?  You dont count votes to find enlightenment: you go to the light!

One alien walked up to Watts and said: There is no God.  Stop boring us.

Watts laughed.  All of our visitors have seen so much of the universe, yet know so little about how it works.  Let me ask you if there is no God, then how did we get here?

Quantum Fluctuations and Multiverses are part of the answer.  No, I dont have all the answers, and neither do you.

Watts laughed again.

Then think about this.  If your God exists, maybe he was testing you.

Hes always testing us.

Maybe instead of accepting the position, you were supposed to refuse it?  Then maybe you were supposed to tell Roger to appoint Terri Ransom to the board because she received more votes than you?  Maybe you arent supposed to be here?

Id rather be smart with the Lord than a foolish alien atheist.


Several minutes later, another alien walked up to Watts.

Youre a lost Bozgot.  Have you heard the real news about how Lozogot sacrificed herself so you could go to the Great Singularity?

My savior is Jesus Christ who sacrificed

Jesus cheated death.  Lozogot gave up his immortality so that we can be consumed by the gravity that binds us.

Watts eventually ended his sermon by saying: There is one mayor, and there is one God.  Let us be united under them.

After the sermon, Watts refused to comment to this reporter.

A call to Mayor Claars office was answered by a receptionist:

There is no UFO Base under Clow International Airport, and Boling...


ISIS Calls for Attacks on American Kids "IndyWatch Feed National"

ISIS has called for attacks against kindergartens in the US in retaliation for Syrian airstrikesISIS called for attacks against kindergartens in the U.S. in retaliation for Syrian airstrikes. (Illustrative Photo: Pixabay)

ISIS is calling for attacks on American children in revenge for U.S. airstrikes that killed Syrian children, Newsweek reported.

Communicating on the encrypted messaging app Telegram, one ISIS supported texted, I wish that I could travel to Europe or America or Australia and, by Allah, burn their children with oil in place of their men and women. I would not choose a market, club, shopping center, or parknononoI would choose a kindergarten and a maternity hospital to slaughter them.

The message, which originated from the pro-ISIS media group the al-Qastantiyyah Foundation, was a call for lone wolf attacks in the West.

ISIS has made numerous justifications of killing children, stating in issue five of its Rumiyah magazine: One should not grieve over the collateral killing of kafir [infidel] women and children, Rita Katz, director of the SITE Intelligence group, told Newsweek.

The threat comes amid Russian airstrikes at the beginning of the week on Al-Shafah a town located in eastern Syria.  The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (based in the UK) said 53 people were killed in the strikes, including 21 children.

The ongoing battle against ISIS makes avoiding civilian deaths nearly impossible as the modus operandi of the terror group is to hide among civilian populations.

Watch the trailer to Clarion Projects upcoming film KiDS: Inside the Terror Factory (working title), a documentary exploring the complex topic of the exploitation of children by extremists....


Letters to the editor: Australian Dental Association NSW supports water fluoridation "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Australian Dental Association NSW supports water fluoridation as a safe, effective and equitable way of preventing tooth decay.
Since water fluoridation began in NSW more than 60 years ago we have seen considerable improvements in oral health, and no reliable evidence that water fluoridation as practised in Australia is associated with any adverse health effects or chronic conditions. 
The safety of fluoridation was confirmed again as recently as November 2017 by the National Health and Medical Research Council, the expert body responsible for developing health advice for the Australian community, health professionals and governments.
The NHMRCs Public Statement on Water Fluoridation and Human Health in Australia states: There is no reliable evidence of an association between community water fluoridation at current Australian levels and any health problems.
Worldwide, fluoridation has been endorsed by more than 150 scientific, health, professional and government organisations, with the World Health Organization saying:...


Soft landing "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

Soft landing

Building approvals continued to defy the gloomers, rising to back above 19,000 in October - up from just 16,100 this time last year - a third consecutive month of gains being driven by strength in the state of Victoria.

The high-rise downturn appears to have mostly run its course now, although Queensland may see approvals continue to slide a little further in this sector.

In annualised terms private sector approvals actually increased a little in October, to about 218,200.

There has been a healthy change in composition, with townhouse approvals gradually accounting for a greater share of the market, as developers turn their attention away from investors and offshore buyers, and towards downsizers and owner-occupiers. 

Around the traps

In the detached house market, sentiment appears to be strongest in Brisbane and Melbourne, while Perth now looks to be close to the bottom of its cycle. 



The Poet: Fernando Pessoa, "Follow Your Destiny" "IndyWatch Feed National"

"Follow Your Destiny"

"Follow your destiny,
Water your plants,
Love your roses.
The rest is shadow
Of unknown trees.

Reality is always
More or less
Than what we want.
Only we are always
Equal to ourselves.

Its good to live alone,
And noble and great
Always to live simply.
Leave pain on the altar
As an offering to the gods.

See life from a distance.
Never question it.
Theres nothing it can
Tell you. The answer
Lies beyond the Gods.

But quietly imitate
Olympus in your heart.
The gods are gods
Because they dont think
About what they are."

- Fernando Pessoa


'Megathrust' earthquake and devastating tsunami could hit New Zealand, scientists warn, as hazardous fault awakens "IndyWatch Feed National"

New Zealand could be potentially hit by a massive magnitude 9.0 earthquake followed by a "towering" tsunami, scientists warn. According to the researchers, a 2016 quake that hit the area reawakened a hazardous fault that was believed to be dormant. The Hikurangi subduction zone - a deep trench in the Earth's crust running along the eastern shore of New Zealand's North Island - is now active and could trigger magnitude 8.5 earthquakes, which would be far more devastating that the one that hit the islands in 2016, a group of scientists from the GNS research institute warn. The earthquakes are also likely to be followed by tsunamis that could reach New Zealand's coast within mere minutes, the geologists add. "We need to think Japan 2011, basically, because if our whole plate boundary ruptured, it would be a magnitude 9 earthquake," Ursula Cochran, an earthquake geologist at the GNS, told the local media. "The Hikurangi subduction zone is potentially the largest source of earthquake and tsunami hazard in New Zealand, but there is still much to learn about it," GNS Science said in a statement earlier. Subduction zones similar to the one located near New Zealand are areas in which tectonic plates collide, with one being forced over the top of one another, creating what the geologists call a "megathrust." In case of the Hikurangi subduction zone, the Australian plate is overhanging the Pacific one. Earlier earthquakes that took place in such zones include the devastating 2011 earthquake followed by tsunami in Japan that claimed lives of thousands of people and triggered the Fukushima nuclear disaster, as well as a 2004 Indonesia magnitude 9.0 earthquake that left as many as 250,000 people dead. A disaster that could potentially hit New Zealand would affect many heavily populated areas, such as Napier, Gisborne, Nelson, Wellington, Blenheim and Palmerston North. All those areas are located too close to the Hikurangi subduction zone for the scientists to issue a timely warning.


A Prayer for Rohingya and Manus Refugees "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

This is a prayer I wrote to use in my church. Feel free to use it in yours.

Lord Jesus,
We come to you who once was a refugee,
To plead the cause of those who today are refugees.
We come to you as the One who hears the cry of the poor & oppressed,
And call you to hear the cry of the Rohingya of Myanmar
And the despairing on Manus Island.

We pray for the Rohingya, fleeing military violence in Myanmar.
Our hearts ache for every girl who is raped,
Every woman who is beaten,
Every man who is shot.
Every child whose tender heart is filled with terror.

Our Peacemaker, we pray for a pathway for peace in Myanmar.
May the flicker of hope that the world felt with the release and election of Aung San Suu Kyi
Fan into a flame of justice.
Strengthen those who would see justice for Myanmars ethnic minorities,
And tear down from power those who refuse to turn their hearts and minds to justice.

Our Refuge, we pray for refuge for the Rohingya who have fled.
Open the hearts and minds of the Bangladeshi government toward them,
That they might grant the Rohingya who have sought their aid
spaces that are safe and resources that are sufficient for their time of exile.

Lord Jesus, our minds turn to the refugees on Manus Island,
Their hopes for safety from persecution and violence
in their home countries are shattered.
And they now live with fear of violence on Manus.

In the depths of their despair,
May they find a flicker of hope.
In the grip of their fear,
May they find Papuans who will be their shelter.

Forgive us for being deaf to their cries.
They came to Australia seeking our help
And our solution has turned out to be their nightmare.
Rouse our government to action,
And our nation to mercy.
Fill our hearts with a righteous anger,
that leaves us restless until every refugee now on Manus is safe.


Earth moves for residents of Darwin, Australia as earthquake strikes in the Banda Sea more than 700km away "IndyWatch Feed National"

TERRITORIANS felt the earth shake under them today as an earthquake struck in the Banda Sea - more than 700km away. The 5.7 magnitude quake was felt in Darwin just before 10am. Geoscience Australia senior seismologist Phil Cummins said the quake was about 160km below the earth's surface and did not pose a tsunami threat. "It's too small and too deep to be concerned about a tsunami. And we never know about other earthquakes. There might be aftershocks," he said. He said there had been up to 30 reports from people in Darwin having felt the tremors. He said it was unusual for an earthquake to be felt hundreds of kilometres away. However, he said it was not unknown for the effects of earthquakes' to 'carry' in this region. "It would be surprising for an earthquake to be felt that far away but we know the path between the Banda Sea and Darwin appears to be particularly efficient for the transmission of the seismic waves," he said. He said he had not heard of any damage to towns in the area in Indonesia where it had hit.


#QAnon Intel Update -- Critical Info via Q&A "IndyWatch Feed National"

#QAnon Update - QAnon Divulges Critical Info Via Q&A

Thanks to State Of The Nation Blog

Q Anon Divulges Critical Info Via Q&A

Source: Ascension With Earth

By Q Anon



Banks instruct Turnbull to have a Claytons inquiry "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

Banks order the Member for Goldman Sachs, Mal Turnbull to knock up an inquiry for which they will provide the terms of reference

30 November 2017: KAP Federal Member for Kennedy Bob Katter today applauded the Turnbull Governments endorsement of a Royal Commission into the banks, but warns that whilst this battle is won, the war will continue should the Government opt to uphold a 12 month review period and construct the review board from those within the finance industry.

Mr Katter, who was the first Member of Parliament to call for a Royal Commission into the banks in May 2015 and who introduced legislation in the Parliament earlier this year, labelled todays announcement as a great victory of the people of Australia.

This is a great victory for the ordinary Australians. Today my fellow Australians we have won. We have proved that we can win. The Government has been resistant almost to a point of bringing down their own Government against having a Royal Commission into the banks.

Resistant to a point where the people had a great stroke of luck and the Liberal Party was one down in the Parliament and since they were one vote down, we could cease control of the Parliament and get through the Royal Commission into the banks.

But the victory lies with those people that did not cop if from the banks but stood up and fought and fought and fought, and with the meagre resources they had they went into the courts and got slaughtered, constantly coming to people like myself and the crossbench   together were able to get the victory today



Truth is the Light, Love is the Answer and Forgiveness is the Key to the Success of Earths Freedom "IndyWatch Feed National"

Forgiveness is the key to the success of earths freedom. Truth is the light, love is the answer and forgiveness is the key.

We find out the truth and we are enlightened, filled with light, we realise love is the most important emotion in the universe, with love comes understanding, the more we understand others, the more empathy we feel for them, it then becomes easy to forgive them, with forgiveness the darkness gets released and more light pours in.

The more we forgive the more light will enter the earth and its inhabitants. When we cannot forgive we hold darkness in our hearts and it spreads to other situations, it corrupts our way of thinking.

Spreading like a virus and we then become bitter and negative. We start to view every situation from a dark negative place. When we forgive we set the darkness free and we set ourselves free.

Read Entire Article


High-End Real Estate Starting to Enter Crash Mode "IndyWatch Feed National"

The high-end market in Connecticut is starting to decline. The hedge fund manager Stanley Druckenmiller bought his estate in 2004 for $23 million. He had it on the market for $31.5 million. The best offer he got was $25 million. He took the money and ran. Smart move! With a real estate tax of about $154,000 annually, looks like a break-even deal after 13 years.


The high-end real estate boom is now turning sour. We are looking at property values declining in London, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, New York, and even Miami. The shift will now turn toward MOVABLE assets as capital departs from the fixed asset class.


Australian Dollar and Bitcoin "IndyWatch Feed National"

1.00 AUD = 0.0001 BTC
0.0001 BTC = 1.30 AUD


Wanderlust "IndyWatch Feed National"

A quick note for those interested in my ongoing adventures around the world. Im currently in Gizo, in the Solomon Islands why? Well, the answer is in my latest post on my blog, a post entitled Feasting. If youd like lighter fare than the ongoing discussion of my latest Watts Up With That post on cold


Humiliating, degrading and undignified treatment in a Victorian womens prison "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Victorian Ombudsman today released a critical report highlighting humiliating, degrading and undignified strip search practices in a Victorian womens prison. The report shows Victoria is breaching human rights standards by subjecting women to routine strip searches, extended solitary confinement and excessive use of restraints.

The Ombudsman conducted an independent inspection of the Dame Phyllis Frost Centre in July this year. The report, tabled in Parliament today, makes 19 recommendations for preventing cruel inhuman and degrading treatment. The Victorian Government accepted 18 of the recommendations, but is refusing to stop the degrading practice of routinely strip searching women.

Ruth Barson, Director of Legal Advocacy at the Human Rights Law Centre, said it was deeply disappointing that the Victorian Government will continue to subject women in prison to this indiscriminate and harmful practice, particularly at a time when it is leading the way in protecting women against family violence.

"No woman should be stripped of her dignity. Routinely forcing women in prison to remove every single piece of their clothing in full view of two guards is damaging and a profound invasion of a womans privacy. As a community, we should be standing up for the rights of all women to safety," said Ms Barson.

The Ombudsmans report details that most women in prison have been victims of family violence or sexual assault, and that routinely strip searching women in prison can have severe and long-lasting effects on womens well-being and sense of self.

"Almost all women in prison carry deep scars from past abuse. Being subjected to strip searches time and again only harms them further. There are better, modern ways to look for contraband. The Ombudsmans report shows that there are no compelling reasons for the Andrews Government to cling to this outdated and uniquely intrusive practice," said Ms Barson.

Both the UK and the ACT have abandoned routine strip searches of women in prison.

The HRLC welcomes the Victorian Ombudsmans report, which shows the importance of independent inspection and monitoring of places of detention and the need for the Australian Government to ratify OPCAT  the Optional Protocol to the Convention against Torture  as soon as possible.

The Ombudsmans report is available here.

For interviews or further information please call:

Michelle Bennett, Director of Communications, Human Rights Law Centre, 0419 100 519


Maru Confident Budget Will Sustain Economic Growth "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Source: Post Courier



National Planning Minister Richard Maru is more than convinced that the 2018 Budget will enhance the preconditions for sustainable economic growth in the short to medium term.

Mr Maru said that for the first time in many years, the Government has increased the economic sector funding from 6 percent in 2017 to 15 percent in the 2018.

He said this confirmed to the Alotau Accord 2 to make economic growth the number one priority.

He said the aggregate 2018 Capital Investment Budget is K4,643.92 million. This shows an increase of 15.7 percent compared to the 2017 original budget appropriation. He said the Budget was strategically focused to invest in enhancing the preconditions for economic growth and prosperity, which will build on the remaining few years of ONeill Government.

This Government will mobilise necessary resources within the tight fiscal envelope to provide growth conditions to set the pace for future growth and development. The 2018 Capital investment Budget consolidate key interventions that will encourage business activities, generate employment, increase both export and tax revenues, replace import, and broaden and diversify our economic base strengthening renewable sectors and manufacturing.

The commodity price fluctuations in the global market have had an adverse effect in our economy in the last three years and in my view we as Government have done very little in addressing the declining trend. If the global commodity price remains suppressed over the medium term with no new projects in the mining and petroleum sectors coming on stream over the same period, our country will continue to face fiscal constraints, prolonged current foreign exchange problems, which will affect the Governments ability to effectively deliver public goods and services to our people.

The 2018 National Budget provides the appropriate response of this Government to the current domestic and global economic challenges, focusing on the new measures to stimulate the broad-based economic growth while maintaining fiscal and macroeconomic stability.



Infamous Discarded Hard Drive Holding 7,500 Bitcoins Would be Worth $80 Million Today "IndyWatch Feed National"

Four years ago, a Welsh man threw away a hard drive with 7,500 Bitcoins on it, while an Australian lost thousands of Bitcoins to a faulty USB stick. With Bitcoins price exceeding $10,000, the pain is now much worse.


Brilliant commentary from Hillbilly on Turnbull, Shorten, Dyson Heydon and whitewash Royal Commissions "IndyWatch Feed National"

Like TURC and the AWU-WRA Inc Fraud affair, another complete waste of time and money! In Para 294 of his Report, Commissioner Heydon provides a lesson on the way powerful political figures can escape any substantive investigation and thus avoid charges. At the same time he dashed the hopes of...


Brandis - "in 50 years, we'll be remembered for gay marriage". Us in the here & now can apparently get stuffed. "IndyWatch Feed National"

George gives the game away - The Government of Turnbull is not concerned about us and the here and now - it's all about Malcolm's legacy. My God this is difficult to tolerate. Fingers Brandis does it again. Humiliating doesn't come close. BANKING BACKFLIP | On Monday the Government said...


Transport Funding Up By 2.1 % "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"



Source: Post-Courier

The transport sector will receive K937 million, which is 2.1 per cent higher than the 2017 Supplementary Budget, and makes up 6.4 per cent of the 2018 Budget.


This consists of K642 million in capital and K294 million in operational expenditure.


The transport sector has always been the top priority spending of the Governments capital budget.


As a critical enabler that provides access to markets and other essential services to the people, the sector gets the second largest funding allocation after provincial sectors because of the SIP funding.


According to National Planning Minister Richard Maru in the presentation of the Public Investment Program yesterday, the transport sector big ticket item in 2018 include the Jackson Airport runway upgrade for K50 million in preparation for APEC Leaders Summit in Port Moresby.


The Government will spend K370 million to invest in critical roads, bridges programs, key missing link roads, and airports while loans and grants pick up over K340 million to complement the investment in the sector.


Deputy Prime Minister Charles Abel said in his Budget speech that the programs and projects implemented this year would continue next year.


These transport programs include the continuous investment on upgrading and maintenance of the national priority roads, plus construction of missing links, district commodity roads, and the Civil Aviation investment development program.


In the medium term, roads, bridges, ports and airports/airstrips will be targeted towards the untapped economic potential areas to stimulate economic growth.


The ADB-funded Highlands Highway rehabilitation program starts next year, rural jetties gets K20 million, oil palm roads K15 million, the rural airstrips authority gets K6 million, Mr Abel said. 30.11.2017

Filed under: Awareness, Development, Governance, Government, Growth,...


Secured global payments with chip enabled MasterCards "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Bank South Pacific (BSP) will now offer chip enabled cards to its MasterCard customers, giving added security for all payments. This new enhancement will be implemented, to counter and protect customers and the bank against security breaches and counterfeit card fraud.The chip cards contain embedded microprocessors that provide strong transaction security features and other application capabilities not possible with traditional magnetic stripe cards.

These chips are known as EMV (Europay, MasterCard and Visa) chips. EMV is a global standard for cards equipped with computer chips and technology to authenticate chip card transactions.

"BSP's EMV and contactless deployment will deliver an exciting step in the payments evolution for Papua New Guinea cardholders, merchants and the country itself. These advancements that BSP are delivering are world class, both from a risk perspective and an innovative capability on which to build from," says Craig Kirkland, Director of Pacific Islands at MasterCard.

 "MasterCard is delighted to partner with BSP in delivering innovation, security and global interoperability to PNG consumers and businesses."

The bank also has all its ATMs and EFTPoS terminals EMV chip compliant, meaning we can acquire and process payments done using EMV chip cards delivering enhanced security capabilities such as Touch and Go.

BSP's General Manager, Corporate Banking, Peter Beswick advised all corporate customers that, BSP recommends cardholders to collect and activate their new chip cards as soon as possible. The card needs to be authenticated before use, by doing a PIN based transaction at either an ATM or BSP EFTPoS terminal.

MasterCard chip cards have a new look and feel with an EMV chip embedded and contactless capability. Each new card that will be issued with a new Card number, cardholder must register the new card number for 3D Secure service, Card Verification Value (CVV), Personal Identification Number (PIN) and new expiration date.

With the security of EMV, our cards will be contactless, which will deliver the foundation for our customers and merchants to migrate to mobile payments in the future.


Malcolm Turnbull backflips on banking royal commission after big four call for inquiry to restore public faith "IndyWatch Feed National"

An Australian Banking Royal Commission is long overdue, and is to be welcomed, so long as the Commission listens to the little guy, the ordinary Australian, who has fallen on hard times, and been maltreated by one of the Big Four Banks or other Australian financial institution.


ABC News Australia

Malcolm Turnbull backflips on banking royal commission after big four call for inquiry to restore public faith

Malcolm Turnbull has announced a royal commission into the banking sector, after sustained pressure from within his own Government and an admission by Australias big four banks that an inquiry is necessary to restore public faith in the financial system.

