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Sunday, 16 July


What to look for an familiarize oneself with? "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

I will be up in Cairns in November and doing a lot of camping and hiking. Coming from a place where foxes and nettles are most dangerous I don't have any basic knowledge I'm wondeirng:

How can one familiarize oneself with dangerous plants and wildlife native to north Queensland in advance to going there?

Cheers for any advice!

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Kangaroo Burgers? "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

Good day everyone, was just wondering if any one had any insight on any restaurants that serve kangaroo burger? TIA!

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Gym with spa and sauna? "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

Hey guys, just wondering if anyone knows of a gym in cairns or south cairns region (kinda between endmonton and cairns) that has a spa and sauna?

I live close to town and work in Edmonton, so would appreciate a spot within 15 minutes drive of either (Redlynch, edgehill area would be fine too).

Thanks in advance! :)

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Anti-hooning roadside cameras have a much bigger role "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

Roadside cameras capture facial shots of motorists Queensland Labor is gathering motorists facial images matched with car registration to be entered into their massive data base held in Roma Street police headquarters and in various Department of Main Roads computers. Initially dubbed as anti-hooning cameras by Police Minister Mark Ryan it was soon discovered the []


Robert Bigelow was looking for a second sponsor for the BAASS/AAWSAP "IndyWatch Feed National"

<p style="text-align: center;"><b>Introduction</b></p> <p>Long-term readers of this blog will be aware that most of my blog articles are based on what interests me, rather than what is currently popular on Twitter, YouTube or other social media platforms. Like most UAP researchers and commentators, I have been following with great interest, the David Grusch story and the efforts of the US Congress.</p> <p>However, you can read about these topics on multiple media outlets, including, increasingly, mainstream media. So, I don't feel a need to report them here too. Having said that, I continue to mine small pieces of information, from Jacques Vallee's book <i>"Forbidden Science: Volume 5."</i> Today, I learnt about the involvement of a Canadian engineer in the AAWSAP. I was surprised to learn of his role, as I have never read or heard anything about his work for AAWSAP. A second surprise item was that Bigelow was looking for another sponsor for BAASS/AAWSAP above and beyond the Defense Intelligence Agency. Who was that potential co-sponsor? Here are the relevant extracts from FS5.</p> <p style="text-align: center;"><b>30 September 2008</b></p> <p style="text-align: center;"></p> <table align="center" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" class= "tr-caption-container" style= "margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto;"> <tbody> <tr> <td style="text-align: center;"><a href= "" style="margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto;"><img border="0" height="151" src= "" width="320"></a></td> </tr> <tr> <td class="tr-caption" style="text-align: center;"><a href= "">Scientific Research & Development Laboratory by Toronto Int. Airport (

Speaking of Robert Bigelow's BAASS/AAWSAP, Vallee wrote: </p> <blockquote>"I do hope to find out more from George Hathaway what the prospects are for a more consistent plan when I meet him in Toronto on Monday."</blockquote> <p><b>Comment: </b></p> <p>I wrote a blog article about Canadian engineer George Hathaway, his work and research findings, <a href= ""> back in 2018. </a> At one stage, in...


Budgerigar (1), Little Woodswallow (10) at Barolin Nature Reserve, Mon Repos reported by Simon and Judy Smith on 16-07-2023 "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

Birds have been reported recently by other birders, but today (9am) were present at the same location, at a minor creek crossing maybe 650m along the walking track to Mon Repos from the northern end of Davidson St, Bargara. The Budgerigar was actively foraging with Chestnut-breasted Mannikins, and its behaviour did not suggest it was an escaped cage bird.


Best Reef Trip For 2 Year Old "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

Hey team, we are travelling to Port Douglas and Palm Cove from Auckland next month for 9 nights. We have a 2 year old boy and would love him to experience some of the Great Barrier Reef. My wife and I would just be snorkelling and assuming a half day trip would be the best with the little man. Any advice on the best provider/trip to go with. Appreciate any help or recommendations.

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Israel Folau Performance vs Australia A 2023 "IndyWatch Feed National"

Australia Rugby cursed since they treated Israel so bad and still confused like Egyptians were in days of old.


How do you plan to reduce population Kamala? "IndyWatch Feed National"

KAMALA HARRIS: When we invest in clean energy and electric vehicles and reduce population, more of our children can breath clean air and drink clean water. RNC Research (@RNCResearch) July 14, 2023


Is the recent rain normal for this time of year? "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

Long time Cairns locals, is this heavy frequent rain typical for the middle months? When I've visited Cairns in the past at this time of year, it's been dry as a bone.

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Little Kingfisher - small wonder, big favourite "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

All birds are special but some more so than others. In Australia the second smallest kingfisher in the world looms large for many. Small wonder as it is indeed a small wonder. Wonderful to watch in action. Wonderful to watch at rest. So, lots of my latest session (yesterday, 15/07/23) with a Little Kingfisher. A few do it some justice, others less so. Enjoy them all anyone. Little wonders don't come along every day, even in my happy place, the Townsville Town Common Conservation Park.



Once again, Peter Van Idiots analysis off with the fairies. "IndyWatch Feed National"

What are the chances? The Liberals have a significant swing to them them in a by-election on the very day Peter Van Imbecile was lecturing them on how badly they were faring with the public. The Australian, surely by accident, put the two together on their front page. Swing to...


Bruce Lehrmann / Brittany Higgins missing video on the night of the alleged rape in Parliament House is set to be exposed in the Federal Court "IndyWatch Feed National"

Brittany Higgins and Bruce LehrmannThe Australian Parliament House, on the 7th of July 2023, refused to give video of the night of the alleged rape of Brittany Higgins to the Federal Court, which put the Australian []


Weaponised Antisemitism Crushed the Political Left:  Now its the Cultural Lefts Turn "IndyWatch Feed National"

What does it mean to be antisemitic in modern Britain? The answer seems ever more confusing.

We have reached the seemingly absurd point that a political leader famed for his anti-racism, a rock star whose most celebrated work focuses on the dangers of racism and fascism, and a renowned film maker committed to socially progressive causes are all now characterised as antisemites.

And in a further irony, those behind the accusations do not appear to have made a priority of anti-racism themselves not, at least, until it proved an effective means of defeating their political enemies.

And yet, the list of those supposedly exposed as antisemites often only by association keeps widening to include ever more unlikely targets.

That is especially true in the Labour Party, where even the vaguest ties with any of the three iconic left-wing figures noted above Jeremy Corbyn, Roger Waters and Ken Loach  can be grounds for disciplinary action.

One of the Labour Partys most successful politicians, Jamie Driscoll, North of Tyne mayor, was barred last month from standing for re-election after he shared a platform with Loach to talk about the Norths place in the directors films.

Not coincidentally, Driscoll has been described as the UKs most powerful Corbynista or supporter of Corbyns left-wing policies. The nadir in this process may have been reached at the Glastonbury Festival.

Back in 2017, Corbyn, then-Labour leader, was given top billing as he set out a new, inspirational vision for Britain. Six years on and organisers cancelled the screening of a film, Oh Jeremy Corbyn: The Big Lie, highlighting the sustained campaign to smear Corbyn as an antisemite and snuff out his left-wing agenda.

