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Thursday, 21 December


Severe thunderstorm hits Victoria, leaving 100 000 homes without power "IndyWatch Feed National"

A quick-moving severe thunderstorm accompanied by destructive, golf-sized hail and strong winds hit Victoria, Australia on Tuesday, December 19, 2017, leaving 100 000 homes without power. The Victoria office of Bureau of Meteorology said an extraordinary amount of...... Read more

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Wednesday, 20 December


After some R & R American Registered LearJet 36A Bizjet N82GG Departs Rockhampton Airport "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

After arriving on the weekend and seemingly not moving at all, on Wednesday 20 December, the visiting American registered and privately operated LearJet 36A bizjet N82GG departed Rockhampton Airport for the Gold Coast.  It then headed further South, reportedly to Melbourne (Essendon).

As shown in the photo above (and in previous photos posted on the CQ Plane Spotting Blog during its visits in 2015 and 2016) the LearJet has a camera on the forward-starboard side of the fuselage and is again in Australia once again completing aerial survey flights.  I have been informed that N82GG may be operating aerial mapping sorties for Google.

Meanwhile, a couple of other bizjet movements in CQ occurred on Tuesday 19 December when Shortstop Jet Charter Dassault Falcon 900C VH-OAA made yet another visit to Hamilton Island Airport.  It arrived once again from its Melbourne (Essendon) base.  At the time of writing, VH-OAA is due to return to Essendon on Thursday 21 December.

Also on Tuesday 19 December, LifeFlight (Aeromed) LearJet 45 bizjet VH-VVI "Ambulance 451" arrived into Mackay Airport from Cairns.  It looked to be operating a medical retrieval flight and later departed to Brisbane.

Finally, a couple of corporate turboprop movements this week have included Pegasus Air / Agile Aviation (of South Australia) Pilatus PC-12/47E VH-TCP departing Hamilton Island Airport for Charleville and its Adelaide base on Wednesday 20 December.  It had arrived direct from its Adelaide base over the weekend.  And The Queensland Government Airwing (State of Queensland) Raytheon B300 Super King Air VH-SGQ visited Gladstone Airport from Brisbane on Tuesday 19 December.

Photo taken by Don Williams 


UPNG, Unitech, UOG, DWU, PAU and PNGUNRE 2018 acceptance lists are available online "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

The acceptance lists for the universities and colleges are available online. The Department of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology (DHERST)  released the  complete list of the Grade 12 school leavers who have been selected through the Online Selection System to registered tertiary institutions for the 2018 academic year.
With the inaugural use of the Online Selection System, a total of 12,234 students have been allocated to a study program (47% of the 25,848 who applied).

All students with a GPA of 2.3 and above that met respective GPA and subject related entry requirements were allocated space within a Higher Education Institution (HEI). First and Second Preferences indicated by the Grade 12 School Leavers were used to allocate a place at a HEI while GPA and subject related entry requirements were used for ranking of the selection list.

Students, Parents, Guardians and  sponsors can view the lists on the links below.  Please note that we do not represent the universities and information here is for general use. Any enquiries regarding this information  should be forwarded to the respective universities.  Access the accepted list by visiting the link below.


The last post...for a while "IndyWatch Feed National"

This blog was initiated by Pauline Wilson, an Adelaide based UFO researcher, in 2009. When Pauline's interests moved on to other things, I took over the blog. Since 2009 there have been 896 posts; some short, and some thousands of words in length.

Over my 51 years of interest in the subject, I have taken a number of breaks from my research. My shortest break was six months, and the longest was four years. I find these breaks from research to be very useful. One can get so involved in the topic that you can't sit back and make objective decisions about things.

Despite all the current excitement about the formerly secret US Department of Defence UFO program, it is time for me to take another break. At the moment I do not know how long the break will be.

I thank all my blog readers for sharing the journey so far.

So, this blog will see no new posts until I return from my 'holiday' from UFO research.

Signing off for now.


Keith Basterfield.


PNG Opposition on Unjustified Cuts to Police Funding "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

The 2018 budget continued unjustified cuts for funding law and justice in PNG. From 2015 to 2018, funding for law and justice has been slashed by nearly one-third after allowing for inflation (a real cut of 29 per cent). Why has such a crucial area so vital for community safety and development been slashed in this way? asked the Shadow Minister for Treasury and Finance, Ian Ling-Stuckey.

In a breaking news story covered by the Post Courier on 16 December, the Prime Minister argued that budget cuts to priority sectors should not be taken as literal as perceived by the numbers presented in the National Budget

Mr Ling-Stuckey congratulated the Prime Minister for his honesty in indicating that we cannot take literally the numbers presented in the National Budget.

Indeed, as I have been saying ever since the budget was released, one cannot trust the numbers in the 2018 Budget. In particular, they are filled with fake revenue, fake financing and hence fake spending promises.

The Prime Minister argues that the cuts are not as severe as shown a cut of K61 million from K1,125 million to K1,064 million. He correctly notes that other programs such as the DSIP and PSIP can also fund the police.

However, DSIP and PSIP could also have done that back in 2015 and 2016. So if there is no change in the priority given to law and justice at the district and provincial level, it means that there still has been a massive cut at the national level. Overall, this is still a major cut in overall funding said the Shadow Treasurer.

The response that 20 per cent of DSIP and PSIP funding is allocated to law and order is also misleading. The original guidelines for these programs did specify how much should go to various sectors, but law and justice was allocated 10 per cent, not 20 per cent. Of course, these guidelines have now been dropped.

The Alternative Government would like to sit down with the Government and put a realistic budget in place. This would mean realistic sales estimates and realistic financing plans. It would also mean spending money better rather than grand programs for their besties. The vital work done by our police services, especially when officers put their lives on the line as so recently demonstrated in the tragic floods in Madang, deserves greater respect and support said Mr Ling-Stuckey.


Fake 2018 Budget Means a Failed 100 Day Plan "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"


The 100 Day Plan from Treasurer Abel is a failure. Fundamentally, the plan was to re-build confidence that the government would fix the economy. Unfortunately, the fake 2018 budget, especially its K2 billion in fake revenue, means the plan has not restored confidence. The 100 day plan is fatally flawed because if fails to provide credibility. When examining the details of the plan, it also fails in many of the claimed accomplishments. Fairy tales are being told to the people of PNG said the Shadow Minister for Treasury and Finance, Ian Ling-Stuckey.

The Alternative Government has gone through the fake promises of the 100 Day Plan line by line and compared them to the bed time stories releasedthis week by the Treasurer to the media. In a spirit of expose, oppose and propose, we have prepared a detailed table that examines the promises of the plan. While there have been some welcome accomplishments, generally the 25 points in the plan have either failed or there is simply not enough information to judge if the plan has had any impact.
As I have pointed out several times since the 2018 Budget, the Treasurer is telling some amazing fairy tales which he has repeated in this self-serving, self-assessment of the 100 Day Plan. There is a K14 billion broken promise (China Railway loan) that there would be no more tied financing yet that is what the government has done with its latest China deal. 

There is a K1.6 billion broken promise of extra debt over and above the 30% debt to GDP ratio promised for his 2017 Supplementary Budget. There is K408 million in lower revenues in 2017 that will flow through to higher deficit in 2017 and higher debt in 2017 facts that he hid in his Budget Speech. There is a broken promise not to cut funding to Wards said the Shadow Treasurer.
As a business person, I assess his performance relative to that of the Chief Financial Officer briefing the Board of Directors of a company. Once again, I find that he has be...


The Trump Doctrine: American Interests Come First "IndyWatch Feed National"

US President Donald Trump speaks about his administrations National Security Strategy at the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center in Washington, DC, Dec.18, 2017. (AFP)

By ARTHUR HERMAN December 19, 2017 2:55 PM


The president recognizes important new realities in world affairs. Ever since Donald Trump took office, Americans have wondered if he has a coherent vision of Americas place in the world, or if he sees foreign affairs the way he sees Twitter: as a space where emotion and instinct roam free from the restraints of rational discourse. Now we have an answer.

The speech he gave Monday at the Reagan Center was the curtain-raiser for his new National Security Strategy, a 55-page document that gives us more insight into Trumps view of the world than has any text since his speech to the U.N. in July and a far more comprehensive insight than weve ever had before.

The Trump Doctrine can now be summed up as follows: America and American interests will always come first, globalist agendas second. But dont think you can cross us, or our allies, with impunity. Americas not looking for trouble, but if you come after us or them, we will hurt you like hell.


Many have further highlighted the presidents concept of principled realism in foreign affairs: realist because it acknowledges the central role of power in international po...


In rush to launch service on a new, faster Amtrak route; Amtrak didnt wait for system that couldve prevented wreck "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Associated Press

The rush to launch service on a new, faster Amtrak route near Seattle came at a deadly cost critical speed-control technology that could have prevented a derailment was not active before the train set off on its maiden voyage.

Work to install the sophisticated, GPS-based technology known as positive train control isnt expected to be completed until next spring on the newly opened 15-mile (24-kilometer) span where the train derailed, according to Sound Transit, the public agency that owns the tracks.

The train was going 80 mph (129 kph) in a 30 mph (48 kph) zone Monday when it raced off the rails as they curved toward a bridge, hurtling train cars onto a highway below, investigators said. Three people were killed, and dozens were injured. Federal investigators say they are looking into whether the engineer was distracted.

A positive train control system could have detected the speeding and automatically applied the brakes to stop the train, said Najmedin Meshkati, a University of Southern California professor who has studied the technology for three decades.

It is another layer of safety, he said.

The head of the railroad safety program at the University of Delaware describes how Positive Train Control, technology that can automatically slow or stop a speeding train, could have prevented the deadly Amtrak derailment in Seattle. (Dec. 19)

Amtrak and the Washington Department of Transportation started publicizing the switch to the new route in October. Amtrak CEO Richard Anderson said that no one wants PTC more than me but would not directly answer questions about why it is taking so long to get the speed-control technology up and running across the board.

Im a huge believer in positive train control, he said at a news conference Tuesday evening. It just makes so much scientific sense.

Image may contain: night and outdoor

Anderson said the companys safety culture can continue to improve and said the crash should be seen as a wake-up call.

Its not acceptable that were involved in these types of accidents, he said.

Railroads are un...


New LLG to be announced "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"


A new LLG will officially be announced today around 3pm at the Konebada resort in Boera, Central province.


This new LLG will ensure that the Hiri LLG is halved, that is Hiri LLG and the new Vanapa_Brown LLG.


This move is in support of leaders of Kairuku Hiri efforts to separate Kairuku and Hiri  with reasons including;


*Overly populated

*Geographical status of Hiri and Kairuku

*Funding lacking

*lack of development


The move to have a new LLG will ensure that the move to separate Kairuku and Hiri will be fast tracked.


This was also supported by Hiri LLG president, Haoda Rogea, who noted that to have a district, the concerned area must have at least more than three LLGs.



Each of 6000 wards to get K10,000 "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

THE Government has allocated K60 million in the 2018 national Budget for developments in wards.

Provincial and Local Level Government Affairs Secretary Dickson Guina said K10,000 was allocated to each of the 6000 wards for development projects.

The only way for the country to be developed is for development to take place at the village level, he said.

Guina said during the launching of the departments 2018-2022 corporate plan in Port Moresby that the government had made the right decision to allocate the funding.

Unless we change our villages, we will never change this country. This is what this department is doing, he said.

Guina said the government policies had changed to focus on the districts.

Meanwhile, Inter-Governmental Relations Minister Kevin Isifu has thanked the Australian government for supporting the preparation of the plan.

I expect the other government agencies to implement this plan. Let us now change to frontline services delivery. We must see development in our villages, he said.

Source: The National


Erdogan rival vows to overturn executive presidency "IndyWatch Feed National"


Turkeys Iyi (Good) Party chairman Meral Aksener answers questions during an interview with AFP in Ankara, in this December 15, 2017 photo. (AFP)

ANKARA: A dissident Turkish nationalist who founded a new political party and is now viewed as a possible rival to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has vowed to scrap her opponents vision of a super-presidency if elected.

Meral Aksener, 61, Turkeys first...


Michael Knox on why the RBA wont hike interest rates any time soon "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

In todays Financial Review, economics correspondent Jacob Greber observed:

The RBA has gone more than seven years now without raising interest rates, the longest span since the official cash rate was introduced in the early 1990s.

Indeed, on Melbourne Cup day in 2010, the RBA Board surprised the market and decided to lift the banks cash rate target to 4.75 percent, but since then it has had to progressively cut the cash rate target, which is now at 1.5 percent. You can see how the cash rate target has changed over time at the RBA website.

According to one prominent Brisbane-based market economist, we may not see the wage and CPI inflation that would prompt the RBA to raise rates until at least the second half of 2019, when he projects the Australian unemployment rate will finally fall below its long-run natural rate of around 5 percent. Morgans Chief Economist Michael Knox has written an excellent note on Why the RBA wont hike rates any time soon. He notes:

Why is it that the decline in Australian unemployment is so slow? One reason might be the high level of under-employment. The ABS tells us that when we include the number of people in part-time employment who want full-time jobs, then their estimate of underemployment in November 2017 rises to 8.3%. As employment grows, there is an additional source of supply of labour from this pool of under-employment. This acts to slow the decline in unemployment. It also acts to slow the increase in full time wages.

The national (seasonally adjusted) underemployment rate of 8.3 percent identified by Michael Knox adds to the unemployment rate of 5.4 percent to give a total labour underutilisation rate reported by the ABS of 13.7 percent. This underutilisation rate is significantly higher in Queensland at 14.5 percent (see charts below). Underutilisation of the labour force has been a persistent concern in Australia since the financial crisis, and it may indeed take some time yet for the economy to return to more normal rates of labour utilisation.



Watzal und Dershowitz "IndyWatch Feed National"

watzal dersh.png Share

By Gilad Atzmon

Two days ago, I revealed that Ludwig Watzal, a  supposedly  pro Palestinian German  writer, attempted to defame me and my work by doctoring my words and fabricating quotes.

Some of my supporters who follow Watzals work approached Watzal and asked him for clarification.

Watzals initial response was to dismiss their questions.

This is all trash written by a Zionist agent, Watzal answered.

Screen Shot 2017-12-18 at 16.54.40.png

 So again, I have been labeled a Zionist agent, just for pointing at the depth of duplicity in the midst of the Palestinian Solidarity Movement.

But then Watzal was shown screen shots from my book The Wandering Who? that proved that he had completely invented my words. The German disinformation merchant changed his tune.

Watzal had to admit that he had lifted the quotes from no other than ethnic cleanser advocate, Prof.  Alan Dershowitz. You may ask why a Palestinian solidarity activist would turn to Dershowitz as an authority. You would expect Watzal to know that Prof. Noam Chomsky described Dershowitz as a remarkable liar and slanderer.

But our story doesnt end there. Watzal, the hapless imbecile managed  to dig an even deeper hole. Watzal wrote to a respected solidarity activist who had q...


Port Campbell Group rejects DELWP's 'Smart Planning' "IndyWatch Feed National"

"The proposed Smart Planning must not proceed in its current form. The Group does not support fast tracking development, weakening permit or planning triggers or referral requirements, or permit exemptions, or the removal of appeal rights." Inside find Port Campbell Community Group Inc's submission to the Victorian Planning Provisions Discussion Paper.

Port Campbell Community Group Inc. A0051688U
Submission to DELWPs Smart Planning November 2017

In the interests of balancing the present and future interests of all Victorians (g) that Smart Plannings so-called Key Benefits must better align with the P&E Acts Objectives which requires all development (f) to foremost meet (a), (b), (c) and (d):
(a) to provide for the fair, orderly, economic and sustainable use, and development of land;
(b) to provide for the protection of natural and man-made resources and the maintenance of ecological processes and genetic diversity;
(c) to secure a pleasant, efficient and safe working, living and recreational environment for all Victorians and visitors to Victoria;
(d) to conserve and enhance those buildings, areas or other places which are of scientific, aesthetic, architectural or historical interest, or otherwise of special cultural value;
(e) to protect public utilities and other assets and enable the orderly provision and coordination of public utilities and other facilities for the benefit of the community;
(f) to facilitate development in accordance with the objectives set out in paragraphs (a), (b), (c), (d) and (e);
(g) to balance the present and future interests of all Victorians.

Community Expertise

Community members and groups are crucial for their local knowledge and expertise which, if listened to, would save the State and public millions of dollars in wasted time and energy considering flawed planning proposals.
The Group has taken part in in many planning consultations see Appendix A.

Four instances of poor planning decisions are listed below, some current:

The Southern Ocean Beach House
A major motel, retail development and excavation within meters of major caverns on Port Campbells fragile limestone headland cliffs.
The University of New South Wales Law Journal published a special...


Govt signs deal to grow cotton "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

December 20, 2017 

THE Governments fact-finding mission to India has resulted in an agreement on mutual agricultural investment prospects.

Agriculture and Livestock Minister Benny Allen said a draft agreement was with the government of India and would be sent to Papua New Guinea for further input and signing.
Allen said a new agriculture prospect for PNG highlighted in the draft was the commercialised farming of cotton in Papua New Guinea.

He said apart from cotton, commodities such as wheat/grain, rice and livestock were prospect areas for PNG.

Allen said it would seek to capture two focus areas where the Indian government could assist agriculture development in PNG.

They include the development of a central seeds bank for PNG and research and technology assistance for the PNG National Agriculture Research Institute.

Allen said he proposed to the director of the Indian Agriculture Institute to have Papua New Guineans undergo training at the institute.

Also, an agriculture machinery manufacturer has shown interest in training mechanics in repairing equipment and also set up shop in Papua New Guinea for businesses to buy equipment.

Moreover, Allen said Papua New Guinea has much to learn from India as it has developed largely due to agriculture.

Source: The National


Severe thunderstorms hit Victoria, Australia "IndyWatch Feed National"

Victorians are cleaning up after severe thunderstorms swept across the state, bringing strong winds and rain that has damaged houses and uprooted trees. The State Emergency Service (SES) said they had received hundreds of calls for assistance after storms brewed on yesterday afternoon. A severe thunderstorm warning for damaging winds, heavy rain and large hailstones remains current for much of the state. More than 30,000 homes properties are still without power, down from about 100,000 around the state last night. Power was also out in parts of suburban Melbourne but the impact was far less significant. The weather bureau's Dean Stewart said Melbourne received 20 millimetres of rain within 15 minutes, causing flash flooding in many suburbs. "The highest wind gust in the state was up at Kilmore Gap to the north of Melbourne - 117 kilometre per hour - but a lot of towns reported gusts over 100kph, [followed by] Wangaratta with 113kph, Bendigo 111kph, Mangalore 107kph, Laverton 98kph," he said.


Pursuing freedom for West Papua "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

John Gratton Wilson has taken his message about the plight of the West Papuan people to the world. KATRINA LOVELL reports about his connection to a country he says few people know about. Every day Warrnambools John Gratton Wilson will put on one of the 10 T-shirts in his drawer that contain slogans calling for

Pursuing freedom for West Papua was originally published on

Continue reading


Swiss Market Index Third Time a Charm? "IndyWatch Feed National"

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; I attended your 1992 Zurich Institutional Seminar when the Swiss Market Index was trading just below 200. You gave your projection for the high in 2007 would be 9500.0. We sold that high at the bank and the market peaked at 9548.1. The market rallied back to 9537.9 in 2015 and we sold it again. I left the bank as you know and have retired with your turn in 2015. You have always said that if a market knocks on the door 3 times, it is going to go through. My question is, do you think this will hold true in Switzerland?

Keep up the excellent work. The world really needs you.


ANSWER: Yes. The next resistance target will be 11000-11200 level if we break through the 2007 high. Enjoy your retirement. Of course we never really stop thinking about the markets and the world. I suppose it is a curse of the trade.

As far as The world really needs me; thats what I am afraid of. Getting drafted at my age.

Good fortune.


December in fiction "IndyWatch Feed National"

Our heroine is Acker, who is tattooed, shaven-headed, a dissector of old books (literally she chops them up). At first we take her for an advocate for victims of domestic violence, but nothing in this text is that straightforward. How, Wright asks, could we ever resolve the debt we all owe to the unfairly dead?


Australian Dollar and Bitcoin "IndyWatch Feed National"

1.00 AUD = 0.00005 BTC
0.00010 BTC = 2.20 AUD


MACKAY Violent Mackay crook pleads guilty to new charges "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

MACKAY December 20, 2017 at 06:03AM ,

Violent Mackay crook pleads guilty to new charges

December 20, 2017 at 06:03AM ,

A VIOLENT crook previously convicted of taking part in an armed home invasion, among other crimes, has admitted to a string of new offences. Clinton James Kissier, 31, of Slade Point, remains behind bars after the crime spree, between July 18 and September 21. Kissier faced Mackay Magistrates

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,

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MACKAY Police charge Eimeo woman over repeat noise complaints "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

MACKAY December 20, 2017 at 01:56AM ,

Police charge Eimeo woman over repeat noise complaints

December 20, 2017 at 01:56AM ,

it is important for police to remind residents that compliance with noise abatement directions linked to excessive noise complaints is expected always, he said. Call your local police station for inquiries about registering parties. The woman is due to appear in Mackay Magistrates Court on January 16. 0.

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,

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MACKAY WATCH: Axe wielding man guilty of Mackay altercation "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

MACKAY December 20, 2017 at 11:27AM ,

WATCH: Axe wielding man guilty of Mackay altercation

December 20, 2017 at 11:27AM ,

officer-in-charge Detective Senior Sergeant David Tucker later described Santo as very aggressive and said officers feared injury, given it was a full-size axe. Santo, 25, faced Mackay Magistrates Court via videolink from jail on Tuesday, pleading guilty to going armed as to cause fear on October 21.

, ,

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We will shortly see, Ms GILLARD, who will win. Clinton and her protectors, or justice. "IndyWatch Feed National"

FOX BUSINESS: Ex-FBI Assistant Director James Kallstrom warns 'patriots,' will soon expose why the Clinton Foundation investigation was 'shut down.' Josh Caplan (@joshdcaplan) December 20, 2017



Coming Into My Own "IndyWatch Feed National"

Ive always struggled with being close to someone. Well, not physically close I could trip over a pavement and fall into them, but that would be more gravitys choice and my misfortune. Close as in sexually.

Parties were where it became most challenging to hide facts about myself from those around me: not just from the strangers playing the drinking games, but my good friends as well. Somehow, at the ripe age of 23, I had managed to not tell a single soul. Not a best friend, not a therapist and certainly not my own mother.

My family and I were fortunate enough to travel often when I was child, and on one particular trip, I found myself in Istanbul, Turkey. When youre 12, travelling is exciting, but new cultures can be confusing, especially when youd rather not wear long-sleeved garments in 45-degree heat, and would instead prefer to be by the resort pool playing Marco Polo.

That was me a nave, always-happy kid with bundles of energy and a weird grin showing off my never-fully-fixed overbite, until an experience with the 40-something-year-old hotel owner made me grow up more quickly than I would have liked.

A Turkish bath is meant to cleanse and relax you. The first room is extremely hot, and you sit in there sweating out your toxins until youre ready to cool off, then you jump into a cold shower. After fully washing your body, you then can sit in a cool room and relax.  But my own experience was one without the relaxation the hotel manager promised.

We must have a power outage! he said, suddenly walking into the now-dark womens shower area. He didnt seem bothered at all by the usually stressful situation. I was in two towels, one hand scrunched tightly around the one covering my body, the other on my head holding together the poorly wrapped piece of cotton. I didnt respond much at all, focusing more on getting back to my hotel room where my parents were, and less on this much older man in front of me, who was now leaning in slightly.

Excuse me, I said feebly, trying to get by.

Next, I remember being pushed up against a wall and feeling a sloppy, wet mouth on mine. The mans hands pressed against my chest as I tried to squirm away. Is this what a kiss is meant to feel like? Was me being naked, my body bare besides a towel, enough to confuse him? Am I in the wrong?

Thoughts were running through my head and I struggled to comprehend what was happening. I had never been kissed before, let along bare in front of a stranger, and my efforts to get away became both stronger a...


Leaked doc exposes police commissioner's lies on criminals in the force "IndyWatch Feed National"

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Islam as philosophical dead end "IndyWatch Feed National"

Classical (622 to c.940) and early medieval Islam was a civilisation and period with a rich philosophical tradition. Yet Islam became a philosophical dead end, an example of how societies, indeed, an entire civilisation, can stop supporting philosophy as a significant autonomous realm of enquiry. Islam is a civilisation where religion swallowed philosophy, with consequences we are still living with.