Key points:

  • PM says royal commission only way to restore public faith in banking sector
  • Big four banks wrote to Treasurer say...


8000 students undertake basic Financial Literacy Training "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Bank South Pacific (BSP) through its banking education program has reached and delivered financial literacy training to over 21, 000 participants in 2017.Out of total participants, 8000 students across Papua New Guinea successfully attended financial literacy training from 108 schools visited this year.

BSP's Acting General Manager - Retail Banking, Mr Kili Tambua says, "The Bank sees the need to provide this training to students to help them in managing their finances better as they grow up to meet the workforce."

BSP continues to invest in the local communities and this year has visited 146 communities through our Banking Education programs.

The bank invested in training an additional 137 Financial Literacy Trainers who have gone back to their branches to facilitate and deliver training.

Apart from other community initiatives by the bank such as community projects focused on Education, Health, Sports, Environment, BSP also provides Financial Literacy aimed at improving the lives of Papua New Guineans to better manage their money and build financial wealth for themselves.

Providing the right financial advice to everyday Papua New Guineans, a market vendor, a small business owner, a bus driver or a student ensures that they are equipped with the basic knowledge of budgeting, saving and money management.

The training includes basics in Budgeting, Savings & Mobile Money and basics on Banking Education. 43% of the participants were women from all walks of life.

Mr Tambua said, "With the basic skills of budgeting and savings, we hope that we can help the population to be financial literate and be able to better manage money. The desired outcome for the delivery of this training is to get everyone to be financially independent, understand the basics of budgeting and saving, and to start applying these skills to their current lifestyle."

"Apart from educating them, we also arrange with BSP branches and Banking Centres to assist them to open Kundu accounts and Plus Saver Accounts to build their savings, from what they earn," added Mr Tambua. Press Release


Coal and gas update from the Narrabri front line "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

The NorthWest Gas Pipeline a Trojan Horse for Coal Seam Gas in NSW While the eyes of the nation have been on the scandalous Adani Carmichael coal mine in Queensland, here in NSW there is an immediate and serious threat of new coal and gas projects and mine expansions. The community awaits the release of Santos [...] full article 


O'Neill government's 2018 Budget is fake, PNG Opposition claims "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

THE Opposition has described the budget handed down by Treasurer Charles Abel on Tuesday as fake news and a false, crumbling block that would not sustain peoples hopes.
The 2018 budget unfortunately lacks credibility. There is over K2 billion of fake revenues in this 2018 budget, Shadow Minister for Treasury and Finance Ian Ling-Stuckey said.
This is a false, crumbling building block which cannot sustain the hopes and dreams of the people of PNG.
Unfortunately, both the history of this government in over-estimating revenues, and the specific unrealistic assumptions of this budget means it simply lacks the needed credibility to get this country going again.
Experience demonstrates that when these K2 billion in fake revenues do not come into government coffers, there will be big cuts in expenditure.
While I welcome the big increases in health expenditure and smaller gains in education and transport, the likelihood is that they will be cut again in the inevitable 2018 supplementary budget.
My preliminary view of this Abel budget is that it unfortunately:

  • Fails the people of PNG;
  • is not credible;
  • will not deal with decline in jobs and standards of living of PNGs people;
  • will not deal with PNGs crippling foreign exchange shortages; and; and,
  • Is not honest enough to actually deal with PNGs acute budget crisis.

There has not yet been enough time to fully explore the simplistic games of this budget, the fudges and deceptions throughout this document. We will do so over coming days.
My alternative governments philosophy is not just to oppose but to propose.
So within my response, I will clearly set out why I oppose parts of this un-credible budget. But I will go further.
I will propose solutions to the critical issues facing this country a jobs and standards of living crisis, a foreign exchange crisis and the underlying budget crisis.
My initial concerns about this budget are the un-credible revenue forecasts. From a simple businessmans perspective, if you dont forecast your sales correctly, then the rest of your business is at risk. The 2018 budgets revenue assumptions are, frankly, wrong. Given the state of the economy, you would be an ignorant businessman to assume your revenues were going to increase-by so much...


70 years of fighting for fairness! "IndyWatch Feed National"

Thursday, 23 November 2017

The South Australian Council of Social Service  will today celebrate 70 years of advocacy and working in collaboration with low-income and disadvantaged South Australians, and with the sector that supports them.

SACOSS is also today releasing our 70th Annual Report, and holding our 70th Annual General Meeting and combined 70th birthday party.

Selected highlights in our history last century include:


Sam from Iran - it's much, much worse than bad. "IndyWatch Feed National"

This deserves a much wider audience. According to Article 988 of the Civil Code of the IslamicRepublic of Iran: "Iranian nationals cannot abandon their nationality except on the following conditions: 1 - That they have reached the full age of 25. 2 - That the Council of Ministers has...


By-election #StopAdani gathering with those knagging Nannas! "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

[ Friday, 1 Dec; 12:00 pm; ] We are being visited by a group of 57 Coffs Coast Nannas on their way home from a major Queensland protest against Adani. They have invited us to join them in front of Barnaby's Office. P - L - E - A - S - E come along and have some fun with us - and [...] full article 


Experts Answer Question: How Did Bitcoin Reach $10,000? "IndyWatch Feed National"

Each new rally in Bitcoin is usually spurred on by some amalgamation of factors, but what has happened this year to drive it past $10,000?


Mathew Evans- Keynote Address at Slow Meat Symposium "IndyWatch Feed National"

Mathew Evans, the Gourmet Farmer, gave the keynote address at the Inaugural Slow Meat Symposium held in Daylesford, September 2017.

The post Mathew Evans- Keynote Address at Slow Meat Symposium appeared first on Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance.


A report card on liveability in our cities "IndyWatch Feed National"

This article provides a quick analysis of the 128 page document, Creating Liveable Cities in Australia. Although it does not provide a complete picture, it finds many obvious flaws which suggest that it should not be accepted at its face value.

Creating Liveable Cities in Australia [download from] bills itself as "the first baseline measure of liveability in Australias state and territory capitals. It represents the culmination of five years of research." It warns that, "by 2050 Australias urban population may double, increasing pressure on transport, congestion, infrastructure and housing affordability. Planning that creates compact, pedestrian-friendly and inclusive cities is essential since liveable cities are recognised as part of the solution to chronic disease and health inequities."

The full report is at:
This report also contains a summary of the key points of Creating liveable cities in Australia: Mapping urban policy implementation and evidence-based national liveability indicators, October 2017.

Key Points

The government asserts that:
Governments in Australia and internationally recognise the benefits of urban liveability.
Liveable communities are good for the economy, social inclusion and environmental sustainability, and promote the health and wellbeing of residents. They have affordable housing linked by public transport, walking and cycling paths to workplaces, public open space and all the amenities required for daily living.
The Creating Liveable Cities in Australia report details the first measurement of liveability in Australias state and territory capital cities.
The report maps policy standards designed to create liveable cities and seven domains of urban liveability that also promote the health and wellbeing of Australians walkability, public transport, public open space, housing affordability, employment, and food and alcohol environments.
The report also assesses policy implementation.
In many cases government planning policies are failing to deliver liveability equitably across our cities. Measurable spatial policy standards were identified for only three of the seven key liveability domains......


Historic Family Court win for young transgender people "IndyWatch Feed National"

In a landmark decision today the Full Court of the Family Court has ruled that young people who experience gender dysphoria and wish to undergo hormone treatment may now be able to do so without the approval of the Family Court.

The case of Re Kelvin concerned a 16 year old transgender young man who made an application to the Family Court to approve his testosterone treatment. The case was referred up to the Full Court to reconsider its role in such cases and today the Court ruled that access to hormone treatment would no longer require Court authorisation.

The Human Rights Law Centre represented community organisation A Gender Agenda, to intervene in the case and represent the broader interests of trans and gender diverse people and their families.

Anna Brown, Director of Legal Advocacy at the Human Rights Law Centre said this was a stunning victory for young transgender people.

This will make a profound difference to the lives of many young trans people who will now be relieved of the burden of a costly and unnecessary court process in order to access hormone treatment that supports them to be who they are. Doctors and parents are able make decisions about every other kind of medical treatment for young people - including ethically complex decisions that weigh up risks and the consequences of not undergoing treatment - and gender dysphoria should be no different, said Anna Brown.

The decision departs from the last judgment of the Full Court in Re Jamie, in which trans teenager and now Young Victorian Australian of the Year, Georgie Stone, unsuccessfully challenged the Courts role, and follows extensive criticism by medical and legal experts. The majority judgment by judges Thackary, Strickland & Murphy decided that it was appropriate to depart from Re Jamie in order for the law to reflect the current state of medical knowledge. A minority of two judges decided that the Full Court erred in its application of existing legal principles in Re Jamie and thus the decision should not be followed.

This bizarre legal anomaly was born of outdated attitudes to trans young people and a lack of understanding of just how far medical science and treatment of gender dysphoria has come in recent years. Trans young people are already struggling and to inflict a costly, stressful and time consuming court process was contributing to already alarmingly high levels of depression, self harm and attempted suicide, said Anna Brown.

Sel Cooper, Executive Director of A Gender Agenda, welcomed the decision which removes legal discrimination against young transgender people seeking access to gender affirming hormone therapy.

We see increasing numbers of young people and parents of transgender youth seeking support. Requiring families of tran...


Airlie Beach Stallholder Profile for Halle Rae & Co "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

Stallholder Profile for Halle Rae & Co

Your Name: Zara Daniells
Business Name: Halle Rae & Co
The town I live in: The Whitsundays, Queensland
What do I make?: Halle Rae & Co, designs custom made Mummy & Me Stylish Pieces.
Our Modern Mummy Necklaces & Lanyards are designed and created using an array of silicone and beech wood beads, threaded to our high strength nylon cord with an added safety breakaway clasp. Alternatively, our Modern Mummy Necklaces can be made on to our stainless steel or genui...


A lively debate, followed by the launch of our final 2017 edition "IndyWatch Feed National"

Debate: Its time for a universal basic income? 6pm, Monday 11 December Ballroom, Trades Hall 54 Victoria St, Carlton Free food, free drinks, free event!


Home Invasion & Attempted Murder. Give us our human rights, give us our guns back. "IndyWatch Feed National"
The government claims we do not need guns for self defence. I beg to differ!!!

It is even illegal in Australia for law abiding citizens to purchase or carry pepper spray or tasers. I say forget about the pepper spray & tasers, we want to be legally allowed to purchase & carry firearms for the purpose of self defence & for the defence of our families. This is a human right that we Australian citizens are being denied by our government.

Gun confiscation was never anything to do with the safety of Australian citizens, the fact that there have been no mass shootings since the Port Arthur massacre has nothing to do with it. People are killing other people with knives, such as the massacre in China, & the terrorist attack in London, no guns were used in these killings. But we NEED to be able to use a gun for our defence, do you really want to have to get into a knife fight or defend yourself with just your fists against a bigger person? This is not sensible or practicle.


Govt ignored independent watchdog over water management "IndyWatch Feed National"

The latest report into government water mismanagement by the states independent watchdog has highlighted strikingly similar issues to the ones the department found with previous investigations.

The NSW Ombudsmans department says its their fourth investigation since 2007.

In 2007, we received a complaint that the department responsible for water management at the time had failed to take appropriate action in relation to unlawful farm dams allegedly constructed on a permanently flowing creek or river. The complainant, who owned the property downstream of the dams, had raised the issue with the department as early as 2003-04.

Remarkably the conclusion reads, Reports into the earlier investigations were not made public as we received assurances from the relevant department responsible for water regulation at the time that our concerns and recommendations would be considered and appropriate action taken.

The report says, the underlying structural and systemic problems were either not properly addressed, or if addressed initially, the impetus was not maintained.

These reasons include chronic under-resourcing of the compliance and enforcement roles, the constant stream of restructures and transfers of water regulation responsibilities (seven times since 2007) that resulted in significant staff turnover, loss of corporate memory and poor staff morale, and a clash of cultures between a customer service focus and enforcement obligations.

The insights gained from our earlier investigations demonstrate that the effectiveness of carrying out compliance and enforcement functions has been compromised by a deep cultural clash between a strong focus on customer service to water users on the one hand and the compliance and enforcement activities necessary to maintain the viability and integrity of the water market on the other.

Adequately funded

To avoid the failures of the past, the NSW Ombudsmans report says it is vital that any water compliance and enforcement effort is adequately funded and resourced and staffed by qualified experienced persons with investigative experience.

It is equally important that investigators are supported by, and have easy access to, water expert...


PM finally bows to finance sector inquiry "IndyWatch Feed National"

Prime minister Malcolm Turnbull has finally announced a Royal Commission into the banking sector. Photo AAP Image/Richard Wainwright

Prime minister Malcolm Turnbull has finally announced a Royal Commission into the banking sector. Photo AAP Image/Richard Wainwright

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has bowed to growing internal pressure by setting up a year-long royal commission into misconduct in Australias financial sector.

Having fought off demands for almost two years, the final straw came on Thursday when the big four banks wrote to the government calling for a properly constituted inquiry.

The chairman and CEOs of the Commonwealth, Westpac, National Australia and ANZ banks, in a joint email to Treasurer Scott Morrison, said the political uncertainty surrounding an inquiry was hurting confidence.

The speculation about an inquiry cannot go on, Mr Turnbull told reporters in Canberra.

We have got to stop the banks and our financial services sector being used as a political football.

Cabinet had determined the only way to give all Australians a greater degree of assurance was a royal commission.

But it wont be an open-ended commission inquiry.

It will not put capitalism on trial, as some people in the parliament prefer, and well give it a reporting date of 12 months, Mr Turnbull said.

This should not be a commission that runs forever, costing many hundreds of millions of dollars, as wouldve been the case under some of the proposals.

Mr Morrison is allocating $75 million for the commission which will investigate the nations banks, wealth managers, superannuation providers, insurance companies.

The government will appoint a distinguished former or serving judicial officer to lead the commission with instructions to deliver a final report by February 1, 2019.

The decision heads off a parliamentary commission of inquiry being sought by Nationals senator Barry OSullivan, who has been in discussions all week with coalition colleagues, Labor and the Greens.

The bill could have been brought to the Senate as early as Thursday.

Senator OSullivan said he didnt think it was a case of the Mr...



Stallholder Profile for Silver Glass Fusion

Your name: Aileen Greig
Your business name and facebook/website name and link:
Silver Glass Fusion
Facebook: Aileen Greig silverglassfusion
Instagram: @silverglassfusion
The suburb/town you live in now: Mudjimba
What is it that you make and what skills do you use?:
Since I create jewellery and kiln formed glass, there are two very different skill sets used.
I originally trained as a gold and silversmith, so use those techniques in the jewellery I make.


Everybodys heading for the exit "IndyWatch Feed National"

Emerging in the wake of a British music scene divided along sharp political lines the Clash identified as leftists, the Sex Pistols as anarchists, while the Jam (by way of differentiation rather than conviction) initially aligned themselves with conservatism Morrissey cut a thrillingly protean figure. It was precisely his cultivated opacity, in matters of gender and sexuality especially, that appealed to the kinds of outsiders he made the subjects of so many of his lyrics.


Millennial falcon "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

A feast for the Census

Demographic demigod Bernard Salt wrote a searching piece in The Australian today, with data research from Simon Kuestenmacher picking out future housing market hotspots based upon the growth in the 25 to 50 year old cohorts across certain regions of the country.

One challenge with the intercensal data is that since it relates to the period between 2011 and 2016, it's somewhat limited in that it can only tell you what was happening a few years ago.

Take the example of the Northern Territory, where the economy and prime working age population were on fire until the peak of the mining boom. 

The resources construction boom will not be repeated, however, and today the NT has the lowest population growth of any state or territory (in fact, the population was actually shrinking over the most recent 6 months of estimates). 

Still, it's hard to disagree with many of Salt's conclusions, which included south-east Queensland and Geelong as locations with strong prospects.

Moreover, it's refreshing to see analysis which goes a level deeper than the headline data.

Housing slinky

I've been following demographic statistics with interest, and have been particularly fascinated by the extraordinary growth in the 25 to 32 year old cohort in recent years. 

Somewhat amusingly, when I ran the chart it reminded me of the ingenious childhood toy that could stretch and re-form itself, the 'Slinky'.



Abel: SWF vital for PNG "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

More promises that we have heard time and time before

Salome Vincent | Loop PNG | 29 November 2017

The government has placed considerable importance in establishing the Sovereign Wealth Fund.

Today, Deputy Prime Minister and National Treasurer, Charles Abel, addressed the Mining & Petroleum conference, saying the Fund is a critical part of PNGs medium term strategy in building the countrys economic resilience and saving for future generations.

The National Treasurer addressed a packed conference room, of the governments observations on the mining and petroleum sector.

The notion to set up a Sovereign Wealth Fund stems from four key characteristics that shape how the government should think in driving the sector.

  1. The extractive resources are nite;
  2. The exploitation of the extractive resources represent a Liquidation of natural capital that is a conversion
    to nancial assets;


"What Is There To Fight For?" "IndyWatch Feed National"

"Life is a beautiful, magnificent thing, even to a jellyfish. The trouble is you won't fight. You've given up. But there's something just as inevitable as death. And that's life. Think of the power of the universe- turning the Earth, growing the trees. That's the same power within you-  if you'll only have the courage and the will to use it."
- Charlie Chaplin, 
Calvero's answer to Terry's question: "What is there to fight for?" in Limelight, (1952)


Free Download: Mark Twain, The Mysterious Stranger "IndyWatch Feed National"

"The Mysterious Stranger"
by Mark Twain

"An unfinished novella that Mark Twain worked on periodically from roughly 1890 until his death in 1910. The body of the work is a serious social commentary addressing Twain's ideas of the Moral Sense and the ''damned human race.'' Published posthumously in 1916 by Twain's biographer Albert Bigelow Paine.

I must go now, and we shall not see each other any more."
In this life, Satan, but in another? We shall meet in another, surely?
Then, all tranquilly and soberly, he made the strange answer, There is no other.
A subtle influence blew upon my spirit from his, bringing with it a vague, dim, but blessed and hopeful feeling that the incredible words might be true - even must be true.
Have you never suspected this, Theodor?
No. How could I? But if it can only be true
It is true.
A gust of thankfulness rose in my breast, but a doubt checked it before it could issue in words, and I said, But - but - we have seen that future life - seen it in its actuality, and so
It was a vision - it had no existence.
I could hardly breathe for the great hope that was struggling in me. A vision? - a vi
Life itself is only a vision, a dream.
It was electrical. By God! I had had that very thought a thousand times in my musings!
Nothing exists; all is a dream. God - man - the world - the sun, the moon, the wilderness of stars - a dream, all a dream; they have no existence. Nothing exists save empty space - and you!


Widespread corruption alters Qld election result. Welfare vote could keep ALP in power "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

Voters line up at the Bamaga polling booth on November 25. The outcome of this result has been challenged due to the local returning officer taking home two boxes of uncounted ballot papers.

by staff writers

Election candidates, booth workers and scrutineers again have reported widespread corruption similar to that reported at the 2012 and 2015 state elections run by the dodgy Electoral Commission of Queensland.

Booth workers across the state claim the Labor Party and unions have infiltrated to ECQ to such an extent there is no possibility of this government department carrying out a state election to deliver a clean result.

In the Far North an onslaught against conservative political parties began in earnest at least eight weeks ago.

Many hundreds of election signs erected by party supporters were reported damaged or stolen from roadsides and private property. At an estimated cost of $8 for a corflute sign and $3 for a wooden stake, the financial loss to candidates was crippling.

Candidates have blamed the ALP and the crocodile lovers for the sign thefts. Cairns News hopes the croc...


ONeill tells Papua New Guinea resources sector there will be no new taxes "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Prime Minister Peter ONeill announced no new resources sector taxes.  Source: Business Advantage International

David James | Business Advantage | 29 November 2017

Papua New Guineas Prime Minister, Peter ONeill, told the PNG Mining and Petroleum Conference yesterday that there would be no new taxes for the resources sector. Meanwhile, presentations by the major industry players suggest the next 12 months will be critical in determining the future growth of the sector.

I believe we have emerged stronger, he said. The global economy has turned the corner. We have maintained the faith and we can see light at the end of the tunnel.

ONeill claimed it is time to invest in Papua New Guinea, pointing to the anticipated Total-run Papua LNG project, and the proposed Wafi Golpu and Frieda River mines.

This is not a time for us to make many changes but to maintain discipline.

ONeill said there is an upswing in the g...


Tonga PM Pohiva in fix over portfolio, but euphoric over voters huge support after dissolution "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Caretaker Prime Minister Akilisi Phiva says he is trying to cope with the pressure of making sure his MPs were fairly rewarded with government posts after the election of the Prime Minister.

In an exclusive interview, he told Kaniva News his sitting Ministers could retain their current portfolios.

The Prime Minister, who met with his party at the Fonelua Convention Centre last week, was confident nothing could hinder his partys pathway to power.