The decision was taken after pro-Israel pressure groups launched a campaign to smear the film as antisemitic. The festival decided showing it would cause division.

So what is going on?

To understand how we arrived at this dark moment, one in which seemingly anyone or anything can be cancelled as antisemitic, it is necessary to grapple with the terms constantly mutating meaning and the political uses this confusion is...

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Saturday, 15 July


Even a cult leaders death does not kill the cult "IndyWatch Feed National"

Two years ago I wrote about a particularly bizarre cult surrounding John F. Kennedy Jr. that believes that he faked his own death and would be returning as serial sex abuser Donald Trumps (SSAT) running mate for 2024. A large crowd of believers of this cult congregated at Dealey Plaza (where JFK was assassinated) in November 2021 on the 58th anniversary of his death thinking that both father and son would appear there. Spoiler alert: They did not appear.

The leader of this particular QAnon subcult was someone named Michael Protzman who also went by the label Negative48.

Protzman seems to believe that JFK and Jackie Kennedy were the second physical incarnations of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, and direct descendants in a genealogy so bizarre not even Dan Brown would touch it, with JFK Jr. as the Archangel Michael and Donald Trump as the Holy Spirit.

The Negative48 cult is tearing families apart, as Vices David Gilbert recently reported. Katy Garner, a nurse from Arkansas, told Gilbert that she had essentially lost her sister to Protzmans cult in the months since the November 2020 election.

She left her children for this and doesnt even care. She is missing birthdays and holidays for this. She truly believes this is all real and we are the crazy ones for trying to get her to come home. But she wont, Garner said. I dont believe she will ever come back from this. We are in mourning.

Garner said that, under Protzmans direction, her sister now is required to drink a hydrogen peroxide solution and take bio pellets to ward off COVID-19, and her phone calls are monitored. She also has handed over about $200,000 to the cult.

Protzman had told his followers that they should become comfortable with dying because only then will they know the truth, evoking ominous comparisons to the Jim Jones cult. He himself may now know the truth because he died on June 30th after he lost control of his dirt bike on a motorcross track. But that seems to have only strengthened the beliefs of his supporters.

After his accident two weeks ago, details about Protzmans condition were tightly controlled by his inner circle of half a dozen followers. While they initially told followers in an online chat that Protzman had a potential brain injury and told them to pray for him, the inner circle has refused to answer any follow up questions about his condition.

Shelly Mullinax, who was one of Protzmans earliest...


Ken Ham is a disingenuous fraud on climate change "IndyWatch Feed National"

Im sorry, I feel stupider for having read this: its Ken Ham talking about climate change. He reports the headlines:

Shortly after the Fourth of July weekend here in the US, headlines proclaimed: For the third day in a row, Earths average temperature breaks record highs. Last week on July 5, 2023, the average global temperature (according to one universitys Climate Reanalyzer, a tool that uses satellite data and computer simulations to measure the worlds condition) was a record 62.8 degrees Fahrenheit (or 17.18 C), beating the record set on Monday. But is this really a record?


But Ol Ken questions it.

was last week really a record? Well, it might have beenbut we dont really know! Humans have only been recording climate data since the 1880s, and weve only had robust data since satellite data collection began in the 1970s. So we have no idea how warm the warmest day on earth was in all of the earths history! (But we do know, based on the fossil record, that the earths climate was much warmer before the flood!)

You idiot. We have over a century of robust climate records, and this was the highest temperature on record, therefore, yes, it was a record high temperature. Words mean things, you know. They werent saying this was the hottest the planet had ever been that probably occurred about 4 billion years ago, when the planet was a molten ball of rock but the hottest since we humans have been carefully tracking the climate. OK, you fucking stupid charlatan?

But he goes on to top that disingenuous word game. He claims that he believes in climate change.

Not only do I believe in climate change, but Im a climate change alarmist, and I do believe humans have caused climate change!

Exceptjust not the way scientists do, with their measurements and data and records. No, he believes in a coming Biblical catastrophe.

Well, Im not referring to a supposed slight global temperature increase allegedly caused by humans burning fossil fuels. Im referring to the ultimate catastrophic climate change everyone should be aware of when one day in the future, Jesus will return, and the earth (and the whole universe) will be judged with fire, and God will make a new heavens and earth.

He then goes on to say that...


Disentanglement, Part 2: The Marriage of Organized Crime and Intelligence "IndyWatch Feed National"

Whitney Webb

by Mary W Maxwell, LLB

This series on Disentanglement demands that we put some effort into disentangling realities from myths. Our brain left to its own devices, takes in the cultural landscape in a trusting way.  We need to see whats really going on. Will you join me in this project?

It had been my in...



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Again our thanks to all of you who search and share articles. This week's honourable mentions shout outs go to V.T., S.D., T.M., K.M., W.M.,

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005 Artificial Intelligence, Thought and Thinking "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

This episode is on Cartesian Theatre, Socrates Elenchus, GAN and tokens, alcohol and the Divine Masculine. Bit of a ramble really.

How artificial intelligence And human intelligence converge. Or do not. I wanted to start to tackle artificial intelligence, thought and thinking. We humans are not convinced we understand how we think and have spent philosophical lifetimes debating and cogitating. (Rene Descartes Cogito ergo sum, or Dennetts draft mode or quantum consciousness?)
While AI may one day move from a sequential process to a concurrent one, the Divine Masculine will lurch toward a prompt-output approach while the Divine Feminine swims in deep waters. Both exist, both can be right.
GAN (adversarial networks) are similar to Socrates Elenchus only by debating what we know and understand do we truly KNOW. The GAN approach will try and fool the AI into thinking the image is not AI generated. It will build muscle by going back to the drawing board and trying again. A Pros and Cons list.
Simone de Beauvoir and Jean-Paul Sartre, Camus and Baudelaire, Aldous Huxley, Carlos Castaneda and others took the view that Bacchanalia, Dionysian that alcohol can clarify thinking. Or at least mean a good time while philosophising!
Resources on my website as well as my AI Is My CoPilot course (in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Canberra and Virtual) please go to the Australian Institute of Management website if interested
This is a stream of consciousness recording. It has errors as my brain attempts to compete with generative AI and suffers catastrophic failures (not enough tokens) and hallucinations (outside of ingested dataset) Hey ho.
Cover art by Dall-e for a change. (steampunk clock).

Transcript of artificial intelligence and human intelligence:

2023 07 14 Alchemy of Innovation. So Ive been thinking about the nature of thinking. And because you jump down a rabbit hole when you start to think about thinking, we end up in all sorts of problems, well, I did. So Im going to take you through my process. Were going to go on a journey together and see what we think about thinking. Oh, yes. And chatGPT will come along as our companion.

So one of the questions I have, and I have many, because questions are tho...


Could an Industrial Civilization Have Predated Humans on Earth? "IndyWatch Feed National"

The BIG answer to that question is YES.  We now live in the HOLOCENE which opened up the whole Northern Hemishere to a truly usuable climate for agriculture.  Agriculture is impossible if a blizzard rockets off the Ice Sheet and travels through your corn fields in mid august all the way past florida.

Before then mankind was limited mostly to the continental shelf and the Tropics.  still large, but we add the area of two or three USAs while losing many times more and still fight erratic weather.  Understand plus or minus five degrees to our plus or minus one degree for average global temperatures.