That Islam as a civilisation developed a rich philosophical tradition is obvious and well-documented. Thinkers writing in Arabic were particularly important in reconciling Aristotelianism with monotheism. Ibn Rushd (Averroes) (1126-1198) in particular was very influential in Latin Christendom. So much so that St Thomas Aquinas (1225-1274), in his writings, would refer to Aristotle (384-322 BC) as The Philosopher and Ibn Rushd (Averroes) as The Commentator.

Yet that rich philosophical tradition dwindled away to vanishing point. It did so as the result of interaction between ideas and social change.

The social dwindling

The social change was the dwindling away of any basis for supporting scholarship and learning outside explicitly Islamic religious schools. The movement to a fief-based military administration reduced administrative bureaucracies, by far the most significant basis for non-religious intellectual life within Islamic societies, while dominance by Turkish-speaking warlords, from the time of the Seljuqs (1037-1153) onwards, led to a surge in ostentatious support for religion by rulers making up for their non-Arabness via ostentatious religious adherence and patronage.

The shock and devastation of the Mongol invasion (much larger and far more traumatic than Crusader seizure of narrow coastal strips), including the sack of Baghdad (1258), the only time the capital of a livin...


EXPLAINER: New Matildas Reporting Around #metoo "IndyWatch Feed National"

As most readers would know, were devoting significant energy to the #metoo campaign and, in particular, to exposing men in powerful positions who use and abuse that power to assault and harass women.

Were a tiny, independent publication. Most of our writers do not get paid. We dont have the resources of a Fairfax or a News Corp or an ABC. We do, however, have extraordinary pro bono lawyers in Geoff Holland and the team at Marque Lawyers. Were able to report these stories and other major investigations in large part because of these people. I cant emphasize enough my gratitude to them, or their importance in this campaign.

Of the six males outed in the Australian media so far, New Matilda is responsible for two of those. Im proud of that fact, but I acknowledge its not even the tip of the iceberg. So theres more to come.

I also understand the concerns of some readers about trial by media. I share those concerns. In our defence, I would say that at New Matilda, we investigate and publish these stories slowly and carefully, and the burden proof in order to justify publication is substantial.

It is a grave responsibility when you publish a story that you know in all likelihood will destroy reputations and impact many lives.

Heres why we do it regardless.

Firstly, media has always exposed stories like this. The only difference at the moment is the pace at which it is happening. Thats a good thing because, undeniably, the pace at which it has happened previously shames us all. #metoo wouldnt be a thing if media had done its job in the first place.


Secondly, the job of the media its most important job is to step in where the system fails.

The systems designed protect womens rights and hold abusers to account if those systems even really existed in any meaningful way have clearly failed. That is also undeniable. If those systems were effective then, again, we wouldnt have seen such a visceral outpouring of grief and anger from women around the world.

Its worth remembering, those women are our wives, our partners, our mothers, our family members. One day theyll be our children. These are the people we love. More importantly though they are people in their own right. People who have been routinely failed by the systems around them. Routinely made to feel unsafe.



In Gujarat, BJP Has Consistently Delivered on One Front Instilling Fear Among Its People "IndyWatch Feed National"

After 22 years of BJP rule in the state, two fears have become evident of going against it and of the other.

BJP supporters in Gujarat. Credit: PTI

BJP supporters in Gujarat. Credit: PTI

Not all elections are equal. But the difference between the Bihar assembly election and UP and on this day, between Gujarat and Himachal is this some elections are the nerve centre of our body politic. And sitting in the heart of that nerve centre in Gujarat. I ask myself, what is the job of a political reporter? If I look at the way in which people are increasingly disdainful of the media and exit polls, I would say the answer is this: it is a barren and hollow place to be if it meant sticking a mike in the face of a BJP or Congress party spokesperson to extract one homily after another. Weve won although weve lost, or We may have lost ground but weve won. Because in all the hype and hyperbole, the real story never gets asked. What does all of this mean for the people? That as I see it is the job of every political reporter to answer. Feet in mud, noses in vada pav stalls and the sweat and the blood of the people.

Here is what the report from the trenches looks like. The one you wont hear about on television or read in the more arithmetic of politics type of writing. The palpable fear in the eyes of a tribal farmer who works seasonally at a construction site a hundred kilometres away. One who sacrificed two days of daily wages plus spent on bus fare and food to get to his village and vote. This is a man who earns 250 rupees in a day and cann...


1947: The Year that Changed Everything 70 Years On "IndyWatch Feed National"

1947 was a year of infamy in terms of the New World Order agenda. 1947 was the time when profound events were taking place: the birth of the horrible US MIC (Military Intelligence Complex), the probable continuation of the Nazi regime and likely ET visitation.

As the year 2017 comes to an end, and we close out the 70 year anniversary of the year of 1947, it is worth briefly looking back on that momentous year at some of the events that transpired then which still have a profound effect on our world today.

1947: Operation Highjump

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water no, Im not referring to Jaws, but rather the US-UK-Australian military expedition led by Admiral Richard Byrd in January and February of 1947. He thought it would be safe to go down to Antarctica, but he was overpowered and beat a hasty retreat.

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How to Manage Your Anger Based on Your Zodiac Sign "IndyWatch Feed National"

Were all extremely different from each other no doubt, but we also share common traits and characteristics. After all, we are all human! Sometimes the best way to understand your personality is your zodiac sign, and it might even help you control your anger too!

While lots of people are still skeptical of astrologys accuracy, but you cant deny that it can accurately describe real-life dilemmas and scenarios based on our individual personality type. Well probably never have the answers to the cosmos, but we are sure of one thing! The stars, the sky, and the universe have a very weird way of working things out and they have a much greater influence on us than we think. We might not understand it fully, but its there! We can use our zodiac sign to better understand lots of aspects regarding personality, behavior, and energetic influences! It can even correlate to aural readings!

Our zodiac sign might help us better understand our emotions and additionally help us react better to the unpleasant ones, like anger. Anger is a difficult and confusing emotion that experience and it always shows up somehow! Heres what astrology has to say about how to deal with it!

1. Aquarius

Aquarius is very level headed and despises arguing. They will participate in a good debate but when things get heated ad childish theyre automatically out. Aquarians deal with anger better when thought of from a logical point of view.

2. Pisces

Pisces is very deeply rooted in emotions. They feel things very vividly and get drastically upset about things. They get very fired up about people being inconsiderate and get heated quickly. However, they always calm themselves down and make things right afterward.

3. Aries

As a fire sign, Aries can get very furious from time to time. Because you te...


Keating Speech the starting point for moving forward "IndyWatch Feed National"

Sunday 10th December marked 25 years since the landmark Keating Redfern Speech. It was a speech that told the truth.

Coming from a Prime Minister, it was a truth that could not be unsaid, a truth that formed the foundation for moving forward together on the journey towards a reconciled nation. He said:

"Because, in truth, we cannot confidently say that we have succeeded as we would like to have succeeded if we have not managed to extend opportunity and care, dignity and hope to the indigenous people of Australia - the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island people. 

It has been ANTaRs firm belief since we came together 20 years ago, that without an acknowledgement of the truth of our shared history, we could not develop a stronger relationship based on trust, understanding and empathy.

This is a message we need to share as we head towards Survival Day 2018. You can help by signing our Sea of Hands pledge.

As Patrick Dodson said in the forward to last years State of Reconciliation Report:

Disturbingly, the Report reveals the schism between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australias understanding and perspectives of how our nations history has shaped the contemporary circumstances of Indigenous communities, and their relationship with the Australian State. There is a discernible lack of appreciation by settler Australia about the grievances and sense of historical injustice that Indigenous people feel. This must be addressed for Australia to be reconciled.Pledge to think differently about January 26

An understanding of the truth of our history, will tell you that January 26 - the day the First Fleet invaded Gadigal land (in what is now known as Sydney Cove) - is not a day that includes Australias First Peoples in a national celebration.

It is asking First Peoples to celebrate the onset of invasion of the lands, and the history of dispossession that came with that invasion as so clearly ar...


On fetishising busyness and tiredness "IndyWatch Feed National"

Busyness has become a competition, a Victorian Cross or Legion of Merit for running ourselves into the ground. It speaks to our self-worth and dedication to our crafts. An overloaded lifestyle, rather than a quieter one, has become an aspirational status symbol. We venerate industry, even when it culminates in something lesser than the sum of its effort.


Paraka Fails To Stop Court Proceedings [again!] "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Lawyer Paul Paraka

See also:
The Paraka scams K780 million stolen from the people
Top PNG lawyer Paul Paraka arrested over $28m

BY TONY SII, Post Courier

LAWYER Paul Parakas bid to stop criminal proceedings against him at the committal court has failed yesterday.

This was after magistrate Cosmas Bidar refused an application by Parakas lawyer seeking orders for the court to stay the committal court proceedings in relation to the much-publicised Paul Paraka saga pending hearing and determination of a related matter in the National Court.

The application filed under section 5, 9, and 22 of the District Court Act was described as a delay tactic in advancing the criminal case against Parak...


OIT: Tim Kelly Interviews Ryan Dawson- Michael Flynn/Israel Gate & War Profiteers "IndyWatch Feed National"

 This is a far reaching interview. I think it's worth the time.
With thanks to Tim Kelly from Our Interesting Times  (always linked in the side bar) for making this freely available

 "Ryan Dawson returns to Our Interesting Times to discuss the recent guilty plea by Michael Flynn and how the mainstream media has largely ignored the Israeli angle to the story. We also talk about his upcoming documentary "The 'Jewish State': How Terrorists Formed a Nation" and the lecture he delivered in Sydney, Australia in December, 2016."

Hoping to have some newsy type posts up soon. I'm busily baking :)


The revolving door between the corporate world, government and fossil fuels "IndyWatch Feed National"

Contributed from New South Wales

It is no secret that far too many of Australias politicians and key political advisors, build unhealthy relationships with powerful big businesses interests that have an incentive to influence the political process and government.

Australias disclosure laws are grossly inadequate to bring out more than a small portion of what is going on. Most Australian do not like it and they recognise that favours are handed out only because those handing them out expect something in return.

This is the definition of corruption and if this is occurring in Australia on a large scale, it means that the political system is corrupt. It also means that many of our leaders are sacrificing the interests of those they claim to represent for personal benefit. We deserve much better than this.

Corruption can take the form of cash payments to individuals and political parties. We are seeing quite a few exposures of this practice right now. And it is becoming clearer that what is declared is only a small part of the total. Payers have devised many ways, to create convoluted routes to get the money to where it is intended.

The offering of other incentives is just as corrupt. Leading politicians get to mix with and know powerful people, who may let it be known that an opportunity will come their way, if they do the right thing. The growth of the corporate lobbying industry has increased the opportunities for understandings to be struck.

Politicians and especially ministers, will influenced to consider their personal interest in the making of decisions. Pressure is on to recruit selected individuals into senior ministerial and senhior staff positions.

It is customary to follow a political career by sitting on one or more company boards. The reason why companies put former politicians and former advisors of politicians on their boards, is so that they can use the network established during their political career, to provide benefits for the company.

Greater transparency is needed. Measures should be in place to detect and outlaw conflicts of interest. It should be illegal to transfer form a political career to positions that can use former politicians and senior political staff to further corrupt political processes.

Of course, it is unlikely that a corrupt political system will willingly clean itself up. This mean that exposing what is going on is important.

NSW Greens MP Jeremy Buckingham has posted the following on social media and it should be spread as widely as possible. It is only a small part of the problem. At the same time, it warrants special attention, at a time when the problem of global w...



While the PMs warrant of arrest saga has dragged into another kaleidoscope of a turn, valuable lessons can be learned from this experience. I particularly came across two important lessons.
First and foremost, it is extremely important to note that never allow personal vendetta and political ambition get in the way to overthrow a mandated government by using state apparatuses and slip in the law.

Perhaps not only legitimate but the most dignified and honourable manner in taking on a government in our parliamentary democracy is on the floor of parliament and square it out using smart political maneuvering, tactical statecraft or popular policy intervention in amassing the required strength in numbers to form a government or overthrow a government through the vote-of-no confidence. Resorting to other shabby and malicious means is for the weak and desperate.

It is said that in natural selection the weak always try to bring down the strong given their apparent inadequacies but this should not inherit in politics. It is like you resorting to poison-tipped bullets in conventional warfare- a thing totally degrading to humanity and utterly outlawed by the Geneva Convention.

Of the executive arm of the government the Office of the Prime Minister is the highest office on the land and its decorum must be respected. It is not to say that the Prime Ministers are immune to probe but the manner in which the warrant of arrest was pursued on the current PM is very alarming and is a concern now for anyone holding the Office of the Prime Minister in the future.

We have just witnessed people with intent and purpose known only to them have vehemently attempted to have the PM resign over unfounded allegation and accusations that are yet to stand the test of law in simply by a way of an arrest. We all have different opinions on how Rt. Hon Peter ONeill is wielding power from the esteemed office but the argument here is squarely on protecting that office. The Office of the Prime Minister and the PMs in the future must not be subjected to false accusations, charged and forced to resign all based on unfounded allegations.

The warrant of arrest on the Prime Minister was defective all along. Even a person with little knowledge of the law could easily pick apart the warrant was clearly defective right from the start. The irony at that time...


PNG Solwara mining bai bagarapim kalsa na food securiti "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Caroline Tiriman | ABC Radio | 19 December 2017

Wanpla  papa graon blong West Coast Namatanai long Papua New Guinea i askim strong gavman na Nautilus Minerals Inc long noken go hed wantem ol mining aninit long ol solwara blong Bismark Sea.

Joanthan Mesulam i mekim despla toktok taem oli wetim toktok ikam long kot em oli bin putim kot keis blong ol agensim gavman na Nautilus Minerals  long Port Moresby long wonem oli no laik givim ol pepa oa documents we oli tokaut stret long wonem ol kaen wok em oli laik mekim long despla hap.

Toktok blong en i kamap tu long wankaen taem we wanpla international  naturalist, Sir David Attenborough, i tokaut olsem emi no sapotim despla kaen wok mining.

Sir David Attenborough,husat igat bikpla save long ol wok blong environment olsem ol bush graon, solwara na ol animal na kaen kaen samting long graon  itok emi wari long despla kaen wok mining long wonem, nogat wanpla man long wold isave long ol wonem kaen heve bai kamap so...


Catalans are about to go to the polls in continuing battle over independence "IndyWatch Feed National"

Contributed by Jim Hayes

Catalans go to the polls on Thursday (21 December) their time, to vote in an election that will have a major impact on the regions efforts to break away from Spain.

This is an election that Spanish prime minister Mariano Rajoy imposed as a political strategy to manufacture a political scenario where the Catalans movement will be checked. To prepare the ground, the Catalan parliament was dissolved, leaders of the pro-independence parties were arrested and President Carles Piugdemont fled to Belgium, to escape his own capture.

The strategy was devised after the 1 October referendum vote and the subsequent declaration of independence by the regional parliament.

Piugdemont remains the leader of Together for Catalonia (JxCat) and has been campaigning from abroad, using digital media.

Oriol Junqueras, who was vice president of the ousted regional government and leader of the Republican Left of Catalonia (ERC), has been campaigning from his prison cell in Madrid. Despite a serious restriction on the right to have visitors, he was able to have a major recorded statement smuggled out at played to a large rally in Barcelona. There are three other leaders remaining in prison.

The polls are saying that the prime ministers Popular Party will be lucky to get 6 percent of the vote. Citizens (Caudatans), has stepped into the resultant vacuum, pulled in support from among those disaffected with the two major traditional parties. They may end up being the party with the second highest number of votes.  It is seeking to place itself as the party for all those who do not want to break away from Spain.

An opinion poll by the Center for Opinion Studies in Catalonia, found that more than half of Catalans between the ages of 18 and 34 would vote to break away from Spain given a simple choice of yes or no.

All polls are pointing to the likelihood that the pro-independence party the Republican Left of Catalonia (ERC) will get the largest share of the vote, followed by Caudatans and JxCat in third place.

The Socialist party which has been solidly backing the Popular Party position on independence and the key policies around Spain, has sought to distance itself a little from tis past and recast its image as being more independent and muted its anti-independence message during the election campaign. The polls have suggested that this has not brought about a major change to its fortunes sand the best it can hope for is to hold onto its position at the last election.

It is the anti-aus...


What a Handy Term Radicalized Muslim Flexible, Global, Machine-Washable "IndyWatch Feed National"

Top row: Flags of France, UK, Indonesia, Bottom: Germany, Australia, and US

by Mary W Maxwell, LLB

What do the countries whose flags are shown above have in common? They have all been violently attacked by Muslims.

Or so they say.

Here is a list in chronological order of six violent attacks. (This is a very select list; scores of other similar incidents have occurred):

In Bali, three Indonesian men bombed a club frequented by Australian holiday-makers (2002).

In London, a Jamaican and three Pakistani friends bombed Tube stations and a bus (2005).

In Boston, two Chechen brothers allegedly bombed the finish line of the Marathon race (2013).

In Sydney, the Iranian Man Haron Monis killed two of his 18 hostages during the siege of the Lindt Caf (2014).

In Paris, two Algerian Kouachi brothers allegedly killed several people in the office of the magazine known as Charlie Hebdo (2015).

In Berlin, a Tunisian man allegedly drove a truck into a Christ...


Ask your doctor about Sleep Drunkenness Disorder "IndyWatch Feed National"

As many as one in seven people may be affected by 'sleep drunkenness disorder' soon after they've woken up or during the morning, a new study finds. Sleep drunkenness disorder involves severe confusion upon wakening - way more than just the usual morning grogginess - and/or inappropriate behaviour: things like answering the phone instead of turning off the alarm. Confused awakenings can happen to people when very short of sleep or jet-lagged, but are regular occurrences for those with the disorder. Following a forced awakening, the disorder may even lead to violent behaviour and then complete amnesia about the event.


ANZ launches new security feature on Internet Banking platforms in PNG "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

ANZ has launched a new security feature on its Internet Banking platform which will reduce the risk of fraud against customers in Papua New Guinea.

The Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) adds additional layers of security before a customer can access their Internet Banking account.

ANZ PNG CEO Mark Baker said, Were committed to continually improving our products and services to ensure they align with ANZs global security standards. This security feature will further protect our customers who use internet banking, in an environment where cyber-crime continues to grow.

This is a great enhancement to our digital offering, however we still urge our customers to be diligent with their personal information. Please keep PINs and other banking details completely confidential, and dont forget to change them regularly, Mr Baker said.

ANZ PNG customers using Internet Banking are encouraged to activate 2FA by contacting the ANZ PNG Call Centre on (+675) 321 1079.

New customers will have 2FA automatically activated when they register for an internet banking account.

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Pre-launching PNG Digital Ecosystem - PNG ICT CLUSTER "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

By Frederick JOSEPH (UPNG Journalism trainee)/PNGFM

With the aim of bringing PNG up to speed with the Digital age and connecting all Papua New Guineans with ICT by 2020, the PNG ICT Cluster had a pre-launch of its program at the Gateway Hotel on Monday.

The Pre-Launch is an event that should bring in stakeholders of the Digital Ecosystem; to develop an Innovative National Policy, finalize the Vision 2020 roadmap for the PNG ICT Cluster and to announce the 2018 APEC Accelerator Program.

Patron for PNG ICT Cluster, Minister for Justice and Attorney General Davis Steven who officiated, acknowledged the need for the government to look into ICT, especially with PNG hosting the APEC in 2018.

PNG will be focussing a lot on ICT to help in hosting the APEC; and theres also the need for the government to look into ICT for innovative ways of helping people in the rural areas, such as E-libraries for schools in these areas.

Mr Steven added that perhaps his people of Esaala, in one of the most remote electorates of Milne Bay Province will have connections to ICT services by then.

I am further challenging myself as the Minister for Justice and Attorney General to create legislations that will protect the intellectual properties of our inventors.

The PNG ICT Cluster was initiated with the help of the European Union with a budget of K3.8 million in 2014 and has now forged a relationship with the University of California Berkeley.

The PNG ICT Cluster is the first of its kind in the Pacific Region and hopes to become the Silicon Valley of the Pacific.

PNG ICT Cluster Pre-Launch event was sponsored by Exxon Mobil, Department of Justice and Attorney General and Kumulsoft.

PNG ICT Cluster will be officially launched in January or February of the 2018 before the APEC Summit Commences later on in the year..

Read more PNG Technology News on ...PNG Technology news online 


DHERST Secretary calls for leaded Gr.12 results to be investigated "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Secretary for Department of Higher Education, Research Science and Technology Fr Jan Czuba has called on the authorities to investigate the person who has leaked the final grade 12 results of all Secondary and High Schools throughout the country on Social Media.

The Secretary was disappointed after learning that a link to a PDF file containing names of students and other information including their marks scored in the National Exam was shared on the social media medium, Facebook on Monday 18th December 2017.

Fr Czuba described the act as morally and ethically wrong when someone intentionally exposed students marks without their consent.

Students marks are confidential and it should not be put out in public for everyone to see without the students consent and I believe someone working within the Department of Education has leaked out this very important information.

He also clarified that the DHERST does not keep copies of students marks in PDF Files, now that the Department has a new Online Selection system where students information are stored in the software.

We have issued passwords to all institutions to have access to their school only and not other schools so that PDF file did not come from this office.

Meanwhile, this newsrooms office attempts to get the Department of Education to respond on this matter was unsuccessful. PNGFM/PNG Today


NSW unprepared for major blackout "IndyWatch Feed National"

The states chief scientist has warned NSW could be plunged into chaos in the event of a large-scale black system power outage, similar to the one that debilitated South Australia last year.

While finding it was highly unlikely NSW would fall victim to a blackout of that scale, a report released by the Energy Security Taskforce has found NSW was nevertheless ill-prepared.

Taskforce chair and chief scientist Mary OKane says the state government needs to adopt a more proactive approach to managing short- and medium-term risks, including during prolonged periods of extreme heat.

The government must be alive to risks over coming years so that it can manage emerging risks proactively when needed, Prof OKane said in a statement.

For Sydneysiders, the report found up to 10,000 people on underground trains would need to be evacuated in the event the state fell victim to an outage.

Meanwhile, public hospitals only have six hours worth of fuel in their back-up diesel generators, the report released on Tuesday, found.

As we saw in the South Australian event, sometimes these can go on for a while and there is reason to think it would be quite some time in a black event like that for Sydney to come back up, Ms OKane told ABC Radio on Wednesday.

The report found the system was vulnerable in times of extreme weather events and made nine recommendations to shore it up.

The next decade will be a period of transition and disruption for the National Energy Market, and with that comes opportunities for innovation to increase the future reliability and security of the states electricity system, Prof OKane said.

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PNG Weather Service staff issues strike notice "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

The Papua New Guinea  National Weather Services staff through their National Weather Service Working Committee have sent out a Notice of intention to withdraw Meteorological, Climatological and other Special Services to all Users and Recipients of Weather and Climate Product and Services in the country in line with the work stoppage to be effected by 4:06pm on Wednesday 20 December, 2017.

Their grievances are due to the recurring salary discrepancies issue that has been outstanding for the last 9 years and if the Government of PNG through the Transport Department fails to amicably address these issues on the set date(s) as per the agreed resolutions reached through the Public Service, Conciliation and Arbitration Tribunal, than the Nationwide Strike will go ahead.

The NWS Staff have extended their appeal to all Organizations who rely and benefit from the services that the NWS provides to support them in their bid to rectify the long standing issue for the benefit of all stakeholders concerned. PNGFM




AdminDec 15, 2017

A number of banners were taken during a demonstration at the Merauke DPRD Office Jubi / Frans L Kobun

Merauke, Jubi Hundreds of students and youth who are members of the Alliance of Students of the South Papua invaded Regional
Representative Office (DPRD) of Merauke Regency. The demonstration was to commemorate the World Day of Human Rights (human rights) every December 10.

On Monday (December 11), before heading to the office of the council, hundreds of students held speech in the Brawijaya Circle (Libra). They
then rallied headed to Merauke parliament.

Various banners were carried contained condemnation to the TNI/Polri who committed acts of persecution against Papuan people, also
the indigenous land grabbed for investment activities.

At the office yard, alternately a number of students made speech. They demanded the completion of number of human rights cases that occurred in Merauke Regency.

In their statement, there are number of important points read out by Frans Wanima, the rally coordi...


Lost MH370 sparks global flight tracking "IndyWatch Feed National"

The UN has defined new technical standards to guarantee the seamless tracking of aircraft and to prevent flights from disappearing off the radar, the International Telecommunication Union says.

The UN agency has been working to integrate existing flight surveillance systems since the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 in 2014.

The Boeing 777 flight MH370 from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing went missing with 239 passengers, including six Australians, and crew on board on March 8, 2014.

With the new technical standards that are already being implemented by some countries, different systems will be connected to exchange flight data.