However, the caretaker PM was lost for words when he was asked about his reaction to last weeks snap election results.

It was a very, very.., he responded, before pausing briefly. Then his face filled with a jubilant expression.

His Democratic Party won 97 percent or 14 out of 17 parliamentary seats for peoples representatives, allowing them to form the new government without needing the help of the independents or the nobility.

He said this ministerial line up would be totally different from 2014 because the party had won enough seats to form the government, whereas in 2014 they brought in independent MPs.

The Minister of Finance, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister of MEIDECC had been recently assigned to sitting Cabinet ministers after former Finance Minister Tvita Lavemaau and former Deputy Prime Minister Siaosi Sovaleni were dismissed in September.

These Ministries needed ministers of their own, a move that could require new appointments to these ministers other portfolios or new appointments for these Ministries, Phiva said.

The other posts which the Prime Minister has the power to give his MPs are the two governorships for Vavau and Haapai.

Tongas Parliament will elect the next Prime Minister after November 30 when the Writ of Election will be returned to the king.

The new Prime Minster will then elect his new cabinet ministers, including the two governors.

Hon. Phiva said the election results undeniably showed there was increasing support for his democratic party.

In 2014 40, 736 voters went to the polls and about 35 percent (14, 681) voted for the Democrats, while 65 percent (26, 118 votes) voted for independent candidates.

A total of 39, 523 voters went to the poll in last weeks snap election. About 44 percent (17,565) voted for the Democrats, while others voted for non-Democratic Party...


Indias help eyed in roll update for PNG "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Papua New Guinea's Prime Minister Peter ONeill says they are now planning to improve the Common Roll in preparation for the 2022 elections.

He said they would be sending a team to India to see the election electronic system used there.

"The team will be headed by National Planning Minister Richard Maru and Communications Minister Sam Basil and will include officers from the PNG Electoral Commission and Office of the Civil Registry National Identification.

They will go and see the software and structure set up by the Indian government that have delivered their election in a timely basis, the prime minster said.

About 700 million people had voted in India and the elections results came out in a matter of days.

We think that the updating of the Common Roll must be tied in to the National Identification Card system so the India trip is good because the Indian election software system is been adopted by 40 countries.

ONeill provided the Governments brief plan after Opposition Leader Patrick Pruaitch and Nuku MP Joseph Sungi expressed concern that this years election was mismanaged.

Yes, we had incidences of violence and lives and properties have been lost, large number of communities disrupted in relation to election violence, ONeill said.

And now the Government has set up a team to review recommendations from the Commonwealth Secretariat election observers group.

That report is with the Government. The issues that were raised are similar to the 2002, 2007 and 2012 elections like election violence, Common Roll updating, double-voting and so on.

The same issues have been brought up in 2017, said O'Neill.



PNG's Alotau Police complete investigations into priest sex allegations "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

29 victims of the alleged sexual harassment by a Catholic priest at a secondary school in Milne Bay province in Papua New Guinea have had their cases formally investigated and completed by police.

Provincial Police Commander Chief Inspector George Bayagau confirmed that among the 29 victims are five teachers.

He has also instructed the officers from police sexual violence unit handling the case to speed up the process.

We have done case by case reports from all 29 victims and are ready to call the suspect, he said.

He said the victims were from various classes and include male students as well.

In March, police received public complaints of inappropriate behaviour by the priest. At that time, 17 girls, some non-Catholic had complained about what they regarded as inappropriate behaviour by the school chaplain



Samoa Court dismisses Pesetas civil claim against Laauli "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

A civil claim brought by Samoa's Associate Minister of Cabinet and Prime Minister, Peseta Vaifou Tevaga, against former Cabinet Minister, Laaulilemalietoa Polataivao Schmidt and others, in relation to a dispute about a nonu company, has been dismissed. 

The decision was delivered by Supreme Court Justice Tafaoimalo Leilani Tuala-Warren Tuesday.

Justice Tafaoimalo ordered the management of LPA (Nonu Company) to be put back in the hands of Apulu Lance Polu, Martin Jonathan Schwalger and Danny Schwenke, Pesetas son.  

According to the Court ruling, Pesetas claim was filed against Apulu, Schwalger, Laaulilemalietoa and Maota Samoa Convention Complex Limited, Local Partners and Associates Limited and Aldan Civil Engineering Construction Company Limited. 

Peseta is represented by defence Counsel, Leuluaialii Olinda Woodroffe, while the defendants were represented by Semi Leung Wai. 

According to the Court ruling, Pesetas cause of action was prompted by what he claimed to be a breach of directors duties.

He accused them of preventing him from participating in the decisions or activities of the LPA or from entering LPA premises. 

He accused Laauli of taking and having in his possession property of the plaintiff, including nonu juice and vehicles.



PNG's K14 billion budget for 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Papua New Guinea Government will mobilise necessary resources within the tight fiscal envelope to provide growth conditions to set the pace for future growth and development.

The 2018 Capital investment Budget consolidate key interventions that will encourage business activities, generate employment, increase both export and tax revenues, replace import, and broaden and diversify our economic base strengthening renewable sectors and manufacturing.

A total deficit figure of K1987.2 million (US$619 million) has also been factored in, which will be financed through external sources comprising K1613.4 million (US$502 million) and K375.8 million (US$117 million) from domestic sources.

The financing requirement for 2018 will result in total government debt reaching K25, 807.6 million (US$ 8,039.06) by the end of 2018, equivalent to 32.2 percent of GDP.

There are no new surprises in the 2018 Budget as the government introduces taxation measures aimed at improving revenue collection through greater compliance, broadening the tax base more equitably and efficiently and making tax administration simpler and more effective.

Abel, in handing the 2018 Budget in Parliament, themed Review our priorities, refocus our energies and reinforce our strengths, said the government will maintain key priority expenditures in education, health, infrastructure, law and order, agriculture, tourism and small and medium enterprises.

The government has restored the DSIP, PSIP and WSIP in 2018 with each district totalling K880 million (US$274 million) and provinces to receive K10 million (US$3.11million) each totalling K220 million (US$68.5 million) and ward SIPs get K64.4 million (US$20 million).

It has also allocated K300 million (US$93 million) for administrative and logistics preparation for the APEC meeting next year.

The budget for the first time has given a big boost with the introduction of an economic stimulus package that will cost K665.9 million (US$207 million) to grow the economy through agriculture, tourism and SMEs.

Abel said the government is committed to delivering the Alotau Accord 2, as started in the 100-Day Plan, and the 2018 Budget is the second component that should spur economic growth, generate jobs, and empower people through meaningful engagement in economic activities to better themselves.

The government...


Environmental and eco risk unknown in Cooks deep sea mining "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Seabed mining machine

Dateline Pacific | Radio New Zealand | 29 November 2017 

The Cook Islands is exploring the benefits and potential of its deep sea resource.

Beneath the sunlit zones, where the countrys tourism and fishing industries lie, is a largely unexplored and untapped expanse of promise.

Also unexplored is the environmental risk and potential threat to other parts of the economy.

Dominic Godfrey reports.

Five kilometres below the surface of the Cook Islands exclusive economic zone lie manganese deposits which could provide a pathway to prosperity for the country.

The problem is not just getting them to the surface but the environmental impact this may have, as New Zealands principal ocean scientist Malcolm Clark explains.



FixedIt: Man arrested over violent assault is the story "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

The Townsville Bulletin again, with another report on an alleged domestic violence incident and another man erased from the headline.

The man has not been tried but he has been arrested, his name does not have to be in the headline but his existence does.

Headlines are meant to give a precis of the story and this story is not only about what was allegedly done to this woman, it is also about who did it. Hiding the perpetrators of violence from public view and displaying only the victim is doing a great disservice to the victim and the public we are supposed to be informing.

The article itself is accurate reporting of allegations made by the victim and by police:

Inspector Damian Irvine said police would allege a 30-year-old man came to the womans Paskin St house uninvited and forced his way into her home.

The man then allegedly punched her on the nose and mouth, strangled her and held her against her will.

It also added context with a quote from a local police Inspector about the extent of domestic violence in the area and the juxtaposition of White Ribbon Day pledges occurring on the same weekend:

Hundreds of high-profile men throughout Australia pledged to eradicate domestic violence and then the weekend ticks over and we see it time and time again, more and more domestic violence assaults in this area and the rest of Queensland, Insp Irvine said.

Its a shame an otherwise well written article was headlined so badly.

FixedIt is an ongoing project to push back against the medias constant erasure of violent men and blaming of innocent victims. If you would like to help fund it even $5 a month makes a big difference please consider becoming a Patron

Sexual assault, domestic and family violence counselling and support.
24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 
Ph: 1800 737 732 

Suicide Call Back Service
24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Ph: 1300 659 467

Kids Helpline
24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Phone: 1800 55 1800


PNG landowners block access to gas wells over royalty disputes "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

PHOTO: Landowners in PNGs highlands cut down trees to block roads near gas wells in Hela Province. (Supplied)

Eric Tlozek and Bethanie Harriman | ABC News | 29 November 2017

Armed landowners in the Papua New Guinea highlands say they have blocked access to gas wells because of an ongoing dispute with the Government over the payment of royalties.

The landowners in PNGs Hela province have cut down trees and blocked roads and say they have stopped police from taking back control of the area.

They are demanding the PNG Government pay them outstanding royalties, which are the subject of a protracted legal dispute.

They have cut down trees from wellhead B to G, blocking the roads, said Dickson Ango, the chairman of one of the petroleum development licence areas.

The s...


Canning Basin fracking agreement torn up "IndyWatch Feed National"

Environmental groups are celebrating after the last remnant of a fracking joint venture in Western Australias Canning Basin was torn up.

Joint venture partners Buru Energy and Mitsubishi mutually decided to dissolve their 2013 state agreement, and the McGowan government has now introduced legislation to parliament to cancel it.

State agreements are a legal contract between the state government and the proponent of a major project, and the parties share responsibility for developing infrastructure needed for the project.

Buru and Mitsubishi restructured their exploration permits earlier this year so they can separately proceed with projects in the region.

But the state government banned gas fracking in the Perth, South West and Peel regions, and placed a moratorium on fracking throughout the rest of the state earlier this year.

The companies will now have to await the outcome of a scientific fracking inquiry, instigated by the Labor government, before any further activity on the leases.

Piers Verstegen, director of the Conservation Council of WA, said the termination of the joint venture agreement was a win for communities, who have strongly resisted fracking in the Kimberley.

The termination of this agreement should be taken as a clear indication to investors that fracking plans in the Kimberley do not have state government backing, Mr Verstegen said.

Despite the moratorium, the Commonwealth governments Northern Australia Infrastructure Fund continued to support companies seeking to develop fracking projects in the Kimberley, he claimed.

This will be strongly opposed by community and environment groups, Mr Verstegen said.

The post Canning Basin fracking agreement torn up appeared first on Echonetdaily.


Dastyaris position untenable: Bishop "IndyWatch Feed National"

Sam Dastyaris position as a Labor senator is untenable after leaked audio suggested he defended Chinas controversial South China Sea policy in defiance of the ALP stance, Foreign Minister Julie Bishop says.

The Chinese integrity of its borders is a matter for China, Senator Dastyari said in the audio from a press conference with Chinese reporters in June 2016 and published in various media outlets on Wednesday.

Senator Dastyari had previously said he had only incorrectly mumbled an answer to a question he should not have taken.

Ms Bishop called for Senator Dastyaris scalp saying the release of this audio tape is further evidence that his position as a parliamentarian is untenable.

It is time for his lies and his cover-ups to stop, she told reporters in Canberra on Wednesday.Senator Dastyari must reconsider his position as a senator.

Defence Minister Marise Payne joined Ms Bishop in condemning the senator, saying his recklessness shows Labor cant be trusted on defence and national security.

It is clear that Labor cannot be trusted and that they will say anything to Australian media while telling a vastly different story to foreign audiences, she said in a statement.

This is a test of Bill Shortens authority.

Pressure is mounting on Opposition Leader Mr Shorten to remove Senator Dastyari from Labors frontbench again.

Hes a serial offender when it comes to placing himself evidently under the influence of the Chinese government, Attorney-General George Brandis told ABC televisions Lateline program.

After a brief spell in the doghouse last year, Senator Dastyari became deputy opposition whip in the upper house in February.

Labor frontbencher Mark Dreyfus said the senator must be given the opportunity to explain himself.

Im not going to hang, draw and quarter someone on air without hearing what Senator Dastyari might have to say, he told ABC radio.

The audio comes after the NSW Labor powerbroker was reported to have warned Chinese Communist Party-linked political donor Huang Xiangmo his phone was likely being bugged by intelligence agencies during a meeting in Sydney in October 2016.

The reported exchange took place just weeks after Senator Dastyari resigned from the frontbench over his earlier dealings with Mr Huang.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said Senator Dastyari was not on Australias side a claim he rejects.

I expect Turnbull and the Liberals to smear me, but for he and his colleagues to suggest that I am not a true or loyal Australian is incredibly hurtful and hurtful to all overseas-born Australians, Senator Dastyari told AAP....


Gay marriage party to ramp up next week "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Senate is debating amendments to the marriage equality bill. file pic)

The Senate is debating amendments to the marriage equality bill. file pic)

Equality campaigners are expected to keep the champagne on ice following the passage of a landmark bill to legalise same sex marriage in the Senate.

Liberal Dean Smiths largely unamended private members bill was passed on Wednesday with senators voting 43-12 in favour of changing the Marriage Act.

Australian Marriage Equality spokesman Alex Greenwich was expecting low-key celebrations on Wednesday night after the bill cleared its first hurdle.

But he predicts the festivities will really get started next week once the bill passes the lower house.

Debate in the House of Representatives is likely to start on Monday, and a vote is likely before the end of the week.

If any amendments are added, the bill will have to return to the Senate for approval before it goes to the Governor-General for Royal Assent.

Senators were overcome with emotion on Wednesday as the bill sailed through the upper house.

In a world where there are more tensions between people, our country has offered a loving embrace to its own, Senator Smith said.

A few brief moments of joy is what our country has ached for because we know it will result in a lifetime of joy for so many others.

Labor Senate leader Penny Wong said the bills passage was a historic moment.

It says to so many Australians, this parliament, this country, accepts you for who you are, she said.

Your love is not lesser, and nor are you. It says youre one of us.

Attorney-General George Brandis, who made a passionate speech during the debate, said it was a proud moment for democracy.

We should rejoice in what the Australian people have achieved this year, he said.

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DRUNK MUMS "IndyWatch Feed Qld"


Drunk Mums return from a successful European tour with hard-hitting single Hot Flush from their forthcoming EP, Denim, and head out on tour in January.

The forthcoming EP, recorded by bass player and vocalist Adam Ritchie, aka Pissfart Records, shows his skills are constantly improving sonically as can be heard in this latest wrecking ball of a track. Hot Flush has been dug up from the vaults of hell and doesnt mess around when bringing the heat.

An exciting head bang worthy barrage of hits, Denim will be the 5th release from Drunk Mums 4 tracks including previous single Ode To Death, Power Slide, Hot Flush and instant classic Kidnapped.

Seriously get your hands on this 7 because the last one sold out quicker then you can say rocks dead. Folks are saying it sounds like The Ramones and The Saints bulked up on protein powder and had a possessed baby.

The four piece, have built a reputation for their rowdy shows over the years, having played at many of the countrys finest festivals: Cherry Rock, Party in the Paddock, Paradise, Sounds of the Suburbs as well as with the likes of Personal and the Pizzas, Dune Rats and Rich Ramone.

Catch them at one of these dates and pre order your copy now! Out January 8th though Pissfart Records.


Saturday 16 December Geelong Bandroom, Geelong Friday 12 January Miami Sharkbar, Gold Coast Saturday 13 January The Zoo, Brisbane
Friday 19 January Landsdowne Hotel, Sydney Saturday 20 January UOW, Wollongong Thursday 25 January The Eastern, Ballarat Saturday 27 January Ed Castle, Adelaide Friday 2 February The Night Cat, Melbourne


The post...


Allegations of over K2 billion fake revenue in PNGs 2018 Budget "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

The National Alliance Party, which is the second biggest party that forms the Opposition faction in the PNG national parliament are quirying the 2018 National Budget that was passed recently by the PNG government. 

According to NA member Ian Ling-Stuckey, the 2018 Budget assumes that in these tough times, revenues will increase from K10.5 billion in 2017 to K12.7 billion in 2018!  This is just fake news. 

Ian Ling-Stuckey

He says the Government is pretending just K24 million to the Internal Revenue Commission and Customs will produce and extra K755 million in revenue. A return of K31 for every extra K1 in admin costs? Just not credible.
The 2018 Budget released unfortunately lacks credibility. There is over K2 billion of fake revenues in this 2018 budget. This is a false, crumbling building block which cannot sustain the hopes and dreams of the people of PNG. Unfortunately, both the history of this government in over-estimating revenues, and the specific unrealistic assumptions of this budget means it simply lacks the needed c...


Shorten tells Dastyari to resign from Labor positions in Senate - whatever that means "IndyWatch Feed National"

Get him in front of priveleges and have him tossed out! He is a threat to our nation with his loose lying lips and being a plaything for the Chinese Nick of Thyme (@nick_thyme) November 29, 2017 piss weak Shorten grrrrrr RUSSELL GILLIES (@RUSSMAN0007) November 29, 2017


Mysterious Blasts are Being Reported Across the Globe Whats Going On? "IndyWatch Feed National"

Jayson Veley, Natural News
Waking Times Media

From Alabama to Michigan, Idaho to California, Russia to Denmark, experts and non-experts alike are trying to figure out whether these mysterious booms are coming from ground explosions, objects falling from the sky, or something else.

A boom in the state of Alabama, for instance, was heard and felt through 11 counties last Tuesday at around 1:39 CST. An earthquake event has since been ruled out, leaving both average citizens and experts puzzled and without answers.

Just one day later, a similar boom was heard in the state of Idaho, where law enforcement officials still have yet to provide any real explanation. The same thing happened last Saturday in Michigan loud boom, and no explanation.

In Colorado, residents of the towns of Lakewood, Brighton, Lochbuie and Elizabeth reported hearing what many of them described as an explosion or a sonic boom around 9:00 at night. The boom was so powerful that it shook homes and left many people confused, bewildered and frightened.

It was just like boom and the trailer shook, and I thought, what the heck was that? said resident Ray Armijo in an interview with ABC7. It kind of scared me a bit.

Lochbuie Police Chief Tracey McCoy explained to ABC7 that there were no reports of property damage but acknowledged that many residents were shaken up by the mysterious boom. Some stuff in my room visibly moved, said resident Aleja Moronez. Some posters fell off the wall.

With the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and nearby Buckley Air Force Base both claiming that there were no operations going on at the time of the blast, residents of Colorado quickly developed their own unique theories. Some claimed that the sound was a meteorite falling from the sky and exploding in the atmosphere. Others argued that it could have been an earthquake, and some even joked on the Lochbuie Police Departments...


Video: The Darling River is dying "IndyWatch Feed National"


The Darling River is dying under the yoke of greed and mismanagement but for most people it is a case of out of sight, out of mind.
Check out and share this video which takes you on a tour of this once mighty river and some of the issues that are destroying it. Something needs to be done before it is too late.

Video from  Jeremy Buckingham


The Darling River is Dying an explainer

The Darling River is dying under the yoke of greed and mismanagement but for most people it is a case of out of sight, out of mind. Check out and share this video which takes you on a tour of this once mighty river and some of the issues that are destroying it. We need to put the spotlight on this national tragedy and we need a Royal Commission into the administration of the Murray Darling Basin.

Posted by Jeremy Buckingham on Monday, November 27, 2017


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Real estate development is the push behind Port Moresbys growth - Not Government "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Descending into Jacksons on a hot shimmering Port Moresby afternoon I see the once peculiar sun tanned brown savannah is now replaced by sprawling suburbs after suburbs of modern design of compelling style. The mirage or an optical illusion created by the hot surface below made it look like undulating waves of melting steel and glass cascading into an unforgiving white-hot furnace of the fast approaching tarmac. On the hills to the left, you see excavators carving terraces and flattening land for trenches for foundations, utility conduits, and drainage piping. And swarming with carpenters, electricians and plumbers and all manners of tradesmen eager to pitch in to permanently change the once periphery of National Capital District. This is the growth of a remarkable landmark that is now fast defining the Port Moresby landscape.

And who is behind all these concrete pouring and sounds of rhythmic hammers and whining power saws? Is it by some charity group or some long-lost ancestors from the papa lain? Of course not- who would want to throw away hard earned kina of quality abode for free?

Its the real estate developers and their ingenuity. And thanks to Kennedy Estate for leading me through the arcane maze of the biggest gamblers of all the real estate developers. Real estate development is not just about mixing of one's labour with the land in order to achieve a predetermined end. It is a complex business and to start with one will require the knowledge of financing, legal restraints, business and market forecasting, and project supervision.