The trouble with all that is that the last five million years of our historucal potential is all underwater or up a steep slope accelerating degradation.

cultural stories do give us a glimpse back for 200,000 years and that is at least a starting point.  a singular report informs that our fall from Eden took place 45,000 years ago.  scant evidence to date conforms to that date.  This means htat mankind had around thirty thousand years to produce some form of modernity and then also bring about the Pleistocene Nonconformity around 12900 BP.  That gave us the Holocene.

That is humanity.

It is also possible and even plausible that the reptilian race arose on Earth 65,000,000 years ago as well and have rather sensibly retreated underground as we may well choose to do as well in our future.  then take your pick of so called aliens that are future modified humans.  We can have an actual cornicopia of prospects for an industrial civilization during any past window in TIME that simply packs up and leaves for another planet or even underground again.  long term, the earths surface is not risk free while underground can be.

Could an Industrial Civilization Have Predated Humans on Earth?

A thought experimen...

These four U.S. nuclear plants will start producing clean hydrogen "IndyWatch Feed National"

how odd.  I really think that this is a cash grab by the neuclear power industry.  financial engineering at its best.  Freeing up hydrogen costs more energy than produced by burning hydrogen.  It is and has always been a bad plan just too technically difficult to pull off or we might already be doing it.

We really need a true breakthrough which has not been forthcoming.  Yet the monkeys will obviously today buy it all today.

Depleted steam does have plenty of calories left and would make a good feed stock though.  Hot oxygen may be cycled back thermodynamically as well to heat the incoming water.  It is at least worth thinking through and a stock of hydrogen has potential value.

I still think that this is a thermodynamic long shot.

These four U.S. nuclear plants will start producing clean hydrogen

In power generation, hydrogen is one of the leading options for storing renewable energy and can be used in gas turbines to increase power system flexibility.

Kevin Clark



Loathsome Amiability: Why Watching Utopia Hurts "IndyWatch Feed National"

Lets be frank: watching Utopia hurts. It involves stinging your eyeballs, tearing your hair, and taking yourself to the ledge of a skyscraper to call the whole thing off.  The fact that the characters are meant to be faux pleasing is no excuse not to loathe them.

This Australian satire on bureaucracy, specifically featuring the bureaucracy of infrastructure development, displays buffoonery, stupidity, and workplace retardation of hideous scale.  It is a micro snapshot of the public service and its poisonous symbiosis with the political class, an insight into virtually any modern organisation in retreat from its principles.  In it, we see the same recipe repeated across government departments, corporations, the modern failed university, and its managers.

From 2014, Utopia had two focal points: infrastructure projects of the National Building Authority, and the employees who, in various ways, advance, retreat, and then diminish the allocated task.  Ideas struggle to be born.  In their infancy, smothering is a must.  If such ideas eventually develop legs, they will be shackled and bound.

How this is manifested varies. It could come in the form of a feasibility study.  The outcome of that feasibility study is bound to lead to other studies, and so forth, suggesting a law of false productivity.  If changes do take place, they never progress beyond tinkering with fences or redesigning logos.  The rest is just enactment and illusion.  The projects that do eventually get realised in all their horror are the cockups, the bungles, the budget nightmares.

The office dimension is salient in Utopia, a universe where kindly failure is celebrated.  It is the site of constipated endeavours, where the only possible momentum takes place via catering choices and the watercooler.  Where work is not actually done (there is a preference for work about work), and progress painfully slow, distractions in language and communications offer solace and salvation.  Human Resource freaks take centre stage and parade; legal advisors intervene and meddle in priestly instruction.  There is a focus on professional development, a spotlight on diet, protocols of behaviour.

There is, however, a conscious departure in the series from brute workplace aggression and manic bullying in the manner of The Thick of It.  It is precisely this recipe that gives Utopia its self-harming appeal.  You are meant to find the characters amiable, even mildly likable.  Banish the thought.

Rob Sitch, the director of the series who also plays the frustrated Tony Woodford, head of the NBA, puts it like this: Utopia came along at a time when the idea of someone yelling at people in the workplace went out years ago.  So, it is all these quiet, passive-a...


Noble Scientist says Climate Change is a Hoax "IndyWatch Feed National"

Dr. John Clauser, the co-winner of the 2022 Nobel Physics prize has come out and said the whole nonsense of Climate Change caused exclusively by CO2 is an absolute HOAX. Anyone who has ever studied physics cannot possibly conclude otherwise. There is absolutely NOTHING that can ever be reduced to a single cause and effect in anything. It is always a complex dynamic.



Here is Bill Gates who I would not trust to walk my dog admitting that blaming CO2 is not without dispute. There is just nothing, even in market movements, that can be reduced to a single cause and effect PERIOD! Perhaps he should have paid attention in physics class, assuming he took it.

One of our clients was one of the top 5 Australian mining companies. Their CFO lost more than $50 million in the currency. They ordered him to meet with me. He knew my track record and said perhaps it was just a coincidence. Finally, I asked him what his background was. He hesitated and said physics. I said GREAT! Now look at the market through the Second Law of Thermodynamics. His jaw dropped and said OMG, there has to be a cycle. I said you got it.

Heat always moves from hotter objects to colder objects (or &#8220...


Australian Dollar and Bitcoin "IndyWatch Feed National"

1.00 AUD = 0.00002 BTC
0.00010 BTC = 4.40 AUD


Is The FBI Protecting The Bidens? "IndyWatch Feed National"

Introduction by DM

Above, At the House Judiciary Committee hearing, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) questions FBI Dir. Christopher Wray about the Biden shakedown.

An email from G5:

by G5

Carlson made a massive demand for pay, with a take it of leave it scenario. Rupe with an incorrect decision against him (Dominion); did not need two major issues. He removed Carlson and has now readjusted night viewing by repositioning four characters.

Ray Epps

Ray Epps sues Carlson for Defamation, by saying he is an FBI operative orchestrating the January 6 theatrics.

The DOJ charges Epps for being involved in the January 6. Epps is cleared by a court. Carlson cannot say he was involved, and cannot prove he is an FBI operative. Because The FBI, DOJ, and Courts lie.

Therefore Carlson is out of the equation as Jones. A parallel to the in...


Marine ecosystems are struggling, and mining is set to make it worse. "IndyWatch Feed National"

I was poking around the internet, looking for something to write about, when I came across two research headlines that I think form a depressingly good microcosm of what were doing to the planet (and ourselves) as a whole. The first is grim, if unsurprising news; a catchy headline reading, Multiple ecosystems in hot water. The study was a 10-year review of Californias Marine Protected Areas (MPAs), which concluded that because of global warming, they arent actually helping much. MPAs are, as the name suggests, protected from fishing, industrial activity, tourism, and other activities, depending on the relevant laws. These dont just protect habitat from destruction, they also serve as a sort of bio-reservoir that can help replenish fish stocks depleted by industrial fishing. The problem is that the absolutely staggering amount of heat that the oceans have been absorbing equivalent to seven Hiroshima-sized nuclear explosions per second in 2021 has been making it hard for protected areas to replenish themselves, let alone other nearby habitats.