The increased use of satellite technology will improve tracking in areas where there are no land-based data receivers, such as oceans or remote regions.

The adoption of these technical principles for enhanced aircraft surveillance via satellite will make great strides in saving lives, ITU Secretary General Houlin Zhao said on Tuesday in Geneva.

A search covering hundreds of thousands of square kilometres in the Indian Ocean was called off in January with no result.

The Malaysian government entered into a no find, no fee arrangement in October with US company Ocean Infinity in a bid to recover the missing plane.

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Vanuatu PM Salwai defeats motion of no-confidence "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Vanuatu's Prime Minister Charlot Salwai has defeated a parliamentary vote of no-confidence lodged against him, 37 votes to 13.

The opposition, led by Ishmael Kalsakau, tabled the motion of no-confidence, citing discontent with a raft of government policies.

However, Salwai still has a strong majority of support in parliament, almost two years into his stint in charge of Vanuatu's government. Salwai is now Vanuatu's longest-serving prime minister since the Ham Lini government of 2004-2008.

His coalition government includes the three biggest single parties in the parliament. These are the prime minister's own Reunification of Movements for Change, the Vanua'aku Pati led by Joe Natuman and the Graon mo Jastis Pati of Ralph Regenvanu.

Regenvanu and his party were winners in a last-minute cabinet reshuffle before the vote. The Port Vila MP has been appointed Foreign Minister, vacating the Lands portfolio to which his fellow party member Alfred Maoh has been appointed.

Another Graon mo Jastis MP, Andrew Napuat, has been appointed new Minister of Internal Affairs.

Meanwhile, Gracia Shedrack has been appointed as Minister of Health.

Last week, the opposition listed six reasons for the motion, including concerns over corruption, ministerial incompetence, decentralisation and tax.

The list also included "tolerance of outstanding revenue totalling over Vt4 billion (US$36.1 million) and the signing of the PACER Plus regional trade agreement.

While defending his policies during debate over the motion, Salwai argued that Vanuatu had much to gain from PACER in areas such as labour mobility, while working around issues related to the trade deal. But he said that Vanuatu had benefitted enormously from participation in New Zealand's Recognised Seasonal Employer scheme, under which thousands of ni-Vanuatu have secured jobs, and that this would be extended through PACER.

Meanwhile, with the opposition roundly defeated, Regenvanu described its motion as frivolous, and an attempt just to get into government.

The prime minister made a very good response in which he just basically showed how those arguments was not really at all any reason to put a motion," said the Graon mo Jastis leader who revealed he had been offered the position of prime minister by the opposition ahead of today's vote.

I'm not interested in bei...


North Korea behind big ransomware attack: US "IndyWatch Feed National"

US President Donald Trumps administration has publicly blamed North Korea for a careless and reckless ransomware attack that infected hundreds of thousands of computers worldwide in May and crippled parts of Britains National Health Service.

Homeland Security adviser Tom Bossert told reporters at a White House briefing on Tuesday that North Korea was directly responsible for the WannaCry ransomware attack and that Pyongyang will be held accountable for it.

This was a careless and reckless attack. It affected individuals, industry, governments and the consequences were beyond economic. The computers affected badly in the UK in their healthcare system put lives at risk, not just money, Bossert said.

Bossert said the administrations finding of responsibility is based on evidence and confirmed by other private companies and foreign governments, including the UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Japan.

He said Microsoft traced the attack to cyber affiliates of the North Korean government.The findings come as the US has sought to pressure Kim Jong Uns government to end the pariah nations nuclear and missile programs.

Bossert said the Trump administration would continue to push Pyongyang to curb its ability to mount attacks and seek to partner with the private sector to prevent future attacks.But he said Trump has used just about every lever you can use short of starving the North Korean people to death to change their behaviour.

So we dont have a lot of room left here to apply pressure to change their behaviour. Its nevertheless important to call them out, let them know its them and we know its them.

Bossert said attributing the attack to North Korea would let them know were going to move to stop their behaviour and work with tech partners such as Microsoft and Facebook.

The WannaCry attack struck more than 150 nations in May, locking up digital documents, databases and other files and demanding a ransom for their release.

The ransomware exploited a vulnerability in mostly older versions of Microsofts Windows operating system.

Affected computers had generally not been patched with security fixes that would have blocked the attack.

WannaCry came to a screeching halt thanks to enterprising work by a British hacker named Marcus Hutchins, who discovered that the malwares author had embedded a kill switch in the code.

Hutchins was able to trip that switch, and the attack soon ended.

In an unusual twist, Hutchins was arrested months later by the FBI during a visit to the US; he pleaded not guilty and now awaits trial on charges he created unrelated forms of malware.

The post...


Peace Almanac November "IndyWatch Feed National"



November 1. On this day in 1961 the Women Strike for Peace demonstration in the United States was the largest womens peace action to date.

Australia abolishes peace-time compulsory military training. (1929)

November 2. On this day in 1982 a nuclear freeze referendum in eight U.S. states won the support of 25 percent of U.S. voters.

November 3. On this day in 1950 the UN Uniting for Peace Resolution was passed by the UN General Assembly at Flushing Meadows, NY.

November 4. On this day in 1946 UNESCO was established. Also on this day in 1980, Ronald Reagan was elected U.S. president after secretly and treasonously using George H.W. Bush and William Casey to persuade Iran not to release U.S. hostages while Jimmy Carter was still president.

November 5. On this day in 1855 Eugene V. Debs was born. Also on this day in 1968 Richard Nixon was elected U.S. president after secretly and treasonously sending Anna Chennault to sabotage Vietnam peace talks, campaigning on a nonexistent secret plan for peace, and actually planning to continue the war, as he did once elected. This is a good day to think about who our real leaders are.

November 6. This is the International Day for Preventing the Exploitation of the Environment in War and Armed Conflict.

November 7. On this day in 1949 Costa Ricas Constitution prohibited a national army. Costa Rica, now using entirely renewable energy, is home to the Interamerican Human Rights Court and the UN University of Peace.

November 8. On this day in 1897 Dorothy Day was born.

November 9. On this day in 1989 the Berlin Wall began to be demolished, symbolizing the ending of the Cold War. This is a good day to remember how fast change can come and how available peace is.

November 10. On this day in 1936 the worlds first peace corps International Voluntary Service for Peace (IVSP) arrived in Bombay led by Pierre Crsole.



Aussie claims Bali drugs arrest ridiculous "IndyWatch Feed National"

An accountant and one-time federal election candidate facing drug charges in Indonesia has been rushed to hospital after being paraded before the media.

Isaac Emmanuel Roberts, 35, was arrested following his arrival in Bali from Bangkok on December 4.Hes accused of carrying 19 grams of amphetamine and ecstasy pills in his luggage.

On Tuesday, Bali police paraded Roberts, dressed in orange prison garb and a balaclava, to journalists.

He was later taken hospital, after being shocked by the media attention.

He got sick. He was shocked after the press conference today. Maybe he never thought that he will be in the press conference, his lawyer Deni Sedana told The Daily Telegraph.

Earlier, Roberts had angrily suggested hed been set up by Indonesian authorities.

I was invited to this country. I was working with a Customs officer and they knew I was going to bring something, he said.

Im just a f***ing addict, they want to waste their resources on addicts. They want to punish addicts, this is ridiculous. What about the f***ing importers? I wasnt going to sell it to anyone here, no one was going to use it here.

Indonesian customs officials claimed the drugs were hidden in a plastic bottle and another container in his luggage.

Based on the results of the inspection, our officers found five packages containing clear crystals weighing 19.97 grams and 14 tablets weighing a total of 6.22 grams, Bali Airport customs office chief Himawan Indrajono said in a statement.

An accountant formerly based in Brisbanes Fortitude Valley, Roberts business website hasnt been updated since 2015 when he faced the professional conduct tribunal of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand.

The tribunal decided on November 15 of that year that Roberts had failed to reply to correspondence, issuing him with a reprimand and fining him $3100.

He also unsuccessfully ran for former Liberal treasurer Peter Costellos Victorian seat of Higgins in 2009 as a Liberal Democratic Party candidate.

The seat was won by current federal government minister Kelly ODwyer.

There are concerns Roberts could face execution in Bali if convicted of drug trafficking.

In 2015, convicted traffickers and Sydney men Andrew Chan, 31, and Myuran Sukumaran, 35 were executed by firing squad.

They had been arrested in 2005.

The executions strained relations between Jakarta and Canberra and prompted Australia to temporarily recall its ambassador in protest.

Indonesia is facing a drug crisis with an estimated 6.4 million drug users in a country of 250 million people.



George Brandis shift to UK not his idea "IndyWatch Feed National"

Outgoing Attorney-General George Brandis has admitted that leaving politics to become Australias High Commissioner in London was not his idea.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull will formally propose Senator Brandis for the new role early next year after calling time on 17 years as a Queensland senator.

After conceding the appointment was Canberras worst-kept secret, Senator Brandis denied he was told his time was up due to poor ministerial performance.

I wouldnt say it was my idea, Senator Brandis said on the ABCs 7.30 report on Tuesday night.

It was something that developed in discussion and it was something that I was attracted to.

Senator Brandis said he did not believe colleagues were plotting to push him out of parliament when discussions about taking up the diplomatic position started earlier in the year.

It is a post that I have often thought would be a post for which I would have certain suitabilities, he said.

Mr Turnbull paid tribute to the former cabinet minister, who will replace one-time federal Liberal leader Alexander Downer in London, where he has spent three years as High Commissioner.

It is a very, very important time in the history of the United Kingdom and there is a lot at stake for Australia in our relations with the UK, Mr Turnbull said in announcing a cabinet reshuffle on Tuesday.

Senator Brandis, a key advocate within the coalition for legalising same-sex marriage, leaves parliament after seeing the law passed on his final day in the Senate.

Mr Turnbull said the historic change happened in no small measure to to his eloquent advocacy.

The prime minister also praised Senator Brandis over a national security review which resulted in foreign interference legislation which is before the parliament.

The most sweeping reforms ever made to keep us safe from hostile foreign interference are his handiwork and will be an important part of his legacy, Mr Turnbull said.

In 2014, Senator Brandis famously declared people had the right to be bigots during a debate on changing racial discrimination laws.

The Queens Counsel last year had a high-profile bust-up with former solicitor-general Justin Gleeson, who subsequently resigned over the pairs broken relationship.

The 60-year-old entered parliament in 2000 and was made arts and sport minister in 2007 under John Howard.

When the Tony Abbott-led coalition came to power in 2013, Senator Brandis became attorney-general and arts minister.

The post George Brandis shift to UK not his ide...


December 20 On This Day in Australian History "IndyWatch Feed National"

1811 - Gov Lachlan Macquarie began humming a Rod Stewart number when he sailed from Port Dalrymple in the Lady Nelson for Port Stephens.

1813 -A public meeting was held in Sydney to form a society to protect Pacific Island natives.

1825 - The new Legislative Council of New South Wales was sworn in.

1826 - Convicts sailing for the tropic climes of Norfolk Island threw a hissy fit, took control of the ship Wellington and set off for NZ....where they were nabbed by the whaling ship Sisters.

1836 - The Executive Council of NSW cleared Major Thomas Mitchell of responsibility after his expedition killed a large number of Aboriginal people on the Murray River.

1836 - Journal entry for Mary Thomas -
This day William, then a boy of fifteen, completed an oven which he made of iron hoops fixed in the ground in a half-circle and covered with a thick coating of clay, afterwards burned. It answered exceedingly well and we not only baked bread in it but pies and puddings, and occasionally fresh meat, when we could get it, but that was seldom. This oven was the first constructed in the colony, and remained in its primitive state, as I was told, long after we quitted Glenelg.

1842 - The brand spanking new Melbourne Council took over from the Market Commissioners who'd been running the shooting match till then....but strangely there was no demand that Swanston Street be turned over to penny-farthing bone-shaker dare-devil racers.

1848 - Constitutional Association formed in Sydney to effect electoral and land reforms.

1859 - Manhood suffrage and secret ballot granted in Qld.

1870 - Victoria became the first state to allow women to own personal property (wages and dividends etc.) independent of their husbands. It followed the passing of an Act of Parliament in Britain earlier in the year.

1879 - Flinders St. to Spencer St. was connected via a road level tramway in consequence of Victoria Railway's purchase of Melbourne & Hobsons Bay United Railway Co's lines radiating from Flinders St.

1889 - Despite the plan of the Queensland government to outlaw the importation of Pacific Island labour after 1890, a Royal Commission reported on this day the labour was essential. It stated that if all coloured labour be withdrawn from the plantations the extinction of the sugar industry must speedily follow.



"The Sociopath Next Door" "IndyWatch Feed National"

"The Sociopath Next Door"
by Martha Stout
"Imagine - if you can - not having a conscience, none at all, no feelings of guilt or remorse no matter what you do, no limiting sense of concern for the well-being of strangers, friends, or even family members. Imagine no struggles with shame, not a single one in your whole life, no matter what kind of selfish, lazy, harmful, or immoral action you had taken. And pretend that the concept of responsibility is unknown to you, except as a burden others seem to accept without question, like gullible fools.

Now add to this strange fantasy the ability to conceal from other people that your psychological makeup is radically different from theirs. Since everyone simply assumes that conscience is universal among human beings, hiding the fact that you are conscience-free is nearly effortless. You are not held back from any of your desires by guilt or shame, and you are never confronted by others for your cold-bloodedness. The ice water in your veins is so bizarre, so completely outside of their personal experience, that they seldom even guess at your condition. In other words, you are completely free of internal restraints, and your unhampered liberty to do just as you please, with no pangs of conscience, is conveniently invisible to the world.

You can do anything at all, and still your strange advantage over the majority of people, who are kept in line by their consciences will most likely remain undiscovered. How will you live your life? What will you do with your huge and secret advantage, and with the corresponding handicap of other people (conscience)? The answer will depend largely on just what your desires happen to be, because people are not all the same. Even the profoundly unscrupulous are not all the same. Some people - whether they have a conscience or not - favor the ease of inertia, while others are filled with dreams and wild ambitions. Some human beings ar...


"Psychopathic Predators, Human Prey" Part 1 "IndyWatch Feed National"

"Psychopathic Predators, Human Prey" Part 1
by Maasanova

Note: The following is largely extracted from two articles: "Twilight of the Psychopaths," by Dr. Kevin Barrett and "The Trick of the Psychopath's Trade" by Silvia Cattori.

"I make the effort to share this information because it gives me, at last, a plausible answer to a long-unanswered question: Why, no matter how much intelligent goodwill exists in the world, is there so much war, suffering and injustice? It doesn't seem to matter what creative plan, ideology, religion, or philosophy great minds come up with, nothing seems to improve our lot. Since the dawn of civilization, this pattern repeats itself over and over again. The answer is that civilization, as we know it, is largely the creation of psychopaths. All civilizations, our own included, have been built on slavery and mass murder. Psychopaths have played a disproportionate role in the development of civilization, because they are hard-wired to lie, kill, cheat, steal, torture, manipulate, and generally inflict great suffering on other humans without feeling any remorse, in order to establish their own sense of security through domination. The inventor of civilization - the first tribal chieftain who succes...


They grow them big in the Far North! Police discover five-metre long python blocking road in Queensland "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

Police in Australia joked they were "going to need a bigger ladder" after encountering a five-metre long python blocking the road. Queensland Police officers encountered the amethystine python, also known as a scrub python, near the small community of Wujul Wujul, located 345km north of Cairns. Officers on a night patrol had to wait for the slithering reptile to cross the road, giving them enough time to capture a photo which has racked up over 50,000 shares and likes on Facebook. "They breed them big in the Far North!" explained Senior Constable Heidi Marek.


Bitcoin Price Watch; Heres Whats On Tonight "IndyWatch Feed National"

The bitcoin space is taking something of a hit at the moment and price is suffering as a result. Things arent moving as long-term holders might like them to and the implications of this longer term are pretty uncertain; can we hold above the recent broken levels and in turn can things recover above and beyond the 20,000 level that looked almost certain to be taken out just a week or two ago.

These are all questions that we dont know the answer to, of course, and that were going to have to wait to find out.

As we noted this morning, however, none of this matters for our intraday strategy. Weve got a standard approach to the markets and it doesnt matter whether price goes up or down. So long as things are moving and weve got our predefined levels in place, weve got a chance to profit from wherever things go.

So, with this all said, lets get said levels set up.

As ever, take a quick look at the chart below before we get started so as to get an idea whats on and where we are looking to jump in and out according to the rules of our intraday strategy.

The chart is a one-minute candlestick chart and its got our key range overlaid in green.

As the chart shows, then, the range we are looking at this evening is defined by support to the downside at 17901 and resistance to the upside at 18174. If we see a close above resistance, well get in long towards an upside target of 18225. Conversely, a close below support will have us in short towards a downside target of 17820.

A stop loss on both trades will ensure were taken out for just a small loss if things turn against us.

Lets see what happens.

Charts courtesy of Trading View



African sea turtles dinosaur age journey to Europe "IndyWatch Feed National"

This video says about itself:

The ancient turtle that migrated from Africa to Europe

New research has traced the incredible journey of an extinct traveler turtle that migrated to Europe from Africa 95 million years ago.

At the time, Earths continents were much different than they are today; Africa and South America joined to make up part of the ancient continent Gondwana, while Europe, Asia, and North America formed Laurasia.

A new study has found that these ancient river turtles crossed into Laurasia much earlier than previously thought, where they adapted from their freshwater lifestyle to survive in the coastal marine environment.

From the Scientific News Service (Sinc) in Spain:

The incredible journey of the first African tortoise that arrived in Europe

December 18, 2017

About 95 million years ago, a river turtle adapted to marine environments and made an extraordinary migration from the ancient continent of Gondwana, which grouped what is now Africa and South America, to Laurasia, the Northern continental mass of which Europe, Asia and North America were part. Its remains, found in the town of Algora in Guadalajara and in Portugal, are the evidence of the first known dispersal event of a turtle from Gondwana.

The researchers themselves call the turtle traveler, but the journey of Algorachelus peregrinus, as they have called it, did not start in Algora (Guadalajara-Spain), where it was recently discovered, but in Africa during the Upper Cretaceous.

It is not just any turtle, but, as the name suggests, it gives us the necessary clues to describe how a successful migration occurred about 95 million years ago; this journey would have drastic consequences, explains Adn Prez -Garca, researcher in the Evolutionary Biology Group of the UNED, the National University of Distance Education...


JUSTICE FOR SALE! The Real Costs of Going to Jail "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Victorian Government has announced it will spend $345 million over three years on almost 500 new cells to deal with the states overcrowded jail system and increasing prison population. True Crime News Weekly correspondent Gary Johnston wonders whether throwing hundreds of millions of dollars into a failed system is a wise move. * *

Continue reading


Greedy, gormless politicians: What is to be done? "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"


ADELAIDE - I strongly agreed with the sentiments expressed by Phil Fitzpatrick in his recent article, Forget the Puppets; Go After the Puppet Masters.

It is astounding to me that the so called progressive forces in politics are so obsessed with identity politics, asylum seekers, special interest groups and what I regard as the ephemera of politics.

They are indeed so obsessed that they seem unable or unwilling to tackle the huge problems of hunger, poverty, discrimination, inequality and racism to which Phil referred.

Where is the Left's alternative economic vision, whereby the huge corporates, and the mega-rich financial manipulators who control them, are brought to heel?

The neo-liberal consensus, despite the growing evidence of its many flaws and failings, seems impervious to any coherent leftist critique.

Papua New Guinea is special only in the sense that the self-serving behaviour of foreign powers, large corporations and the political elite is clearly visible.

It does not have to be covert or subtle because PNG politicians are easy to control and manipulate. Their collective love of money makes them an easy target.

Meanwhile, in the USA, the most egomaniacal, morally bankrupt, dishonest and manifestly unfit person to ever hold the office of President continues to govern by tweet, all the time striving to remake America in the image preferred by the rich and powerful.

Democracy is truly in crisis yet few seem to understand this, much less have any capacity to do anything about it.

Even in Australia, the reach and power of foreign powers and corporations wielding money as a weapon, has been unexpectedly revealed through the egregious behaviour of Senator Sam Dastyari.

While he has been forced to resign, there is no reason to believe that this is more than a mere hiccup for the corporate power players who increasingly dominate our political as well as economic systems.

One player leaves the field in disgrace but the game goes on.

Meanwhile, the current Liberal-National government in Australia, like the O'Neill government in PNG, endlessly reassures us that either a Federal Independent Commission against Corruption i...


Agnotology in Vaccine Problems Non-Placebo Placebos "IndyWatch Feed National"

By Pixie Seymour

Agnotology = Culturally induced ignorance by the publication of inaccurate or misleading scientific data

The biggest and most disgusting agnotology problem with so-called science that is relied on for safety in vaccines, is that in most of the human trials, the new vaccine is tested against what is nearly a whole other vaccine! New vaccines are not tested against the usual placebo of saline. By not using an inert substance for a placebo, that is violating the baseline of nothing in their research studies.

With the MMR for example, a major study was done in Finland (1986) with 581 sets of twins. This double blind placebo study tested the reactions from the combined MMR vaccine. This study is relied on by the Australian government as evidence that the MMR vaccine is safe. The results looked good, IF you skip over what the placebo actually was. The so-called placebo group received the same product including neomycin and phenol-red indicator but without the viral antigens, i.e.

The placebo group received a product with neomycin, sorbitol and hydrolysed gelatine, Medium 199 (vitamins, amino acids, foetal bovine serum, sucrose, glutamate), Minimum Essential Medium, phosphate, recombinant human albumin, chick embryo cell culture and WI-38 human diploid lung fibroblasts. Lets pull that statement apart to see what they meant and exactly what that placebo was. Firstly the same product We are talking about the MMR vaccine being used as the placebo, but without the viral antigens. Lets then look at the other ingredients in the MMR that were administered in the placebo.

  • Live attenuated rubella virus propagated in WI-38 human diplo...


The Holy Spirit what the Holy Spirit means to me part 13 The Holy Spirit and the founder of Hillsong the pedophile Frank Houston "IndyWatch Feed National"

When I started attending Hillsong in 1981 in Sydney, Australia, I was perplexed by what was going on. I didnt travel to Australia from the country of my birth and upbringing, New Zealand, to be involved in Hillsong. I was in Sydney, and I went there to check it out because a friend of mine at the time from New Zealand, Paul Cain, was attending there.

Hillsong was called Christian Life Centre Darlinghurst or CLC Darlinghurst for short in those days. Or CLC Darlo, even shorter. Australians like to abrogate and shorten names, terms and sentences. For example, Im gonna check-out me mates this arvo, means Im going to visit my friends this afternoon. Every nation and people-group has their sayings and terms. Me mates is a bit bogan (think cockney or red-neck) and this is how many people talk in Western Sydney where Brian Houston has been so successful. I dont think Brian could have pulled the wool over the eyes of educated Sydney people, and robbed them of their cash, in the way he has done in Western Sydney.

Now Hillsong is more sophisticated, people have a lot more trouble figuring out what is going on at Hillsong. Many are deceived and join them.



Hillsong founder the child rapist Pastor Frank Houston. Part One. Frank Houstons pedophile activities. "IndyWatch Feed National"


Rev William Francis Frank Houston.  Founder of Hillsong Church. Over 400 boy sex abuse victims of Frank Houston. Self-confessed pedophile. Confessed to lifelong secret child sexual abuse of little boys, male preteens and male teenagers. But mainly little boys aged 7 to 11. Frank Houston The worst Pentecostal pastor since the day of Pentecost 2000 years ago. A Son of Lucifer. Frank Houstons eyes are black like Lucifers.

Note of 27 October 2017

Pastor Brian Houston, the current head pastor of Hillsong Global Church is to face pedophile protection charges some time in the future from the Australian Police and Authorities.

Ive edited the article below reflecting current up to date information.


This article and its updates

This article outlines the history of Pastor Frank Houston, the founder of Hillsong, and his secret sexual abuse of hundreds of little boys, male pre-teens and male teens over five or more decades possibly for 70 years if you include his grandchildren and rent boys (underage male prostitutes).

This site is the most authoritative and comprehensive site on Hillsong corruption, Houston corruption and Hillsong pedophilia.

This article was first published on this site on 9 September 2012 p...