In urban centers like metro Port Moresby, it is quite challenging because development is often restricted by community zoning laws that segregate the uses of real estate (commercial, residential, recreational, etc.) into different "zones" and not to mention the politics that comes at a time. In order to change the use of a property, developers must usually receive permission from city planners and their uncanny rituals of compliance and rigid conformity.

It is a very risky business indeed. And it is a gamble in every sense where the developers purchase land and either create or renovate the property, risking their resources and capital in the hopes of investment reward.

Amidst the risk and high stake gamble developers such as Kennedy Estate, Glory Estate, Sky View Apartments or the state-owned Duran and Malolo Housing Projects believe...


Market Talk- November 29, 2017 "IndyWatch Feed National"

Asia performed well overnight following on from a strong US session. The Nikkei opened strong and remained well bid into the close. The Yen fell towards the high 111s a loss of around +0.3% on the day. The North Korean missile test with it apparently falling into Japanese waters, was quickly ignored even given the seriousness of the incident. Financials and exporters all leading the rally with futures continuing the trend into US trading hours. We saw moves off-set between the Hang Seng and Shanghai interestingly with financials the worst performers. As commodities gained then so did the Australian ASX closing +0.5% better on the day.

Top talking points for Europe today were the UKs rumoured BREXIT deal expectedly Euro 50bn, and Germanys strong inflation print. UKs Sterling rallied on the talk of an agreed amount taking the currency up to the 1.34 level but obviously made the FTSE a little heavy even closing on the days low. Then, we saw Germanys CPI printed 0.1% firmer at 1.8% than many had expected and resulted in higher core and periphery yields. Although this was encouraging for core the Spanish number fell below expectation at 1.7% against a forecast 1.9%. Gilts were heavily hit as can be evidenced by the list below. the collective Eurozone number is due Thursday. Financials have bounced back recently but the concerns remain even if that is not in todays price. The behind the scenes rumours around OPEC are starting to have a direct impact on the price. Talk that there maybe a lack of consensus resulted with a 1% decline in WTI.

Another day and another record with financials leading the DOW, worth a quick note that retailers are also joining the fun. Q3 GDP showed that the economy expanded by 3.3% exceeding market expectations of a 3% number. Still a lot of fun and games in Bitcoin having broken above the 10k level we quickly saw a run up through 11k only to fade into the close, coincidentally just after the BOE official said investors should do their homework. Word of warning that the NASDAQs performance did not inspire a jump on-board approach and as we are at numbers forecast seven years ago maybe time for a rest. Yellen also commented on concerns the economy could get out of hand...


PNG Communication Workers Union wants removal of Kumul Telikom Holdings board Chairman "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

The PNG Communication Workers Union with the support of its members is calling on the Public Enterprise Minister William Duma, to sack the current Chairman of Kumul Telikom Holdings Limited Board, Mr. Mahesh Patel.
The call comes after some serious allegations were labelled against Mr Patel by the Union regarding mismanagement in office as Chairman.
The Telikom Workers Union President, Mr. Nug Mamtirim said they have already sent a submission containing all the allegations pertaining to Patel's conduct to the Minister on Monday the 27th of November.
The allegations were on his decisions on the 2015 Telikom Acquisition of EMTV for K27million, the 2016 K1.5million Fiber Optic transmission link from Gerehu telephone exchange to City Pharmacy Ltd head office in Gerehu stage six and the 2017 K60million undeclared profit by Telikom PNG Ltd to name some.
Mahesh Patel must be further investigated; therefore, we are calling on the Minister to institute a commission of inquiry or internal investigation into all the allegations thats been captured in the submission that we have given to the Minister, said Mr. Mamtirim.
Telikom PNG Limited has not been running smoothly as other state owned enterprises and with all the allegations now against Mahesh, the Minister must remove him as soon as possible.

Photo: Mr. Mamtirim talking to staffs of Telikom PNG Limited


Vaccine Refusal Increasingly Being Linked to Medical Kidnapping Violation of Civil Rights "IndyWatch Feed National"

James Lyons-Weiler

Dr. James Lyons-Weiler. Image source.

Commentary by Terri LaPoint
Assistant Editor
Health Impact News

Author and research scientist Dr. James Lyons-Weiler, PhD, is concerned about doctors and Child Protective Services overruling parents who choose not to vaccinate.

In a video livestreamed on the Facebook VAXXED page on the evening of Tuesday, November 28, 2017, he said:

In the United States, there is a new rash of what can only be called Medical Kidnap.

He cites stories which are typical of those we have covered at Health Impact News, such as the medical kidnapping of a newborn just a few days ago in Idaho after the parents refused vaccines.

See story:

Baby of Idaho Disabled Mom Seized when Parents Claim Religious Exemption to Vaccines

Dr. Lyons-Weiler poses the questions:

  • Where do parents stand?
  • What are our rights?

When the government acts as though they have the authority to take rights away, thats when people need to stand up. Thats when the people, especially in the United States, have always recognized that we need to stand up.

And I cant imagine a right that is more sacred to a mom than the bonding moments that occur right after birth.

After that bold statement, he alludes to the hormones and emotions that run high immediately after birt...


Vaccine Refusal Increasingly Being Linked to Medical Kidnapping Violation of Civil Rights "IndyWatch Feed National"

James Lyons-Weiler

Dr. James Lyons-Weiler. Image source.

Commentary by Terri LaPoint
Assistant Editor
Health Impact News

Author and research scientist Dr. James Lyons-Weiler, PhD, is concerned about doctors and Child Protective Services overruling parents who choose not to vaccinate.

In a video livestreamed on the Facebook VAXXED page on the evening of Tuesday, November 28, 2017, he said:

In the United States, there is a new rash of what can only be called Medical Kidnap.

He cites stories which are typical of those we have covered at Health Impact News, such as the medical kidnapping of a newborn just a few days ago in Idaho after the parents refused vaccines.

See story:

Baby of Idaho Disabled Mom Seized when Parents Claim Religious Exemption to Vaccines

Dr. Lyons-Weiler poses the questions:

  • Where do parents stand?
  • What are our rights?

When the government acts as though they have the authority to take rights away, thats when people need to stand up. Thats when the people, especially in the United States, have always recognized that we need to stand up.

And I cant imagine a right that is more sacred to a mom than the bonding moments that occur right after birth.

After that bold statement, he alludes to the hormones and emotions that run high immediately after b...


Reserve Bank Geniuses, and Why is Chinas Credit So Important? "IndyWatch Feed National"

Money printed out of thin Chinese air is buying Australian farmland

By Greg Buck

Well, credit is a pseudonym for debt, which is a pseudonym for money printing.

In 2017, we are not allowed to say that the Central Banks are engaged in money printing, because this conjures up notions such as irresponsible, easy way out, kicking the can down the road, money grows on trees etc.  The wo...


Marriage equality is coming and attempts to stop it will fail "IndyWatch Feed National"

Contributed by Adam Carlton

The good news is that the marriage equality bill presented before the Senate has been carried by a 43-12 vote. All amendments aiming to water it down were defeated by a similar margin.

The bill must now go to the House of Representatives. Bills are normally presented here first and then sent to the Senate. But on this occasion, facing disunity within the ranks and the dual citizenship crisis, Malcolm Turnbull closed shop till next week.

Even so, it gets up next week and the strength of the opposition to the amendments, will make it hard to breathe new life into attempts to make changes.

One of the changes sought by opponents of the marriage equality had sought to provide two separate definitions of marriage, which defied the concept of equality.

A second change included the right of parents to withdraw their children from classes,  teaching on matters on marriage that they disagreed with. This change would have breached the concept of equality, and in any case, school curriculum has no business in the marriage act.

There was a measure to protect a person or organisation, holding a traditional view of marriage, wishing to opt out of participating in a same sex marriage.

Then, there was a statement to be included, about freedom of religion and allowing civil celebrants to refuse to perform same sex marriages, because of religious or conscientious beliefs.

The amendments were moved by the governments Attorney-General George Brandis. If they had been supported, the marriage equality bills would have been rendered almost inoperative.

An even worse result would have been that the proposals would have sanctified  discrimination and this would have set a precedent,  which could easily lead to discrimination being legitimised in other places.

Marriage equality is a change that is sweeping across the world and it will become the new norm. It does bring a challenge for those who feel that it goes against the teachings of their faith. others across all faiths do not feel the threat. But for those who do, this does not make it any less real. They need time to adjust to change.

This is not the first time this situation has turned up. There were those who on the basis of faith did not consider they could treat people of a different colour as equals, or did not support giving women the vote. whites were created in the image of God and women were ordained to keep house and not be concerned with worldly matters. Change did come and those who felt threatened good used to the change. Marriage equality will go through the same process.

There will be more attempts to stop it. Change might even be slowed down. It will not be stopped.



Elizabeth "Pocahontas" Warren's in a pickle: Pretending to be Native will continue to haunt her in upcoming elections "IndyWatch Feed National"

When President Donald Trump casually invoked "Pocahontas" during a ceremony honoring Native Americans on Monday, Washington's political class swiftly went into its familiar and usually unfulfilling ritual of trying to decipher his deeper intentions. Was he attempting to purposefully distract media coverage away from the White House's skirmish with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau? Was he simply reaching for cheap levity among a group he was largely unfamiliar with? Or did he view it as an irresistible opportunity to strike at a re-occurring political nemesis who he views as a gathering threat to his re-election prospects in 2020? The president first deemed Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts "Pocahontas" in May of 2016. After Trump had become the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, Warren began coming at him hard on Twitter, vowing to battle his "toxic stew of hatred & insecurity." Never allowing an attack to go unanswered, Trump responded in kind on his favorite social media platform, blasting her "phony Native American heritage."


PNGs 2018 budget: Nice words, poor numbers, strange games "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Can revenue real junp this high
Can PNG's revenue really jump this high?

PAUL FLANAGAN | PNG Economics | Edited

CANBERRA - The new Treasurer Charles Abel released his first budget on Tuesday. This was an opportunity to demonstrate the second term of the O'Neill government would help turn the corner on Papua New Guineas economic mismanagement. So how did it go?

Overall, there are some wonderful sentiments in this first Abel budget. My sense is that he is very genuine in what he is trying to achieve.

But he seems to be let down by the realities of PNG politics.

Protecting  politicians electoral funds, finding money for APEC, trying to regain the upper-hand on the rhetoric of protecting health and education - all within the confines of fiscal responsibility - was simply too much.

Something had to give way in this equation of trying to be responsible while dealing with the political spending pressures. It was revenue credibility.

Ultimately, Abel failed in his attempts to explain why we should believe his claim that revenues will suddenly jump by more than 20% in 2018.

This would be an increase of over K2.2 billion and an extraordinary reversal of collapsing revenues in recent years, as the graph reveals.

Usually, such an increase can be justified by a major tax increase (there isn't one), a major new project which produces revenue (there isn't one in 2018) or a rapid expansion in economic growth (2.4% real growth is not rapid).

For me, Abel's Achilles heel on his budget's revenue credibility were his deceptions in the budget speech.

The Treasurer is so wedded to the earlier post-election claims of his 100-Day Plan that he hides from numbers that show he is failing.

Specifically, he continues to claim the deficit will not go above 2.5% of GDP. This is the first point in his 100-Day Plan, so it is understandable he is sensitive about it.

Throughout his speech, he used old 2017 revenue numbers when his actual budget documents showed an inconveniently lower number....


Criminal bosses belong in a criminal court "IndyWatch Feed National"

This article by Robert Corr (Overland Newsletter 29 November 2017) makes the very good point that in Australia the law makes clear class distinctions. A good example is workplace law. If you are working for a wage, you get one kind of law. If you are an employer, another law applies, if not by the letter, certainly in the application. Robert Corr is a lawyer and legal studies teacher. He was previously a prosecutor in the office of the Commonwealth DPP.

There are different rules in Australia for theft that takes place in the workplace. If money is stolen by a worker, they are prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Crooked bosses who steal wages from their workers not so much.

Compare these cases.

Last month, an employee bookkeeper who used false records to conceal $310,000 misappropriated from her employer, was sentenced to imprisonment for 13 months. As the criminal law requires, the misuse of her position was regarded as a breach of trust that aggravated the offence.

But when a boss uses dodgy bookkeeping and false records to steal wages from their employees, this is not regarded as a breach of trust. Its not even regarded as a crime by the regulator responsible for policing workplace laws.

Just a couple of weeks back, the Federal Court handed down a penalty in a Fair Work Ombudsman civil prosecution, against a boss who systematically stole wages, and used false accounts to hide the truth from workplace inspectors.

Justice Bromwich noted, dryly, that the FWO could not be accused of being heavy-handed or over-zealous in its pursuit of civil penalties.

His honour then included an unusual appendix to his judgment: Postscript observations about the laws proscribing the creation and production of false employee records.

He commented that the case before him involved relatively minor civil regulatory offences, yet the underlying conduct was essentially criminal in nature, evidently designed to conceal underpayments to 85 employees of $583,688.68.

He went on:

The production of the false records to the FWO could have been the subject of a criminal prosecution, for the offence of giving false or misleading information to a Commonwealth entity, or a person exercising powers or functions, in connection with a law of the Commonwealth, contrary to s 137.1 of the Criminal Code (Cth), which carries a maximum penalty of 12 months imprisonment and/o...


Vaccine Refusal Increasingly Being Linked to Medical Kidnapping Violation of Civil Rights "IndyWatch Feed National"

James Lyons-Weiler

Dr. James Lyons-Weiler. Image source.

Commentary by Terri LaPoint
Assistant Editor
Health Impact News

Author and research scientist Dr. James Lyons-Weiler, PhD, is concerned about doctors and Child Protective Services overruling parents who choose not to vaccinate.

In a video livestreamed on the Facebook VAXXED page on the evening of Tuesday, November 28, 2017, he said:

In the United States, there is a new rash of what can only be called Medical Kidnap.

He cites stories which are typical of those we have covered at Health Impact News, such as the medical kidnapping of a newborn just a few days ago in Idaho after the parents refused vaccines.

See story:

Baby of Idaho Disabled Mom Seized when Parents Claim Religious Exemption to Vaccines

Dr. Lyons-Weiler poses the questions:

  • Where do parents stand?
  • What are our rights?

When the government acts as though they have the authority to take rights away, thats when people need to stand up. Thats when the people, especially in the United States, have always recognized that we need to stand up.

And I cant imagine a right that is more sacred to a mom than the bonding moments that occur right after birth.

After that bold statement, he alludes to the hormones and emotions that run high imm...


Scorpions on Dutch Rottum island "IndyWatch Feed National"

This 28 November video, made with a macro lens, shows tiny scorpions on a slipper on the beach of Rottum desert island in the Netherlands.

These small animals are Dactylochelifer latreillii. They are not real scorpions, but pseudoscorpions.

Erwin Goutbeek made this video.


Australian doctors demand access to Manus asylum seekers "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Asylum seekers protest (Fairfax)ADELA SULIMAN | Thomson Reuters Foundation

LONDON - A group of senior Australian doctors have written an open letter to their government citing "great concern" for the physical and mental health of hundreds of asylum seekers cleared from an abandoned Australian-run detention camp in Papua New Guinea.

The doctors outlined a range of concerns from poor hygiene and sanitation to the spread of disease and called for an immediate review of the health of the men still on Manus Island, offering to conduct the medical assessments themselves.

"They, like all human beings, have a universal right enshrined in the United Nations charter to health and well-being. Their political and citizenship status should not affect this right," read the letter, published on Monday.

Australia officially closed the Manus Island detention centre on 31 October after it was declared illegal by a Papua New Guinea court, but the asylum seekers refused to leave to transit centres, stating that they feared for their safety.

Papua New Guinean police cleared the remaining asylum-seekers from the Manus detention complex on Friday, ending a three-week protest which saw some 600 people surviving on rain water and smuggled food and supplies.

The Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection did not immediately respond to a request for comment by the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

In Geneva, the UN refugee agency UNHCR on Friday denounced the use of force by Papua New Guinean police to remove the refugees and asylum seekers and called for Australia to ensure their protection, noting that several refugees were "severely injured" in the raid and needed medical treatment.

The open letter by the doctors follows a separate unanimous vote by members of the Australian Medical Association (AMA) which called on the government to grant access to the centre so doctors could assess health and living conditions.

The international medical charity Mdecins Sans Frontires (MSF) also said in a statement on Sunday that it had been refused entry to assess the health of the detainees after previously being granted authorisation.

"I am very concerned by the fate of the refugees and people seeking asylum in Manus Island's transit centres," said Stewart Co...


Judicial Watch says Clinton-Lynch tarmac meeting docs to be released very soon "IndyWatch Feed National"

Thank God for Judicial Watch! President of Judicial Watch Tom Fitton taunted the Deep State Tuesday when he announced 'the cover-up begins to end' as new Clinton-Lynch tarmac docs are set to be released Thursday. As previously reported, Judicial Watch forced the FBI to admit it has 30 new documents related to the infamous Clinton-Lynch tarmac meeting in mid-October. This is after the FBI originally told Judicial Watch they couldn't locate any records related to the tarmac meeting. Fitton blasted the FBI! "The FBI is out of control. It is stunning that the FBI 'found' these Clinton-Lynch tarmac records only after we caught the agency hiding them in another lawsuit. Judicial Watch will continue to press for answers about the FBI's document games in court. In the meantime, the FBI should stop the stonewall and release these new records immediately."


Whose Futurist Is It, Anyway? "IndyWatch Feed National"

A Letter to the Editor from Ali WILKINS, of Scarborough, who writes in the hope of eliciting an answer to a question Councillor Derek BASTIMAN [Con.], Leader of the Council, keeps dodging: Whose Stephen Joseph Theatre is it, anyway?

The next question must be: Whose Futurist Theatre is it?


Dear Editor,

I know I speak for many others when I say I am dismayed that we are to lose our Futurist Theatre.

The Council says the Futurist is not sustainable yet they have an abundance of money for the SJT which also attracts funding from charities.  SBC, as part of their budget, paid almost 4m to the Stephen Joseph Theatre Trust and continues to pay over 116k per year and in return, no profits but

the SJT are expected to provide the highest possible standard of theatrical experience via the staging of a balanced quality repertoire, in support of the Councils objectives. 

Despite this apparent love of theatre, SBC are unable to work together with the townspeople of Scarborough to keep the much loved larger Futurist.

I was under the impression that the SJT was owned by the Scarborough Theatre Development Trust but according to Cllr Bastiman they (SBC) own the SJT. This was in his written response online to all the people who objected to the Futurist planning application.  I have asked him for clarification but he is apparently unable to answer emails.

This confusion is coming from the Leader. This, along with Cllr Mallorys expenditure figures debacle back in January, does not inspire confidence in their grasp of honesty and transparency.

We are losing our heritage and a valuable asset to our town. Nothing can replace it.

A BIG THANK YOU to Debi Silver, Patricia David and all those fellow members of the public who gave time and support to the Futurist. Sadly, for valiantly taking the lead on this they are in debt to the council. Please help them even if you can only give 1.  Have a collection at work if possible.  Every little helps.

It would be nice though if the council were to write off this debt. Considering we are paying 4m to clear the site, plus any knock on costs, for the exciting Flamingo Land plans. Considering we have paid to clear all the sites for Roland Duce and even given him a 9m unsecured development loan and not forgetting that council members were told and accepted that the Futurist expenditure was 200k more than it actually was 10k is peanuts for this council.


Ali Wilkins.

Ali WILKINS, Scarborou...


8 million possibilities - the PNG national book project "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

PNG Career Development logoJOHN K KAMASUA

PORT MORESBY - PNG Career Development Inc is spearheading a national book project entitled 8 Million Possibilities with the aim of getting Papua New Guineans with good stories to consider writing and submitting them for publication in book form.

If you want to motivate many other Papua New Guineans with your story and achievements, including the challenges and hurdles you overcame, heres an opportunity.

And if you feel your story can inspire young people in the education system, and those starting out on their careers, then its for you too.

We want you to tell us how you began your journey to where you are. In the process you will help many people and organisations.

You will be part of a unique and outstanding group of Papua New Guineans who are contributing their stories and sharing their achievements and life experiences with other people of PNG. 

They will see and read what you are doing and think about their own journey in life and the choices they have made and the goals they have set.

Eventually these stories will form part of a mosaic that will have a ripple effect through eight million Papua New Guineans, inviting them to create their own possibilities.

Thats why we called the project 8 Million Possibilities!

Storytelling is still considered as one of the most effective ways of communicating messages, inspiring people and instilling ideas and concepts.

A male or female child from remote Karimui, Telefomin, Kaintiba or Baining will read your story and be inspired; a young man or woman completing a college or university education will read your story and see themselves doing something with their lives - developing confidence and self-belief.

Your life is a gift and it is meant to be shared with others. And you have and are already sharing aspects of your life in your career with communities, organisations and people you come into contact with.

But life has more meaning if you share a little bit of that story with the next generation of Papua New Guineans.

We are asking you to leave a unique legacy in addition to your other achievements and contributions to PNG.

Let your life inspire and motivate others!

We ask you to view this...