 As MPA managers around the world face increasing climate shocks, the extent to which MPAs can buffer the worst of these events has become an important question. The working group scientists asked how the ecological communities in Californias protected areas fared after such a severe and prolonged heatwave: Would the communities shift and if so, how? Would they bounce back when the marine heatwave subsided? Could the marine protected areas protect sensitive populations or facilitate recovery?

To find answers to their questions, they synthesized over a decade of data collected from 13 no-take MPAs located in a variety of ecosystems along the Central Coast: rocky intertidal zones, kelp forests, shallow and deep rocky reefs. The team looked at fish, invertebrates and seaweed populations inside and outside these areas, using data from before, during and after the heatwave.

They also focused on two of these habitats, rocky intertidal and kelp forests, at 28 MPAs across the full statewide network to gauge whether these locations promoted one particular form of climate resilience maintaining both population and community structure.

We used no-take MPAs as a type of comparison to see whether the protected ecological communities fared better to the marine heatwave than places where fishing occurred, said Smith, now an Ocean Conservation Research Fellow at Monterey Bay Aquarium.

The results are somewhat sobe...


Former FBI Agent: Wray Evasive Under Scrutiny Because Bureau Has Become Ministry of Truth "IndyWatch Feed National"

By Fantine Gardinier Sputnik 14.07.2023

FBI Director Christopher Wray was grilled by lawmakers at a Thursday hearing called by the House Judiciary Committee that demanded answers about the bureaus coordination with social media companies, its alleged abuse of a secret intelligence court, and use of informants during the January 6 insurrection at the US Capitol Building.

FBI Director Christopher Wray has been blasted by US House Judiciary Committee Chairman Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) for weaponization of the government against the American people, which he said had eroded public confidence in the integrity of the FBI, on Thursday.

Jordan and other GOP lawmakers spent several hours interrogating the federal law enforcement chief about a number of incidents they said proved the FBI was being used as a political bludgeon against conservatives, including the use of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) to spy on Donald Trumps presidential campaign during the 2016 election, a now-withdrawn memo from the FBIs office in Richmond, Virginia, that suggested spying on Catholic anti-abortion groups over domestic terrorism fears, and news that some people involved in the breaching of the US Capitol by Trump supporters on January 6, 2021, were paid FBI informants who acted as provocateurs.

In response, Wray pointed to the fact that he is a registered Republican Party member, telling lawmakers that the idea that Im biased against conservatives seems somewhat insane to me, given my own personal background.

He also rejected the GOP lawmakers assertions that the FBI used agent provocateurs to encourage people to commit crimes on January 6 or that the agency was protecting the Biden family by sitting on potentially incriminating information or suppressing a news story about the contents of Hunter Bidens abandoned laptop computer. However, he acknowledged the FBIs failings in properly using the FISC, in line with previous findings by special counsel John Durham and a DoJ Inspector Generals report.

Coleen Rowley, a retired FBI agent and whistleblower over the bureaus failure to stop the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, said Wray was evasive and had to resort to euphemistic bromides to defend the FBIs reputation, because of the demands placed on the bureau by US policies.

Noting that Wray had adopted a 9/11 changed everything mindset, Rowley pointed out that its one of the few things they dont lie about: 9/11 did change everything. Between the Vietnam War and the so-called War on Terror, that now has morphed into a war on rival economic nuclear superpowers has created all of this polarization...


Two Women Arrested For Selling Dead Fowls To Unsuspecting Customers In Sapele Main Market "IndyWatch Feed National"


LAGOS JULY 14TH (URHOBOTODAY)-In a shocking development, two women have been apprehended by vigilantes and handed over to the police in Sapele for attempting to sell lifeless fowls to unsuspecting consumers. 

 The culprits, who are yet to be identified, were taken into custody on Tuesday morning at the bustling Sapele Main Market, sending shockwaves through the local community.

 Eyewitnesses reported that the duo displayed the merchandise, luring innocent buyers with bags brimming with deceased fowls.

 Alarming reports revealed that several individuals had already succumbed to their devious ploy, unwittingly purchasing the fowl before authorities intervened.

The Sapele Local Government Council Health Officers, alerted to this potential health hazard, acted swiftly by calling the police to the spectacle that had unfolded in the heart of the market.

Responding to the distress call, law enforcement officers promptly descended upon the scene, apprehending the two women and confiscating their merchandise.

In the wake of this disturbing incident, concerned citizens anxiously await answers while the motive behind this act remains a mystery, leaving the community in disarray.

As public outrage mounts, the Chairman of the Sapele Local Government Council, Hon. Eugene Inoaghan, has assured residents that their safety and well-being remained paramount.

Delta Bulletin



Hungarian PM Orban: US could stop Ukraine conflict instantly "IndyWatch Feed National"

The US wants the conflict in Ukraine to continue and has failed to explain its reasons to NATO allies, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has said. Orban told national broadcaster Kossuth Radio that if Washington wished, it could stop the fighting at a moment's notice, as Kiev is fully dependent on the West in the fight against Russia. The Hungarian leader was speaking on Friday morning, after returning from the NATO summit in the Lithuanian capital, Vilnius. During the event, the US-led military bloc declined to extend to Kiev a roadmap for membership. Hungary has stood out among members of the alliance by consistently criticizing Western policies on the Ukraine crisis. "If the Americans wanted it, peace would come the next morning. Why Americans don't want that is a question that puzzles the entire world," Orban said. "We didn't get an answer at the NATO summit."


The big question Elon Musk hopes to answer with xAI: Where the hell are the aliens? "IndyWatch Feed National"

The billionaire founder said his new AI company would deal with questions about dark matter, the nature of gravity, and extraterrestrials.

In a live audio conversation on Twitter on Friday, Elon Musk shed some new light on his newly announced AI company, xAI.

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BEST OF THE WEB: As NATO looks for answers to the Ukraine conflict, Poland seeks the nuclear option "IndyWatch Feed National"

The ambitions of individual NATO members only bring the world closer to a nuclear catastrophe The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) has wrapped up its two-day summit in Vilnius, Lithuania. While issues of NATO expansion (Turkey's unexpected about-face which opened the door to increased NATO membership) and the ongoing conflict in Ukraine dominated the headlines, when it came to the one topic with inherent existential consequences - the request by Poland that it enter a nuclear-arms-sharing arrangement with the US that would see Washington's B61 nuclear bombs deployed on Polish soil - NATO remained silent. According to the request from the government of Prime Minister Mateus Morawiecki, these weapons would be turned over to specially trained Polish air-force crews for use in any future NATO conflict with Russia. Left unsaid is the reality that any conflict which had Poland delivering nuclear weapons against a Russian target would almost immediately escalate into a general...


Womens World Cup Players Launch Biggest Climate Campaign in Soccer History "IndyWatch Feed National"

Soccer (football) players competing in the Womens World Cup have organized to take climate action over flying to and from the tournament locations in Australia and New Zealand. The campaign is the biggest of its kind in the history of the sport.

The climate action is led by Sofie Junge Pedersen, a player for Denmark, and includes 44 players and counting who plan to offset their flight emissions as well as donate to other climate initiatives. The participants hope to have at least 50 campaigners by the start of the World Cup on July 20.