The WWII baby-in-a-box mystery: Genetics testing and detective work find abandoned baby's family, over 70 years later "IndyWatch Feed National"

Robin was 13 when he found out he was adopted. Later he was told he had been abandoned - left in a box on London's Oxford Street. Now 74, he has spent most of his life wondering who left him and why. But thanks to DNA, and the dogged detective work of one of his daughters, he finally has some answers. When Robin King discovered he was adopted he ran away from home. He had been snooping around his parents' bedroom when he came across his adoption papers in a holdall. He fled to a friend's house and the pair then cycled from London to Southend where they slept in a tent until they were picked up by the police a few days later. "My friend's mum had to pay for us to come back on the train," Robin recalls. At home, no-one ever mentioned the subject of his adoption. "I was afraid of raising it as I didn't want any confrontation. I think it affected me deep down," he says.


Continuing PNG's journey of literary opportunity "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Benjamin Law
Benjamin Law
Rashmii Bell
Rashmii Bell


BRISBANE - After eleven years on air, the ABCs The Book Club screened its final episode on Tuesday. Host Jennifer Byrne and regular panellists Marieke Hardy and Jason Steger for the last time engaged in literary discussion and debate.

They were joined by guest panellist Benjamin Law, whose Quarterly Essay was the subject of an article I wrote in October, Awakening to LGBTIQ experience, disagreement and acceptance.

Stegers selection for one of the five best books of 2017 was The Restorer by Michael Sala, which I will review for PNG Attitude readers tomorrow.

It goes without saying that the journey of our online community of Australian and Papua New Guinean readers and writers, as promoted by PNG Attitude and Pukpuk Publications, has been relentless in exploring and creating opportunities to encourage and expose contemporary Papua New Guinean writers, not only within the nation but also in Australia.

And so it was that this years Brisbane Writers Festivals teamed me with established Australian writers,...


Philippine Navy chief relieved "IndyWatch Feed National"

Philippine Navy Vice Admiral Ronald Mercado is supposed to retire in March 2018. Facebook/Philippine Navy

MANILA, Philippines (Second update 3:47 p.m.)

Vice Admiral Ronald Mercado was relieved from his post as the Philippine Navy Flag Officer-in-Command on Tuesday. .

Rear Admiral Robert Empedrad was installed as acting Flag Officer-in-Command during the change of command ceremony held this morning.
Empedrad, the former Deputy Chief of Staff for Retirees and Reservists Affairs, replaced Mercado who is supposed to retire in March 2018.
Armed Forces of the Philippines spokesperson Edgar Arevalo said the reason for the change of command will be explained in due time.


A Few Thoughts "IndyWatch Feed National"

Range Training

Sometimes training doesn't take (VIDEO HERE), even at the Fort Worth, TX Police Dept.

Typical Muslim Activity

(Sweden) Muslim migrants gang-raped a 17-year-old girl, then poured lighter fluid in her vagina and set it on fire. The answer of the Swedish government is to caution women not to go out at night. It's Sweden, they can do what they want. In another place you might have people making head shots of military age Muslim males who are accosting women. Of course, I would NEVER encourage that. And in a land of law abiding people where firearms are illegal, it would never happen. They're rely on the police to protect honest, law abiding people from the savages that their government let into the country.

Chinese Patroling

On 18 December, the Japanese Ministry of Defense (MOD) Joint Staff issued a press release on the flights of six Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) aircraft near southern Japan. 

The map graphic was released by the Japanese Ministry of
Defense on 18 December. The flight paths
are as plotted by the Air Self-Defense Force.


Cavendish: The world's top banana could become extinct "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

The imminent death of the Cavendish banana (BBC)
The imminent death of the popular Cavendish banana

LUCY CRAYMER | Wall Street Journal

You can read the full article here

NEW YORK - In June, a team of European researchers travelled to Papua New Guinea on a mission of global significance. They came to search for the Giant Banana plant.

The scientists travelled through the jungles of the South Pacific nation, by car and on foot, accompanied by two armed guards.

They were tantalised by images circulating online, purportedly taken by locals, that depict a towering banana corm, several stories high, with leaves about five yards long.

The researchers found plenty of unusual banana varieties, but their quest to find the Giant, and to sample its bounty, proved fruitless.

We were all really disappointed, said Julie Sardos, a French scientist for Bioversity International, a global research institute.

Scientists around the world are rushing to find and develop new types of bananas, driven in part by a potential crisis in the supply of the Cavendishthe variety commonly found in supermarkets around the world.

Bananas are one of the worlds most popular fruits, including in the U.S., which imports $2.3 billion worth each year.

The Cavendish is under threat of extinction from a fungal disease that is spreading across the world, killing the plants that bear the fruit. Cavendish bananas are seedless, so their plants are genetic clones, making them vulnerable to disease.

The soil-borne fungus is estimated to have damaged more than 30% of Asias and Australias banana plantations, and has made its way to Africa and the Middle East.

If it reaches Latin America and the Caribbean, source of 85% of the worlds banana exports and the majority of American fruit, it could wipe billions of dollars from the export industry. The fungus affects some lesser-known varieti...


All The Skulls! "IndyWatch Feed National"

image by sean fennessey.

image by sean fennessey.

image by sean fennessey.

Beginning december 15, 2017, the inaugural National Gallery of Victoria Triennial will open its doors to the work of over 100 creatives from 32 countries. Among the artists, designers, technologists, architects, animators, and beyond is Australian hyper-realist sculptor Ron Mueck, who is presenting his largest ever work to date. Mass is an installation of 100 individual human skull forms piled up on the gallery floor, each which engage with the architecture of the site.

Amazing! I want those as furniture. You can read and see much more at design boom. You can see more of Ron Muecks amazing work here this is one of my faves:

Angel, 1997
Mixed media
Figure: 110 x 87 x 81 cm / 43 1/2 x 34 1/4 x 31 7/8 in
Stool: 60 x 40 x 38 cm / 23 5/8 x 15 3/4 x 15 in.


The Meme That Defines The Ruination Of Childrens Lives "IndyWatch Feed National"

By Catherine J. Frompovich

As the winter holidays draw near, especially the magical time known as Christmas, children become the main focus, and rightfully so!  Why?  Because the reason for the season was the birth of a child over two thousand years ago, which impacted lives of billions around the world to the point where that life now has been repudiated as politically incorrect.  Nothing can be further from the facts since that young life went on to teach love, compassion and forgiveness.  However, the Nazarenes life from the very beginning was fraught with terror against him. A bureaucrat named Herod, who wanted Baby Jesus dead, [Matthew 2:16] issued a decree with orders, plus implemented a work force to kill all young males under two years of age around the ancient town of Bethlehem in Palestine, a place where the Census of Quirinius was taking place and to which Mary and Joseph traveled to be compliant with the law.

There seems to be uncanny parallels regarding childrens lives being negatively impacted by bureaucrats at various times during recorded history, e.g., the Nazis death camps which included children.  Currently and especially in the USA, Australia and other forceful nations, an unwitting campaign against childrens lives comes under the unfortunate medical guise of preventing disease.  Again, nothing can be outrageously misleading when, as a result of the explosive increase in mandated childhood vaccines, childrens health and lives have been impacted negatively.

That reality...


What is Ethereum and how is it different from Bitcoin? "IndyWatch Feed National"

What is Ethereum and how is it different from Bitcoin? by Vincent Briatore, CEO QUORA Originally Answered: How does Ethereum differ from Bitcoin technically? Click here to sign up for The Daily Coin FREE newsletter covering precious metals, war, health and prepper suggestions! Ok, Lets...

The post What is Ethereum and how is it different from Bitcoin? appeared first on The Daily Coin.


Alex Tsakiris interviews Stanton Friedman on Jacques Vallee and UFOs/Consciousness "IndyWatch Feed National"

Now, when we talk about augmented reality, there are three important use cases that we think about... --Mark Zuckerberg, CEO Facebook That's Facebook's CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, spreading Facebook's Brave-New-World-Gospel re the merging of consciousness and computing. He's actually taking his foot off the pedal a little bit with this group of developers. If you search for some of his more freewheeling discussions he straight-up talks about mind reading, telepathy and even mind control. It's all part of Facebook's glorious future. And, you know what? He might be right. Skeptiko has always been about controversial science and spirituality related to consciousness, but if we're going to be honest, we have to accept that technology has a role to play in cutting through some of the philosophical bullshit that sometimes dominates these discussions. I mean, when mind reading is another app you can download on your iPhone 20, some of the "spiritual" questions surrounding consciousness will be answered. Same goes for UFOs. The main question that's dominated the UFO field for the last 10 years is whether we should remain focused on nuts-and-bolts technology related questions/issues, or shift the focus to experiences and experiencers. Jacques Vallee has been a leading thinker in this area linking modern UFO encounters extended consciousness phenomena. I've covered this topic in my recent interview with him and my interview with Robbie Graham. But since we had not heard from anyone in the nuts-and-bolts camp, I decided to turn to Stanton Friedman for this episode.


Massive 'balloon' of hot rock is building up under America's Northeast "IndyWatch Feed National"

A vast mass of hot rock is welling up underneath Vermont and extending into other subterranean regions below New England, new research shows. Scientists used a network of thousands of seismic measurement devices in the largest geological study of its kind, detecting the enormous blob upwelling under Vermont, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts - and possibly elsewhere. "The upwelling we detected is like a hot air balloon, and we infer that something is rising up through the deeper part of our planet under New England," says geophysicist Vadim Levin from Rutgers University - New Brunswick.


Young Earth creationist argumentative strategy "IndyWatch Feed National"

I came across this interesting blog post by someone named Jaybird (whose gender is not specified and I will refer to as a he) who had been a young-Earth creationist. He was taught that it was vitally important to defend the idea of a young Earth because that was based on a biblical chronology and if that was taken as metaphorical, then that would open the floodgates for thinking that everything, even the resurrection of Jesus, as metaphorical, and that would be the end of everything. He describes the rhetorical tricks that he was taught to enable people like him to defend that position and get the better of their more-scientifically-minded critics.

[T]hey trained a bunch of kids how to argue in service of Young Earth Creationism and they gave us a very interesting (to my mind, anyway) bunch of tools to use when we went out into the world to spread the word.

The main thing that they taught us was that most people dont know a whole lot about biology. Most people just take what is taught them and they regurgitate it for a test in the classroom without ever thinking about what theyve regurgitated.

We had to learn, by memory, the differences between (deep breath) Piltdown Man and Nebraska Man and Java Man and Peking Man and we had to have these facts at our fingertips. (Keep in mind: This was before Smartphones were a thing.) We had to be able to argue this stuff at a moments notice because . . .

Well, the people we were arguing against usually werent that well-versed in it. They took a year of biology in high school and they probably memorized stuff just long enough to get past the test and then promptly forgot it.

Ask them questions about how come your professors never told you about Nebraska Man? (and never mind that the answer was they had to cover everything from the Krebs Cycle to Photosynthesis to Reproduction to a section involving dissecting a (not yet extinct) fetal pig and there wasnt really time for that sort of thing if there were only 175 days of school.)

One interesting thing was that they were told that they were not interested in their critic so much as whoever was observing the exchange. (This is something that I agree with. It is the audience that you should target, not the person you are arguing with.) They were taught to try and get under the skin of their opponents and make them angry. Why? Because science and scientists are supposed to be cool and rational. If you can remain cool and calm and your opponent got angry and emotional, then you came out appearing as the scientist in the eyes of observers.



Prayer and Meditation for Wednesday, December 20, 2017 The virgin shall conceive and bear a son and shall name him Emmanuel "IndyWatch Feed National"

Wednesday of the Third Week of Advent
Lectionary: 196

Image may contain: 1 person

Paintings of Mary of Nazareth, mother of Jesus. The Annunciation, by Dante Gabriel Rossetti

Reading 1 IS 7:10-14

The LORD spoke to Ahaz:
Ask for a sign from the LORD, your God;
let it be deep as the nether world, or high as the sky!
But Ahaz answered,
I will not ask! I will not tempt the LORD!
Then Isaiah said:
Listen, O house of David!
Is it not enough for you to weary men,
must you also weary my God?
Therefore the Lord himself will give you this sign:
the virgin shall conceive and bear a son,
and shall name him Emmanuel.

Responsorial Psalm PS 24:1-2, 3-4AB, 5-6

R. (see 7c and 10b) Let the Lord enter; he is the king of glory.
The LORDs are the earth and its fullness;
the world and those who dwell in it.
For he founded it upon the seas
and established it upon the rivers.
R. Let the Lord enter; he is the king of glory.
Who can ascend the mountain of the LORD?
or who may stand in his holy place?
He whose hands are sinless, whose heart is clean,
who desires not what is vain.
R. Let the Lord enter; he is the king of glory.
He shall receive a blessing from the LORD,
a reward from God his savior.
Such is the race that seeks for him,
that seeks the face of the God of Jacob.
R. Let the Lord enter; he is the king of glory.


R. Alleluia, alleluia.
O Key of David,
opening the gates of Gods eternal Kingdom:.....



By Aloysius Laukai

The SASALAN HIHIKUMA festival which is on the fifth day today got moral boosting by 36 visiting Tourists from Australia who attended the festival at Gogohe Primary School yesterday.
The tourists came onboard the Cruize Ship True North that arrived from Central Bougainville.
In welcoming the Tourists, Chairman of the Festival LAWRENCE BELLEH thanked the visitors for their visit and allowed them to take artifacts and pictures of the Festival activities.
According to one of the Team leaders on board the ship, they will come with two cruise ships next year for the Sasalan Hihikuma Festival.
The tourists told New Dawn FM that they were happy and wanted to see more of our diverse cultural activities.
The festival will continue until tomorrow for the official closing ceremony which includes the lowering of flags and fireworks.


Sasalan Hihikuma Day 4 Tourist visit 069



By Aloysius Laukai

The ABG President, Chief DR.JOHN MOMIS has praised the outcome of the last Joint Supervisory Body meeting held in Port Moresby last week.
Speaking at the launch of the new South Bougainville workboat in Buka last Sunday, he said that the agreements made at the last JSB will support the initiatives of the ABG to make sure the Bougainville is well prepared for the Referendum scheduled for 2019.
He said that the National Government has approved to give a compromised funding to the ABG to fasttract ABGs Referendum readiness preparation.
The ABG President said that the Prime Minister has further agreed to release further funds to make sure Bougainville continues to work on projects that have been approved and on-going like the sealing of roads on Bougainville and Buka island.




By Aloysius Laukai

The newly workboat that was delivered to Buka last week will change its name from its original name which was the daughter of the previous owners to the name of the only daughter of the member for South Bougainville TIMOTHY MASIU.
This was announced at the presentation of a specimen cheque totalling ONE MILLION KINA as the purchase price for the Workboat for South Bougainville.
To make it happen the two daughters had to do custom exchange of gifts at the Reasons Bar and Grill area in Buka last Sunday.
The member also announced that the Ship will be managed by TSIAMALILI LEGACY LTD.
He said the ship will provide free service to the people for the first three months and later will start charging passenger fare and freight charges.


Sasalan Hihikuma Day 3 032


Saakashvili Refuses To Be Questioned By Ukraines Prosecutor-General "IndyWatch Feed National"

Mikheil Saakashvili speaks with protesters in their tent camp near of Parliament building in Kiev (picture-alliance/NurPhoto/S. Kharchenko)

Former-President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili

Last Updated: December 18, 2017 14:58 GMT

Ukrainian opposition leader Mikheil Saakashvili appeared at the Prosecutor-Generals Office in Kyiv on December 18 but refused to answer questions from investigators.

Ukrainian authorities have accused the former Georgian president and ex-Ukrainian governor of abetting an alleged criminal group led by former President Viktor Yanukovych, who fled to Russia after his ouster in February 2014. They also have suggested that protests led by Saakashvili are part of a Russian plot against Ukraine.

Saakashvili has strongly denied all the charges.

Outside the Prosecutor-Generals Offic....



191217 Buka Urban Pikinini Football Association
By- Theresa Baranangko
The Bougainville Football Federation will be hosting the Buka Urban Pikinini Football Grand final this week at the Ieta Soccer Field.
According to the President for Bougainville Football Association Mr Justin Helele, the BFA is contributing towards Unification in Bougainville through Football therefore the theme for the Grand finale is Football for Unity towards Referendum.
Thirteen teams will be participating in the games which will start at 7.30am BST and ends at 3.00pm in the afternoon.
The teams that will participate include Kukus, Wantora, Rangers, Mulies, Lonahan, Waves, New Camp, Kiara, Hamatana, Urban Brothers, New13, Runway and LAL.
The teams will be allowed to play for fifteen minutes each.
The grand final will be played between, Lonahan vs Kubu Riders 12.30pm, Lonahan vs Kubu Riders 1.00pm, Kubu Riders vs Runway 1.30pm, Rangers vs Urban Brothers 2.00pm, Kiara vs Kubu Riders 2.30pm and Kiara vs LAL 3.00pm.
Awards will be given out to winning teams accordingly while other participating teams will receive small tokens for taking part, said Mr Helele.



Another piece that places the blame squarely on the science establishment, as it should "IndyWatch Feed National"

For years weve been seeing women rise through the training ranks of academic science, experiencing fearsome attrition, but we said that men were also being weeded out by grad school and post-doc positions and the harsh competition to land a tenure-track position. And then we noticed that a smaller proportion of women were actually getting those jobs, so we mostly shrugged our shoulders and said, well, its a painful grind to get there, so it must be fair (how intolerable it would be if we all suffered unnecessarily, after all), and so the ladies must simply be less capable of handling the rigors of a career in science said rigors being the same obstacles that the Men of Science created and put in place. We talked about estrogen and nurturers as if those were inimical to doing science, instead of irrelevant (although I try to imagine a culture of science that were more nurturing and supportive and cooperative, and cant help but think that that would be so much better). We try to pretend that hey, these differences in outcomes are purely biological or genetic or hormonal, and gosh, _()_/, maybe well answer the question of how it happens later, if we just throw more men at the analysis.

I think the question has been answered repeatedly. People have written at length about the answer. It seems that every month theres another piece that summarizes the real source of the problem the latest, and its a good one, is in Marie Claire magazine. The answer, as always, is the same.

Male scientists are the product of a misogynistic culture, and they like to pretend that theyre objective, self-aware participants in that culture, even when theyre oblivious, and see exploitation of women as their due. Its droit du seigneur for the 21st century. Were not going to fix it until more men wake up, or, since thats unlikely, more women crack the ranks of science and slap the men awake.

Or we can just wait for the old male scientists to die off.


Freedom of Religion under Attack? "IndyWatch Feed National"


The attack upon religion in Australia is not what one would call a direct assault. It is also not unique to just Australia. This is simply the way prosecutors expand the envelope of power. They look at a single issue and seek to address that issue alone. They rarely look at the implications beyond their immediate objective.

Take FACTA in the USA. The objective is to catch people avoiding taxes by putting their profits offshore. They begin with that assumption and ignore the fact that NOT everyone doing business offshore is to hide taxes. They then obstruct businesses from expanding globally. In my own case, despite the fact that we do business around the globe, because I am an American, I cannot open an account anywhere outside the USA because nobody wants to deal with the FACTA reporting back to the USA. My only solution is to go public since an American citizen can no longer own and operate a multinational business privately. Here we have a law designed to get tax evaders, but it blocks the legitimate business from operating. The only exception is the multinational corporation.

This is the entire problem with regulation. In the case of Australia, they may have a noble goal and demand that religion should abolish celibacy and report child abuse crimes confessed to priests to be able to punish people. But such noble goals end up altering the entire structure of a faith. Once you make one exception, you open the door for all crimes.

The same thing with the Muslim secs that demand women wear the full burka. Yes, on the one hand, anyone could put on a burka and hide from the public. So how do you deal with this? The Australian Senator Pauline Hanson entered the Senate in a burka to demonstrate the point. You can outlaw a burka and effectively tell them to leave your country or go to jail. Is that what you tell Christians if they do not report specific crimes to the State? Once you take that first step for on...

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Tuesday, 19 December


MACKAY Noise complaint leads to court appearance, Eimeo "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

MACKAY December 19, 2017 at 12:03PM ,

Noise complaint leads to court appearance, Eimeo

December 19, 2017 at 12:03PM ,

A 28-year-old female Eimeo resident will be appearing in the Mackay Magistrates Court following an alleged incident of disobeying a police direction linked to an excessive noise complaint. Its alleged that police attended at a Gans Court, Eimeo address at about 3.45 pm on December 18 in response to

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,

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Top 4 Anti-LGBT Myths Of 2017 "IndyWatch Feed National"

In a year of nonstop crisis, scandal, violence, and political unrest, it is easy to understand how many people across the country feel on edge. As we well know, fear is often an effective tool to motivate the masses in a desired direction.

LGBT media would have us all believe that LGBT people are in a near-constant state of danger in the United States and under assault from the police, Republicans, and the president himself. But a closer inspection tells us this simply isnt true. Lets take a look at the top anti-LGBT myths of 2017.

1. 2017 Was the Deadliest Year for Transgender People

If you have been paying attention to the media, you will have noticed a series of headlines stating, Transwoman is the 17th19th22ndmurdered so far this year! The dramatic statement with an escalating victim count gives the impression that transgender people, specifically transwomen of color, are being intentionally targeted for hate crimes across the country. The panic of each news story validates feelings of victimhood and fear and causes those scrolling by to believe in an epidemic of violence.

This narrative inspires government policy and initiative to curb the violence and demands to demonstrate intolerance for hate crimes. In September, Rep. Keith Ellison introduced a congressional resolution titled Recognizing the violence and other challenges faced by transgender women of color in America.

Ellison and several other congressional leaders signed a letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions in March pleading for him to do something about transgender murders. The letter stated, We write to urge you to investigate the recent murders of multiple African-American transgender women around the United States. Transgender women are over four times more likely to be murdered than the general population of all women, and 2017 is on track to be the most deadly year for transgender women, particularly those who are African-American.

In 2017 has been the best year for trans people; its also been the worst, Salon wrote, According to sociologist Nielan Barnes, a professor at California State University, Long Beach, the very visibility and increasing acceptance that helped lift Roem [the first openly transgender to win state office in America] and others into office may lie at that heart of what can feel like a deadly backlash. More attention is directed to the LGBT population, and transgender individuals, because theyre non-gender-conforming, and theyre far more visible, tend to...


Its High Time To Cut U.S. Funding For This Troubled International Cancer Agency "IndyWatch Feed National"

Since Donald Trumps election, international bureaucracies that receive U.S. tax dollars have been on notice that our unchecked government largess to them is about to end. The World Health Organization is one example of a bloated, inefficient agency that is ripe for reform.

As Jeff wrote in June, WHO is plagued by persistent wasteful spending, utter disregard for transparency, pervasive incompetence, and failure to adhere to even basic democratic standards. The United States has failed to hold the WHO accountable for the nearly $2 billion in U.S. funding WHO receives each year.

WHOs new director-general is Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, an Ethiopian doctor who served as a top official in that countrys ruling Marxist government. In October, Ghebreyesus laughably appointed now-deposed Zimbabwean dictator Robert Mugabe as a good will ambassador. (He later rescinded the appointment amid widespread condemnation by member states and donors.) According to an Associated Press investigation earlier this year, WHO spends as much on travel expenses each year as it does on programs to fight AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis combined.

Congress has recently begun asking oversight questions about potential misconduct at the International Agency for Research on Cancer, a WHO affiliate based in Lyon, France. But IARC has been snubbing its nose at requests for information. Now, the committee doing the investigation, the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology, is threatening to cut off federal funding until it gets answers. House leadership must recognize that this move comes not a moment too soon, and it must be prepared to back up the threat if necessary.

Cancer, Cancer Everywhere

IARC convenes a working group each year to evaluate the cancer-causing potential of chemicals, food, personal habits, and environmental factors. Out of the more than 1,000 hazards IARC has analyzed over the past 50 years, only one has been deemed non-carcinogenic.

IARCs alarmist reports occasionally smack of propaganda intended to advance a wider political agenda. As we wrote in November 2015, the agencys flawed study that said bacon and red meat might cause cancer was likely tied to the United Nations climate change goal to slow global meat consumption because farm animals purportedly contribute to global warming. Others panned IARC for doing a poor job of communicating risk by failing to explain the difference between absolute and relative risk.

While risk communication should be a core competency of IARC, they are now in hot water for something that suggests a more si...



181217 Hon Momis Acknowledged Masius Support
By- Theresa Baranangko
The President for Bougainville Chief Dr John Momis has thanked the Member for South Bougainville for his contributions in sharing Bougainvillians dream of being free from the lack of service delivery.
The President said that such service delivery is long overdue which the ABG Government did not attend to because of inadequate financial assistance by the National Government. He said that under the constitution of Papua New Guinea, the National Government owes Bougainville so much.
However according to the wisdom of the people of Bougainville, during the recent JSB meeting, both Governments negotiated a compromised through which there will be financial assistance and service delivery for the people of Bougainville in the coming future, said Momis.
In his statement during the welcoming of the New Vessel, Mv Savita, at the Buka Wharf on Sunday 17th of December, the President acknowledged the input by the Member for South Bougainville which he described as timely as Bougainville is facing financial constraints.
Because of this, Bougainvillians are proud people, said Momis. We are proud because we have a bold ambition which is noble and does not contain greed or wanting to undermine other people. Our pride consist in the desire to liberate ourselves and empower ourselves to become agents of change and development said Momis.