Porkins Policy Radio episode 119 Treasure Trove: JFK and Osama Bin Laden documents with Chuck Ochelli "IndyWatch Feed National"

Chuck Ochelli joins me in the first hour to discuss all the recent news regarding the JFK assassination. Chuck tells us about JFK Lancer Conference, where he gave a presentation and received an award commending him for his work on JFK. We then move onto the recent release of files on the assassination. Chuck and I discuss some of the sensationalism surrounding them such as the Hitler in Colombia files. We also talk about the files that documents the US governments idea to use Soviet planes in false flag attacks in Russia. Chuck and I then explore some of the truly important revelations and confirmations that have come to light. Chuck talks about several files that prove that Priscilla Johnson McMillan was in fact a CIA asset. Chuck also touches on some of the local officials who we can now confirm were involved with the CIA, such as Dallas mayor Earle Cabell. We then discuss the broader implications of this particular release. Chuck and I talk about how the mainstream and alternative media have interpreted these documents. We end by discussing the importance of pursuing
answers to the JFK assassination.

In the second hour I talk about the massive release of documents from the Abbottabad raid back that killed Osama bin Laden. I explain a bit of the history behind the release and the role that the Foundation for Defense of Democracies played. I discuss the initial takeaways that have been reported in the media almost exclusively through FDD and the Long War Journal. I also break down my analysis of the relationship between Iran and Al Qaeda, which has become a major focus of the story. I then raise and attempt to answer several questions I have about the documents in question and the questions over the raid itself and the true history and role of Bin Laden. I talk about the notion that Osama bin Laden was already dead and trove of files is simply a media stunt. I question the ability to gather up 470,000 documents, files, video, audio, etc in the short amount of time that the Navy Seals had. This issue of no internet access and phone lines within the Abbottabad compound is also looked at. Later I explore the ludicrous notion that Bin Laden was running day to day global Al Qaeda operations through letters hand delivered by courier. I finish off by wondering if bin Laden was in fact alive but under house arrest and completely out of the loop. I discuss the idea that he was killed in Pakistan solely for PR purposes. I also talk about where his wives are and why no one has attempted to contact them.



The Peril of Trumps Populist Foreign Policy (Sen. John McCain says this is a must read) "IndyWatch Feed National"

His style of deal-making prizes uncertainty and brinkmanship, without a plan for what comes next.

The Peril of Trumps Populist Foreign Policy

One of Americas senior statesmen predicted earlier this year that Donald Trumps hunger for success would push the president toward a more traditional foreign policy. I countered that it depends on how Mr. Trump defines success. We now have an answer: Mr. Trumps foreign policy reflects his instinct for political realignment at home, based on celebrity populism.

Populist movements feed off grievances and impatience with traditional politics. Frustrationswhether generated by economic distress, social displacement, or cultural challengesfuel skepticism about institutions and elites. Challengers (who want to become the new elite) attack traditional leaders as out of touch, incompetent and corrupt.

Mr. Trump rallies his supporters by proclaiming the three presumptions of populism. First, it professes to reflect the will of a scorned people. Hillary Clinton called them deplorables. The will of the people is intolerant of the give-and-take of pluralism and disdains the identity politics of the Democratic Party.

Second, populism finds and blames enemies, domestic or foreign, who thwart the peoples will. Mr. Trump has mastered insulting such scapegoats......


The Google approach to #FakeNews "IndyWatch Feed National"

Apparently, the world's leading search engine (by a very wide margin) feels that we aren't capable of discerning the difference between news that is propaganda and news that is real. Recent developments that received almost no coverage by the western media show us the lengths that Google is willing to go to in its efforts to protect us from Russian-sourced fake news. Before we go any further in this posting, let's look at a study from 2009 that looked at users online behaviour. According to the study which looked at the internet behaviour of 109 subjects, 91 percent did not go past the first page of internet search engine results and 36 percent of subjects did not go beyond the first three search results. This means that any external "adjustments" to search engine results could be used introduce a significant bias from the perspective of users. At the recent Halifax International Security Forum held in Halifax, Nova Scotia (Canada for those of you that aren't familiar with Canadian geography), during a question and answer session, Alphabet's (the parent company of Google) Executive Chairman, Eric Schmidt made some very interesting and telling comments.


Lebanese PM Hariri issues warning to Hezbollah, refuses to talk about his time in Saudi Arabia "IndyWatch Feed National"

A political standoff in Lebanon continues to intensify, with the country's Prime Minister yet to decide whether he will finally resign or not. Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri has made it plain that he will step down if the Shia Islamist movement Hezbollah refrains from paramilitary activity. Hariri pledged to remain Prime Minister in case Hezbollah "accepted to stick by the state policy of staying out of regional conflicts," according to the French news network CNews. Comment: The above isn't clearly written. Basically, Hariri will stay PM if Hezbollah agrees to sit down and shut up. He's basically telling Lebanon it's him or Hezbollah. He might be disappointed with his people's answer... "They know we have to remain neutral in the region. I don't want a political party in my government that interferes in Arab countries against other Arab countries," CNews quoted him as saying. Comment: Say what? Which Arab countries, precisely? Syria, where they were invited, and where they have been helping to defeat ISIS and al-Qaeda? There's no evidence that Hezbollah is fighting in Yemen with the Houthis.

Lebanese PM Hariri issues warning to Hezbollah, refuses to talk about his time in Saudi Arabia - President Aoun responds "IndyWatch Feed National"

A political standoff in Lebanon continues to intensify, with the country's Prime Minister yet to decide whether he will finally resign or not. Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri has made it plain that he will step down if the Shia Islamist movement Hezbollah refrains from paramilitary activity. Hariri pledged to remain Prime Minister in case Hezbollah "accepted to stick by the state policy of staying out of regional conflicts," according to the French news network CNews. Comment: The above isn't clearly written. Basically, Hariri will stay PM if Hezbollah agrees to sit down and shut up. He's basically telling Lebanon it's him or Hezbollah. He might be disappointed with his people's answer... "They know we have to remain neutral in the region. I don't want a political party in my government that interferes in Arab countries against other Arab countries," CNews quoted him as saying. Comment: Say what? Which Arab countries, precisely? Syria, where they were invited, and where they have been helping to defeat ISIS and al-Qaeda? There's no evidence that Hezbollah is fighting in Yemen with the Houthis.


Significant severe weather event to affect Victoria and NSW, Australia "IndyWatch Feed National"

A significant thunderstorm and rainfall system is developing across southern and eastern Australia with the potential for widespread flooding threat to parts of Victoria and southern and central New South Wales, the Australian Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) warns. The...... Read more


North Koreas Dramatic Missile Launch Proves Long-term U.S. Failures and Trump Is Making It Worse "IndyWatch Feed National"

The fate of the world may now be a Cold War-style balance of mutually assured destruction, even if its not quite mutually assured destruction

Anshel Pfeffer Nov 29, 2017 5:09 PM

read more:


Real People, Real Side Effects: Stories of Sexual Dysfunction "IndyWatch Feed National"

I was speaking with Zakir,1 60, living in Oxford, UK, an old friend I have known most of my life, about what he hated most about being disabled and on psychiatric medication. He answered, All the porn in the world cant help me ejaculate, do you know how uncomfortable that feeling is? Zakir, previously a cricket-playing academic, was what we earlier called a ladies man. Devastatingly charming, he loved women and they loved him right back. A series of forced hospital stints after being sectioned (being sectioned is when you are tried by the court and found to need mandatory psychiatric hospital care) in the UK, allegedly being a danger to his wife and family in a state of psychosis part of bipolar disorder has left him unable to walk, in a wheelchair, and dependent on care. I spoke with his wife about two years ago about the possibility of hiring a masseuse who would help him relax and the possibility of paid sex with someone who understood this condition; such options are available there in the UK. Unfortunately, although she agreed that this may help, he has not had access to these yet. And a cocktail of psychiatric drugs is fed to him every day, possibly making him susceptible to other side effects. Zakir was said to have bipolar disorder and he was a high functioning user for quite a while. Until the sectioning and the strokes.

Research shows that psychiatric drugs seem to have an impact on libido, so I decided to collect more personal stories to complement the evidence of side effects from psychotropic medication already available. For instance, Bella and Shamlou2 begin their paper agreeing that sexual dysfunction is common in patients who take antipsychotics. Gitlin3 corroborates this in his paper, stating that sexual side effects have been described in relation to almost all the major classes of psychotropic medication. He writes of strategies and possibly more medication to combat SSRI (serotonin selective reuptake inhibitors) induced sexual dysfunction.

Vijay Bothe Patil, who lives in Ahmednagar near Pune, reported his inability to get an erection while he was on psychiatric drugs for mental distress due to alcoholism. Although the alcohol decreased desire and libido, when on psychotropic medication, his libido went down to zero, in his words. He claims that no erection, and therefore no penetration, was possible and that after the medication was discontinued, things came back to normal. Sambhav,...


Overlooking The Little Brown Birds. "IndyWatch Feed National"

A Mallee emuwren: it has the advantage of being objectively adorable. Photograph: Dean Ingwersen/BirdLife Australia.

A Mallee emuwren: it has the advantage of being objectively adorable. Photograph: Dean Ingwersen/BirdLife Australia.

People who get into dinosaur watching are always happy to see all birds, even all the hosts of the little brown ones. The Guardian has an interesting article up about endangered birds, and unfortunately, the little brown birds get overlooked in the race to preserve the more colourful ones.

In January 2016, a keen birdwatcher named Dion Hobcroft walked into the Pegarah state forest on Tasmanias King Island with a recorded birdcall and took the first blurry photographs of the King Island brown thornbill.

The brown thornbill, Acanthiza pusilla archibaldi, is a subspecies of the Tasmanian thornbill, distinguished from its cousins on the big island by a slightly longer beak.

It is about 10cm long, coloured various shades of brown, and thoroughly unexciting to the untrained eye. Hobcrofts was only the fourth confirmed sighting since 1974.

Some birds are easy to sell and others are very hard to sell because they are little brown birds

Kate Ravich, King Island natural resource management group

According to a forthcoming review of Australias avian threatened species programs, the King Island brown thornbill is most likely to be the next bird to be declared extinct.

It shares the podium with the King Island scrubtit, Acanthornis magnus greenianus, which, with a population of fewer than 50 adults spread across three isolated areas of ever-shrinking melaleuca swamp, is No 3 on the list.

The orange-bellied parrot, which stops off on King Island on its precarious annual flight from south-western Tasmania to the Victorian coast, and has a wild adult population of fewer than 20 individuals, is the second.

The difference is, you have probably heard of the orange-bellied parrot. As of Wednesday, it had garnered more than 1,700 votes in the Guardians bird of the year poll, and last year a crowdfunding campaign raised $140,000 to fund fieldwork during its breeding season. The thornbill didnt make the list.



Lee Carter blazes trail for democratic socialism in Virginias state parliament "IndyWatch Feed National"

Lee Carter is a 30-year-old socialist who recently defeated Jackson Miller the powerful Republican Whip in Virginias House of Delegates, the state legislature of Virginia. Lee was born into a military family in North Carolina and spent five years in the Marines before moving Virginia, where a workplace accident and subsequent unjust treatment fired []


Social media being used to ruin democracies including Philippines "IndyWatch Feed National"

Social media are increasingly being used to prop up repressive regimes and undermine democracies worldwide, according to a digital diplomacy expert. File

MANILA, Philippines There is an increasing worldwide pattern of social media use to aid repressive regimes and undermine democracy, a digital diplomacy expert said Wednesday.

Damien Spry, a digital diplomacy researcher and consultant based in Hong Kong, said things had greatly changed since the bliss spawned by the Arab Spring which made people see YouTube, Facebook and Twitter as vehicles that could strengthen civil society and the public sphere.

Maybe they werent wrong then, but things are different now. Social media has achieved pariah status. Like Saturn, the internet revolution is devouring its children, Spry wrote in a commentary on the Interpreter, an online publication of the Lowy Institute which is an independent, nonpartisan think tank based in Sydney, Australia.



Same-Sex Marriage Bill Passes Senate and more Zedlines... "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

Senator Dean Smiths bill to legalise same-sex marriage passed the Senate yesterday with 43 votes for, 12 votes against and some senators abstaining from the vote.

In local news,

Queensland Election Update

The ongoing count for Queenslands General State Election continues.

As of 7:30am this morning 79.5% of total votes are counted, with 44 seats called for Labour, 36 for the LNP, 3 for Katters Australian Party, 1 for Pauline Hansons One Nation Party, and 1 for an Independent with 8 seats yet to be called.

Seats yet to be called include Aspley, Gaven, Rockhampton, and Townsville.


Mysterious blasts are being reported across the globe "IndyWatch Feed National"

Mysterious blasts are being heard all over the world and no one can seem to figure out whats causing them.

From Alabama to Michigan, Idaho to California, Russia to Denmark, experts and non-experts alike are trying to figure out whether these mysterious booms are coming from ground explosions, objects falling from the sky, or something else.

A boom in the state of Alabama, for instance, was heard and felt through 11 counties last Tuesday at around 1:39 CST. An earthquake event has since been ruled out, leaving both average citizens and experts puzzled and without answers.

Just one day later, a similar boom was heard in the state of Idaho, where law enforcement officials still have yet to provide any real explanation. The same thing happened last Saturday in Michigan loud boom, and no explanation.

In Colorado, residents of the towns of Lakewood, Brighton, Lochbuie and Elizabeth reported hearing what many of them described as an explosion or a sonic boom around 9:00 at night. The boom was so powerful that it shook homes and left many people confused, bewildered and frightened.

It was just like boom and the trailer shook, and I thought, what the heck was that? said resident Ray Armijo in an interview with ABC7. It kind of scared me a bit.

Lochbuie Police Chief Tracey McCoy explained to ABC7 that there were no reports of property damage but acknowledged that many residents were shaken up by the mysterious boom. Some stuff in my room visibly moved, said resident Aleja Moronez. Some posters fell off the wall.

With the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and nearby Buckley Air Force Base both claiming that there were no operations going on at the time of the blast, residents of Colorado quickly developed their own unique theories. Some claimed that the sound was a meteorite falling from the sky and exploding in the atmosphere. Others argued that it could have been an earthquake, and some even joked on the Lochbuie Police Departments Facebook page that it was an alien invasion.

In addition to Alabama, Idaho Michigan, Colorado, Russia and Denmark, similar booms have been heard in San Diego (November 2nd), Minnesota (November 3rd), Bend, Oregon (November 4th), and Tennessee (November 8th).



Lismore & Ballina: Opponents say documents prove flouride plants failing "IndyWatch Feed National"

Anti-fluoride campaigners are calling for the shutdown of fluoride plants in the Lismore and Ballina areas after documents have apparently revealed a litany of breakdowns and fluoride overdose spikes.

The Fluoride Free Northern Rivers (FFNR) group said documents released under Freedom of Information laws revealed breakdowns at the plants at Corndale, Knockrow, Clunes and Durroughby.

The group also said its plan to launch legal action against selected North Coast councils was still going ahead but had been delayed as they were awaiting judgement from another fluoride challenge currently underway in the Federal Court.

FFNR has accused Rous of failing to provide any information or warning to the public arising from the break downs and overdose spikes that had occurred in the first 20 months of operation of the four fluoride dosing plants

FFNR spokesman Al Oshlack said the group believed Rous Water was in breach of the NSW Fluoride Act by not implementing a proper Emergency Response Plan.

Mr Oshlack said the documents released by Rous revealed there had been at least three fluoride overdose spikes at Corndale, one at Clunes and one at Dorroughby in the first 20 months of operation.

This is in addition to 13 serious break downs and operation failures at Corndale, three at Clunes, five at Dorroughby and four at Knockrow.

Mr Oshlack said the evidence was clear that not only was water fluoridation detrimental to both human health and the environment but the operation of the dosing plants themselves were extremely hazardous.

The released documents reveal a litany of failures and incidents in all four of the fluoride dosing plants operated by Rous some causing overdosing above the NHMRC health standard, he said.

Rous has yet to prepare a proper Emergency Response Plan as required under the Fluoride Act or made the public aware of the truth on what is occurring in these plants.

It is undemocratic and disingenuous for Rous to make a decision carried on the votes of Richmond Valley Councillors to construct and operate these fluoride dosing plants for Lismore City Council residents.

It is more problematic that Rous has chosen to put community health and welfare at risk in order to save face. The situation is scandalous and this virtual cover up may be the tip of an iceberg of what is occurring around the State and country.

We are aware that at Dungog a fluoride spill poisoned the Hamilton River in which the water supply authority was fined otherwise there is a chilling silence around the operation....


Human Rights Law Centre & OECD Watch lodge international complaint over Australia's failure to investigate abuses by Manus Island contractor "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Human Rights Law Centre, 27 November 2017:

Australian companies need to be held to account for human rights abuses they commit overseas, but Australias complaints system is woefully inadequate and in desperate need of reform.

The Human Rights Law Centre and OECD Watch have today requested the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) to investigate the Australian Governments handling of a complaint against its former security contractor G4S in relation to alleged abuse of refugees on Manus Island.

Keren Adams, Director of Legal Advocacy at the HRLC, said Australias OECD National Contact Point, managed by Treasury, has a history of rejecting complaints against companies on spurious grounds.

When accountability mechanisms fail, injustices flourish. The National Contact Point is a toothless tiger that rarely investigates and has never made a finding against a company. It needs a total overhaul, said Ms Adams.

The OECD appeal centres around an earlier complaint brought in 2014 against G4S for its role in the violence on Manus in which Reza Berati was killed and 77 other men were injured. A G4S security guard was one of two men subsequently convicted of the murder.

The Australian National Contact Point ...

Wednesday, 29 November


Hadiyas Encounter With the Courts Reveals the Continued Stranglehold of Brahmanical Order "IndyWatch Feed National"

An adult woman has been infantilised again, this time by a benevolent patriarch the apex court of India.

Hadiya. Credit: Reuters

Hadiya. Credit: Reuters

On November 27, we witnessed an extraordinary encounter in the Supreme Court: a face-to-face meeting between an adult, non-urban, non-elite woman, primarily a regional-language speaker, and three of Indias most powerful legal authorities all senior, elite, English-speaking, urban men. So unique was this experience to the latter that one of them candidly admitted that he had never had such an encounter in his whole career. The young woman was being questioned, but she was no criminal. On the contrary, she was a victim.

The young woman is Hadiya, from Vaikom, Kerala, whose ordeal is well known by now. Kept in illegal custody in her fathers home sanctioned by the Kerala high courts twisted Brahmanical logic, she was finally being heard by the Supreme Court on November 27. The moment she stepped out of that veritable prison, she burst out, shouting to the world her choices. In court, she exuded calm courage and grace while answering the learned judges queries.

I genuinely wanted to reflect on this encounter in the language of modern democratic politics and the Indian constitution. Many have...


The Initiative of Four Emerges in Manila "IndyWatch Feed National"


Previously, we have mentioned that various international forums, which were initially associated with serious positive expectations, have today turned mainly into political vanity fairs. In assessing the peculiarities of the modern global game, these events are not of interest in and of themselves, but in the way the main players behave during these events: participants of a meeting and the topics of their discussion.

The most prominent event during the APEC Member States Summit in the Vietnamese city of Da Nang was the event of the participants of the Trans-Pacific Partnership without the USA project. In the capital of the Philippines, Manila where all the guests from Da Nang moved to and where several forums on the basis of ASEAN took place, the meeting of the leaders of the USA, India, Japan, and Australia came into the spotlight. The American journalists referred to the format of this meeting using the word, Quad.

This term has a history. In 2007, in Manila, the Defense Ministers of the USA, Japan, India, and Australia issued a statement (later supported by Singapore) on the need to form the four-party strategic dialogue within the framework of the ASEAN Regional Forum (which mainly discusses the security problems of Southeast Asia).

This statement received the designation the Initiative of four in media circles. Its only one (but important) practical result was the annual joint American-Indian Malabar military naval exercises. Then Prime Minister of India M. Singh at once rejected the anti-Chinese orientation of the Quad (not formed) and of the aforementioned military exercises.

Soon, the leader of the victorious Labor Party of Australia, Kevin Rudd, who became Prime Minister of the country, finally buried the Quad, it seemed, heading for a drastic improvement in relations with China.

In fact, the word Quad vanished from the media for about ten years. We emphasize, however, that the motives for its appearance in the second half of the past decade have not disappeared. In addition, it can be confidently asserted that since 2007 they have gained more and more weight.