For about five years I have paid for carbon offsetting or compensated for flying, because unfortunately it is difficult to avoid in my job, Pedersen wrote in The Guardian. I have always felt bad because I know how much pollution a flight causes. I have felt it was something I wanted to do and something that is good for the planet, although we realise it is not the solution.

Pedersen performed a climate change presentation to teammates in Denmark and Juventus Football Club last year, which led to the idea of offsetting flights to the World Cup. The teams were supportive, so they took the idea to Common Goal, a collective football movement for equality and sustainability, and the nonprofit Football for Future.

From there, players Jessie Fleming, a midfielder for Canada, and Elena Linari, a defender for Italy, inspired other soccer players to take on the initiative and create a global campaign.

This is a topic I feel passionate about, and I hope this action my teammates and I are taking accelerates the climate conversation and sets a precedent for what athletes can do to push for more environmental policies in football, Fleming told The Guardian.

The players are starting their campaign by donating to climate resiliency, carbon offsetting and climate adaptation actions as a short-term solution. Participants use scientific methodology to calculate the carbon emission tonnage of their Wo...


US could stop Ukraine conflict instantly Hungary "IndyWatch Feed National"

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban at the NATO summit in Lithuania Beata Zawrzel / NurPhoto via Getty Images
RT | July 14, 2023

The US wants the conflict in Ukraine to continue and has failed to explain its reasons to NATO allies, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has said.

Orban told national broadcaster Kossuth Radio that if Washington wished, it could stop the fighting at a moments notice, as Kiev is fully dependent on the West in the fight against Russia.

The Hungarian leader was speaking on Friday morning, after returning from the NATO summit in the Lithuanian capital, Vilnius. During the event, the US-led military bloc declined to extend to Kiev a roadmap for membership. Hungary has stood out among members of the alliance by consistently criticizing Western policies on the Ukraine crisis.

If the Americans wanted it, peace would come the next morning. Why Americans dont want that is a question that puzzles the entire world, Orban said. We didnt get an answer at the NATO summit.

At this point, Ukraine has lost any real sovereignty, Orban claimed, citing Kievs devastated economy, and heavy depende...


INTERVIEW: Matthew Lee US Court Free Speech Ruling + J6 Kangaroo Court "IndyWatch Feed National"

In this episode of the Patrick Henningsen Show on TNT Radio which aired on July 7, 2023, Patrick talks with Matthew Russell Lee from Inner City Press and author of, Maximum Maxwell: The Narrow Prosecution  From UN Collusion to Five Guilty Verdicts, Impunity on Trial, about some big cases in the US courts, including Louisianas recent ruling against the Biden White House which curtails the Administrations ability to censor free speech on social media, also the Stalinist show trials of the alleged January 6th insurrectionists, a well as the latest sordid UN scandal, a new low, as if thats even possible. All this and more. Listen:

More from Matt Lee:

TUNE-IN LIVE to TNT RADIO for the Patrick Henningsen Show every MON-FRI at 12PM-2PM (NEW YORK) | 5PM-7PM (LONDON) | 2AM-4AM (BRISBANE):




Get Surfshark - Jaw Dropping Deals on Fast, Easy-to-Use VPN


NATO Is Malicious Poison Former Australian PM "IndyWatch Feed National"

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Friday, 14 July


Where to find Ozempic ? "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

Ok. Don't hate me. I'm very fat.

I got ozempic prescription but the pharmacy I checked with does not have it and prioritises diabetes ppl.

Did anyone get ozempic to treat obesity? Where from?

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Mayors, councillors defect as Kiwis wake up to 2040 tribal rule takeover "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

By TONY MOBILIFONITIS KIWI freedom fighter Julian Batchelor has told Counterspin media that a full Maori takeover of New Zealand has been planned for 2040 as the so-called co-governance system achieves its ultimate objective under the UN Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP). There is a move, and its out in the public []


DOJ Spied On Devin Nunes Staff During Russia Hoax, Subpoenas Show "IndyWatch Feed National"

Devin NunesOn Thursday, House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan sent a letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray demanding answers.


Suburb Mayor's "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

Gday all,

Found out that White Rock apparently has a Mayor? Is this a new thing? Are there any other suburbs with a Mayor?

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User Answers

I began this week with a blog about the relationship of the geometry of the brain to thought, so I thought I'd end this

The post BING AI CHATBOT SAYS ITS TIRED OF BEING A CHATBOT appeared first on The Giza Death Star.


Written Answers Parliament England "IndyWatch Feed National"

 fluoride fluoridation : 2 Written Answers

Written Answers - Department of Health and Social Care: Water Treatment: Fluoride

13 Jul 2023

Mark Jenkinson: To ask the Secr...


Michele Bullock appointed as the new RBA governor "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

The Federal government appointed Michele Bullock as the new governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia, becoming the first woman to be appointed.

Ms Bullock will replace Phillip Lowe, who has been in the spotlight over the decisions of increasing interest rates eleven consecutive times.

Produced By: Eduardo Jordan

Featured In Story: Amanda Copp Community Radio Networks Political Correspondent

First aired on The Wire, Friday 14 July 2023

The post Michele Bullock appointed as the new RBA governor appeared first on 4YOU 98.5FM Capricorn Community Radio.


Unemployment could be causal to suicide: research "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

A new research done by the University of Sydney found out theres a causal relationship between unemployment and suicide.

By using advanced analytic techniques, the researchers found out unemployment or underemployment could be a cause of suicide.

If you or someone you know have issues with this topic, call Lifeline on 13 11 14

Produced By: Eduardo Jordan

Featured In Story: Associate Professor Jo-An Occhipinti Co-Director of the Mental Wealth Initiative at the University of Sydney

First aired on The Wire, Friday 14 July 2023

The post Unemployment could be causal to suicide: research appeared first on 4YOU 98.5FM Capricorn Community Radio.


Agriculture Ministers sign statement on climate change "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

This week, the State and Federal agriculture ministers signed the First National Statement on Climate Change and Agriculture, making a commitment with farmers to reduce carbon emissions.

Advocates welcomed the statement, saying its the first step to cut emissions. This is in line with a new report called Farming Forever commissioned by Farmers for Climate Action.

Produced By: Eduardo Jordan

Featured In Story: Charlie Prell Chair of Farmers for Climate Action and sheep farmer in Crookwell, New South Wales

First aired on The Wire, Friday 14 July 2023

The post Agriculture Ministers sign statement on climate change appeared first on 4YOU 98.5FM Capricorn Community Radio.


By-election at Gold Coast in the spotlight in Canberra "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

People in the electorate of Fadden on Queenslands Gold Coast will head to the polls on Saturday.

Tomorrows by-election was triggered by former MP and Coalition Government Services Minister Stuart Robert resigning earlier this year.

Both Labor and the Liberal National Party are competing for the seat.

Produced By: Amanda Copp

Featured In Story: Letitia Del Fabbro Labor Candidate for Fadden, and Cameron Caldwell LNP Candidate for Fadden

First aired on The Wire, Friday 14 July 2023

The post By-election at Gold Coast in the spotlight in Canberra appeared first on 4YOU 98.5FM Capricorn Community Radio.