Sasalan Hihikuma Day 3 019


Bitcoin Price Watch; Riding Out The Uncertainty "IndyWatch Feed National"

There exists a substantial degree of uncertainty in the bitcoin space right now. Things have been pretty volatile over the last few days as far as the bitcoin price is concerned and exactly how the fundamentals of the space scaling, transaction fees, that sort of thing are going to play out going forward is the question everybody wants to know the answer to.

From a long-term holding perspective, this makes things pretty tough.

With that said, of course, we have maintained our intraday strategy from as far back as when price was trading in and around a couple of hundred dollars and just because there is correction risk right now doesnt mean we are going to alter the way we approach things.

So, lets keep our cool and push forward into the European morning session today. As ever, take a quick look at the chart below before we get started so as to get an idea where things stand in the bitcoin price right now and where we are looking to get in and out of the markets according to the rules of our intraday strategy.

The chart is a one-minute candlestick chart and it has our primary range overlaid in green.

As the chart shows, the range we are looking at for the session today comes in as defined by support to the downside at 17803 and resistance to the upside at 18318. Thats a pretty wide range so we can be relatively liberal with our risk management placements.

In line with this, if we see a close above resistance, we will enter long towards an immediate upside target of 18400.

Conversely, a close below support will have us in short towards a downside target of 17720. A stop loss on both trades around $20 or so just the other side of the entry will ensure we are taken out of the positions in the event that things turn against us.

Charts courtesy of Trading View



DHERST announces accepted lists for 2018 Tertiary Institutions "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

The Department of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology (DHERST) has announced the  complete list of the Grade 12 school leavers who have been selected through the Online Selection System to registered tertiary institutions for the 2018 academic year.

With the inaugural use of the Online Selection System, a total of 12,234 students have been allocated to a study program (47% of the 25,848 who applied).

All students with a GPA of 2.3 and above that met respective GPA and subject related entry requirements were allocated space within a Higher Education Institution (HEI). First and Second Preferences indicated by the Grade 12 School Leavers were used to allocate a place at a HEI while GPA and subject related entry requirements were used for ranking of the selection list.

All other Grade 12 School Leavers that selected the option to be considered for alternate offers were allocated space in the program to which they exclusively met the entry requirement and also to which additional space was available.

New intakes from this list will receive admissions offer letter or notice from Universities and their respective tertiary institution.

We would also like to advise the public that one institution initially provided the DHERST with incorrect student quota. The institution overestimated its own capacity hence it will enrol less students.

Note that this list is not a Tertiary Education Scholarship Assistance Scheme (TESAS) awards list. The DHERST will inform all TESAS awardees through separate offer letters. Any selected student who does not receive a TESAS offer letter from DHERST should consider himself/herself to be a self-sponsored student.

Any offers given outside of the Online Selection System will not be considered for national scholarship (TESAS).

This selection would not be possible without the commitment of our Universities and other Higher Education Institution as well as the staff at the DHERST and our partner PCG Academia a company that successfully serves higher education sectors in the USA, Canada, Europe and now PNG. I sincerely thank you all for your collaboration and assistance offered.

Check out:


ATSB Investigating a Recent Pair of Incidents with Local Helicopters - Bell 206 VH-SDZ Crashed near Emerald Airport - R-44 VH-WRR Ditches into Water near Hamilton Island Airport "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) is investigating a collision with terrain involving Bell 206B VH-SDZ near Emerald Airport Saturday 18 November.

Mike Didsbury /

The ATSB reports that "During aerial work, the pilot detected an abnormal noise and conducted a precautionary landing. As it landed, the helicopter rolled onto its side, resulting in substantial damage."

Meanwhile, a couple of other nasty helicopter incidents that have also occurred this year continue to be investigated or have had their final report released by the ATSB.

On Wednesday 8 November, Whitsunday Air Services Robinson R-44 VH-WRR ditched into water some 49km North of Hamilton Island Airport.

The ATSB reports that "During cruise, the engine lost partial power and the helicopter was unable to maintain altitude. The pilot conducted an autorotation and deployed the emergency flotation system, landing on water. The crew and passengers were not injured  and were rescued by a local vessel. The helicopter was subsequently submerged in the water."

Finally, on Friday 17 March, Agusta AB206A (Bell 206) helicopter VH-DPU crashed while on a flight from Caboolture Aerodrome to Curtis Island, between Gladstone and Rockhampton, with only th...


Passenger Medevaced From Carnival Spirit "IndyWatch Feed National"

A Westpac rescue helicopter medevaced a passenger from a Carnival cruise ship off the coast of New South Wales (NSW), Australia yesterday .

The 40-year-old passenger was reportedly suffering a stroke on the Carnival Spirit cruise ship about 50 miles from Port Macquarie on NSW's mid-north coast. The rescue helicopter winched the passenger from the Spirit and airlifted her to Newcastle's John Hunter Hospital for further treatment.

There have been a number of medevacs from the Carnival Spirit cruising around Australia in this past year. 

A Westpac helicopter flown by the NSW Ambulance and Australian Maritime Safety Authority reportedly medevaced a 32-year-old male passenger from the Carnival Spirit a week ago.

Photo credit: Carnival Spirit - coffscoastadvocate.

Carnival Spirit



Donald Trump, a dangerous warmonger "IndyWatch Feed National"

This video from the USA says about itself:

Did Trump Bomb Syria To Boost His Raytheon Stock?

10 April 2017

It sure appears that way Ana Kasparian and John Iadarola, hosts of The Young Turks, discuss.

While the world is dealing with both the implications and the fall-out from President Donald Trumps missile attack on a Syrian airfield on Thursday, the manufacturer of the Tomahawk missile used in the attack is seeing their stock surge which is good news for their investors including the president.

As noted by the Palmer Report, Trump owns stock in Raytheon, which was reported by Business Insider in 2015.

According to Trumps financial disclosure reports filed with the FEC in 2015, his stock portfolio includes investments in technology firms, financial institutions and defense firms, including Raytheon.

On Thursday, Trump launched an attack on the al-Shayrat military airfield, used by both Syrian and Russian military forces, hitting it with 59 Tomahawk missiles manufactured by Raytheon. Trumps attack on Syria was reportedly in response to a deadly gas attack

While the Tomahawk attack did little damage to the airfield with the Syrian air force continuing to launch assaults from the same base on Friday investors, sensing...


Yearning for Learning: Developing Co-op Curriculum "IndyWatch Feed National"

On Sunday 19th November Earthworker organisers, along with members of Earthworker Energy Manufacturing Cooperative and Redgum Cleaners" Cooperative, attended a day-long training and education workshop. Below is a reportback from Mark, an Earthworker Organiser, about the day. SIt has been said that cooperativism is an economic movement that uses education. We can alter that definition, []


Report back: AGM 2018 "IndyWatch Feed National"

The AGM On Saturday the 11th of November, Earthworkers got together for our Annual General Meeting in Narrm/Melbourne. Organisers gave reports about key changes to our rules affirmed at our special general meeting earlier in the year, as well as the progress of the cooperative factory in Morwell, Earthworker Energy, and Earthworker"s newest worker-coop, the []


Chinese diplomats warn students in Australia to stay alert to safety risks "IndyWatch Feed National"

South China Morning Post

Consulate in Melbourne issues alert following string of incidents

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 19 December, 2017, 2:04pm
UPDATED : Tuesday, 19 December, 2017, 3:08pm


Major Japanese Automotive Group and Dealerships Embracing Bitcoin "IndyWatch Feed National"

Major Japanese Automotive Group and Dealerships Embracing Bitcoin

One of Japans largest used car automotive groups has partnered with the countrys largest cryptocurrency exchange Bitflyer to enable bitcoin payments at its dealerships across Japan. Starting with 26 dealerships, the company also plans to add bitcoin payments to 550 additional locations.

Also read: South Korea Clarifies Position After Reports of Possible Ban on All Crypto Transactions

Car Dealerships Accept Bitcoin Via Bitflyer

The Tokyo Stock Exchange-listed Idom Inc. engages in the distribution and sale of used cars. Formerly known as Gulliver International Co. Ltd, the company has been operating a network of stores that buy and sell used cars across Japan since 1994.

Major Japanese Automotive Group and Dealerships Embracing BitcoinThe company claims to have the largest market share for the domestic used car market, ranking number one in both sales volume and number of purchases. With a subsidiary in the U.S. and New Zealand, the group also holds a 67% stake in Australian new car dealer operator Buick Holdings Pty Ltd.



President Trump's national security strategy - good news for freedom and Australia. Bad news for Islamists. "IndyWatch Feed National"

This is good news for Australians everywhere. Mad Dog Mattis has already crushed the nascent Islamic Caliphate in Iraq and Syria that was allowed to flourish under Obama. Expect more of the same. And climate change as a threat to US security is gone - kaput. The only threat related...


Australias Foreign Agent Law Is A Smokescreen For Duping The Population "IndyWatch Feed National"

The American-influenced piece of provocative legislation will likely result in an anti-Chinese witch hunt.

The post Australias Foreign Agent Law Is A Smokescreen For Duping The Population appeared first on


Officials Admit Flu Vaccine 2017 Likely Worthless "IndyWatch Feed National"

By Dr. Mercola

Flu season in Australia, located in the Southern Hemisphere, occurs while residents of the U.S. in the Northern Hemisphere are enjoying summer. What happens in Australia is a good bellwether for how bad the flu season in the U.S. will be come winter. And if this holds true for the 2017-2018 flu season, influenza vaccine experts are warning that the U.S. could be in for a doozy.

Writing in the New England Journal of Medicine, health officials with the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), the World Health Organization (WHO) and in Australia described record-high numbers of laboratory-confirmed influenza notifications and outbreaks and higher-than-average numbers of hospitalizations and deaths during Australias 2017 influenza season.1

Whats more, the influenza vaccine, which is still described by public health officials as the best tool to stay healthy during flu season despite years of dismal failures, turned out to be mostly worthless in Australia this year. The predominant circulating flu viruses were influenza A (H3N2), against which the 2017-2018 flu vaccine had a preliminary effectiveness of just 10 percent. Health officials have admitted that this seasons influenza vaccine is likely to be a major flop in the U.S. and other countries in the Northern Hemisphere.

Given that the composition of the 20172018 Northern Hemisphere vaccine is identical to that used in Australia, it is possible that we will experience low vaccine effectiveness against influenza A (H3N2) viruses and a relatively severe influenza season if they predominate, they noted.2 As of early December 2017, more than 7,000 U.S. influenza cases have been lab confirmed, which is more than twice the number confirmed one year ago at this time,3 and 90 percent of states have reported some type of influenza activity.4

Multiple Reasons Why the 2017 Flu Vaccine Is Likely to Fail

There are many reasons why flu vaccines are often ineffective, starting with vaccine mismatches. Each year, health officials make educated guesses as to which influenza virus strains will be circulating in order to include them in that years vaccine.

For the past 12 years, influenza vaccines have failed to work more than half the time....


ABC News - "Of 88 LGBTQI Australian drama characters between 2011/15, only 2 were transgender". "IndyWatch Feed National"

The fact that Victoria Police executed a search warrant on sitting prime minister GILLARD's former office wasn't and isn't news to the ABC. This is.


Torresian Imperial-Pigeon at Lake MacDonald Noosa Botanical Gardens reported by Russ Lamb & Mark Coates(UK) on 19-12-2017 "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

Two birds seen roosting in rainforest tree on western lakeside edge. Good views obtained, birds flew south through lakeside trees, unable to be relocated.


Another Electoral Victory, Another Reminder of a One-Dimensional India "IndyWatch Feed National"

The aggression of development, the militancy of cultural nationalism and the loud assertion of shiny India have become the dominant discourse, and it is becoming extremely difficult to come out of its shadow.

A vendor arranges masks of Prime Minister Narendra Modi at his shop in Ranchi. Credit: PTI/Files

A vendor arranges masks of Prime Minister Narendra Modi at his shop in Ranchi. Credit: PTI/Files

Success, we know, has many friends. As the BJP wins the elections in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh, we are bound to witness once again the admirers of Narendra Modi celebrating the euphoric moment, and asserting the irresistible power of the prime minister to prove that there cannot be any alternative to him. From the members of the ruling party to a set of well-educated television anchors, from non-reflexive and obsessively confident spokespersons of the establishment to some academic experts with instantaneous answers to everything, the songs of praise will be loud and dramatic.

Yet, intellectual honesty demands the ability to remain contemplative, ask critical questions and not t...


The World as it Turns in 2018 "IndyWatch Feed National"

QUESTION: Marty; Will you put out a report on what to expect in 2018 as you did in 2017?

Thanks for all you do. It is amazing you do not spam us with emails or try to tell us to hand over our savings to you. Your WEC is the only event I have ever attended where there was no solicitation. Thank you so much. When you said we are all in this together and thats why you do this, I have to tell you, you really brought tears to many eyes.

Keep up the good work


ANSWER: Yes, of course, I will put out the 2018 report as soon as 2017 closes. We are all in this together. Hopefully, when the crash and burn comes, the more of us that stand up and demand change in the right direction will hopefully save the day. If not, I fear for my own posterity. They will never know the freedom I grew up in and the politicians grab more and more power to keep control.

As I warned, 2018 is the start of a brand-new trend of volatility. So this report will be very important. Probably more so than usual.


Talking to the Media : Avoiding the Pitfalls: A Guide for Anarchists "IndyWatch Feed National"

Anarchists have appeared in the corporate media a lot this year, from the first breathless reports on resistance to the rise of the far right to recent appearances in the fashion pages. But not all visibility is good visibility. The Trump regime is looking to popularize an image of anarchists and other activists as a major threat to public order in order to legitimize further crackdowns; fascist organizations have worked hard to capitalize on a media profile of antifa as violent and mysterious in order to draw more people into their ranks. Corporate media outlets like the Wall Street Journal are notorious for catering to the reactionary politics of their owners, while even the most sympathetic media coverage can be useful to law enforcement agencies seeking information to use against activists.

Anarchists and others have long been critical of the function of the media itself. Yet its not always possible to avoid press coverage; in the information age, its spin or be spun. When we act effectively in pursuit of social change, media outlets will seek to represent us to the general publicand unless we can disrupt their narratives, most people will see us through their eyes.

Corporate media is not a neutral space in which we can present ideas the way we can in direct conversation with our coworkers and neighbors. It is a strategic terrain on which the authorities position themselves to legitimate the use of force. To step in front of the cameras is to enter a hostile territory controlled by a class that is determined to use our images against us. If we enable media outlets to depict us as violent, alien, or extremeno matter how strong the arguments we make in favor of our tactics or ideasthe ultimate result will be that the authorities are emboldened to step up their attacks on us.

When we engage with the media, we must not imagine that they will promote our ideas; we have to accomplish that on our own through our own channels. (At best, we can use media appearances to direct people to those channels, like the organization that insisted on only answering interviews in front of a banner displaying their website.) Rather, we are engaging in a subtle war of position in which we seek to prevent the authorities from alienating others from us and to undermine the narratives that legitimize their violence. We must always balance the possible gains...


Australian Dollar and Bitcoin "IndyWatch Feed National"

1.00 AUD = 0.00005 BTC
0.00010 BTC = 2.15 AUD


NEON JUNGLE "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

Fluent Music is excited to announce our first Brisbane show NEON JUNGLE at Brisbanes iconic venue The Zoo. Featuring local B-town talent & set to take the stage is New Zealands DMC Champion DJ GOODA dropping flames to light up the dance floor.

The night will feature a glow in the dark paint station if youre feeling the vibes.

Head to - to purchase your tickets.

Please remember but please remember The Zoo has a zero tolerance policy.

The post NEON JUNGLE appeared first on The Zoo.


The story of Laika, who was just a dog "IndyWatch Feed National"

Speaking at a Moscow press conference in 1998, Oleg Gazenko a scientist attached to the mission expressed his regret in sombre and sympathetic tones: The more time passes, the more Im sorry about it. We shouldnt have done it. We did not learn enough from this mission to justify the death of the dog.


Jazz Icon Graeme Lyalls Lawyers Threaten NM With Contempt Over Leaked Catholic Report "IndyWatch Feed National"

New Matilda had been planning to publish a major new feature as part of an ongoing investigative series into the sexual misconduct of men in powerful positions.

The story was slated for publication yesterday, and was based in large part on a leaked copy of a 60-page report produced by the Catholic Church, which had investigated allegations against Graeme Lyall AM an icon in the Australian jazz industry while he was a music teacher at a Catholic school in 2010.

The report produced under the Catholic Churchs Towards Healing protocol, its official mechanism for dealing with allegations related to sexual, emotional and physical abuse is now the subject of a suppression order issued by the District Court of South Australia.

For this reason, the details of the report cannot be disclosed.


As a result, New Matilda is re-investigating the matter over the Christmas break. We hope to finish a new feature independent of the findings of the report by early to mid January.

If you want to assist New Matilda in that investigation, and others (including the ongoing Charles Waterstreet investigation being led by journalist Nina Funnell), you can contribute to our Pozible fundraiser here. We still need to raise $20,000 before December 24, just a few days away.

New Matilda is a small, independent media outlet with limited resources. Were trying hard to do our share of the heavy lifting on this important public interest issue, and we can use all the help we can get. As you can probably imagine, this sort of journalism is extremely costly, time consuming and fraught with legal risk. You can join the movement here.

In the meantime, in line with New Matildas policy of publishing all threats issued against this publication, below is the correspondence received from Mr Lyalls lawyers, along with New Matildas response.

Tomorrow, well be publishing (admittedly more benign) threats from the University of New South Wales against New Matilda, in relation to our ongoing Charles Waterstreet investigation.

FROM: Bill DeGaris, De Garis Lawyers...


When someone wants to tell you how to live, tell them about the late Kazimierz Piechowski "IndyWatch Feed National"

If you aspire to any influence on the way our country develops you might find a trip to Auschwitz useful. Depressing, chilling and unsettling too. What is the limit, the outer boundary on collective human behaviour? What are we capable of? Auschwitz helped me understand at least those questions a...


Silver: Double-Digit Gains This Year, Then Tulip Mania "IndyWatch Feed National"

Silver: Double-Digit Gains This Year, Then Tulip Mania by Pete Krauth Wall Street Examiner If you want the upside potential of Bitcoin with minimal downside risk, then silver may well be your answer. Click here to sign up for The...

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Team to be set up for NHC asset recovery "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

December 19, 2017

A NATIONAL Housing Corporation (NHC) asset recovery team will be set up next year to restore integrity in the corporation, says Minister for Housing and Urbanisation John Kaupa, pictured.

The team will comprise officers from police, the auditor-general, attorney-general, state solicitor, Lands and Physical Planning Department, Office of Urbanisation, Finance Department and other private professionals to identity assets that belong to the corporation.

The Housing Corporation has been run as privately owned by some group of people, Kaupa said.

He said the NHC had been facing issues of restrictive policy framework, political interference and poor management.

Its survival is not dependent on revenue generation and rentals or creation of new properties.

It was largely depended on the exciting property sales, without the expansion of the asset profile, Kaupa said.

He said currently the NHC was not in a position to account for all its assets.

There is a need to change the structure and we must also take stock of all the titles and all the properties owned by Housing Corporation and incorporate them so that we must have a register to maintain and see what properties we own.

Kaupa said over the years, the drive to account for all assets had been attended but was incomplete.

At this stage, the properties are everywhere with 4000 titles. Are these 4000 titles still there or moved to other titles? We do not know, he said.

Source: The National


What Should Concern You About The GOP Tax Plan? Its Not The Taxes "IndyWatch Feed National"

Imagine a world where politicians are bought and sold, not by corporations, but by religious activists hell-bent on policing your sex life. A world where thought crimes are punishable under the law.

This dystopian world is currently being pursued by the GOP under the guise of tax reform.

The biggest problem with the Republican tax plan has nothing to do with taxes.

There are many causes for concern in regards to the financial aspects of the GOPs tax reform bill.

According to the non-partisan CBO report, the bill increases the national debt by 1.7 trillion dollars over the next decade.

The bill will also increase wealth inequality between the haves and the have-nots. Disenchantment and increased poverty rates will become this bills legacy.

These effects are frightening and are being exposed by the Democrats and the few Republicans in Congress with a conscience.

These effects, however, can be undone by Congress once the Republicans lose power. Weve all seen disastrous tax plans get thrown to the wayside by new administrations before. The problem everyone should be focused on is one that cant be fixed as easily by a new political party in power.

The most insidious part of the GOP tax bill is a provision pushed for by the religious right for the past 25 years.

Contained in this small section of the bill is a provision that will set the country on the road to Theocracy. The Republican party is attempting to undo the Johnson Amendment.

They want to remove the wall of separation between religion and the state, and they are hoping you dont notice.

What Is The Johnson Amendment?

The amendment, named after Lyndon B. Johnson, passed in 1954 before LBJ became a President. It bars any church or non-profit organization from taking part in political campaigns. These organizations cannot endorse a political candidate in a direct or indirect way.

In other words, theres a tacit agreement among non-profit organizations, churches, and the government: dont interfere with us, and we wont interfere with you.

What Are The Consequences Of Lifting The Amendment?

At first glance, taking away the rule prohibiting churches from taking part in politics isnt a big deal. Why shouldnt a preacher or Imam be able to endorse a candidate?

The answer, as always, is in the money...


The Elusive Search for a Nuclear Waste Repository in Europe: Watch France24's Video "IndyWatch Feed National"

France is searching for a 25 billion solution to the unanswerable question of what to do with its high-level nuclear waste - bury it deep underground.

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Govt thanks Trivedy "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Source: Loop PNG


The PNG Government acknowledges the outgoing UNDP resident representative Roy Trivedy on his services towards pushing forward the UN SDG on Climate Action (SDG 13).

He was also acknowledged on his part in giving services towards the conservation and protection of biodiversity areas in PNG.


Minister for Environment, Conservation and Climate Change John Pundari said given the strategic support and leadership provided by UNDP under the leadership of Mr Trivedy, a lot has been achieved in the last four (4) years.


Pundari said he is satisfied that PNG as a country is on the right path towards achieving some of the National Goals as well as the SDGs.


With the recent launch of the National REDD+ Strategy and after attending the 23rd Conference of Parties (COP) meeting in Bonn, Germany, there is still a lot of work to be done but I am confident that with the ongoing partnership with UNDP and other good development partners, we are on track to push forward the climate resilient development agenda and conservation and protection of biodiversity in PNG, Minister Pundari said.


Papua New Guinea is implementing SDG 13 through its Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) which is an official document that allows all countries, developed and developing to take action on climate change and off...


Court Orders Panguna Mine Mediation To Continue "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Post Courier | December 19, 2017

Mediation over the leadership of the Special Mining Lease Osikaiyang Landowners Association (SMLOLA) in Panguna, Bougainville is continuing following directions from National Court Judge Andrew Kandakasi.
The matter returned to court on December 8, and adjourned to Tuesday this week where Justice Kandakasi ordered the mediation process continue.
His orders are in relation to the current leadership tussle between Philip Miriori and Lawrence Daveona claiming chairmanship of SMLOLA.
Legal action was then sought to determine whether or not the reconciliation between Mr Miriori and Mr Daveona had been resolved to the satisfaction of the broader SMLOLA membership.
According to Bougainville Copper Limiteds company secretary Mark Hitchcock following three earlier mediation sessions, a fourth has now been scheduled for January 29, 2018 before the matter returns to court on February 6, 2018.
Mr Hitchcock said it was misleading for rival exploration companies to claim the matter had been resolved when the process was still in progress.



Dutch Freedom Party leader calls for Trump-style Muslim travel ban in Europe "IndyWatch Feed National"

Dutch Freedom party leader tells far-right gathering in Prague Europe should also turn back migrant boats like Australia. European countries should adopt Donald Trump-style travel bans to counter a wave of Islamisation supposedly sweeping the continent, the Dutch anti-immigrant politician Geert Wilders has said. Wilders, the leader of the Netherlands' Freedom party (PVV), made his comments at a gathering of far-right leaders in Prague. He also urged Europe to adopt Australia's tactics in turning back migrant boats and to build new border walls, as Trump has vowed to do along the US frontier with Mexico. Wilders was flanked during his press conference by France's Front National leader, Marine Le Pen, and Tomio Okamura, the leader of the Czech Freedom and Direct Democracy party (SPD), which finished joint third in recent parliamentary election with nearly 11% of the vote.