MACKAY Internet restrictions for man accused of grooming child "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

MACKAY November 29, 2017 at 06:03AM ,

Internet restrictions for man accused of grooming child

November 29, 2017 at 06:03AM ,

The man appeared in Mackay Magistrates Court yesterday morning charged with one count each of engaging in sexual activity with a child using a

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,

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MACKAY Busted drink-driving after Great Northern beer binge "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

MACKAY November 29, 2017 at 04:22AM ,

Busted drink-driving after Great Northern beer binge

November 29, 2017 at 04:22AM ,

A MACKAY diesel fitters decision to get behind the wheel after drinking nine cans of Great Northern beer landed him in Mackay Magistrates Court

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,

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MACKAY Man accused of strangling woman released on bail "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

MACKAY November 29, 2017 at 06:03AM ,

Man accused of strangling woman released on bail

November 29, 2017 at 06:03AM ,

Trent Tyson Barrett appeared in Mackay Magistrates Court via video link from prison Tuesday morning in a successful bid to gain bail. The 18-year-old

, ,

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MACKAY Road rage stabbing victim dies, four days on "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

MACKAY November 29, 2017 at 06:26AM ,

Road rage stabbing victim dies, four days on

November 29, 2017 at 06:26AM ,

He tried to drive himself to hospital while bleeding heavily but crashed into another car a short distance from Lyell McEwin Hospital. Mr McLean was

, ,

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How much is your local Target worth? "IndyWatch Feed National"

How much is a Target or a Walmart really worth to your community? When Strong Towns member Jake Krohn heard that his local Target in Fergus Falls, Minnesota was planning to leave town in a few months, he decided to find the answer to this question.

While many of his neighbors and local media were wringing their hands about what a loss this departure would be for Fergus Falls, Jake dug into the tax data behind the Target and presented his findings on his blog. He writes:

Located midway between downtown and the interstate, Target sits on 8.6 acres of land. Its a modest-sized store by Target standards. The taxable value of this parcel is about $2.8 million; on a per acre basis (why this is important) that comes out to about $328k/acre. 

Jake goes on to share the tax value per acre of some other local big box stores including Shopko ($372k/acre) and Walmart ($300k/acre). Through simple modeling, Jake illustrates the tax values of these different properties. The taller the plot, the higher the tax value.

Target (in yellow)
Target (in yellow) ...


RACQ LifeFlight Positions Former Ambulance NSW MBB-BK 117 C-2 (EC145) Helicopter VH-SYG to Bundaberg Airport "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

Spotted at Bundaberg Airport on Wednesday 29 November was RACQ LifeFlight (CHC Helicopters Australia / Lloyd Helicopters) Eurocopter MBB-BK 117 C-2 (EC145) helicopter VH-SYG.

It arrived from Archerfield via the Sunshine Coast on Monday 27 November.

VH-SYG had arrived into Archerfield from the South around 10 days earlier and was spotted resting outside the RACQ LifeFlight hangar on Sunday 19 November.  It appears to have since had minor repaint and have RACQ LifeFlight titles added and now VH-SYG will be operating medical retrieval flights for RACQ LifeFlight out of their Bundaberg Airport base.



"We Learn More..." "IndyWatch Feed National"

"We learn more by looking for the answer to a question and
not finding it than we do from learning the answer itself."
~ Lloyd Alexander


Screen Time Linked to Increased Depressive Symptoms Among Teens "IndyWatch Feed National"

Photo Credit: Rhiannon May, "Sorry for not answering the phone, I'm too busy trying to fly away" (Flickr)


antifa notes (november 29, 2017) : From MUFF to Romper Stomper "IndyWatch Feed National"

First, a few updates: 1) Dick & MUFF Following his batshit, public, and VERY ANGRY reaction to the same-sex marriage ballot surveys majority support, after first doubling-down on his defiance of the (((gay))) agenda and not coincidentally following Continue reading


Should Australia Worry About Chinas Rising Debt? "IndyWatch Feed National"

Chinas huge debt could trigger the next economic crisis, according to a study conducted by the International Monetary fund (IMF). The countrys borrowing reached unsustainable levels, with the non-financial sectors credit doubling in the last 5 years.

Chinas GDP to credit to GDP ratio skyrocketed to over 230% last year.

The IMFs report stated that in order to grow the countrys GDP by 5 trillion Renminbi in the last two years, China needed to obtain more credit amounting to 20 trillion Renminbi.

The report states: International experience suggests that Chinas credit growth is on a dangerous trajectory, with increasing risks of a disruptive adjustment or a marked growth slowdown....


Tim Farron: 'Liberalism isn't very liberal anymore' "IndyWatch Feed National"

British liberalism "isn't very liberal anymore," according former Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron, who claims the movement has "eaten itself." The idea of a unifying set of British values is a "myth," he added. Farron, an evangelical Christian, stood down as the party's leader after two years following a number of occasions on which he was asked whether he considered gay sex to be a sin. He avoided giving a direct answer, saying his views on personal morality did not matter and "we are all sinners." Scrutiny of his religious beliefs persisted during this year's election campaign. He resigned in July, saying: "To be a political leader and to live as a committed Christian, to hold faithfully to the Bible's teaching, has felt impossible to me."


Australia - Opponents say documents prove fluoride plants failing "IndyWatch Feed National"

Anti fluoride protesters outside Rous Water last year. (Picture Robert Hearne)Anti-fluoride campaigners are calling for the shutdown of fluoride plants in the Lismore and Ballina areas after documents have apparently revealed a litany of breakdowns and fluoride overdose spikes.
The Fluoride Free Northern Rivers (FFNR) group said documents released under Freedom of Information laws revealed breakdowns at the plants at Corndale, Knockrow, Clunes and Durroughby.
The group also said its plan to launch legal action against selected North Coast councils was still going ahead but had been delayed as they were awaiting judgement from another fluoride challenge currently underway in the Federal Court.
FFNR has accused Rous of failing to provide any information or warning to the public arising from the break downs and overdose spikes that had occurred in the first 20 months of operation of the four fluoride dosing plants..........................


Jamie Dunn and Aggro in sensational harassment claim "IndyWatch Feed National"

I think we all need some light relief. Thanks to Marcus from Facebook.


Solomon Islands CIP Police arrest male suspect for allegedly defiling an underage girl "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Police at Tulagi in the Central Islands Province of Solomon Islands today 29 November arrested a male suspect for allegedly defiling an underage girl.

The male suspect is alleged to have sexually abused the underage girl on two different occasions.

Acting Provincial Police Commander, Central Islands Province, Inspector Hugo Maelasi says, Statements have already obtained from the victim and her mother after the mother reported the incident to the Police. A case has now been opened and investigations are underway.

It is sad that this alleged defilement incident should happen as the country is currently involved in the 16 Days of Activism Against Violence against women and girls. Men should take the lead in protecting our young girls against such acts instead of abusing them, says Acting PPC Maelasi.

He adds: Parents are also encouraged to look after their children making sure you know where your children are and whose company they are in especially during the coming festive season.

Acting PPC Maelasi appeals to both parties in the alleged defilement case to refrain from taking the law into their own hands but allow the police to investigate the matter.


70,000 Daru Islanders have the chance of combating Tuberculosis "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

By Jacob Marcus, DoH Journalist 

The 70, 000 population of Daru Island has a huge chance of combating tuberculosis (TB) if they turn up for TB checkups at sites.

The department had purchased a new user-friendly state of the art TB screening machine from Netherlands that worth K1.3 million especially to serve the people of Daru and they must not miss that opportunity, according to the health department.
Daru is TB hot spot in the country. It is estimated that every person that contracts the disease, 15 others are infected, the deputy secretary for health-National Health Standard Service (NHSS) Dr Paison Dakulala said.

We need community responses as it is important to take aggressive measures to end TB in Daru, Dr Dakulala is also the co-chair of the Emergency Response for TB (ERT) in the country said.
The island saw an increasing cases of TB and multidrug resistance (MDRTB) that took lives of innocent family in that eponymous town prior to the declaration of an emergency in 2014 and it is still eminent now, according to the department.
However, the NDoH had vigorously taken drastic measures to kick TB out of Daru with the support of the partners, the chairman said adding that the department is adapting to the demands to the challenges.

Daru or the country has best medicines and the new mode of screening too right to cure the TB/MDRTB now! Daru has it right here, he said.
So you must go get yourself checked with our new machine that will detected whether you have TB or not. If you have TB, you get the medicines and get healed, the ERT chairman told a capacity crowd during the unveiling of the TB Mobile Clinic on Thursday last week.
It is called the systematic screening initiative which will be provided for all islanders for checkups. It wont take any minute to do the checkup so I encourage everyone to go for that checkup, Dr Dakulala urged.
The mobile clinic featured popular PNG rugby league star and captain of Hunters Ase Boas kicking the rugby ball out of which depicts the country is kicking TB out of Daru once and for all.
It is understood that TB will be once a thing of the past for the 14.7km2 elliptical island if the islanders do an obligatory checkup.

Dr Dakulala thanked the PNG RFL and the Hunters Team, overseas partners such World Bank, World Vision, Australias Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, World Health Organization Burnett Institute, Australian High Comm...


Hillsong Founder the pedophile Frank Houston and boy victim WNZ1, the first known Wellington New Zealand boy victim "IndyWatch Feed National"

Pastor Brian Houston the head of Hillsong Global Church. Heartless. Refuses to help the boy sexual  abuse victims of his father Pastor Frank Houston the founder of Hillsong Global Church in any way. Hid and sheltered his secret lifelong pedophile father Frank Houston for five years from 1999 to 2004 from the NSW Police and in doing this deprived the boy victims of Justice. Facing looming pedophile protection charges  Brian Houston: Im sorry the victims feel sad, very hurt and alone. Ill remember them in my prayers. Sorry I cant help the victims more.




The Anti-Tourist Guide to Japan "IndyWatch Feed National"

Recently, I had a friend tell me their theory that for many Australians, Japan is the new Bali. Given that the two countries are culturally worlds apart, this still makes a little sense.

Thanks to cheap flights, opposing seasons (Japans summer is Australias winter) and the ongoing fascination with Japanese culture, recent years have seen Aussies arriving en masse to eat, party and travel around this incredibly diverse country.

Though thats great, it also means certain areas are quickly becoming overrun with everything shitty that comes with cashing in on quick tourism cash. So if you want to avoid the masses of foreigners, overpriced restaurants and other tourist traps, heres a guide to the anti-tourist Japan.

If you cant afford Kyoto, try Kamakura
So youve arrived in Tokyo and discovered that a trip to Kyoto is either going to cost you a whole lot of precious time on the overnight bus, or a lot of cash on the shinkansen. Maybe consider popping over to Kamakura, a tidy traditional town close to Tokyo.

Kamakura is referred to as the little Kyoto thanks to its abundance of traditional Japanese stores, temples and restaurants. Technically the little tag is pretty apt, but back in the Kamakura period (11851333), it was actually the capital of Japan.

Encapsulating the best of both worlds, Kamakura is flanked by the sea and mountainous hiking trails. From Tokyo station the JR Yokosuka Line will get you to Kamakura in less than an hour, which for Japanese commuting standards is a cruise.

Bypass Shibuya for Aoyama
Of course you dont want to make it all the way to Tokyo and not visit the iconic Shibuya crossing. With a reported half a million people crossing per day and average 2500 people crossing per light change, its a fascinating study in organised chaos.

But if youre spending more than 10 minutes in the city, odds are youll be making this pilgrimage daily, so its not worth blocking out your itinerary for. Instead check out Aoyama, the more-low key but super high-end (unofficial) fashion capital of Tokyo.

Home to avant-garde fashion outlets like Issey Miyakes experimental Reality Lab, the super zen Caf Kitsune and the best, most authentic pizza bar in all of Tokyo, Pizza Slice...


Cashless welfare, crime data and parliamentary inquiries "IndyWatch Feed National"

I finally got notification from the Senate Committee that they have formally accepted my submission after the Inquiry into the Cashless Debit Card Bill has already concluded! The problem with such long delays in formal acceptance of Inquiry submissions is that in order to be accepted as evidence to a parliamentary inquiry, submitters are told not to publish or share our submissions. The idea here is that submissions can contain information or claims which results in legal action being taken against submission authors and that this threat is mitigated by parliamentary privilege which only comes into effect after a submission is formally accepted by inquiry committees.

These protections are put in place so that people can provide evidence to inquiries without fearing reprisals of the nature meted out to Andie Fox after her piece was published by Fairfax. When people do make credible accusations against other parties in submissions to parliamentary inquiries, the Committee then asks for a response from the other party and the accusing submission is delayed until the response is received and the two are then published together. I expect this is why publication of my CensusFail Submission was delayed and published along with a confidential submission very close to the close of the Inquiry into the 2016 Census.

However such long prohibitions on publishing policy positions on parliamentary inquiries have obvious consequences for transparency and activism for individuals and groups who may want to share submissions with the media or other individuals or groups. Delaying the acceptance of submissions until Inquiries have closed has an impact on their effectiveness in terms of public education.

There are comparatively few named submissions in this inquiry (at time of writing) compared to un-named and confidential submissions and this is likely a direct result of what happened with Andy Fox and robo-debt issue.

I am told my submission will be published at the Inquiry site tomorrow (November 30) however as it has been formally accepted by the Committee I have made it available at the home page of the crime data project that the cashless debit card has inspired.

In the submission I use crime data to illustrate that the QLD regions pegged for blanket income management beginning in 2018 do not reflect the crime rates or social harm...


Milo destroys Australian Muslim activist Emma "for a smarter Australia" Eros "IndyWatch Feed National"

This is Yassmin Abdel Magied's successor Emma "for a smarter Australia" Eros. Emma must have been on the dumb pills for a while. Thank you to Underminder for pointing out this pithy and spot on the money quote in the Youtube comments section. "Lmao she's got that Sydney w*g mum...


Huge actionable intelligence haul from Marine raid on CIA HQ "IndyWatch Feed National"

I posted weeks ago that any effort to secure the CIA could well involve the Marines and possibly Micheal Flynn.  I actually thought that is was likely inevitable simply because it has been running rogue since JFK and long before.  It still demanded clear strategic thinking, often missing.

What this is describing is exactly that but not nearly as clumsy as I anticipated.  It focused on intelligence and left the seats warm.  Better yet, forces were on standby to use all the intelligence immediately and what is slowly becoming apparent is that the US military is acting to interdict all drug sources whatsoever and has been since day one of Trump's presidency.

Other resources are also targeting all forms of child trafficking as well and it now appears that this will culminate in those 4000 sealed indictments on high level pedophiles and corrupt politicians.  He has to have ordered the military to assist in draining the swamp.

Once we wade past the disinformation providing investigative cover, it is clear that the only possible target is what i just described.

The epidemic of foot injuries and the unusual silence out there tells me that many are now in the know and the rest are sleep walking through their roles.  It really cannot be kept quiet much longer and the mountain of indictments tells me that they are simply waiting for the last to be finished off.

In the meantime is is hard to get any confirmation except independent observation of movement and a few connected nods.

Some of the claims made here seem seriously unlikely and certainly premature but also cannot be ruled out.  What appears certain is that we have an intelligence haul that answers clear CIA insubordination regarding the JFK files.  We just have not quite blown up the CIA yet which could be reckless.

Huge actionable intelligence haul from Marine raid on CIA HQ


By Benjamin Fulford White Dragon Society 125 Comments

The good guys are winning, folks, and it will not be long before the last brainwashed slaves are freed from the Khazarian debt-slavery mind-control matrix and the criminals rounded up.

The Marine raid last week on CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia has yielded a huge haul of actionable intelligence, say Pentagon and other sources. [U.S. President Donald] Tr...


Australian Kangaroos name unchanged team for World Cup final "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Kangaroos Coach Mal Meninga has named an unchanged squad for the Rugby League World Cup Final against England on Saturday night at Suncorp Stadium.

This is the culmination of a lot of hard work and I am proud of the efforts of the entire squad leading into the World Cup Final, Meninga said.

It has helped significantly to have an unchanged line-up over the quarter final and semi final stages as we look to build into the Final.

This will be an enormous occasion for the game and for these players and Im sure they will all do their country proud on Saturday night.

The 21-man squad to face England is as follows:

1.Billy Slater
2.Dane Gagai
3.Will Chambers
4.Josh Dugan
5.Valentine Holmes
6.Michael Morgan
7.Cooper Cronk
8.Aaron Woods
9.Cameron Smith (c)
10.David Klemmer
11.Boyd Cordner
12.Matt Gillett
13.Josh McGuire
14.Wade Graham
15.Jordan McLean
16.Reagan Campbell-Gillard
17Tyson Frizell
18.Felise Kaufusi
19.Tom Trbojevic
20.Cameron Munster
21.Ben Hunt

Source: NRL.COM/  NRL Photo


Cameron Smith wins second Golden Boot "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

By Joel Gould, /NRL Photo

Immortality awaits Cameron Smith after he won his second Gold Boot Award and joined an elite group to have been judged the world's best on numerous occasions.

The Melbourne Storm, Queensland Maroons and Australia skipper was presented with the award by RLIF chairman Nigel Wood at a World Cup luncheon in Brisbane on Wednesday, a decade after he won the prestigious gong in 2007.

Smith edged out Tongan wrecking ball Jason Taumalolo to claim the prestigious prize, with England winger Jermaine McGilvary finishing third. Fiji's Suliasi Vunivalu also made the four-man short list.

Only Johnathan Thurston (2011, 2013 and 2015), Darren Lockyer (2003 and 2006) and Andrew Johns (1999 and 2001) had won the coveted Golden Boot more than once prior to Smith.Kangaroos great Brett Kenny, who won the Golden Boot in 1985, said Smith deserved the award after a year where he won the Dally M Medal, led the Storm to a premiership, the Maroons to a State of Origin title and Australia into Saturday's World Cup final against England.

"He's had a great year as captain of Melbourne, Queensland and Australia and is just a phenomenal player who gets better as he gets older," Kenny said.

"Cameron deserves the award for his overall performances.

"Melbourne were the best side by a country mile this year and he was a major driver of that."

Kenny has no doubt Smith who holds the NRL games played record with 358 will break the magic 400 mark and in due course become one of the game's Immortals.

"I reckon if the Kangaroos win this weekend he will call it quits on the international stage, but the way he looks after himself and the way he is playing he will reach the 400-game mark in the NRL within the next two seasons for sure," Kenny said.

"Who knows he might go another 12 months after that. You look at him and he is playing like he is in mid 20s.

Kenny said his 1985 Golden Boot Award still held pride of place in his heart and on display in his home.


Over 3,000 Attend Papua New Guineas First Real Estate Show "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Papua New Guineas first ever real estate show -The 2017 PNG Real Estate Show - organized by, welcomed an influx of over 3000 local and international visitors on the 3rd and 4th of November- hosted at the Sir John Guise Indoor Complex. Over 30 businesses in the real estate industry showcased their services to property renters, buyers and potential investors over the two days.

The aim of in organizing The 2017 PNG Real Estate Show, was to bring as many stakeholders of Papua New Guineas real estate industry together into one easily accessible forum. The company further aimed to provide an opportunity for the general public to learn about the real estate market as a whole in Papua New Guinea and any current and prospective changes taking place.

The event included a wide range of exhibitors from the real estate industry; from real estate agents such as Century 21 Siule Real Estate, The Professionals and Strickland Real Estate, financial institutions such as Bank of South Pacific (BSP), and superannuation companies including Nambawan Super Limited, and National Superannuation Fund (NASFUND).

In addition, PNG Forest Products, Rhodes Builders,Inc and the China Railway Group Limited, showcased a variety of different housing models which could be adopted by home buyers when looking at the construction phase of their new home. Home furnishing businesses; Brian Bell Group and FairPrice Furniture also exhibited their in-house furniture options; ranging from sofas to white ware -and other furnishing necessities.

Guest speakers from across the industry delivered speeches over the two days, including topics such as; Legal implications of apartment development and strata titles, delivered by Mr John Leahy of Leahy Lewin Lowing Sullivan Lawyers, Private sector perspective of addressing affordable housing, by Kym Young, Director of Edai Town, and Ms. Linda Garo of Transpacific Assurance Limited, addressed common questions surrounding home insurance.

Mr Tom Snelling, General Manager of, believed these speeches at the show were important: Education surrounding the property market is sorely lacking in Papua New Guinea and we believe including speakers about relevant topics in the real estate industry was a major draw card. Attendees gave positive feedback on speakers and we have some excellent suggestions for speakers for the next show.

Mr Snelling, reflecting on the show a whole believes the show was considered a success by attendees: Weve actually surveyed attendees and over 1,000 have taken the time to respond, Mr. Snelling continued: 93% of respondents said that they enjoyed, and received value from the show. Moreover, 85% said they wanted to see more exhibitors at the 2018 Show. Over 60% of attendees enquired about the purchasing property at the show- with a...


Queer Refugees And The Struggle For Resources "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

A PhD student on the lived experiences of queer refugee women through the lens of trauma theory and currently undertaking a gender audit for the United Nations High Commission for Refugees, Tina Dixson has been working within the realms of LGBTI+, womens and refugee rights for years.

This morning on All Things Queer, Tina called into the studio to discuss the current Manus Island crisis and how the experiences and lack of resources available for queer identifying refugees makes a difficult process even worse.

Play Tina Dixson


Appearances "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

Ill be at the State Library of Queensland tonight for Science Says!. I dont know what Ive let myself in for, but Im assured it will be fun.

On Sunday, Ill be talking at a Colloquium organized by a group called Sort, on The Wasteful Economics in Resource Recovery.

My last event for the year (I think!) will be a talk about the Economics Nobel award (yes, I know) at the Economics Society of Australia Christmas party. Free for members, probably not of much interest to others.