Box-tickers should be disallowed to qualify as black "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

By Lyndesy Symonds This whole indigenous / aboriginal Agenda is United [Communist] Nations DRIP mischief and designed to divide the population into aboriginal vs colonists. Anyone who is not aboriginal is by definition a colonist. This is how Australians born on this continent are becoming alienated from our own country. We were born a colonist []


Monochrome Bitcoin ETF gets filed to Australian securities exchange "IndyWatch Feed National"

The CEO believes investors will be inclined to seek exposure to Bitcoin in a more familiar, structured and protected regulatory environment.


Disentangling Myth and Reality, Part 1: The Concept of Stickness "IndyWatch Feed National"

Is Cinderella real? Cinderella, a little golden book by Disney and Dias, Photo:

by Mary W Maxwell, LLB

Since 1978 I have labored in the fields, namely, the intellectual fields of sociobiology, false flags, mind control, and court corruption.  It seems I lack students or followers no one has said that MM is their mentor.  My books dont get Amazon reviews, and my videos dont get watched. A...


Is Your Carpet Secretly Polluting Your Air? Discover the Surprising Solution "IndyWatch Feed National"

You may think your home is a safe haven from outdoor air pollution. But the truth is, hidden dangers are lurking in your home.

One of the surprising culprits? Your carpets.

Respiratory problems, allergies, and other health issues, especially in pets and children, are often caused by the off-gassing of dust, dirt, and other pollutants trapped in your carpets.

But dont worry theres a surprising solution to this problem: air-purifying plants.

Air Purifying Plants

Air-purifying plants work by removing pollutants from the air through the process of photosynthesis. They absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen while filtering harmful chemicals like formaldehyde and benzene.

Some air-purifying plants are especially effective at tackling carpet pollutants, such as spider plants and peace lilies.

Researchers have found spider plants (Chlorophytum comosum) are particularly effective in removing carpet pollutants. They are capable of absorbing and destroying toxins commonly found in carpets, such as formaldehyde, which is often released from adhesives and synthetic materials.

Peace lilies (Spathiphyllum spp.) are another popular choice for improving indoor air quality. These elegant plants are known for their ability to remove harmful substances like benzene, a chemical often found in cleaning products, paints, and furniture. Studies have shown that peace lilies can reduce benzene levels and increase air quality.

How to Improve Indoor Air Quality by Adding Air-purifying Plants

  • Choose the right plants: Its important to select indoor plants to remove pollutants from the air effectively. Spider plants, peace lilies, and bamboo palms are all excellent choices that can help tackle carpet pollutants.
  • Place plants strategically: Place them near your carpeted areas, such as living rooms or bedrooms, to benefit most from your plants. You can also place them near sources of indoor air pollution, such as furniture or electronics, to further enhance their effectiveness.
  • Keep plants healthy: Make sure your plants get enough light, water, and nutrients to stay healthy and effectively remove pollutants from the air. By doing so, they will continue to remove air pollutants effectively and contribute to a healthier indoor environment.

While air-purifying plants are an excellent addition to improving indoor air quality, they alone may not be sufficient in addressing all the sources of pollution.

Therefore, adopting a multi-faceted approach to maintaining clean and healthy indoor air is essential....


Used car dealers to avoid? "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

Probably going to be looking for a used car tommorow, any particular dealers to avoid, besides all of them?

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Shopifys new Sidekick AI is about to make entrepreneurs lives so much easier "IndyWatch Feed National"

Shopifys new AI feature feels like having an army of experts battling for the success of your online retail business.

Shopify has finally announced how its going to implement generative AI into its user experience, and judging by the video announcement from founder and CEO, Tobi Ltke, it feels like a perfect answer to the question, What role should AI play in software today, which we get into in this weeks generative AI roundup.

Read Full Story


Best butcher? "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

My usual has been bought out and prices have jumped, I'm in cosgrove but happy to travel a bit for good service and prices.

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Colonel Macgregor latest geopolitical update on Ukraine and NATO "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

Ukraine sycophant Australian PM Albanese and Ukraines Nazi President Zelensky buddy up at NATO meeting with Albanese promising, for a kiss, another 30 Bushmaster armoured cars for Ukraine taking the total to 120 given free of charge. Total value of Bushmasters is $100m with military aid to date totalling $710m. Zelensky has never mentioned how []


Chicago Suburb To Pay Reparations "IndyWatch Feed National"

Chicago is crumbling to the ground. What do the politicians plan to do to fix the problem? Buy votes! The Chicago upper-middle-class suburb of Evanston, Illinois, approved a $10 million reparation package in 2019. The city will now hand out $25,000 to 140 black residents over the age of 18 who lived in the area between 1919-1969. I see it as like a test run for the whole country, stated Justin Hansford, head of the Thurgood Marshall Civil Rights Center at Howard University.

Of course, they have not properly funded the trial program. Initially, the committee agreed to use taxes from marijuana sales. When that wasnt enough, they took funding from real estate taxes. They have less than $1.2 million after years of searching for funding and will be hunting down the public for additional taxes. Lets do the math here $25K for 140 people is only $3.5 million. Do they need the extra $6.5 million to fund the committee and politicians? The greed from every angle is unbelievable.

Some activists are already complaining that the generous $25,000 free handout is not enough. One woman who received her free check during the initial trial told the New York Post that it is only a good start. She blew the entire thing on home renovations and it certainly didnt heal her ancestral wounds that she needed money to heal. Give an inch, and people will take a mile. Reparations are not economically feasible by any means and creating further inflationary conditions will hurt the dollar in general.

They are creating a racial divide between a small percentage of the country and everyone else. Only a small portion of Americans had ancestors that were slave owners, and even then, the law does not expect future generations to pay for the misdoings of the past. The nation is crumbling because we are divided on everything from race, religion, sexuality, and politics. We use every term to define ourselves other than Americans. The average person is struggling to make ends meet as living prices have become unsustainable. There will be a civil war if people are expected to give others their hard-earned mo...


Fiction | A Quiet Man "IndyWatch Feed National"

Im a quiet man. I dont talk much. I like a quiet drink. Sometimes a bit more, sometimes too much. I have this quiet spot at the Royal pub. Just a little spot around from the bar near the corner. They always serve me a beer as soon as I walk in. A bit of a nod, a bit of a wink, and then I slide on to the stool and rest my elbow on the bar. This is what I do. I watch people. They think Im looking straight into my beer glass. Well, I am, sort of. But most of the time I am looking at people.

The post Fiction | A Quiet Man appeared first on Overland literary journal.


Tech Wont Save Us navigates The Palestine Laboratory "IndyWatch Feed National"

The great Canadian-based podcast, Tech Wont Save Us, interviews me about my new book, The Palestine Laboratory.

We discuss Jewish identity and the appeal of Israels repressive tech:


The post Tech Wont Save Us navigates The Palestine Laboratory appeared first on Antony Loewenstein.


WHO pandemic treaty will remove Australian sovereignty and create a medical police state "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

Senator Malcolm Roberts exposes the WHO Pandemic treaty which would remove sovereignty for Australia during any contrived or real pandemic resulting in forced vaccinations, lockdowns, vaccine passports and create a police state. The senate should hold an immediate inquiry into this treaty NOW! The World Health Organisation (WHO) was established in 1948 to improve health []


Is there much social services work here? "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

Hi all is there much social services work here? Specifically social work?