SMEs Progress Well In Chimbu "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Source: Post-Courier


Small business operators in Chuave, Chimbu Province, are experiencing success in their business thanks to small and medium enterprises.

Managing director of Roosts Security Service James Kai thanked MP for Chuave and Minister for Commerce and Trade Wera Mori for his initiative in promoting SMEs.

With this help Mr Kai also saw his security firm extending his business branch from Lae to Port Moresby.

With this SME I have confidence that I will further set up my branches in other provinces as well, he said.

Other PMV operators and trade store operators are now expanding their business as well.

He encouraged other people to help themselves and make use of the opportunity and service that are provided by their leaders to sustain themselves and contribute to the country development.



If the Islamists stop fighting, there will be no more fighting. If Israel stops, there will be no more Israel. "IndyWatch Feed National"

Arabs - always the victims. Exhibit one - Arab girls slapping Israeli soldiers in the face - what restraint those two boys have! Disturbing video shows little Arab girl pushing and slapping Israeli soldiers in the face while cursing at them, yet they don't respond. Israel Breaking (@IsraelBreaking)...


1947: The Year that Changed Everything 70 Years On "IndyWatch Feed National"

1947 roswell UFO crash

1947 roswell UFO crash

1947 was a momentous year in the history of humanity yet hardly anyone knows why. 70 years on, we take a look at that years life-changing events.


was a year of infamy in terms of the New World Order agenda. 1947 was the time when profound events were taking place: the birth of the horrible US MIC (Military Intelligence Complex), the probable continuation of the Nazi regime and likely ET visitation. As the year 2017 comes to an end, and we close out the 70 year anniversary of the year of 1947, it is worth briefly looking back on that momentous year at some of the events that transpired then which still have a profound effect on our world today.

1947: Operation Highjump

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water no, Im not referring to Jaws, but rather the US-UK-Australian military expedition led by Admiral Richard Byrd in January and February of 1947. He thought it would be safe to go down to Antarctica, but he was overpowered and beat a hasty retreat. Byrd led around 4,700 troops in an invasion of Antarctica, but his forces encount...


Piece of Bronte literary history uncovered in NZ "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

The first Bront manuscript identified in New Zealand has been restored to its place in literary history thanks to a University of Otago researcher.
The fragment of Branwell Bronts work was hiding in plain sight, misfiled as a letter, in the Heritage Collections of the Dunedin Public Library.
Coincidentally, the announcement of the previously unknown manuscript in Branwells hand occurred in the same year of the bicentenary of the writers birth. Branwell Bront was born on 26 June 1817, and conferences and a special exhibition devoted to his life and work have been held in the United Kingdom this year.
The lesser-known brother of the famous novelists, Charlotte, Anne and Emily, Branwell is today remembered for his tragic death to alcoholism and for painting the only group portrait of his novelist sisters, but he was in fact the first Bront sibling to see work in print.


Remote Rigo Village Gets Water Project "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

For The First Time In 42 Years And 10 Successive Parliamentary Administrations, The People Of Konakou Village In The Rigo District Of Central Province Finally Have Improved Access To Fresh, Potable Water.



For the first time in 42 years and 10 successive parliamentary administrations, the people of Konakou village in the Rigo district of Central Province finally have improved access to fresh, potable water.

Unfortunately, the plight of Konakou villagers over the past decades is typical of many isolated rural villages in a majority of the 6, 000 wards throughout PNG.

With a Human Development Index (HDI) of 0.156, PNG currently ranks 154 out of a total of 188 countries on the global Human Development Indices.

PNG is one of only two countries in the South Pacific region who place among the 50 lowest HDI rankings in the world (including Solomon Islands, which ranks 156 with a HDI of 0.515).

Department of Provincial and Local Level Governments (DPLLG) secretary, Dickson Guina, during the launching of the Konakou village gravity feed water project, urged for a more dynamic and collaborative drive towards improving PNGs human development indicators.

I want to encourage our national departments, especially national planning, that this is the program where we can make a change, because it is touching the lives of the people. We have 324 LLGs in this country and more than 6, 000 wards. We also have 89 districts and 22 provinces, but if we can change these 6, 000 wards, we can change this country, said Mr Guina.

Unless we change our villages in Papua New Guinea, we can never change this country. All the indicators of the government, the World Bank and the United Nations are measured according to how our people live in their communities. If we dont have better water, health and education systems, our indicators will be low.

The HDI is a summary measure for assessing progress in three basic dimensions of human development: a long and healthy life, access to knowledge and a decent standard of living.



The Death of Malcolm Tucker and President Bartlet "IndyWatch Feed National"

Since the early 1990s, political culture in the west had been underpinned by a belief in politically moderate pragmatism. This belief not only framed the policies of the major political parties, but also framed the assumptions in our broader political culture about what was politically possible in the modern era. We all thought we knew that principled ideologues could never get elected without becoming more pragmatic.


Cleaning, maintenance work begins at Jomba cells "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

December 18, 2017

Source: The National


Cleaning and maintenance work at the Jomba police cells began over the weekend following a National Court order for work to be done immediately.
Judge David Cannings issued an order for the provincial government to make available K50,000 of which K25,000 was to be paid to the contractor that built a new female and juvenile cell block as part payment.
Another K25,000 was to be paid to police for the clean-up and maintenance of the current cell block.
Madang acting police commander Senior Inspector Jacob Bando said the contractor had gave him keys to the new cells which were available for use.
Bando said Madang administrator Daniel Aloi had arranged a contractor for the clean-up and maintenance of the old cell block.
Cannings said the cell was unfit for human occupation.
The clean-up came after he ordered for 36 detainees to be released on human rights grounds.
Cannings orders followed the filing of a report by national court officials about the cell conditions and over crowdedness.



Incompetent Trump nominee withdraws "IndyWatch Feed National"

Recall Matthew Petersen, nominated by Donald Trump for a lifetime appointment as a federal judge who at a hearing last week was unable to answer a single question about the law that was posed to him by Louisiana senator John Kennedy, a very conservative Republican. Well, it appears that after being at the receiving end of a storm of ridicule, he has withdrawn his name from consideration.

Sam Stein explains the background to this bit of kabuki theater that Kennedy was putting on for TV.

Political humiliations like these dont often happen in public view, let alone at the hands of a member of the same political party of the nominating administration. And, sure enough, the video went viral. By Monday, Petersen had decided to withdraw his nomination. Kennedy, it appeared, had got his man.

Except, Petersen wasnt the one he was truly after. Indeed, the real subject of the senators ire appears to have been the person who delivered Petersen to the committee in the first place: White House Counsel Don McGahn.

But this tiny victory should not make us forget that Trump has managed to get many poorly qualified but highly ideological people on to positions in the federal judiciary, some simply by virtue of being close to McGahn. As Stein documents, the bar for approval is really low and only a few like Petersen could not clear it.


Counter-terror police officers to be armed with semi-automatic rifles to guard Sydney during Christmas and New Year "IndyWatch Feed National"

Note: A criminal police state is now in full swing while the general public walks around in a dream world, more concerned with gay rights & frappuccinos. Read More


What does the union and community win at Webb Dock mean "IndyWatch Feed National"

Editorial comment

It is obvious that the outcome of the dispute at Webb Dock is important. It means that the worker who had been denied employment is back at work and for the other working at the dock, wages and conditions of employment have been preserved.

As important as this is for those whose livelihood is tied up with Webb Dock, there is more to what has been achieved.

A battle at  had been building up that had all the makings of a watershed show down between the union movement one side and a big section of corporate Australia and the government on the other. There is good reason to believe that this section of corporate Australia and the government were using this dispute, as a stepping stone, towards big cuts to wages and conditions, through a a major expansion in the casualisation of work. To do this, unions have to be pushed out of the way.

Over some years a formidable arsenal of industrial legislation has been put in place,  and has tilted the advantage much further away from the unions. An estimation had been made that this was a big enough arsenal to win the day against them at Webb Dock.

The estimation turned out to be wrong.  The rise of the community assembly, got in the way.

Community assemblies are a natural outcome of the laws that have put a break on the ability of unions to represent their members. Contrary to the claims by some, union officials have little wiggle room and even lack the legal right to visit their members in the workplace. Union members are part of the wider community, where government cuts and harder times overall is creating a situation, where sympathy for the position of unions and their members is bound to be stronger.

The key at Webb Dock is that the community was gathering and the pace of it was increasing by the day, giving rise to an expectation that this could end up on the scale of the Patricks battler of 1998, where the employer and government side got a beating, as tens on thousands turned up at the same dock and more descended on port facilities around Australia.

In 2017, the Supreme Court found itself helpless, because industrial law has no jurisdiction over community actions and the conditions were not there for the government to use other law to deal with the situation.

The lesson is that community action is powerful.

No doubt, this is being taken account of by all parties concerned. The Turnbull government and its allies will be considering their strategy. So will unions and community groups.

For those who value community empowerment as the road to building a truly democratic society, the rise in community action brings new possibilities.


The post...


FLASHBACK: Asteroid dust may influence weather, may play 'more important climate role than previously recognized' "IndyWatch Feed National"

Dust from asteroids entering the atmosphere may influence Earth's weather more than previously believed, researchers have found. In a study to be published this week in the journal Nature, scientists from the Australian Antarctic Division, the University of Western Ontario, the Aerospace Corporation, and Sandia and Los Alamos national laboratories found evidence that dust from an asteroid burning up as it descended through Earth's atmosphere formed a cloud of micron-sized particles significant enough to influence local weather in Antarctica. Micron-sized particles are big enough to reflect sunlight, cause local cooling, and play a major role in cloud formation, the Nature brief observes. Longer research papers being prepared from the same data for other journals are expected to discuss possible negative effects on the planet's ozone layer. "Our observations suggest that [meteors exploding] in Earth's atmosphere could play a more important role in climate than previously recognized," the researchers write.


Big surprise: Israeli court rules to keep documents about Israel's involvement in Rwandan genocide sealed "IndyWatch Feed National"

"There is no terrible regime - Columbia, Guatemala, Uruguay, Argentina and Chile during the time of the colonels, Burma, Taiwan, Zaire, Liberia, Congo, Sierra Leone - there is not one that does not have a major military connection to Israel." - Jeff Halper, 2003 If the details in this court report were allowed to be made public, it would no doubt be extremely embarrassing to the state of Israel, who relies on maintaining the status of eternal 'victim' in order to side-step dozens of UN resolutions regarding its illegal land annexations and human rights abuses against the native Palestinian population who have been under violent Israeli military occupation for over 50 years. Question: why have the Israeli Courts ruled to cover-up these important details about Israel's own role in helping to facilitate a genocide in Africa? Their answer: "The release of information would undermine state security and international relations." According to reports, Israel's arms exports to Rwanda were in violation of international law.


Xmas Wishes to All. "IndyWatch Feed National"

To those of you who celebrate Xmas, wherever you are, I wish you all the very best for this Xmas season & the year to follow.

Probably the worst threat to us all wherever we are in the New Year & years to come is climate change. The ice caps are melting as is the permafrost, here in Australia we are experiencing a severe heat wave. It is us who should have the final say in how this planet is cared for, NOT big business or the government. All they are interested in is lining their own pockets! This is something I will never understand. We can't not think about our survival & the survival of our descendants at this time of year, but let's not let this spoil the time we have with our families over this season.

Please take care on the roads if you have to travel, it is the other vehicles you have to watch out for! Don't be in a rush to get to where you are going, remember, better late than never!!! 
Best wishes & sincere regards to all.


Songbirds singing together, new study "IndyWatch Feed National"

This 2015 video says about itself:

Australian Magpie-lark (Peewee) (Grallina cyanoleuca) tweeting away with a barking dog providing accompaniment.

From Oxford University Press USA:

How birds work to sing together

December 18, 2017

A new paper published in Behavioral Ecology finds that songbirds may coordinate both vocally and visually to enhance their singing partners responses.

In many group-living animals pairs sing together to defend resources, but such signals can be much more complex than that of the acoustic stimulus on its own. In addition to songs, cooperating animals may produce movements that can be precisely combined between partners and with songs. Experiments with robot birds revealed that coordination of vocal and visual components of the Australian magpie-lark audio-visual display enhances the receivers responses to this complex signal. Singing animals dont just sing together; they also dance.

Animals communicate with their whole bodies. In humans, for example, vocal expressions are naturally produced with associated movements of the face, which reduces speech ambiguity. Because voices and lip movements are physically linked, even small modifications have a deteriorating effect on reception of the message, so coordination is a challenge in that it requires continuous monitoring of the partners behaviour.

Previous research showed that precise vocal coordination between cooperating animals increases the quality of their display; little is known, however, about the role of coordination between songs and movements. Partners of the rufous-naped wren, Campylorhynchus rufinucha, for example, combine multiple types of songs and body movements in a coordinated fashion. Researchers have suggested that movements such as these may improve vocal coordination within a pair. The movements diversity and precise match with the songs suggest that both components signal jointly to other pairs.

This paper used robotics to analyze the coordination in the duets of the Australian magpie-lark Grallina cyanoleuca. Researcher here used a pair of magpie-lark robotic models. The models used taxidermic skins, so the color, pattern, and surface texture w...


One million Aussies misuse prescription drugs "IndyWatch Feed National"


One million Australians misused pharmaceuticals in the previous 12 months, a new report reveals.

Analysis conducted by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) shows the misuse of powerful prescription medications for non-medical reasons is rising and now account for more drug-induced deaths than illegal drugs.

Over the past decade, there has been a substantial rise in the number of deaths involving a prescription drug, with drug-induced deaths more likely to be due to prescription drugs than illegal drugs, said AIHW spokesperson Matthew James.

The report, released on Tuesday, looked at two main types of prescription drugs: opioid analgesics (which include morphine, codeine and tramadol), and benzodiazepines prescribed to improve sleep and treat stress.

According to the report, the number of people older than 14 to have misused a pharmaceutical drug in 2016 was at 4.8 per cent, up from 3.7 per cent in 2007.

Use of pharmaceuticals for non-medical reasons in 2015-16 was higher than all illegal drugs, except cannabis (10.4 per cent), and more people sought treatment for opioid painkillers compared to a decade ago.

Benzodiazepines were the most common single drug type identified among the 1,808 drug induced deaths, accounting for 663 deaths in 2016.

Prescription painkillers such as oxycodone, morphine and codeine accounted for 550 of the drug induced deaths.

Earlier this year, the National Drug Strategy Household Survey showed that indigenous Australians were more than twice as likely to have recently used a pharmaceutical for non-medical purposes than non-indigenous Australians.

The survey also found people living in remote areas were almost twice as likely as those living in major cities to have recently used a pharmaceutical for non-medical purposes.

This finding also held true for Australians living in the most disadvantaged socio-economic areas, with six per cent having recently misused pharmaceuticals compared with 4.2 per cent of those in the most advantaged areas, said Mr James

Recent users of pharmaceuticals for non-medical purposes were also more likely than those who had not misused pharmaceuticals to experience mental illness, chronic pain and experience high or very high levels of psychological distress, according to the report.

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Porter is front-runner to replace Brandis "IndyWatch Feed National"


Christian Porter is tipped to replace George Brandis as attorney-general. AAP Image/Mick Tsikas


Rising West Australian Liberal Christian Porter is the front-runner to replace George Brandis as Australias first law officer under a looming federal cabinet reshuffle.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is expected on Tuesday to announce a refreshed line-up to take the coalition government into 2018.

Senator Brandis will leave the upper house to become High Commissioner to the United Kingdom, taking over from Alexander Downer whos held the post since 2014, according to reports.

Mr Porter, a former WA state attorney-general, is currently social services minister and his portfolio could be handed to Victorian Dan Tehan, The Australian reported.

Meanwhile, Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce is expected to vacate his agriculture portfolio and pick up transport and infrastructure from his Nationals colleague Darren Chester.

The fate of Mr Chester in the new coalition line-up not clear but he could end up with agriculture, Fairfax Media reports.

However, new deputy Nationals leader Bridget McKenzie, who replaced disqualified senator Fiona Nash, is also expected to earn a cabinet spot and could also be a candidate for agriculture.

Its also expected cabinet secretary Arthur Sinodinos, who is battling illness, wont return to the cabinet table next year.

Elsewhere, Justice Minister Michael Keenan could be in line to take on a security role under the new Home Affairs mega portfolio to be overseen by current Immigration Minister Peter Dutton.

Former health minister and NSW Liberal Sussan Ley could also make a return to cabinet after she was forced to resign in January when questions were raised about her use of MP travel entitlements, Fairfax Media reports.

The post Porter is front-runner to replace...


Trump, North Korea, Iran: Some Facts and the instinct to attack "IndyWatch Feed National"

What difference does it make to the dead, the orphans and the homeless, whether the mad destruction is wrought under the name of totalitarianism or in the holy name of liberty or democracy?

Mahatma Gandi, 1869-1948

When the UN was established on 24th October 1945, little over five months after the end of World War 11, the organizations stated aims were to prevent further devastating conflicts. In spite of the fact that 193 out of the worlds 195 nations are Member States, it has failed woefully.

The US alone has been involved, since the UNs founding, in fifty-seven overt murderous meddlings, government overthrows, bloody invasions and/or occupations. One article estimates that the US supremely ironically base of the UNs great Headquarters most likely has been responsible since WWII for the deaths of between 20 and 30 million people in wars and conflicts scattered over the world.

The writer asks: How many September 11ths has the United States caused in other nations since WWII? He answers himself: Possibly 10,000. It is surely a reflection of desperation for peace and disgust at where humanity is being led, that the meticulously researched piece was shared over seventy seven thousand times on the one quoted site alone.

No wonder the US government is so keen to crush and corral the Internet.

Donald Trump, addressing the UN General Assembly on the 19th September, made it chillingly clear that if he has his way he is headed for numerous more international September 11ths.

It was seemingly equally clear that he was clueless about the fine founding aims, for all its failings, of the UN:

We the peoples of the United Nations determined to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war, which twice in our lifetime has brought untold sorrow to mankind to reaffirm faith in fundamental human rights, in the dignity and worth of the human person of nations large and small to practice tolerance and live together in peace with one another as good neighbours

Human worth, tolerance, peace and international neighbourly-ness are clearly a foreign land to the multiple draft dodger.

Just prior to Americas Congressional Budget Office announcing that the nations nuclear weapons programme will cost a mind-bending $1.2 Trillion over the next thirty....


Welfare, family payments and universities are on the Turnbull governments hit list for 2018 "IndyWatch Feed National"

Contributed by Joe Montero

Governments have developed the habit of sneaking in a few nasties in the lead up to Christmas, when public attention is tuned into the holiday season. The Turnbull government proves to be no exception.

The six-monthly update of the May budget, which has just been released, shows that the government plans to impose major funding cuts to welfare, families and universities.

Two days after the Bennelong by election, it is revealed that there is a plan to withhold lump sum payments under family tax benefits for people with outstanding social security, student assistance, or paid parental leave debts from December 2018. This is a $400 million cut.

In addition, the government will also save $1 billion over four years, by tightening payments to family day care services as it transitions to the New Child Care Package that will begin on 2 July 2018.

Waiting time for family payments, including the family tax benefit, paid parental leave and carers allowance, will be extended from two to three years.

University funding will be cut by $2.1 billion.

Speaking at a press conference on Monday after the budget-update was released, Treasurer Scott Morrison said the Coalitions plan to return the budget to surplus by 2020-21 was still on track, with Treasury estimating the deficit for 2017-18 would be $23.6bn, an improvement of $5.8bn from six months ago.

He said the government expected the deficit to decline further in 2018-19, to $20.5bn, and then to $2.6bn in 2019-20, before recording a higher-than-expected surplus of $10.2bn in 2020-21. Projections like this have the habit of not materialising. Too many factors are not taken into account. Even if it does turn out to be true, it does not necessarily mean that this is a good thing. Budgets cannot be separated from from the economy and society.

Morrison might brag that there are now fewer people on welfare than there has been for the last 25 years. The point is where they have gone to. We have a very good idea about this. Most have gone on to insecure, part time and low paid work, along with a large part of the previously properly employed workforce and have little chance of improving on this.

The governments actions and obsession with budget surpluses and all the upbeat talk around it, flies in the face of basic economic sense. The reason being, and this is admitted in the update, projected nominal economic growth consumer spending are continuing to fall.

Further cuts to welfare and families will further increase the fall in consumer spending and this will impact negatively on econo...


W&J Traditional Owners win interim injunction in Federal Court "IndyWatch Feed National"

Media Release

  • Court order against Qld Government preventing native title extinguishment
  • Injunction hearing set for 30 January 2018, trial in March

Brisbane, 19 December 2017.  Wangan and Jagalingou (W&J) representatives, seeking to prevent the extinguishment of their native title by the Queensland Government for Adani, have ensured that there will be no surrender of lands until the court hears their injunction application in late January.

Justice Reeves of the Federal Court made an order yesterday against the Qld Government, preventing any surrender of native title until the W&J application is heard. He also set the W&J interlocutory application for a hearing on 30 January 2018.

This full hearing is set for trial in March in the matter of Delia Kemppi & Others v Adani Mining Pty Ltd & Others.

Wangan and Jagalingou (W&J) Traditional Owners Council Spokesperson, and one of the appellants, Adrian Burragubba said, The interim injunction offers some respite. It ensures that extinguishment of our native title cannot be snuck through over the holiday period.

Adani pressed hard and objected to the injunction. The Queensland Government sought to preserve its ability to advance swiftly on the Adani project, refusing to give an u...


December 19 On This Day in Australian History "IndyWatch Feed National"

1840 William Thomas, Aboriginal Protector, established a station at Narre Narre Warren which was visited by the chief protectorate, George Robinson, on this day.

1855 - A bill was passed like a rich man through the eye of a needle introducing this new fangled idea of a secret ballot.
So next time you wander down to toss your vote in the box without fear or favour of upsetting your neighbour, remember the smart-arse Melbournians dreamt the whole thing up.

1858 - The Post Office building in Sturt St, Ballarat was officially opened.

1859 - The St Kilda to Chapel Street (Windsor) section of railway line (Vic) opened.

1859 - The Windsor to North Brighton Railway line (Vic) opened.

1862 - A male was taken by a shark in the Brisbane River, QLD, whilst attempting to rescue a wounded bird.

1877 - The Hamilton to Portland Railway line (Vic) opened.

1877 - Cable communication to Europe restored after being broken for four months.
And you thought the NBN was bad...!

1881 - The Caulfield to Mordialoc section of railway line (Vic) opened.

1883 - Cuthbert Vere Lysaght was fatally injured by a shark whilst swimming in the Parramatta River, NSW.

1887 - The railway line from Kew Junction to Kew (Vic) was opened.

1896 - Sydney's Palace Theatre opened.

1906 - Commonwealth legislation authorised the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Scheme.

1919 - Royal Commission on high prices presented its final report to Parliament.
High prices on what I have not the foggiest but knowing politics it's probably something deathly boring so let's just leave well enough alone, shall we?

1930 For the first time Perth was linked by telephone to the rest of Australia.

1932 - The British Broadcasting Corp. began transmitting overseas with its "Empire Service" to Australia. 

1938 - The works of Aboriginal artist Albert Namatjira were first exhibited at the Fine Art Society Gallery, Melbourne.

1940  - Jack Ryan su...


SOTT FOCUS: Lawyers, Girls and Money - Cui Bono with #MeToo? "IndyWatch Feed National"

Dante is, to my mind, fiction's most satisfying executioner. In the 30th canto, in the 8th circle of hell, we find Potiphar's wife consumed with a fever so fierce, her skin smokes. Now Potiphar was the captain of the Pharoah's palace guard in the book of Genesis. When Joseph, the son of Jacob, was betrayed by his brothers, stashed in a cistern and sold to a caravan, he ended up being purchased by Potiphar. Joseph, who was young, handsome and, best of all, favored by God, quickly rose in Potiphar's esteem until he was made overseer of the guardsman's house. Joseph soon caught the eye of Potiphar's wife, whose name among the Muslims is said to have been Zulaika, and she wanted to get freaky with Joseph, but he refused. Joseph did not want to betray the trust his master Potiphar had placed in him, so every day Zulaika would proposition him, and everyday he would refuse. One day she became enraged at his refusal and tore a bit of cloth from his cloak as he escaped her. Scorned and affronted by his rejection, a wicked idea came to her, and using the bit of torn cloth as circumstantial evidence, Zulaika falsely accused Joseph of rape. Potiphar felt deeply betrayed and had Joseph imprisoned. While Joseph's ultimate end was not unhappy, Zulaika is never made to answer for her crime until, over 2,000 years later, Dante arrived to condemn her to the 8th circle of hell, and smoldering flesh.