6 Ancient Books That Completely Defy The Foundation of History As We Know It "IndyWatch Feed National"

Archaeologists have discovered many historic objects and fragments that tell of a time we never knew. As it turns out history as we know it could be entirely different, according to these ancient books!

Archaeologists are incredibly good at preserving old relics, texts, scripts, and even mummified people. Earth is no new planet and she has plenty of miles on her! Humans have inhabited Earth for thousands of years and all their things didnt just disappear. In fact, theyre still here today! Were just sitting on top of them, buried by earth, rocks, trees, oceans, rivers, and lakes! Researchers and archaeologists have discovered many different components of ancient life here on Earth, and some of it defies everything we ever thought we knew about history. Although controversial, these ancient manuscripts, books, and scriptures go against everything weve ever been taught about history and they might be the answer to changing the world.

People can go on and on debating whether or not these ancient books are accurate or even real, but we do know one thing for sure: Government agencies arent shy of covering up and hiding information and if something could be detrimental to the world order in place, they mightve been left no choice but to ignore them. But that doesnt keep it from getting out. All in all, dont let anyone tell you what to believe. Form your beliefs on your own and seek your own truths.

1. The Book of Thoth

One of the most controversial ancient records, the book of Thoth tells a history we have never heard before. It is said that anyone who reads it would be able to understand the means to construe the secrets and master the sea, air, Earth, and space itself. Supposedly it offers unlimited knowledge, written by the Egyptian God of writing and knowledge. The b...


NZ Police Release Video To Recruit New Officers And It Is F*cking Brilliant "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

The Kiwis have released some bloody top-notch ads recently.  In classic Taika Waititi style, it seems theyre embracing their inner cuzzy-bro to great effect.  Check out this police recruitment video and youll be convinced its the best bloody police recruitment video ever

Being a cop must be bloody hard work.

And over in New Zealand, theyre apparently running short of blokes and blokettes who are ready to step up to the plate. I dont know if its because theyve got some mean streets in NZ or if its because most of the population has moved to South-East Queensland, but the big guns have decided a new recruitment vid is required.

And Ive got to say that what theyve come up with is pretty bloody good.  Once again, its nailed the quirky humour.  All its really missing is a ghost chip, bro.

The NZ police force's newest recruit at the time of filming. Classy move, NZ. Credit: NZ Police

This is actually the NZ police forces newest recruit at the time of filming.  Pure class.  Credit: NZ Police

Im not gonna break the bloody thing down for you in detail, but its chock-a-block with real cops, tonnes of career avenues and lots of running.  Seriously, if theres that much running involved in being a cop, Im not interested.  I thought it was all donuts, forensics and speeding tickets.

Anyway, as I mentioned before, this vid uses real cops to tell you exactly what the NZ police force is looking for.  Everyone from their top ranking police commissioner to their newest recruit gets a turn in this great little vid.  And, as a total bonus, its got bloody bloopers!  Who doesnt love bloopers?  Take that, other viral videos!



Blood Pressure Lowered by Probiotics "IndyWatch Feed National"

By Dr. Mercola

There are plenty of medical practitioners who will repeat that eating too much salt will increase your likelihood of developing high blood pressure. Theres a lot of new information on that from a growing number of scientists, and its a salty debate; in fact, Dr. Sean C. Lucan of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine refuted the premise behind then-New York City health czar, Dr. Thomas Farleys war on salt campaign as far back as 2010, calling it misguided and asserting:

We do not know that reducing mean population sodium intake would decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease or save lives For some high-risk heart patients, some studies show, a low-salt diet actually leads to worse cardiovascular disease and early death.1

So if the biggest culprit in high blood pressure isnt eating too much salt, what can be done to lower your blood pressure? One solution resides with your gut bacteria, as regularly consuming probiotics could help relieve your symptoms. Scientists reviewed data from nine studies, all scrutinizing the associations between probiotics and blood pressure. All combined, 543 adults with either normal or high blood pressure levels participated. The researchers concluded:

People who consumed probiotics had an average reduction in systolic blood pressure (the top number in a reading) of about 3.6 millimeters of mercury (mm Hg) and an average reduction in diastolic blood pressure (the bottom number) of about 2.4 mm Hg, compared to those who did not consume probiotics.

Probiotics' benefits seemed greatest among people with elevated blood pressure (higher than 130/85), and probiotics with multiple types of bacteria lowered blood pressure more than those with a single type of bacteria.2

Regular Probiotic Intake is Key

The study, which was published in the journal Hypertension,3 also noted that the word regularly in regard to probiotic intake is key; those who consumed probiotics for less than two months didnt show any positive impact in their blood pressure readings. Lead author Jing Sun, of Griffith University in Australia, noted that even from the relatively small collection of studies he and...


Just Another Night Out "IndyWatch Feed National"

It happened like it did every other weekend. Waltzing up the stairs in an unintentional V formation, we made our entrance into the club: a perfectly emulated slow-mo scene straight out of a Mean Girls movie.

A potent mix of gin and tonic ran through my veins, combined with the stale lingering of my last budget cigarette that sat on the back of my tongue. Bodies morphed into one, a clump of clay bound together by a sickening mix of perspiration and vodka-Fanta residue. Wedging between clusters of people, we formed a train in a desperate bid to make it to the bar for that one last drink, a questionable decision I was no stranger to.

Huddled loosely in the only section of free space available on the dance floor, we sipped politely, scanning the room for potential husbands and despised lovers of ex-boyfriends. I felt a short sharp squeeze of my hand and re-directed my attention towards my friend. She grabbed me with such speed I felt her panic, a sensation that was soon confirmed as my gaze met her widened eyes.

That guy just said to me that he couldnt get past me cos of my big titties.

A foul taste formed in my mouth. An onset of rage followed, a sensation I had grown all-too-familiar with. A sudden blanket of heat made its way up my legs, igniting a fire that spread to the crown of my forehead, creasing firmly between my brows. The bones in my hands clenched in defence as my pores made way for a furious sweat.

He said what?

I envisioned how I would plant my first jab: straight to the jugular, maybe a powerful knee to the balls. Either one was sure to leave him gasping for air, I thought. I remembered the words of my Martial Arts trainer, words we shared in a moment where I was taught how to snap an elbow in one swift movement. He told me he could see the anger in my eyes. The potential for me to go full ape the next time I was groped, whistled at on the street or childishly told to get back in the kitchen.

Pulling me out of the internal conversation that was taking place in my head, my friend shrieked again.

He fucking grabbed at my arse!

That was it. Id snapped. Id passed the point of no return. There was no chance of changing my mind, calming me down, or convincing me it wasnt worth the energy. I swerved past my friend, rage hurling me straight towards an overweight, balding figure. Prodding him with force, I jabbed my...


Fair Australia Prize 2017: the winners "IndyWatch Feed National"

Overland, the National Union of Workers, the Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance, and the National Tertiary Education Union (VIC) are very pleased to announce the winning entries of this years Fair Australia Prize.


Christmas on Tinder "IndyWatch Feed National"

I wake up, grab my phone from the dresser and walk downstairs to the fridge. When I open the door, the cool air releases clouds of mist into the humidity. It is mostly empty. There is a stick of tempeh alone on a shelf. A small Bintang in the side door. In the back sits a black plastic bag. I unwrap it and discover a half-eaten circle of camembert. Its old and stiff, but still tastes creamy and seems an appropriate way to start Christmas.

I throw a cushion onto the floor, sit down and stretch my legs out. It is already unbearably hot, and my sweat drips where my skin touches the tiles. The morning silence is quieter now that the others have gone home for the holidays, leaving three empty bedrooms in the villa.

I eat the cheese while scrolling through Facebook. My feed is lined with photos of friends with families I have never met. Their parents are old and vaguely resemble them, though in a swollen or melted down way. Each smiling picture is tagged with Merry Christmas from the . Some wear reindeer horns on their heads or floppy Santa hats. The lonelier ones have their dogs dressed up in the same way. I wonder why they bother. It is too hot for thoughts like that.

I unpeel from the cushion and drive my scooter to the local pharmacy.

How much for Valium? I ask.

 10,000 each, says the chemist in Indonesian.

Bisa minta 10, I say. Give me 10. Around 10 Australian dollars.

I pay him, smile and say Merry Christmas.

At home in the kitchen, I pop two pills and wash them down with the Bintang in the fridge. It doesnt take long for the Valium to numb.

After 20 minutes, the stiff, hardened parts in my shoulders and neck soften and relax.

I drop my pants and head out into the backyard. The sunlight feels good on my naked thighs and penis. I smile at the cloudless blue sky and jump into the pool. The coolness swallows me. Sounds of scooters revving and birds talking muffle into dimness.

I sit on the tiled bottom and hold my breath.

I shut my eyes and the door on the outside world closes and locks. Im a stone tossed into the centre of the ocean, buried in the sand. Forgotten. Left alone.



AI v Self-Aware "IndyWatch Feed National"


QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; I heard you will be the keynote speaker at the Hack-Miami Programmers conference in 2018. Can I ask a question given your expertise in AI. What is your opinion of Sophia? Is this really AI warranting that she was granted citizenship in Saudi Arabia?

See you in Miami


ANSWER: Sophia is a great development. However, proof that this is not the type of AI everything thinks it is all we need do is listen to a joke. When Sophia is talking to anyone, its really being handed the lines. It might determine when its the right time to say something, but those pithy one-liners arent from the robot. Someone has programmed that. You can ask Google Home a joke and she too will answer. These are scripted lines. The robot can process what you are asking, but it cannot actually create a joke from scratch. It is possible to move toward that, but there is no guarantee every joke would actually be funny.

The AI that people think they are watching is a fully cognitive robot that is self-aware. I wrote a program for my children back in the early 1980s. I installed a Dragon voice board and wrote a program to be a politician. It would interact with my children and record likes and dislikes. When my daughter would go back the next day, it would ask about something it knew like how is your dog.

The politician part came into play whenever it did not understand a line of conversation. It would simply change the subject. My kids would bring friends over and did not understand that the computer I created was not exactly off the shelf. They would tell their friend that their computer talked.

Likewise, Socrates is not cognitive. It understands how to analyze and go well beyond what humans are capable of. However, it is still not self-aware. I personally do not believe a computer can simply become self-aware by evolution. That theory is really based on the idea that t...


Christmas party: Thu 7th December "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

Dearest members, volunteers, friends, supporters new and old,

2017 is almost done! 
Join us on the balcony at Cominos House for one last catch up before the silly season starts. 
Drinks available by donation and nibbles provided. 
If youd like to bring a plate to share it would be most welcome but dont let not having a plate stop you from coming! 

When: Thursday 7th December 6.30 8 pm
Where: Upstairs of Cominos House, 27 29 Greenslopes St North Cairns 
Facebook event:

Heres cheers to a bumper year!

Roz, Bess, Marie & Aisha,
CAFNEC staff

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Sometimes we have to ask for help. "IndyWatch Feed National"

Today marks 60 days since I returned from Australia with a cache of more than 15,000 new documents in The AWU Scandal. That was the last time I asked for your help to keep on keeping on. I published this piece back then. I stand by it. The volume of...


2017 UK UAP files release - Leslie Kean was right "IndyWatch Feed National"


Earlier this year, the UK government's National Archives, released a further batch of fifteen UAP files. I recently had the opportunity to examine the contents of these files. In the files, we find a large number of low-level interest sightings, made by members of the public, police officers, pilots etc., relayed to the Ministry of Defence (MOD) via RAF bases, local police, the Civil Aviation Authority and other agencies. We also find details on a number of cases which cried out for, but did not receive, investigation and analysis. There are also copies of MOD internal memos on a range of topics, including sightings, and policy. There is much correspondence from members of the public asking all sorts of questions. Included in this area, are also, questions from sugch officials as Lord Hill-Norton; MPs, and UAP researchers such as David Clarke.

It is not my intent to conduct an exhaustive analysis of this large set of documents; no doubt others elsewhere, will do this. My intent is to simply sample things which interest me, and will therefore possibly interest readers of this blog.

On 3 February 2011, my former co-blogger, Pauline Wilson, published a blog post titled 'Secret UFO Studies in the USA?'

Pauline noted an intriguing paragraph in a then new book by US author Leslie Kean titled 'UFOs: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials go on Record.' [Harmony Books; New York; 2010.]

Image from my personal book collection
On page 238 of the book, Kean, speaking of an official UK government document wrote:

'...comes close to verifying the existence of such a secret group in America - the only legitimate, confirmed government docume...


These 5 Tips Will Set Your Creative Spark On Fire "IndyWatch Feed National"

What happens when you run out of creative ideas? And where did they come from to begin with? Can you open a secret door to find a creativity engine, prime it with a few pumps and then use that energy to fuel any endeavor from a masterwork in music to a novel approach to solving one of lifes biggest problems? The answer is yes, yes, and yes.

To set your creative spark on fire, you first need to realize where all creativity comes from. It is Infinite. The only thing that limits creativity is you. All ideas come from the Infinite Intelligence of the Universe. When we find ways to crack open the secret storehouse of Infinite treasure that comes in the form of a novel new approach or a profoundly different way of seeing things, we can then do things that the world (and we) see as pure genius.

These ideas were always there. We dont even create them, per se, but instead, open our minds to access the potentiality of all creation. Since its a mammoth task to unlock Infinite Potential, we can break it down into smaller, actionable items that will ensure a steady flow of creative breakthroughs.

1. Read Something New

Originality often consists in linking up ideas whose connection was not previously suspected, wrote W. I. B. Beveridge in the wonderful 1957 tome The Art of Scientific Investigation.  Creative ideas arent usually plucked from thin air, though it can seem as if they arrive in your mind by some spontaneous coincidence. Creativity arises when we put together facts and known constants, but rearrange them in a different way. Even breakthrough ideas often come when a scientist or inventor cross-breeds their current ideologies with information from other fields or artistic endeavors. As Paul Rand, graphic designer once said, The role of the imagination is to create new meanings and to discover connections that, even if obvious, seem to escape detection.

2. Identify Your Own Peculiar Talent, and Then Work With that Oddity

The comedian Jim Carrey learned at a young age that he could make people laugh by doing strange things with his body, even though he grew up poverty-stricken and depressed. Though he might have chosen any number of fields to express his genius science, visual art, mathematics, etc. he found his own peculiar gift and explored it until he could explore it no more.

This is how you ensure creative ideas keep coming your way. If you were born with a specific talent, no matter how unusual, use it to your advantage. Denise Sh...


Loving all this clouds and showers... "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

is such cloudiness and showery goodness very normal for this early in summer?

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Gender Equality in Sport Is the New Final Frontier for Women "IndyWatch Feed National"

A survey has revealed that the gender pay gap in sport is larger than one finds in politics, academia, business and medicine.

Owing to Billie Jean King, tennis has been fairer than most sporting disciplines. Credit: Reuters

Owing to Billie Jean King, tennis has been fairer than most sporting disciplines. Credit: Reuters

There is a sports body which publicly states its aim to achieve gender equity. It also wants to make the sport of cricket more accessible for women and to provide them greater opportunities to become professionals. Many other teams/federations/organisations will claim to do so but the body in question went ahead with a historic financial commitment.

Cricket Australia now spends AUS$55.2 million on professional contracts for women cricketers, up from AUS$7.2 million. But it is an outlier.

This is just one of the facts which emerged from Sporting Intelligences Global Sports Salaries Survey 2017. The website calls its latest report The Gender (In)Equality Issue. That is putting it mildly. As the survey notes, the gender pay gap in sport is larger than one finds in politics, academia, business and medicine. Mind you, the reports data is largely derived from countries that generally do well on economic and social development indicators Sweden, Germany, the US, Australia et al.

There are plenty of numbers which shed light on sports inferior status but the sting lies here Space is no longer the final frontier. Gender equality in sport is. Female astronauts are almost 12 times more preval...




Comunity Development gets K68m


November 29, 2017


Community Development Secretary Anna Solomon is a very happy departmental head as her department received K68 million in 2018 under the 2018 National Budget.


For the first time, sorcery awareness has been allocated K10 million, gender-based violence K10 million, Lukautim Pikinini Act K3 million, and disability another K2 million, among others.


Ms Solomon said yesterday the government was definitely prioritizing its funding and recognizing the importance of social issues in Papua New Guinea hence the huge increase and first of its kind starting next year.


I am a very proud Secretary because not only has the ONeill Government seen the importance of the programs that we have been carrying out, they have allocated funding to that effect, Ms Solomon said.


I thank Prime Minister Peter ONeill and Deputy Prime Minister and Treasurer Charles Abel, also National Planning Minister Richard Maru and the government, who have seen the struggle of this department in addressing the issues that are now being heavily funded here in next years budget.


We will have a massive awareness on sorcery, gender-based violence and, since the launch of the Lukautim Pikinini Act, this was the first time we have been allocated funding.


The 2018 Budget talks about the community and culture sector, which comprises five agencies with the Department for Community Development and Religion as the lead agency.


The focus of the sector is to empower, promote and support youth, gender equality, and persons with disabilities (PWD), the elderly and women. The sector also supports national and international sporting and cultural events.


Over the past five years, the government, with support from development partners, has produced a number of policies, strategies and legislation that drives this sector. These include the national strategy to prevent and respond to gender-based Violence, Family Protection Act 2014, Lukautim Pikinini (Child Protection) Act 2015, child protection policy, national disability policy, youth policy and informal economic policy.

Filed under: Awareness, Community,...


The Senate votes YES to marriage equality "IndyWatch Feed National"

Today the Senate passed the Marriage Amendment (Definition and Religious Freedoms) Bill. The Bill, to amend the Marriage Act, passed 43-12 following days of debate.

Anna Brown, Director of Legal Advocacy at the Human Rights Law Centre and Co-Chair of the Equality Campaign, said Australia was now a step closer to equality for all.

This is a historic day for the LGBTI community, their friends and families. The Australian people voted overwhelmingly for fairness and equality. And today the Australian Senate did too. Every Australian should be treated equally under the law and that includes being able to marry the person they love, said Ms Brown.

The last two days has seen a raft of amendments proposed from One Nation, Independents and Coalition Senators which would have wound back existing discrimination protections for LGBTI Australians. The Bill passed largely unchanged.

During the debate we saw history being made with LGBTI members from all major parties leading the charge. Our supporters in Parliament stared down efforts by religious conservatives to introduce new forms of discrimination against LGBTI people.

When Australia voted yes, it was a yes for true equality for all Australians and not a licence to increase discrimination. The entire purpose of anti-discrimination protections is to ensure that we are all treated fairly and equally in public regardless of who we are or who we love, said Ms Brown.

This victory is the culmination of more than a decades work by supporters of equality. Each and every person who has campaigned for equality, each Australian that stood up and voted yes, and, today, every Senator from every political party that voted in favour of equality, fairness and love.

Next week the Bill moves to the House of Representatives and we urge the parliament to get on with it so Australia can move forward as a fairer and more equal nation. Australians are not interested in delaying marriage equality any longer. Lets get this done, said Ms Brown.

For interviews or further information please call:

Michelle Bennett, Director of Communications, Human Rights Law Centre, 0419 100 519



Ex-Clinton Foundation Official Tied to Bizarre Kindergarten Sexual Abuse Scandal "IndyWatch Feed National"

Source: Zero Hedge | by Tyler Durden

The head of a Beijing kindergarten has been fired after China launched a nationwide investigation into a chain of private schools operated by RYB Education Inc. ($RYB) following claims of abuse at multiple locations. Parents report at least 8 toddlers with mysterious needle marks, while others said their children were forced to take white pills that were supposed to be "a little secret" between the children and teachers, along with some sort of "brown syrup" given to the students. Children were also allegedly stripped naked and forced to stand, or locked in a dark room, one parent said.

An unidentified mother who made a viral video about the abuse told reporters Thursday that her son was was injected with a brown liquid by a teacher and made to strip along with other students before being "examined" by a naked adult male stranger, describing it as an "action like sexual intercourse." When the mother pressed the principal to allow her to review closed circuit footage from the school, she was denied.

Medical examination of eight children confirmed that the injuries were in fact caused by needles, Guanzhuang police report.

Furious parents gathered in front of RYB Education New World Kindergarten on Friday demanding answers, while China's Xinhua news agency reports that children were also sexually molested.

The Beijing kinderga...


K14 Billion For 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"


This Government will mobilise necessary resources within the tight fiscal envelope to provide growth conditions to set the pace for future growth and development.

The 2018 Capital investment Budget consolidate key interventions that will encourage business activities, generate employment, increase both export and tax revenues, replace import, and broaden and diversify our economic base strengthening renewable sectors and manufacturing.

A total deficit figure of K1987.2 million has also been factored in, which will be financed through external sources comprising K1613.4 million and K375.8 million from domestic sources.

The financing requirement for 2018 will result in total government debt reaching K25,807.6 million by the end of 2018, equivalent to 32.2 percent of GDP.

There are no new surprises in the 2018 Budget as the government introduces taxation measures aimed at improving revenue collection through greater compliance, broadening the tax base more equitably and efficiently and making tax administration simpler and more effective.