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Joyeux 14 Juillet! "IndyWatch Feed National"

Happy Bastille Day! Nothing strikes pride - or terror - into the heart like the relentless advance of the axemen of Lgion trangre - the French Foreign Legion. Nor has there been written or sung so stirring a call to arms and pride as 'La Marseillaise', or 'The Song of...


Might've overstayed a parking zone, what's the chance I get a fine? "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

CQU parking is absolute hell.

Hey guys, since parking is absolutely awful in town, I may have parked slightly earlier than I thought (3hr centre of road parking), and probably got there around 9:30 and returned around 30mins later than allowed. What's the chance I get a fine in the mail? Not gonna lie, Im panicking

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Crown to pay $450 million after Federal Court ruling "IndyWatch Feed National"

Two casino centred businesses will have to come up with a collective total of $450 million  in penalty payments over two years after AUSTRAC launched civil penalty proceedings against them for breaches of the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act 2006 (AML/CTF Act).

The Court also ordered Crown to pay AUSTRACs costs.

Crown Melbourne and Crown Perth (Crown) have been ordered to pay up by the Federal Court of Australia.

The order comes after Crown and AUSTRAC (the Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre) filed joint submissions with the Federal Court of Australia in May 2023 for the payment of $450 million in instalments over two years.

Detecting, deterring and disrupting criminal abuse

AUSTRAC is the Australian Government agency responsible for detecting, deterring and disrupting criminal abuse of the financial system to protect the community from serious and organised crime.

Through regulation, and enhanced intelligence capabilities, AUSTRAC collects and analyses financial reports and information to generate financial intelligence.

As part of the settlement, Crown admitted that it operated in contravention of the AML/CTF Act, including that Crown Melbourne and Crown Perths AML/CTF programs were not based on appropriate risk assessments, did not have appropriate systems and controls to manage their risks, and were not subject to appropriate oversight by their Boards and senior management.

The serious nature of the breaches

The serious nature of the breaches meant that Crown allowed high-risk activities to take place in its casinos, without intervention, on an ongoing basis. For example:

  • Crown continued a business relationship with a major casino junket operator until 2021, although being aware of allegations the operator was connected to organised crime.
  • Crown failed to appropriately monitor billions of dollars in transactions (including international payment flows) which impacted its ability to identify and disrupt possible suspicious activity, and to report suspicious matters to AUSTRAC and law enforcement.
  • From March 2016 to December 2018, there were at least 75 suspicious incidents involving a total of around $23 million in cash, in a private gaming room which Crown Melbourne gave one casino junket operator exclusive access to.

Substantial and ongoing efforts

However, in settling these proceedings, AUSTRAC took into account the substantial and ongoing efforts undertaken by Crown to address the AML/CTF failings which were the subject of these proceedings.

Acting AUSTRAC CEO Peter Soros noted that AUSTRAC continues to work collaboratively with Crown. Our regulated businesses are supporting them in meeting their obligations to ensure they are equipped to help to protect Australias financial system fr...


Australian Sea Dumping Bill facilitates fossil fuel mining "IndyWatch Feed National"

Dr David Shearman is Emeritus Professor of Medicine at the University of Adelaide and a co-founder of Doctors for the Environment Australia. Here he comments the Australian governments consideration of legislation purported to safely capture carbon at the bottom of the sea but is really a cover to help the gas industry export more gas.

Governments around the world are promoting and subsidising carbon capture and storage (CCUS) to facilitate an increase in fossil gas mining. This will dash any hope of controlling world emissions at a time when there are deep concerns for climate change becoming uncontrollable.

Yet the Australian government and the fossil gas industry are driving huge new developments about which they perpetrate misinformation. Let us examine the Sea Dumping Bill.

Submissions to The Environment Protection (Sea Dumping) Amendment (Using New Technologies to Fight Climate Change) Bill 2023 (the Bill) are now being considered by the Department of the Environment and Water.

One section of the complex Explanatory Memorandum states the Bill would seek to promote the right to health by reducing the impact on human and environmental health of wastes and other matter, especially in regard to the export of carbon dioxide streams and the placement of such matter into the sea for marine geo-engineering activities.

The Bill acts by enabling a permit to be granted for the export of carbon dioxide streams from carbon dioxide capture processes for the purpose of sequestration into a sub-seabed geological formation.

Photo from Reuters: Bill will lead to more gas exports

Therefore, the Bill promotes the right to health under Article 12 of the United Nations Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ICESCR) It positively engages this right by ensuring that activities allowed by the permits are regulated to minimise their impacts on human and environmental health, especially to the marine e...


Wank alert - Journalisms Walkley Awards to allow ONLY women to enter major category to address equality. "IndyWatch Feed National"

Men are banned. Nominations for Outstanding Contribution to Journalism are now open. This year the directors will only consider women nominees as they seek to redress gender balance in recipients. Source - The joke awards just got more ridiculous The Walkeys portray themselves as one of Australias highest accolades...


How to address escalating violence in PNG "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

There is currently a serious problem with tribal fighting and gang violence in some of the Highland provinces of Papua New Guinea. In many areas, the violence surrounding the July 2022 election has essentially continued as a series of rolling fights. The most recent violent event to hit the news is a kidnapping of women and girls in Hela Province. They were brutally raped and subjected to other unnamed horrors before being released.

The problem seems so intractable, widespread and repeated that it is hard to know where to begin. The dominant outcome is impunity for perpetrators. Impunity is justified by reference to difficulties of access and transport, of communication, scarcity of government resources, and the considerable firepower of the feuding parties and gang members. All these are truly difficult logistical obstacles.

But, they are less insurmountable obstacles if we stop viewing the incidents as isolated events, and start seeing them as repeated patterns of behaviour. Paying attention to the systemic and cyclical nature of intergroup fighting highlights two much underused resources in the intervention armoury: timing of interventions, and networks with local communities.

In regard to timing, we use as an illustration a tragic recent case in Enga Province that personally affected one of us. Williams father was murdered, along with three other men, when he attended a peace mediation talk between two clans. This gave rise to immense pressure for payback from Williams clan, but there were many level heads within the clan of the deceased who realised that this could trigger an ever-increasing cycle of violence. They put enormous efforts into containing the forces crying out for revenge channelling their own resources, oratory skills and charisma towards this objective. Against all odds, clan and community leaders managed to stop the violence for 14 days while the haus krai and burial occurred. The immensity of this feat should not be underestimated.

The leaders knew that this temporary peace had an end date; they alone were not strong enough to permanently stop the violence. So they actively sought out the states police force to help them and, they hoped, take the burden from their shoulders by arresting the perpetrators of the original four murders. Unfortunately, the police did not intervene as hoped.

The force of those speaking for peace was eventually overwhelmed by those thirsting for war, and cycle after cycle of attack and revenge occurred, drawing in old conflicts from two or three decades ago. It turned out to be one clan who spoke for peace, against 18 others who mobilised for violence. At the height of the conflict, the state finally sent police and military personnel who were on the ground. They were quickly overwhelmed, as by that stage the violence had escalated...


"IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica" "IndyWatch Feed National"

Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours (7/13/23).
As always, take the information discussed in the video below and research it for yourself, and come to your own conclusions. Anyone telling you what the truth is, or claiming they have the answer, is likely leading you astray, for one reason or another. Stay Vigilant.