Victoria Becomes The First Australian State To Ban Puppy Mills "IndyWatch Feed National"

By  Amanda Froelich Truth Theory

Good news! The state of Victoria is now the first in Australia to ban puppy mills. For those who are not familiar with the term, a puppy mill is a large-scale commercial dog breeding facility where profit is generally placed above the wellbeing of animals.

Sadly, it is not uncommon for the canines in puppy mills to be mistreated or malnourished. According to the ASPCA, the number of dogs in a puppy mill varies significantly. It can range from 10 to 1,000 dogs. Because puppy mills are not licensed and inspected, it is impossible to know the exact number.

To maximize revenue, female dogs are bred at every opportunity. They rarely receive recovery time between litters and when they can no longer reproduce, they are killed. Any puppies born with overt physical problems are likely to be put down, as well. To learn about the additional horrors of puppy mills, click here. For now, lets celebrate this latest news.



Sex abuse report released in Australia "IndyWatch Feed National"

The royal commission in Australia charged by the government with investigating how institutions (religious, federal and state governments) have responded to child sex abuse allegations has, after five years issued a 17-volume report containing 400 recommendations, of which 189 are new. Such commissions usually issue fairly mild recommendations but these were quite sweeping. Naturally, the report looked at the Catholic church, one of the worst perpetrators of child sexual abuse, and suggested two major changes: ending celibacy for priests and requiring priests to report to the authorities anyone who in confessions to priests said that they had abused children.

Here are the recommendations for religious institutions:

  • The ministry of churches (not just the Catholic Church) should not be exempt from reporting information discovered in religious confession.
  • Any religious organisation with a rite of religious confession should implement a policy that confession for children be conducted in an open space and in a clear line of sight of another adult.
  • The Australian Catholic Church should request permission from the Vatican to introduce voluntary celibacy for diocesan clergy.
  • Candidates for religious ministry should undergo external psychological testing, including psychosexual assessment, to determine their suitability to be in the ministry and to undertake work involving children.
  • Any person in religious ministry who is the subject of a complaint of child sexual abuse which is substantiated or who is convicted of an offence relating to child sexual abuse, should be permanently removed from ministry.

Basically, the report says that churches and priests cannot be trusted to police itself when it comes to child sexual abuse. The practice of confessional silence is particularly pernicious because it gives the perpetrator the relief of having told someone and feeling that they have been cleared in the eyes of their god without any further action. Thus they are free to abuse again.

In the US (I dont know in Australia), teachers are among those are designated as mandatory reporters in that if we are made aware of abuse, we are mandated to report it to the authorities and can be punished if we dont. There is no reason why priests should not be under the same obligation.

Of course, t...


Burkina Faso Ends Relationship With Monsanto After Cotton Crop Failure "IndyWatch Feed National"

By Brandon TurbevilleNatural Blaze

In yet another instance of Western and corporate imperialism, on the continent of Africa, Burkina Faso stands as yet one more example of the failure of corporate crops and the willingness of the U.S. government to act as Monsantos enforcement arm against weak, victim nations.

Around 10 years ago, Burkina Faso introduced GM seeds produced by Monsanto known as Bolguard II which was designed to produce its own poison and cut down on the dreaded bolworm.

For 8 years, Burkina farmers had been dealing with a major problem in terms of pestilence. The bolworms that typically attack cotton crops had become resistant to the pesticides that would kill the worms.

Monsanto had an answer for the farmers, and it was more of the same on steroids.

Bolguard II GM cotton.

By 2015, three-quarters of all Burkina Fasos cotton production was genetically modified. But the country whose cotton was coveted the world over for its quality and luxurious sheen, was quite different when the GM harvest appeared.


PNGs role in facilitating climate change dialogue "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

The Government of Papua New Guinea (PNG) has vowed to use its hosting status of the 2018 Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit to put climate change at the forefront of the regional agenda. The move supports broader attempts by Pacific Island leaders to take a lead role on climate change. This includes calls to halt Australias Adani coal mine and Fijis co-hosting of the UN Climate Change Conference (COP23) in Germany, dubbed the Islands COP.

PNG has good reason to take a leadership role in facilitating dialogue on climate change. A recent Caritas report found that in 2017 alone, 2000 households across 30-35 coastal communities in PNG were displaced by rising sea levels, flooding, and erosion.

Projections made by the Pacific Climate Change Science Program (PCCSP) suggest further effects of climate change, including increasing intensity of cyclones, rising temperatures, changing rainfall patterns, sea level rise, increasing ocean acidification, and pressures on food security. As part of the Engaging Communities and Government in Biodiveristy Conservation and Climate Change Adapation project, the authors conducted 15 interviews with provincial government representatives in Madang and Goroka in October 2017, which revealed a number of other impacts.

Provincial government authorities across Papua New Guinea are concerned that climate change will exacerbate existing threats to vulnerable communities.

The majority of Papua New Guineas 7.9 million population live in rural areas and approximately 75% of households depend on subsistence agriculture. Impacts such as severe drought, frosts, heat and changing rainfall patterns have already reduced yields of staple foods (including sweet potato), and other garden produce and cash crops.

Women and c...


Bent coppers creating a massive law & order dystopia "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"


PORT MORESBY - State institutions in Papua New Guinea are hijacked, corrupted and abused by power elites, a pillaging that starves the PNG people of public goods.

The Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary (RPNGC) is one such institution in which citizens have no trust.

It is regrettably not royal anymore ; it is rogue and, what's more sick, it is subjective.

Policing requires maintaining law and order and upholding the security of the nation through combating crime and ensuring people comply with government laws, regulations and rules.

Effective policing involves fighting all forms of corruption in the performance of policing duties and the promoting high standards of honesty, integrity and ethical behaviour for police and all employees of the RPNGC.

However police in PNG have no respect for the rule of law and their fellow citizens. They are immune from the laws of the country.

The commissioner and his senior officers are at the whim of the power elites and work under duress. At the lower rungs, their subordinates fleece the citizenry for crumbs and a dime to quench their thirst for a pint of beer and a tray of lamb flaps.

In a typical day, a typical pub owner or taxi driver fears a hold up and a bus driver or street vendor faces a high chance of being robbed by police.

PMV bus drivers and crew members have more ordeals with police than they do with thugs.

A driver or crew can be killed for a minor offence, or indeed no offence at all, by a drunken or weedizzled cop. In fact, consuming alcohol and smoking weed whilst on duty is openly tolerated at some police stations.  

Ask any motorist in Port Moresby to tell their story and they will scare you with the specifics of how bent coppers ply their thuggery whilst hallucinating.

The police promptly show up at the doorsteps of Asians and power elites with sirens blazing after a single call. But theres no similar reaction to a mother, a street vendor, a school or a call girl or any other common citizen.

The police only respect Asian entrepreneurs and their hosts, the power elites. Their modus operandi scares common citizens and they fear the police more than sanguma [sorcery] or the rascal gangs.

The cops also use their govern...


1-State Solution With Equal Rights: Answer To Trumps Jerusalem Declaration "IndyWatch Feed National"

JERUSALEM (Opinion)  Jerusalem was an Arab and Muslim city for close to 1300 years. Like other parts of Palestine, it was a harmonious mosaic. But, though there was always a Christian and Jewish presence both of people and of monuments it was predominantly a Muslim city. This was violently disrupted twice: first in the year 1099, from which for a period of 88 years the city was occupied by the Crusaders, and then again in 1948 when the newly created Jewish State took the city and made Jerusalem its own. When the State of Israel took the western part of the city in 1948, in violation of a United Nations Resolution, it destroyed its Arab and Muslim character and then declared it as the capital city of the Jewish people.


Critical Qld Govt debt metric still projected to worsen "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

Yesterdays Mid Year Fiscal and Economic Review revealed Queensland Government debt forecasts marginally lower than they were at budget time in June, but total borrowings will still reach nearly $81 billion by mid-2021. As Steven Wardill notes in todays Courier-Mail:

the debt to revenue ratio one of the Governments key fiscal principles is now deteriorating after being reined in through raids.

Yes, the critical debt-to-revenue ratios, both the Governments preferred general government measure and the total (non-financial) public sector measure, which is what the ratings agencies really care about, are still forecast to worsen over the budget forward estimates to 2020-21 (see chart below).


It is the ratio of total borrowings to revenues (including borrowings and earnings by government-owned corporations) that is most relevant and should actually be targeted in the Governments fiscal principles, rather than the general government measure. Ratings agencies are clever enough to figure out...


PR: Extra Credit Takes Bitcoin Education to the Next Level "IndyWatch Feed National"

Extra Credit Bitcoin Education

This is a paid press release, which contains forward looking statements, and should be treated as advertising or promotional material. does not endorse nor support this product/service. is not responsible for or liable for any content, accuracy or quality within the press release.

For the first time, someone is empowering people to learn about cryptocurrencies. Extra Credit, which is a dual effort with Bitcoin Homework, is a new venture that combines blockchain technology with educational programs designed to teach people about cryptocurrencies, even as they partake in the digital payment for perhaps the first time.

Extra Credit is a new website that has laid out an ambitious roadmap for the following year and more that is aimed at revolutionizing the way people learn about cryptocurrencies. For those who might have read in the news recently about the rising value of Bitcoin and the various other digital currencies that are available, they can now visit a one-stop location where all their questions can be answered and they can learn how to invest in the technology so as not to miss out on its stunning potential.

The plans for Extra Credit begin with a presale of their products this month, to be followed by the first full sale of the product. Both during the presale and the official sale, excellent bonuses will be available to all those who come aboard to see what the site is all about. Thats when the educational aspect of this endeavor will kick in, as courses will be offered via a smart contract that only the blockchain could complete, with bonuses automatically being triggered upon the completion of each course offered. These courses are aimed at demystifying cryptocurrencies for newcomers and providing in-depth knowledge for those wishing to really dig deep.

From there, Extra Credit teams up with Bitcoin Homework in the spring of 2018 to include a referral system, where students can earn credit for turning others on to this exce...


Christianity & the perfect pragmatism of the people of PNG "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

The first on Tami Island PNG
The first church on Tami Island PNG


ADELAIDE - The spread of western civilisation across the globe was, inevitably, accompanied by efforts to spread the Christian religion in its various forms.

The British promoted Anglicanism which was and is effectively a state religion given that the Queen is its Governor.

Papua New Guinea, being colonised rather late in the era of rapid European imperial expansion, became contested ground for the various types of Christianity.

Also, the colonial administration was basically a neutral player in the sense that it did not promote or support one faith as opposed to another.

Kiaps were, as far as I can recall, either very circumspect about their religious beliefs or, more likely, did not hold any strong religious opinions.

A studied neutrality was important because sometimes a kiap was placed in the invidious position of adjudicating between competing missionaries over things like access to certain areas or populations.

Interestingly, the Christian missionaries were hugely more successful in Africa and the Pacific than in India and Asia.

The main reasons for this appear to be the prior existence of very well established religions like Buddhism, Daoism and the Hindu faith and the fact that the established authorities either discouraged or actively resisted the imposition of Christianity.

Thus, perhaps one percent of the current population of Japan identify as Christians, with a somewhat largely number (perhaps 5%) of the Chinese thought to adhere to one of the Christian faiths.

It is fairly clear that religions are quite culture specific, tending to reflect the historic moral, ethical and governance structures in those places where they have first arisen.

Thus early Christianity arose in Judea where there had long existed one monotheist faith. Its em...


NATION: Turnbulls Yellow Peril 2.0 is the panda in the room "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

The horrible thing about the Two Minutes Hate was not that one was obliged to act a part, but, on the contrary, that it was impossible to avoid joining in. George Orwell, 1984   Nothing in our politics excites such primitive passions than a public shaming of a traitor - and his expulsion from our virtuous midst. Especially if this involves a public lynching. And so it is with the extraordinary story of the casting out of diabolical Sam Dastyari which dominates the week in politics eclipsing even the Bennelong bunfight, a bit of a non-event save for a 6% swing to Labor so far which would win it the next federal election. But nothing will ever rescue Sam ABC: George Brandis is off to London, sparking pre-Christmas Cabinet reshuffle John Biggs in Comments: Turnbulls public performances are getting increasingly manic and unworthy. His performance on Q&A was particularly shocking in the condescending insulting down-putting way he treated those with a different view to his own, and his treatment of the aboriginal activist showed he didnt even understand parliamentary representation as if Ken Wyatt and Linda Burney were in Parliament to represent aboriginals, and not their electorates. Is he that ignorant, or is it that he uses his power one way to make up anything that will make his questioner look foolish when they dont have adequate right of reply. (Virginia Triolis chairperson-ship didnt help very much). New Matilda: Sam Slammed, But Not By A Federal Anti-Corruption Watchdog, Notably The Saturday Paper: Nuance needed with China John Menadue: MUNGO MACCALLUM: Turnbull overhauls his hyperbole You may have missed it in all the excitement and jubilation of the passage of same sex marriage, but last week Malcolm Turnbull announced the most significant overhaul of Australias espionage laws in decades. Given that just about all our Prime Ministers announcements proclaim the greatest reform since federation, or the most sweeping advance since the second world war, or at least the sexiest makeover since last week, you could be forgiven for getting over-excited. But the bills introduced in the dying hours of the parliamentary session do involve a considerable shake up, and, like so many of Turnbulls ideas, at first glance they sound pretty good. The problem is that even a cursory analysis suggests that either there will be unexpected consequences, or that they simply wont work Phillip Coorey, AFR: The Nationals rupture as Malcolm Turnbull reshuffles cabinet The Nationals are on the brink of an internal revolt after leader Barnaby Joyce dumped two of his ministers as part of a Coalition cabinet reshuffle announced by Malcolm Turnbull, which places a heavy emphasis on wooing votes in Queensland. Mr Turnbull has added several new faces to his ministry - including five new Cabinet appointments - in what he plans to be the final reshuffle of his front bench before the ne...


What Its Like Inside the Trump Administrations Regulatory Rollback at the EPA "IndyWatch Feed National"

Betsy Southerland knew something was wrong the moment she walked into her office at the Environmental Protection Agency.

It was 8 a.m. on a Thursday in April and already, her team was waiting at her door, computer printouts in hand.

For months, staffers in the Office of Water had been in help-desk mode, fielding calls from states implementing a federal rule that set new limits on water-borne pollution released by coal-fired power plants. The rule on what is known as effluent had been hammered out over a decade of scientific study and intense negotiations involving utility companies, White House officials and environmental advocates. The EPA had checked and rechecked its calculations to make sure the benefits of the proposed change outweighed the cost to the economy.

But now, members of Southerlands team were handing her a press release, firing questions as her eyes skimmed the page. Did she know about this? Had she seen it? What happened?

The announcement from EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt said the agency was considering undoing the rule. This action is another example of EPA implementing President Trumps vision of being good stewards of our natural resources, while not developing regulations that hurt our economy and kill jobs, the release said.

Southerland was stunned. In three decades as a career staffer at the EPA, shed never seen an administrator describe a regulation in such terms. As director of science and technology for the office, she also had never learned of such a major change of direction from a press release. She couldnt give her team any answers. I was as clueless as they were, Southerland recalled.

Since Trump was elected, dozens of environmental rules have been either opened for reconsideration or overturned altogether. These regulations would have had far-ranging effects, from banning hazardous pesticides and offshore oil drilling to stopping coal-mining debris from being dumped into local streams to forbidding hunters from shooting Alaskan wolves on wildlife refuges. They would have required infrastructure projects to be built to higher flood standards and greenhouse gas emissions to be limited and tracked.

ProPublica took a close look at the effluent rule, which was one of the most scrutinized and meticulously researched of the regulations the new EPA leadership is preparing to overturn. Longtime staffers and environmental experts say it is an instance in which science and prevailing industry practices were swept aside to benefit a handful of coal-fired power plants that were having trouble meeting the....


Evidence of media manipulation surrounds Manus refugee story "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Protest at the Manus Island detention centreBEN ROBINSON-DRAWBRIDGE | RNZ Pacific | Extract

You can read the full article here

WELLINGTON - Few reporters have been able or allowed to report on what has really been happening on Manus Island.

Secrecy law prevents the dissemination of official information from Australia's refugee detention centres in Papua New Guinea and Nauru.

Leaked intelligence, claims from politicians, advocates and the refugees themselves have formed the basis of many reports in this vacuum.

Among those who are not sure what to believe are New Zealand MPs.

The government's offer to resettle 150 refugees from offshore detention has repeatedly been knocked back by Australia.

The offer was examined this month during a meeting of the parliamentary Select Committee on Foreign Affairs Defence and Trade.

Civil servants were also quizzed by MPs, including Gerry Brownlee, on the veracity of media reports that featured leaked intelligence cables.

"Clearly from media reports anyway, and I guess the word 'clearly' is wrong when you talk about media reports... even if the 150 places were taken up, Australia is still left with a problem. And the backgrounds of some of those people, if you can believe the media, are quite interesting," said Mr Brownlee.

His "interesting backgrounds" comment came from a media report of alleged criminal activity by Manus Island refugees that surfaced in an intelligence cable obtained by the Australian Financial Review.

"Intelligence advice sent to Canberra from Port Moresby last month describes shocking behaviour from residents at the now-closed Australian Regional Processing Centre on Manus Island.

"In addition to broader allegations of drug taking and dealing (marijuana), there were overarching community concerns regarding allegations that some residents were engaged in sexual activities with underage girls."

Political scientist Binoy Kampmark from Melbourne's RMIT University said given the secrecy law, it was possible the leak had been authorised by the Australian government.



US Defense Secretary James Mattis Rejects War on Iran "IndyWatch Feed National"

Analysis US Defense Secretary James Mad Dog Mattis has refuted claims that the US is preparing for war on Iran after US Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley led a bizarre press conference in which she stated that Iran has armed Houthi fighters in Yemen and thus violating the terms of the JCPOA (aka Iran nuclear deal).

Haley did not provide any evidence to substantiate her claims, claims which are logistically impossible given the Saudi led blockade of Yemen which predates the JCPOA by nearly four months.

As I wrote at the time:

Nikki Haley, Donald Trumps Ambassador to the United Nations, has given an extraordinary press conference, even by her habitually outrageous standards.

First all, it was hardly a press conference as Haley did not answer any of the questions posed to her. Instead, she merely assured journalist that she has evidence to back her up position, although it is not clear what this evidence might look like.

Haleys position is that since the outbreak of the current crisis in Yemen, beginning in March of 2015, Iran has been supplying Yemens Ansar Allah Movement, more commonly known as the Houthis, with the missiles they have sporadically used to target Saudi Arabia and allegedly the UAE.

There is a fatal flaw in this line of thinking however. Saudi Arabia has, since the beginning of the conflict, controlled all air and sea traffic coming into Yemen, while monitoring the region with the latest US made technology.

Yemen has subsequently been surrounded by a Saudi Naval blockade, Saudi borders through which nothing can pass and Omani borders through which there is no evidence of anything passing and which in any case, border areas which do not belong to Houthi fighters, but instead have fluctuated between the Hadi government based in Aden, al-Qaeda terrorists and ISIS terrorists.

Not only has the Saudi blockade caused a man made famine which itself has resulted in a mass outbreak of the disease Cholera, but even the UN has found it difficult to convince the Saudis to allow basic medicine, bottled water and dried foods into the always poor and now starving nation.

But for Nikki Haley, who gave her press conference standing in front of what appeared to be a rusty missile casingit all makes perfect sense. In Haleys parallel universe, an aid ship with UN flags cannot bring bottles of water and jars of medical pills to Yemenis, but somehow Iranian ships bearing humongous missiles have easily passed through the Saudi blockade undetected.



Protecting Your Family From Fluoride "IndyWatch Feed National"

Currently we have reached a total of $58,425 from 240 supporters. This is somewhat lower than this point last year, BUT we have been given a boost today by a super angel who has agreed to double all donations until we reach $59,125 and donate another $1,000 if we can reach $70,000 by Tuesday midnight ET.

Thanks to every one of our precious supporters who have donated so far and fingers crossed for a bumper two days on route to our mini-goal of $120,000 by midnight Christmas Eve.

You can follow our progress on our homepage (masthead #1) for the totals.  See all of the exciting gifts we have available (with photos) here.


How to Donate:

You can make a donation at our secure online server, or by check,
payable to Fluoride Action Network, and mail to:

c/o Connett
104 Walnut Street
Binghamton, New York 13905


Protecting Your Family from Fluoride

When fluoride was first added to water in the 1940s, in an experiment to prevent tooth decay, not a single dental product contained fluoride: no fluoride toothpastes, no fluoride mouth rinses, no fluoride varnishes, and no fluoride gels. In the past 60 years, as more communities began fluoridation and one fluoride product after another entered the market, exposure to fluoride increased considerably, particularly among children.

Exposure from other sources has increased as well, such as: infant formula, processed foods, soups, soda and beer made with fluoridated water, food grown with fluoride-containing pest...


Deck the halls "IndyWatch Feed National"

Deck the Halls! tis the season to broadcast a bit of anti-Israel agitprop.
This morning on the iPlayer I caught up with the BBCs hour-long documentary about Banksys and Danny Boyles much hyped Alternativity" stunt. When that ended, the film went straight into the Alternatively play itself. 
It was what it was - i.e., a common or garden school play with a musical bent - after all, the revered filmmaker Boyle delegated the actual production to a local drama teacher, which accounts for the fact that it wasnt especially well conceived or executed.    Of course the quality of the play itself was neither here nor there,  because the whole point of the project was merely to remind the world about The Wall, (which is evil.) Thats it. 

There was a Mary, a Joseph, a doll for the baby Jesus and a real live donkey. Mysteriously, Joseph was played by a female wearing a kind of gents jacket and a moustache. Also slotted in were three female rappers,  rappin a  Free Palestine rap. Near the end of the story, a scary baddie with a giant papier-mch head that looked like Mr. Punch-as-a-Jew made a brief entrance in search of the New King, but was sent packing to much applause in true panto-baddie fashion.

Banksy must have chucked in a tidy sum to set it up; the rig and some of the staging looked more elaborate than your average school production.
The most offensive content was within the documentary. The voice-over narration was particularly troubling, one-sided and inflammatory in a passive-aggressive way. The BBC would call it  (did call it) controversial 
In fact the project was nothing more than a vehicle for political agitprop. So blatant was this, that, in the light of her reaction to Jon Snows Gaza antics, which she declared would never have got past the impartiality monitors at the Beeb, its truly a wonder Fran Unsworth let it through. 

Maybe she and the head honchos at the BBC were bedazzled by the eminence of The Great Man - or rather men. The Great Artist and the Great Filmmaker.



Daily Digest 12/18 - The Land Of Extreme Poverty, Is Bitcoin The Answer? "IndyWatch Feed National"

Daily Digest 12/18 - The Land Of Extreme Poverty, Is Bitcoin The Answer?
  • The Global Economy Is Partying Like Its 2008
  • A journey through a land of extreme poverty: welcome to America
  • Millennials Are Screwed
  • Inside the NSA's War on Internet Security
  • The Weaponization of Awkwardness
  • Exclusive: Tracing ISIS' Weapons Supply ChainBack To The U.S.
  • Is Bitcoin The Answer?
  • How We Are Using the Blockchain in The Buildout of an Independent & Regenerative Media Ecosystem
  • Bitcoin's Final Boss
  • My Year Of No Shopping
  • A Nasty, Nafta-Related Surprise: Mexicos Soaring Obesity
  • Hurricane Harvey studies: Yesterdays 100-year storm is todays 30-year storm

Join the conversation


Every 45 minutes, I was sold for $120 to $350: Former sex slave recalls brutal life in brothels "IndyWatch Feed National"

At 21, Shandra Woworunti was a financial analyst in her native Indonesia but in 1998, she lost her job in the Asian banking crisis. In 2001, at age 24, she answered an ad for a six-month seasonal job in the United States thinking she would work as a waitress in the hotel industry. She said a man named Johnny Wong picked her up at Kennedy Airport in Queens and delivered her to another man. "I saw the man hand a big envelope of money to Johnny Wong," Woworunti recalled. Woworunti was entering the world of human trafficking. She was turned over to other men and ended up at a house in Bayside, Queens, she said, where the owner put Woworunti and two other young women in the attic. She said he ordered them to undress to make sure they didn't have a skin disease. Woworunti said that when she refused, the man put a gun to her forehead. Woworunti said she quickly realized she would have to comply with the wishes of her customers. "Every 45 minutes, I was sold for $120 to $350," Woworunti said. "I was trafficked in Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan. Up and down I-95. I used to get trafficked to Foxwoods Casinos." Woworunti fled ... and ended up on the streets until a sailor in the U.S. Navy noticed her and contacted the FBI. Woworunti told federal agents what she knew, and the FBI eventually raided the house in Sunset Park that she'd escaped from. Now, Woworunti is about to be honored for the organization she founded, Mentari, which helps trafficking survivors mainstream back into society.