Mr Abel, in handing the 2018 Budget in Parliament, themed Review our priorities, refocus our energies and reinforce our strengths, said the government will maintain key priority expenditures in education, health, infrastructure, law and order, agriculture, tourism and small and medium enterprises.

The government has restored the DSIP, PSIP and WSIP in 2018 with K10 million to each district totalling K880 million and provinces to receive K10 million each totalling K220 million and ward SIPs get K64.4 million.

It has also allocated K300 million for administrative and logistics preparation for the APEC meeting next year.

The budget for the first time has given a big boost with the introduction of an economic stimulus package that will cost K665.9 million to grow the economy through agriculture, tourism and SMEs.

Mr Abel said the government is committed to delivering the Alotau Accord 2, as started in the 100-Day Plan, and the 2018 Budget is the second component that should spur economic growth, generate jobs, and empower people through meaningful engagemen...


Criminal bosses belong in criminal courts "IndyWatch Feed National"

Thats the root of the Fair Work Ombudsmans cultural problem. There is one law for unions in this country, and another for wage thieves.


Supreme Court condemns PNG LNG as one of many large-scale frauds "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

The Supreme Court has issued a stunning indictment of large-scale resource extraction projects in PNG, labelling them as large scale frauds committed against the true and correct landowners in a judgement delivered on September 25.

The Court singled out the PNG LNG project for special mention as one where the State and the developers have failed to obtain free and informed consent and a social licence for their operations.

The case before the Court concerned trespass and illegal use of customary land by logging giant Rimbunan Hijau, and the court endorsed an earlier award of damages of more than K6 million against the company.

But the Supreme Court decision goes much further in its examination of the issues of social licence and consent and concludes that many landowners around PNG are entitled to compensation from mining, logging and oil and gas companies for the illegal entry, occupation and conduct of their businesses :

What happened here is in fact a sad story that is repeated throughout the country over a long period of time from the colonial administration in the name of opening up wild frontiers for various so called developments and projects. The so called projects and development covers from logging, prospec...


Dastyari. - the same in Chinese, Arabic, Persian or English. Dog. "IndyWatch Feed National"

Members having to resign because of some vague tenuous heritage issue, yet this treacherous little spiv sits on with apparent immunity. Laughable. Rock (@richardrock12) November 29, 2017 Labor senator Sam Dastyari warned wealthy Chinese donor Huang Xiangmo his phone was bugged Labor senator Sam Dastyari warned Chinese Communist...


FixedIt: sexually assaulting children is not sex "IndyWatch Feed National"

Channel Ten reported on a delay in the trial of Philip Wilson, Archbishop of Adelaide, who was charged with failing to report priests who were sexually abusing children.

Archbishop Wilsons guilt or innocence will be determined by the court, but the priest he allegedly failed to report, James Fletcher, was convicted in 2004 on nine charges of assault and aggravated indecency. None of these charges involved sex, they were charges of sexual abuse. Sex and sexual abuse are not the same thing.

Children cannot have sex. Sex requires consent, children cannot legally or morally give consent so it is not sex. Rape, sexual abuse and sex are not the same thing and they can not be used interchangeably in headlines.

Here are the reasons this matters, in every case, with every headline.

The victim impact statements from child abuse trials are harrowing, a testament to the lifelong injuries suffered by people who were sexually abused as children. They are the litany of drug addition, alcohol dependence, gambling problems, depression, crippling anxiety, relationship breakdowns, suicidal thoughts, shame, self-hatred, mistrust of others and long term emotional damage so common in survivors of child sexual abuse. Children who have been abused are also significantly more likely to suffer further abuse, both as children and as adults.

The effects of sexual abuse of children then lead to the cycle of horror where victims become unreliable witnesses to their own abuse.

When the media, as it so persistently does, labels sexual abuse of children as child sex, we are weakening the public understanding of the extent and effect of such abuse. This has serious effects. A study conducted for the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse found that juries who have a better understanding of the facts of child sexual abuse are less likely to make mistakes in their assessment of evidence given in court.

Children cannot have sex with adults. Sex requires consent and children, by definition, cannot give consent, so its not sex. Its rape, its child abuse, its sexual abuse, its any number of terms that accurately describe a crime. An act perpetrated on an innocent victim, someone who was unable to defend themselves from the violence done to them, and who suffers for yea...


November Ecotone has arrived! "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

Ecotone is our quarterly magazine. Our members receive an annual subscription to Ecotone a great way to keep up to date with the latest issues and find out about upcoming events.

Check out the latest edition:

Ecotone November 2017
Features include articles on:

CAFNECs assessment of the Queensland election, Agile Wallaby crowding, Tree-clearing crisis, Native bees, Divers for Reef Conservation, MangroveWatch in action, Regenerative farming, East Trinity and its future, Water and agriculture in the north. 

Check out the previous edition:
Ecotone August 2017
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Name Size Hits...


Forests or the Illegal Logger Who is Really Under Threat? "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

A bulldozer flattens the earth after forests have been cleared in West Pomio. Local landowners are protesting against the biggest land grab in PNG history. Under a lease system called SABLs (special agricultural and business leases) forests are being destroyed and customary land is being stolen. Credit: Paul Hilton/Greenpeace.

By Frederic Mousseau, Oakland Institute

The forestry industry is on the brink of disaster warned Bob Tate, the head of the Papua New Guinea Forest Industries Association (PNGFIA) on November 22, 2017. According to Tate, a spokesperson for the logging companies clear cutting the forests of Papua New Guinea (PNG), increase in log export taxes put in place by the government this year, combined with low international prices for tropical timber, are putting the industry at risk.

Is the forestry industry in PNG really on the brink of disaster or is Mr. Tate just delusional?

One may legitimately question Tates credibility given he works for an industry that is far from transparent in its operations and notoriously involved in a number of illegal activities in PNG, including misrepresentation of financial returns.

Tate laments the increase in the log export tax, which was announced by the government in November 2016 following the Oakland Institutes expos that brought forward evidence of massive tax evasion by logging companies.

The Great Timber Heist: The Logging Industry in Papua New Guinea alleged that financial misreporting by logging companies resulted in nonpayment of hundreds of millions of dollars in taxesvitally needed revenue for the country. Despite decades of operations in PNG, logging companies barely declare any profit as evidenced by the official tax filings of most firms that report losses year after year. Not responding to requests for interview, Mr. Tate never explained why these companies are still in business if they dont make profits. Tax evasion allegedly occurs through transfer pricingunderpricing exports and overpricing ex...


Pacific trade deal PACER-Plus is PACER-minus without PNG and Fiji "IndyWatch Feed National"

Media Release, November 29, 2017: The PACER-plus trade deal withPacific Islands tabled in the Senate today has not been signed by Papua New Guinea and Fiji, the two largest Pacific island economies, which together represent over 80% of GDP of the combined island economies, AFTINET Convener Dr Patricia Ranald said today.

Without the two largest Pacific Island economies, PACER-plus has failed as a regional agreement and should really be called PACER-minus.

Dr Ranald said that PNG and Fijis unwillingness to participate also demonstrates that the agreement is heavily skewed towards the interests of Australia and New Zealand - despite early rhetoric that the agreement was as much about development as it was about reducing trade barriers.

Dr Ranald said that Pacific island countries already have tariff free access for their goods in Australia.

The main purpose of PACER-plus is to reduce tariffs on Pacific island imports from Australia and New Zealand, which will affect local industries. It will also affect the ability of governments to regulate foreign investment in services and other sectors. PNG and Fiji have both said that the agreement does not allow them to develop their infant industries and would restrict government regulation in other areas, said Dr Ranald.

Tariff reductions could lead to significant revenue losses for smaller Pacific Islands, and it is unclear how these losses can be offset. This could impact on the ability of these governments to provide essential services to their populations, said Dr Ranald.

The concerns of Pacific Island civil society about these issues are documented in a report by the Pacific Network on Globalisation: Defending Pacific ways of life: A Peoples Social Impact Assessment of PACER-Plus. This called for independent assessments of the social impact of the agreement in Pacific island economies.

The Senate tabling triggers an inquiry by the Joint Standing Committee on Treaties, and community organisations will be making submissions. We support the call of Pacific island civ...


Human Rights. David Leyonhjelm is correct: Australians should be able to arm themselves against terror "IndyWatch Feed National"

These basic human rights are:
Universal: they belong to all of us everybody in the world.
Inalienable: they cannot be taken away from us.
Indivisible and interdependent: governments should not be able to pick and choose which rights are respected.
Article 1 Everyone is born free and equal in dignity and with rights.
Article 2 You should never be discriminated against for any reason. Rights belong to all people, whatever our differences.
Article 3 Everyone has t...


When the Rockefeller Trilateral Commission Exposed its own Secret "IndyWatch Feed National"

When the Rockefeller Trilateral Commission Exposed its own Secret | david-rockefeller | Economy & Business Globalism Government Rockefellers Sleuth Journal Special Interests Trilateral Commission World News

By Jon Rappoport, No More Fake News |

Now and then, I republish an explosive interview with two Rockefeller Trilateral Commission members, highlighting how much political power can be controlled in a few hands.

People often misunderstand how the game works. In the area of US foreign policy, for example, they focus on the long-standing rats nest called the State Department.

Well, they should. But that bureaucracy implements policy. It doesnt really formulate the basics. The basics come from higher on the food chain.

The Globalist movementwithin which the Trilateral Commission is a leading forcedictates a one-world theme. Separate nations and their power should be melted down and folded into one planet-wide management system.

This system would ultimately determine worldwide production quotas for goods and services, and their distribution. Energy, in particular, is a prime target. How much will be created? Who will benefit? Who will suffer?

The US federal government and other governments around the world are currently trying to bring us closer to that utopian day.

Who sits in the shadows pulling their strings?

Here is another question that has the same answer: who is in charge of undermining free markets and thus taking down economies?

One group has been virtually forgotten. Its influence is enormous. It has existed since 1973.

Its called the Trilateral Commission (TC).

Keep in mind that the original stated goal of the TC was to create a new international economic order.

In 1969, four years before birthing the TC with David Rockefeller, Zbigniew Brzezinski wrote: [The] nation state as a fundamen...


Online survey probes licensing and training "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

Queensland riders are being asked to fill out a short online survey that will help researchers determine the effectiveness of new motorcycle licensing.

Click on this link to take the survey which only takes a few minutes, depending on your responses to some questions.

For example, if you respond yes when asked if youve had a crash you will be directed to a few questions about it.

Similarly, if you have an RE licence you will be directed to questions about when you did Q-Ride/Q-Safe, but you will skip those if youve had an open licence for a couple of years or more.

There is also an opportunity for riders to have a say on what issues affect them most.

They could include education, training, licensing, but you could also mention tolls, parking and any other issues.

The Queensland Motorcycle and Scooter Rider Survey survey is part of an ongoing motorcycle safety research program conducted by the Centre for Accident Research and Road Safety Queensland (CARRS-Q) at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT).

CARRS-Q research associate and Triumph Street Triple rider Ross Blackman says the survey takes the same format as past surveys so they can assess any changes in responses to behavioural questions.CARRS-Q QUT researcher dr Ross Blackman Motorbike online survey

He says this could potentially be attributable to changes in the licensing and training process and/or other factors.

New questions include types of motorcycle/scooter ridden, crash history, preferred safety information sources and recall of safety campaigns.

We could only recall the Sixth Sense campaign, but couldnt remember what was the point of the campaign!...


Can Labor deliver an Indigenous voice to Parliament? - RN Drive - ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) "IndyWatch Feed National"

Can Labor deliver an Indigenous voice to Parliament? - RN Drive - ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation): Speaking with RN Drive yesterday, the Director of the Cape York Institute said he will now seek to work with progressive governments from the left in search of meaningful recognition.

So if bipartisanship on Indigenous recognition is lost for now, could a future Labor Government find another way?


Risky Business #479 -- Oh, Uber. Oh, Apple. "IndyWatch Feed National"

On this weeks show were speaking with Susan Hennessey, a Fellow in National Security in Governance Studies at the Brookings Institution and managing editor of Lawfare. Were talking to her about cross-border law enforcement in the Internet age.

We hear a lot of people in the infosec community expressing some discomfort with the FBIs use of Network Investigative Techniques designed to de-cloak Tor users. Susan pops by to explain why the FBI and other law enforcement bodies arent worried about the international ramifications of dropping de-cloaking technique on the whole planet.

We also cover off a few of the other issues around how data can be turned over to various governments. Its a fascinating chat and its coming up after the news.

This weeks show is brought to you by Tenable Security. In this weeks sponsor slot well be hearing from Ray Komar, Tenables VP of technical alliances. Were talking to Ray about a partnership Tenable has formed with Siemens. Theyre trying to tackle the issue of tracking vulnerabilities in industrial control system equipment, but as youll hear, people arent actually buying it so much for the vulnerability tracking side, theyre buying it for the visibility side. It turns out dropping a passive scanner on your ICS network is a good way to know whats actually ON your ICS network.

As always, Adam Boileau pops in to discuss the security news. We cover:

  • The Uber hack
  • Apples comedy root bug
  • Krebs on possible Shadowbrokers link
  • Charges against more Chinese APT operators and Iranian HBO attacker
  • More hack back legislation action
  • Intel ME bug details
  • Golden SAML
  • MOAR

Links to everything are below, and you can follow Patrick or Adam on Twitter if thats your thing.


Former Australians of the year send letter over Manus "IndyWatch Feed National"

Below is a copy of a letter sent by a formidable list of former Australians of the Year to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and the opposition leader Bill Shorten. This has been contributed by Georgina Gartland. The letter is reproduced below, with no further comment, because it speaks for itself.

Dear Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull and Opposition Leader, Bill Shorten,

We, as former Australians of the Year, representing the hearts and minds of the nation, are deeply concerned about the health and human disaster that is unfolding on Manus Island.
In the coming days, it is inevitable that people will become sick and even die through the lack of basic sanitation, food, water, and medical care.

Australians from all walks of life, from all sides of the political spectrum, are hoping that the Government with the support of the Opposition will now move to prevent these consequences of neglect. We believe that it is time to stop the unacceptable and internationally criticised treatment of the refugees on Manus Island, who, though innocent of any crime, have been incarcerated and now abandoned there.

This treatment does not represent who we are as Australians, or indeed as human beings.

We should not withhold water from people, nor withhold food; we should not leave seriously ill people to die without medication and treatment.

We are also concerned about Australias international reputation in human rights. It seems that both our major political parties have failed to meet their most basic obligations under the United Nations Refugee Convention, one that our country helped to negotiate and which we signed in 1951.

The irony of Australias recent appointment to the UN Council for Human Rights is palpable. Do we now condemn our own actions?

We plead with you to immediately restore all essential services to the men on Manus Island. Please allow the Australian Medical Association to provide medical and preventive care, as they have recently offered, as soon as possible. At the same time please find safe haven for the acknowledged genuine refugees without any further delay.

We cannot see any good for Australia to pursue this policy in connection with Manus Island. We believe that the Australian Government is the one that needs to act in this matter and not the government of Papua New Guinea.

Yours sincerely

Australians of the Year

2015 Rosie Batty
2013 Ita Buttrose
2011 Simon McKeon
2010 Patrick McGorry
2009 Mick Dodson
2007 Tim Flannery
2005 Fiona Wood
2003 Fiona Stanley
2000 Gustav Nossal
1997 Peter Doherty
1996 John Yu
1983 Robert de Castella



Mining Incentives Cutting Revenue Sources "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Post Courier | November 29, 2017

As the country still depends on the extractive industry, its current tendency to provide tax incentives in the forms of infrastructure tax credit schemes, tax holidays and other incentives will continue to affect its revenue sources.

PNG National Research Institute senior researcher, Dr Francis Odhuno, outlined this during discussions over the institutes latest preliminary report on a leaner tax incentive policy in the extractive sector.

In PNG, the mining, oil and gas, are the major taxpayers in the sectors. So the amounts they contribute are also huge in terms of the expected amount that the government should be collecting from them is sizable enough, said Dr Odhuno.

Once you slice a percentage off it and give them back the credit, and remember it is not only the infrastructure tax credit that they get, they also have other incentives. Some of them pay nearly nothing a few of them pay a lot, but they dont match the amount the government needs to spread out social services.

Dr Odhuno suggested the government maintain its responsibility in the areas of service deliv...


19 killed, thousands of homes affected as floods and landslides hit Java, Indonesia "IndyWatch Feed National"

At least 11 people have been killed after heavy rain produced by Tropical Cyclone "Cempaka" triggered severe floods and landslides in East Java, Indonesia on November 28, 2017. Cempaka is the first named storm of the 2017/18 Australian region cyclone...... Read more


Papua New Guineas 2018 Budget signals a shift away from dependence on the resources sector "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

The Papua New Guinea Treasurer has handed down the countrys 2018 National Budget. It indicates that the government is looking to focus more on the non-mining sectors of the economy, and shore up revenues.

Treasurer Charles Abel has tabled the 2018 Budget. Credit: The National

Presenting his first National Budget, the Treasurer Charles Abel announced that the projected income, including grants, would be K12.73 billion and expenses would be K14.71 billion, leaving a shortfall of K1.99 billion. The budget deficit for 2018 is estimated at 2.5 per cent of GDP.

Economic growth is projected to be 2.4 per cent next year, driven mainly by the non-mining sectors of the economy.

Inflation is projected to be 5.9 per cent and the provincial sector will receive K3.9 billion, or 26.7 per cent of the total outlays, Abel said.

The Prime Minister Peter ONeill said the focus in the Budget is on boosting agriculture, tourism, manufacturing and SMEs.


The Budget has four pillars: a medium term revenue strategy, a medium term expenditure strategy, a fiscal deficit strategy and a debt management strategy.

The PNG Government expects a substantial increase of 14.2 per cent in revenue in 2018.

According to a KPMG Budget Brief, the Budget is an ambitious attempt to combat the multiple issues currently impacting the PNG economy.

The report says the PNG Government expects a substantial increase of 14.2 per cent in revenue in 2018, stemming mainly from increases in taxes on goods and services and international trade and transactions taxes, together with a much increased pass through from collections by Government agencies and dividends.

There will be a focus on tax compliance activities in an attempt to reverse a significant reversal from the recent trend of declining revenue.



Gerry Adams calls for Irish veto on Brexit unless Britain provides written guarantee "IndyWatch Feed National"

Contributed from Victoria

The Uk and Ireland are facing a showdown over Brexit. The UK retains control over that part of the island known as Northern Ireland.

The threat is that Brexit without a satisfactory agreement would put a question mark over trade between Ireland and Northern Ireland and between both at Britain.

Theresa Mays Conservative Party government is due to have the next round of talks with the European Union in on 14 and 15 of December.

Gerry Adams, the leader of the Republican Sinn Fein has called on the Irish leader (Taoiseach),Leo Varadkar, to block the December talks by using the veto power, unless there is a written guarantee that the border with the North will remain open.

Brexit is not popular in Northern Ireland either. Despite this, the leading Protestant party the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) continues to prioritise keeping the Conservatives in government in London, and is doing nothing and about a process,  which will pull the north out of the European Union.

Gerry Adams accused them of being totally irrational and illogical and being disrespectful that the people of the north voted to remain [in the EU] and that should be upheld.

Brexit in British Tory terms is bad for every single person on this island and bad for the economy. We need to be standing very firm. The North needs to be kept in the European Union, he added.

There is a fear that if the border between the two parts of Ireland hardens, there will be set back in the process of peace and reconciliation and a return to the unrest of the past. Last years collapse of the Stormont assemby, where the DUP walked away from the power sharing agreement with the republican side, showed that there remains a major gulf between the two sides.

A block on trade and movement of people across the border is bound to create further tension.

At this point, the British government is keeping the cards close to its chest and is refusing to give any guarantee.



The post Gerry Adams calls for Irish veto on Brexit unless Britain provides written guarantee appeared first on The Pen.


In brief: Central bank maintains monetary policy stance, and other business stories "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

BPNGs monetary policy unchanged, Minister wants real estate industry controlled, and debit card usage to double in the next 12 months. Your weekly digest of the latest business news.

The central Bank of PNG has maintained its monetary policy stance by keeping the monthly Kina Facility Rate at 6.25 per cent over the June quarter for 2017. Governor Loi Bakani, in the BPNG Quarterly Economic Bulletin for the June quarter said economic indicators show that domestic economic activity continued at a slow pace during the second quarter of 2017. He said the decline in private sector employment, a drop in global commodity prices and a significant fall in imports were indicative of this slow growth.


Commerce Minister Wera Mori.

The Minister for Commerce and Industry Wera Mori wants the unregulated real estate industry in the country to be controlled. Mori told The Post Courier middle and low-income Papua New Guineans are resorting to living in unplanned settlements in urban areas because of the high cost of rental accommodation, mainly provided by the private sector.


Bank South Pacific is expecting to double the number of Visa debit and MasterCard customers to about 80,000 in a years time. CEO Robin Fleming...

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