Note: For more along these lines, see concise summaries of deeply revealing sexual abuse scandal news articles from reliable major media sources.



181217Hon Robert Hamal Congratulates and upholds Sasalan Hihikuma
By- Theresa Baranangko
The Minister for Public Service and Member for Hagogohe Constituency congratulated the people of Hagogohe for the initiative of conducting the 2017sasalan hihikuma festival at the Hagogohe Primary school.
The Member said that the people of Hagogohe under his leadership with the Department of Community Government will maintain the sasalan hihikuma legacy and make sure that it is hosted annually in primary schools within Hagogohe.
He said that sasalan hihikuma is an annual event that coincides with school closings and is rotated annually in the three Primary schools in Hagogohe.
He said that the 2018 sasalan hihikuma festival will be hosted at Hamatana Primary school.
During his speech, Mr Hamal said that Bougainvillians are very unique with the diversity of cultural heritage.
Despite how far Bougainvillians go in terms of Education, the legacy of our fore fathers is still instilled in us, therefore the people of Hagogohe have decided to maintain their tradition through Sasalan hihikuma despite of the influence of western culture, said Hamal.
He believes that the hosting of the sasalan hihikuma festival will continue to unify the people in the constituency, the District, and also the Region promoting peace and harmony amongst the people.
The Minister said that when promoting unity, there will be freedom and safety for everyone in the community ensuring a purely Referendum Ready constituency.
It is evident that Hagogohe Constituency is referendum ready and a weapons free constituency, said Hamal.
Dancers from Day of the Festival. 36 tourists from a visiting cruise ship also attended the show today.

Sasalan Hihikuma Day 4 Tourist visit 005

Monday, 18 December



181217 Service Delivery acknowledged
By- Theresa Baranangko
The ABG Minister for Health and Member for Bolave Constituency, Hon Dennis Lokonai thanked the Member for South Bougainville, Hon Timothy Masiu for the initiative and committing of funds for the purchase of a new sea vessel purposely for South Bougainville.
He said that the vessel, which sailed into Buka Harbor on the 17th of December, will play an important role in the service delivery and development particularly in the remote areas on the coastline of South Bougainville.
The Minister acknowledge the Member for South Bougainville for his timely initiative in addressing the peoples need as accessibility to service delivery in the coastal areas of South Bougainville is a very critical issue because quite a number of the population of South Bougainville lives along the coast of Torokina, Bana, Siwai and Buin.
The Minister acknowledged the ABG President, the Vice President and ABG Members for South Bougainville for their supportive standing on the stationing of the vessel to serve South Bougainville.
He stressed that the arrival of the Vessel adds another statistic to ABGs records of sea vessels bought so far by our National Members from Bougainville in their endeavors to improve service delivery to the people particularly to those who are in areas inaccessible by land transport.
He said that it is an indication that our national members have been serious and periodically making efforts to address the sea transport issues that the people encounter in the Region.
Caption is the Boat anchored outside Reasons Guest House in Buka town.

Sasalan Hihikuma Day 3 015


There Is Very Little Jane Austen in Austenistan "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

The collection of seven stories is devoid of Austens comical satire, her admonishments, her exposure of the duplicity in the men and women who dwell in her novels.

The collection of seven stories of which five are renditions of Pride and Prejudice  is an insipid attempt at recreating Austens world of mild manners and lavish balls. Credit: YouTube

If only Pakistan took matters of state as seriously as its teachers, economists, barristers, scientists, editors, writers and writing coaches take Jane Austen. Austenistan, a collection of short stories written by a congregation of Austen enthusiasts with formidable credentials (all women), is perhaps the reason why the countrys politics has been left to flounder in the hands of rookies. Its sassiest thinkers seem to have set up an Austen task force, with the specific mandate of relocating Elizabeth Bennet, Lady Susan Vernon and Emma Woodhouse to the bougainvillea-frilled avenues and palatial homes of Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi.

The consequences of this geographical repositioning and culture-coding braces one for jaunts through leafy enclaves supervised by spinster aapas, sari-and-sherwani jamborees, Rumi-esque sighs that fill a nargis-scented evening, repartee that sparkles like rose and khus-khus sherbet served in silver goblets. Instead, one is led from one disappointing adaptation to another; one is trapped, not ensnared, by the tangles and quandaries of Pakistans ritzy lot; one is left disenchanted by generous curves, glimpses of cleavage, handbags from Herms, lingerie from Agent Provocateur, and that Black Amex of accents British boarding school.



PNG LNG plant lends neighbouring schools a hand during dry season "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Port Moresby:  Recently, staff at the PNG LNG plant, operated by ExxonMobil PNG, successfully concluded a three-month program to deliver potable water to schools in the villages of Lealea, Papa, Boera and Porebada. The schools and students were being impacted by this years dry season, with students being unable to complete full days at school due to water shortages.

The water cartage initiative began in September after the site Operations team was able to adjust plant needs for water and redirect a portion of the sites potable water supply to the cartage program. A delivery roster was then set up with the schools to provide potable water on a regular basis. 
A total of 300,000 litres of water was delivered to 12 schools;  Redscar High School, Porebada Primary and Elementary Schools, Maiari Pre-school, Papa Primary, Elementary, and Pre-Schools, Lealea Primary and Elementary Schools, Bogi Literacy School and Boera Primary and Elementary schools.

LNG Plant Operations Manager Jagir Baxi, was pleased with everyones efforts. The dry season this year had a prolonged effect on the communities around our LNG plant. Many of our staff live in the communities so we have a first-hand understanding of the difficulties they were facing.
I am glad that we were able to assist the schools and students through this small but important contribution. Most importantly, the water deliveries to schools was successful in helping students to complete their year of study with as little interruption as possible, said Jagir.
The dry spell recently broke with the arrival of good rain around Port Moresby. 


PNG Freemasons empower local youths with disabilities "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Freemasons in Papua New Guinea have come forward to help with upgrades at a local centre for children and young people with disabilities. Their efforts will help ensure the second and final construction stage a double classroom can begin.

Madang Masonic Lodge No.380, with the support of Hand Heart Pocket, has donated AUD$6,000 to the Creative Self Help Centre. The centre is one of the only places of its kind in the remote northern province.

It provides vital education and rehabilitation services for local children and young people who live with disabilities, empowering them to lead independent lives.

Madang Lodge Secretary Ken McArthur said the funds raised would go towards purchasing materials and equipment required to complete the project.

Were really excited to see the double classroom come together, Ken said.

I personally have been involved with the centre for 20 years and can only describe their work as exemplary.

Creative Self Help Centre is an independent organisation, with professionals and volunteers who are truly passionate about the work they do.

Freemasonry teaches us to look out for others in our community. So, by giving a hand up to an organisation that educates and empowers young people with intellectual and physical disabilities to lead independent lives, we are putting our values into action, Ken said.

Hand Heart Pocket Chief Executive Officer Gary Mark congratulated the Lodge for its charitable efforts.

This initiative really hit home for Hand Heart Pocket, because we strive to provide sustainable support that delivers positive outcomes, Gary said.

By helping with the construction of the second half of the double classroom, we will be enhancing not only the learning environment but clients overall wellbeing.

This is the first time Madang Masonic Lodge No.380 and Hand Heart Pocket have worked together to make a difference in Papua New Guinea. We hope we can continue working together for the betterment of local communities in Madang Province, he said.

As an independent charity founded by the Freemasons of Queensland, Hand Heart Pocket helps in areas of state-wide and local need that have limited access to other funding. We work with other charities to identify and fund initiatives that have real, life-changing potential. We also collaborate with Masonic...


The Australian Accused: A Complete List Of The #metoo Fall Out So Far "IndyWatch Feed National"

Hollywood and America are reeling and Australia is about to be. At least, thats been the growing expectation in Australian media for the last few months.

In the wake of the Harvey Weinstein revelations and the global #metoo campaign, more than 40 powerful American men have been outed as serial sexual harassers, abusers or rapists.

The dam, however, hasnt yet burst in Australia. So far, only five men a politician, two entertainers, a lawyer and a music producer have been publicly accused of sexual misconduct, and unlike the outpouring of apologies from Hollywood, in Australia four of the five have so far vehemently denied the allegations levelled against them.


Brief details of each case are printed below. Well keep updating this list as it inevitably grows.


Sydney barrister Charles Waterstreet. He is the co-creator of the ABC series Rake, which is basely loosely on his life and career.CHARLES WATERSTREET, criminal barrister
New Matilda investigation, October 24, 2017

The Sydney barrister and the real-life inspiration for the popular ABC drama Rake is accused of multiple counts of sexually harassing women in his workplace.

New Matilda broke the story when 21-year-old University of Sydney law student Tina Huang went public to reveal Waterstreet played her a video of him receiving a handjob just 20 minutes into her August job interview.

Since then, a former staffer, Genevieve Wilks, has described serial sexual harassment by Waterstreet, and a second interviewee has alleged similar conduct to what Tina Huang endured.

For his part, Waterstreet continues to deny any wrongdoing. The New Matilda investigation is ongoing.


TV presenter and serial sexual harasser and bully, Don Burke.DON BURKE, former TV celebrity
Joint ABC-SMH investigation, November 27, 2017...


New bridges in Papua New Guinea will help develop infrastructure and connect local communities "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Leading bridge and engineering services specialist Mabey has today announced its work to provide seven bridges in the Alotau region of Papua New Guinea.

The bridges will provide vital access for local people and businesses in remote areas, saving them from having to take boats across the sea to access services such as health clinics, schools and markets. As the waters around Papua New Guinea can be treacherous, the road link will make the travel time much shorter and safer.

As part of the partnership, Mabey is also training local communities with the knowledge and materials they need to build similar structures in the future part of its ongoing mission to deliver fast, safe and efficient bridging solutions across the globe.

The 400K contract is with Markham Culverts, the leading manufacturer and supplier to the Civil Engineering Community in the region. Mabey is providing seven bridges; six of which will be used by the local government agency, Department of Work for Papua New Guinea. The single-lane, extra-wide Compact 200s (C200) will be situated on a highway from Alotau to East Cape; the boat landing point for many outlying island communities.

Ron Lane, General Manager, Markham Culverts, comments: Foreign tourism is a growing industry in the Milne Bay Province growth which the local government is looking to continue. Given Papua New Guineas mountainous landscape, supply and maintenance of roads in the country is a significant challenge, which is why Mabeys C200 solution has been vital in improving road networks in this area. The new bridges will also help more local people access markets to sell produce grown in their village, or harvest seafood from the rich marine environment. Not to mention enabling travel to larger centres where services such as health and education are based.

Michael Treacy, CEO, Mabey Bridge, comments: Asia-Pacific is an exciting market, with governments readily investing in critical infrastructure. These new bridges will help local people in rural areas access vital services such as schools and hospitals, and will increase employment opportunities by selling local produce, so were delighted to be supporting the government in Papua New Guinea on its ambitious programme to upgrade the highway and advance infrastructure.


Rainforest or the Illegal Logger Who is Really Under Threat in Papua New Guinea? "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

A bulldozer flattens the earth after forests have been cleared in West Pomio. Local Pomio landowners are protesting against the biggest land grab in PNG history. Under a lease system called SABLs (special agricultural and business leases) forests are being destroyed and customary land is being stolen. Credit: Paul Hilton/Greenpeace.
By Frederic Mousseau : OAKLAND Institute 

The forestry industry is on the brink of disaster warned Bob Tate, the head of the Papua New Guinea Forest Industries Association (PNGFIA) on November 22, 2017. According to Tate, a spokesperson for the logging companies clear cutting the forests of Papua New Guinea (PNG), increase in log export taxes put in place by the government this year, combined with low international prices for tropical timber, are putting the industry at risk.

Is the forestry industry in PNG really on the brink of disaster or is Mr. Tate just delusional?

One may legitimately question Tates credibility given he works for an industry that is far from transparent in its operations and notoriously involved in a number of illegal activities in PNG, including misrepresentation of financial returns

Tate laments the increase in the log export tax, which was announced by the government in November 2016 following the Oakland Institutes expos that brought forward evidence of massive tax evasion by logging companies.

The Great Timber Heist: The Logging Industry in Papua New Guinea alleged that financial misreporting by logging companies resulted in nonpayment of hundreds of millions of dollars in taxesvitally needed revenue for the country. Despite d...


Katter questions boys going to school wearing dresses "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

In the yes-no ballot we were lied to. The law recognises no difference between man & woman or man & man. After a period of living together the law imposes all the rights & legalities of marriage whether the word is partner or de facto, in the eyes of the law you are married, whether you like it or not.

Weve been told people wont be discriminated and wont be punished theyve already been persecuted. The Catholic Bishop in Tasmania was charged under the discrimination act. All the legislative amendments in Parliament to protect religious freedom were voted down.

The real controversy here arose out of Victoria where boys were being made to go to school wearing dresses a move which supposedly would enable them to be more open minded about their sexual preferences.

One thing for absolute certain is that up until 30 years ago, every single person on this planet, for the last 3.5million years, was the result of a heterosexual relationship and when you start putting into an impressionable young boy that he should be a girl, then Im not really surprised Australia has some of the highest juvenile male suicide rates in the world.

For those promoting this behaviour, if you are successful, we Australians have the lowest birth rate on earth, in other words we are a vanishing race.  Come back in a hundred years time and well be gone. When 20 Australians die, they are replaced by only 17 people. There cannot be a more definitive statement on a race of people than that they simply eliminate themselves from the gene pool.

The health risks and a lot of this behaviour are high and they are real, and this happy clapper stuff out there is like the use of the word gay. Its not real.

I got Distinctions for English on an essay on Alexander Popes, a famous poem And then Belinda smiled, and all the world was gay. The word gay has been arrogated by the homosexual community. The dictionary defined gay as beautiful, light, ethereal, attractive, happy. Youve got to have a really high opinion of yourself describing yourself with those adjectives. Now they want to steal the word marriage. Marriage is a ceremony sanctifying the relationship between a man and a woman.

I do not advocate anything else except friendship towards same sex couples, some of whom definitely have it as nature not nurture. My attitude towards such people is best exemplified in my History of Australia where I continuously quoted a person who I consider to be one of the wittiest communicators in the country.

Finally, I saw the rally on the yes-no vote and I could not see a single person who was over 27 years of age. And I recall my days at Qld University when thousands of students were running around at demonstrations wav...


Military investigators question Mayor Claar about UFOs (Fiction) "IndyWatch Feed National"

Sources say military investigators questioned Mayor Roger Claar for about an hour about Clow UFO Base:

Many sources in Village Hall say the investigators were from the successor program to the Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program.  They were investigating a UFO sighting in California.  These sources said the investigators considered Claar a person of interest because he has family in California, and because of the Babblers articles about Claar being the administrator of Clow UFO Base.

Clow is an airport, Claar allegedly replied.  It is not a UFO Base.  You cant believe anything you read in the Babbler!

Thats interesting, one investigator allegedly replied.  PZ Myers says the same thing about the Babbler. But we spoke with military personnel who used to be close to PZ, and they said you cannot believe anything PZ says.  So if PZ is saying

Oh, thats just great!  Claar allegedly snapped back.

Sources agree that the investigators showed Claar pictures of every UFO sighting in Illinois and California.

Claar, the sources say, was not happy with the questions:

Just because something is unidentified, does not mean it is from outer space!  It could be drones, clouds, or hoaxes.  Dont you guys read the Skeptical Inquirer?

Our superior officer says we shouldnt read articles by people who dont believe in UFOs.  They foster doubt about our mission.  If we doubt our mission, then we start doubting our superior officers.  If that happens, then who knows what would happen to the military.

I dont want to know.

Near the end, Claar pulled out his delegate card from the 2016 Republican Convention:

See this card. It means I voted for our President at the convention.  I was willing to stick with him no matter how many rounds of votes it took to give him the nomination.  I remained a supporter after he was elected.  I didnt distance myself from him during my last election.  As long as he doesnt try to remove me from office, I will remain loyal to him.  Our President rewards loyalty.  So with that in mind, what do you think he would say if I called him right now?

The investigators thanked him for his time and left.

When this reporter called for a comment, a receptionist answered the phone:

Roger is...


Melbourne, Australia: Sex Workers Sabotage Rad-Fem Office to Mark International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers "IndyWatch Feed National"

sw 17 dec

Received on 18.12.17:

As our contribution to a global campaign marking International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers, activist whores in so-called Melbourne, Australia, undertook an action to raise awareness of the discrimination, marginalisation and criminalisation we experience.

Among other issues, our communities are susceptible to intersecting systemic marginalisation manifesting as:

assault and extortion by State institutions (police/ military/ judiciary);
stigma and discrimination from upright citizens (e.g. neighborhood vigilante groups);
ostracism which impacts upon those close to us (including our children and intimate partners).

Similarly, we are misrepresented in the mainstream media by stale narratives depicting us as hapless victims, softhearted and misguided Pretty Woman-esq naifs, gold diggers, or drug addled vectors of disease. With the exception of our own media, whores are never depicted as the loud, proud, strong, savvy, independent, and engaged people so many of us really are.

On whore instigated days of action such as 17 December, International Day to End Violence...


Exclusive: Interview With Australian Blockchain Startup Power Ledger Co-Founder Jemma Green "IndyWatch Feed National"

The post Exclusive: Interview With Australian Blockchain Startup Power Ledger Co-Founder Jemma Green appeared first on CCN

Australian solar startup Power Ledger believes that blockchain technology can spur the energy industry to greater efficiency, reducing both distributor waste and consumer costs. Since completing its AUD $34 million initial coin offering (ICO), the company has participated in several high-profile blockchain trials, including one funded by the Australian government. Power Ledger was co-founded by

The post Exclusive: Interview With Australian Blockchain Startup Power Ledger Co-Founder Jemma Green appeared first on CCN


RAAF Challenger 604 Bizjet A37-002 Pops into Longreach Airport on 'Official' Duties "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

On Monday 18 December, Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Canadair CL-600-2B16 Challenger 604 bizjet A37-002 was noted calling into Longreach Airport.  It arrived from Canberra as "Consort 99".

It appears that brought Nationals Leader and Deputy Prime Minister Senator Barnaby Joyce to town to announce that the Qantas Founders Museum will receive $11.3million in Federal Government funding towards their Airpark Roof Project.

After a little while on the ground, A37-002 departed for A...


Catholic Church Rejects Key Recommendation of Australian Child Abuse Inquiry "IndyWatch Feed National"

A senior member of Australias Roman Catholic Church has rejected a key recommendation of a five-year inquiry into child sex abuse. The Royal Commission has made more than 400 recommendations, including the creation of a new National Office for Child Safety and the requirement that members of the clergy report abuse confided in them during confession.


Shell Vice President Discusses Ethane Cracker Construction in Pennsylvania "IndyWatch Feed National"

The construction workforce will peak at 6,000. The landscape is rapidly changing.

Exclusive: Shells VP of Penna. Chemicals (Hilary Mercer) talks PE and construction

From an Article by Martina Asbury, Petrochemical Update, December 15, 2017

Construction at Shells world scale $6 billion petrochemical complex near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania has begun, and as the first major U.S. project of its type to be built outside the Gulf Coast in 20 years, Shell is paving the way for a major Appalachia chemical region, industry analysts told Petrochemical Update.

When built, the facility will include an ethane cracker with an approximate annual average capacity of 3.3 billion pounds of ethylene; three polyethylene (PE) units with a combined annual production capacity of approximately 3.5 billion pounds; and power and steam generation, storage, logistics, cooling water and water treatment, emergency flare, buildings and warehouses.

Commercial production is expected to begin early in the next decade.

In an exclusive interview with Petrochemical Update, Hilary Mercer, VP Shell Pennsylvania Chemicals, shares her personal insights and reflections on her role in building Shells new PE business.

From game-changer to crisis manager through a variety of primarily Integrated Gas (LNG) projects and geographies across Shell, Hilary Mercers 30-year career trajectory has landed her as the recently named VP, Pennsylvania Chemicals. She joins this adventure from her project leadership role at Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI) shipyard in Geoje, South Korea, contributing to readying Prelude, the worlds first floating LNG facility, for it sail away to gas fields off the coast of Western Australia.

First in Appalachia

Mercer radiates excitement and pride as she describes building the legacy she now leads with her General Manager of PE Marketing, the Asset Manager and the Project Director. As the Business Opportunity Manager (BOM) for the new asset, she describes so many firsts: Shell as a new entrant to the PE market, having exited it decades ago; the facility, a first of its kind in the Appalachian region.

As BOM, she describes her role as forging alignment between the PE Marketing, the Proj...


Tried But Not Trusted "IndyWatch Feed National"

Todays Guest Author is one of the brightest and most articulate young prospects to appear on the Scarborough & Whitby local politics scene in a very long tine HUGO FEARNLEY, local business owner and Chair of the Whitby Branch Labour Party who writes about trust and transparency and their absence at Scarborough Borough Council.


Tried But Not Trusted

How government is failing the many and weakening society

Liberalism is trust of the people tempered by prudence. Conservatism is distrust of the people tempered by fear.

  William E. Gladstone

Whilst I cant say I agree with all of Gladstones  policies or statements, I think that in essence the quote above still rings true today.

Trust is a hugely valuable commodity which can only be sustained by reciprocal relationships, but appears to have been squandered by those organisations that rely on it the most. We are living in an age of unprecedented mistrust in our established institutions, with confidence in our press, the police, big business, banks and politicians at an all time low. For the purpose of this article I shall focus on the last group of people on that list, our elected government officials;  a group of people in this country who according to a recent study by the OECD now command the confidence of just 41% of the population to do whats right always or most of the time. For comparison, in India that figure is 73% and in Switzerland it is as high as 80%.

Having campaigned in 3 elections this year (County Council, General Election and Borough Council by-election), I have had the valuable opportunity to talk to a great number of local people on their own doorsteps and on their own terms. As you might imagine, their concerns ranged from dismay at the lack of action to fix our crumbling piers, to frustration that the local housing market was not working for them. I spoke to people who had been ground down by the continued squeeze on their wages and to people with chronic long term health issues that felt hopeless after seeing their disability payments slashed. I chatted with bright young people who saw no opportunity to build a career and start a family in the place where they were born.

The list of concerns was long and varied, but when it came to possible solutions the answer on the doorstep was often the same; We cant trust the politicians to sort this out.

And when it came...


No EVMs Tampered With in Gujarat Assembly Elections: CEC "IndyWatch Feed National"

All arrangements have been made in Gujarat by the chief electoral officer of the state in view of the counting, A.K. Joti said.

Achal Kumar Joti

CEC A.K. Joti. Credit: PTI

New Delhi: Chief Election Commissioner Achal Kumar Joti on Monday said that no electronic voting machines (EVMs) had been tampered with as far as the Gujarat assembly polls were concerned, reported ANI.

Questions raised about EVM tampering had already been answered, Joti said, adding that voting had been conducted through voter verified paper audit trails (VVPATs) that enabled people to see who they had voted for. All arrangements have been made in Gujarat by the chief electoral officer of the state in view of the counting, he said.

Mumbai Congress chief Sanjay Nirupam earlier in the day said that the Bharatiya Janata Partys victory in Gujarat was not because of the people of the state but because of EVMs. He termed EVMs a big threat to Indian democracy.

When the entire Gujarat was against the BJP and empty chairs could be seen du...


Chinas Foreign Ministry Initiated Upcoming Israeli-Palestinian Meeting in Beijing "IndyWatch Feed National"

In bid to raise countrys profile in Middle East, Chinas foreign minister, deputy to meet on weekend with teams led by Nabil Shaath, presidential adviser on international affairs, and Zionist Union MK Hilik Bar

BEIJING China will host a symposium for Palestinian and Israeli peace advocates in Beijing from Dec 21 to 22, Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang said on Friday (Dec 15) during a regular press briefing.

The symposium will be attended by Mr Nabil Shaath, foreign affairs adviser to the Palestinian president, and Mr Hilik Bar, Deputy Speaker of the Knesset, the Israeli Parliament, reported state news agency Xinhua.

Both men will lead delegations at the symposium, said Mr Lu.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi will also meet the participants.

The peace symposium was one of the initiatives that Chinese President Xi Jinping said China would set up during his meeting with visiting Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in July.

Then, Mr Xi affirmed Chinas support for a two-state solution to the Palestine issue, and for the establishment of an independent, fully sovereign Palestinian state based on the 1967 borders with East Jerusalem as its capital.

See also: Haaretz

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