!function(r,u,m,b,l,e){r._Rumble=b,r[b]||(r[b]=function(){(r[b]._=r[b]._||[]).push(arguments);if(r[b]._.length==1){l=u.createElement(m),e=u.getElementsByTagName(m)[0],l.async=1,l.src=""+(arguments[1].video?'.'+arguments[1].video:'')+"/?url="+encodeURIComponent(location.href)+"&args="+encodeURIComponent(JSON.stringify([].slice.apply(arguments))),e.parentNode.insertBefore(l,e)}})}(window, document, "script", "Rumble");


Rumble("play", {"video":"v2x91bo","div":"rumble_v2x91bo"});

Video Source Links (In Chronological Order)

(38) LastAmericanVagabond on Twitter: "" / Twitter
(8) Tim Burchett on Twitter: "Apparently our @SecretService has no clue (or wont tell) who brought cocaine into the @WhiteHouse and is giving up." / Twitter
(25) Decensored News on Twitter: "If the FBI were to be defunded or dismantled, who would hatch and facilitate the terrorist plots? 1. 2. (@MazMHussain) 3. (@DBrozeLiveFree)" / Twitter
The FBI's Entrapment of Americans Continues with Latest Arrest of 18-Year Old with Developmental Issues
Parents Catch FBI In Plot To Force Mentally Ill Son To Be A Right Wing Terrorist
After FBI Let FL Shooting Happen, Media Now Praising Them For Arming Mentally Ill Man In Fake Attack


BEST OF THE WEB: Cheats do prosper at the nation's expense "IndyWatch Feed National"

If higher education is about signaling academic attainment, then it helps no-one when the signal is scrambled. During the second half of high school, I learnt the phrase "affirmative action" and what it meant. I was in the US with my father he was in the country for work reasons and met some of his American colleagues' children. The system outlined to me did my head in. They recounted how personal essays plus things like volunteering, sport, and church played a large role in admission to one of the nation's better universities. I could no more imagine writing an essay telling the University of Queensland why I wanted to study law than I could imagine milking a bull. The reason was simplicity itself: I got straight As and couldn't stand the sight of blood, so medicine was out. At various points in multiple conversations, I attempted to describe the Australian system:


Can ChatGPT Defend the Long-term Use of Antipsychotics? "IndyWatch Feed National"

Last week, I asked ChatGPT to write an essay about the Mad in America website. That was a prelude to the questions I wanted to ask about the long-term effects of psychiatric drugs and the merits of DSM diagnoses. I do believe this is an inquiry, if AI is properly pressed, that can help highlight the evidence base related to antipsychotics, and the validity of psychiatric diagnoses.

This week I am focusing on antipsychotics. Here is how I am envisioning this chat: Imagine this exercise as a simulation of questions that could be asked of a prominent biological psychiatrist at a debate. Given that ChatGPT scours the internet and written texts for its replies, I presume that its answers will reflect, at least in large part, a discussion that is a reflection of mainstream beliefs (and thoughts.)

Or to put it another way, I want to see if I can make ChatGPT squirm.

ChatGPT on the Hot Seat

Our chat:

Robert Whitaker: Write an essay on the long-term effects of antipsychotics as a treatment for schizophrenia.


Title: The Long-Term Effects of Antipsychotics as a Treatment for Schizophrenia

Introduction: Schizophrenia is a complex mental disorder characterized by a range of symptoms, including hallucinations, delusions, disorganized thinking, and cognitive impairments. Antipsychotic medications have long been a cornerstone of tr...


Why Is This Freeway So Expensive? (Hint: Because Its Too Damn Wide!) "IndyWatch Feed National"


This article was originally published in City Observatory. It is shared here with permission. All images for this piece were provided by the author unless otherwise indicated.


The fundamental problem with the Oregon Department of Transportations (ODOTs) I-5 Rose Quarter project, and the reason why it has blown through its budget, is that it is really a massive freeway-widening project. The agency claims its just adding a couple of auxiliary lanes, but in reality, its doubling the width of Interstate 5 in a complex urban environment, and its plans for a much wider roadway are the principal reason the project, and its covers, are so expensive.

A Too-Wide Freeway

What no one seems willing to do is ask basic questions about the Rose Quarter. Is the project worth $1.9 billion? Does it even need to be that big and expensive? Isnt the skyrocketing cost and ODOTs growing fiscal crisis a signal that we should consider some other options?

The high cost and prodigious cost overruns of the Rose Quarter are directly related to the excessive width of the project, something that ODOT has gone to great lengths to conceal, characterizing the project as merely adding a single auxiliary lane in each direction. In reality, the project would essentially double the width of I-5 through the Rose Quarter, from its current 82-foot width to 160 feet (and in some places as much as 200 feet).

A brief chronology shows how ODOT staff have repeatedly concealed or obscured the width of the I-5 Rose Quarter project. Their initial 2019 Environmental Assessment presented a misleading and cartoonish freeway cross section that appeared to show that the freeway would be widened to about 126 feet.

City Observatory challenged these claims about the width of the freeway to the Oregon Transportation Commission in December 2020, and the commission directed the staff to meet with us to discuss the issue. The staff refused to answer any questions during this meeting, and instead later issued a written report obfuscating the actual width of the freeway.

In March 2021, No More Freeways obtained three different ...

Thursday, 13 July


Western Australia Vaccine Adverse Events Data "IndyWatch Feed National"

Keep in mind, this is just what the perpetrators are willing to admit. Via: Dr. John Campbell:


INTERVIEW: Sulaiman Ahmed The Truth About The Tate Brothers Case "IndyWatch Feed National"

A  deeper look into the incredible story of brothers Andrew and Tristan Tate, and the likelihood of powerful foreign actors applying pressure on Romania to keep them on ice. 

In this episode of the Patrick Henningsen Show on TNT Radio which aired on July 10, 2023, Patrick talks with UK-based investigative journalist and judicial pundit, Sulaiman Ahmed, for a deeper look into the incredible story of Andrew and Tristan Tate, and their controversial legal case currently making its way, albeit painfully, through the Romanian judicial system. Are there powerful foreign actors applying pressure on Romania to keep the Tates on ice? Is there a political, or geopolitical dimension to this case? The case also draws some eery comparisons to specious sex charges levelled against Julian Assange and others. All this and more. Listen:

More from Sulaiman:

TUNE-IN LIVE to TNT RADIO for the Patrick Henningsen Show every MON-FRI at 12PM-2PM (NEW YORK) | 5PM-7PM (LONDON) | 2AM-4AM (BRISBANE):






Scott Ritter Investigation: Agent Zelensky Part 1 "IndyWatch Feed National"

Part 1 of a highly revealing investigative series exploring the unlikely rise to power of Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky, by American author, military analyst, former US Marine Corps intelligence officer, and former United Nations Special Commission (UNSCOM) weapons inspector, Scott Ritter.

Scott Ritter says

As a former intelligence officer, Ive been wondering why has no one done an investigation about Volodymyr Zelensky, the President of Ukraine? His rise to power, in my opinion, represents an incredible manipulation of world opinion that will go down in history as a classic case study in social psychological engineering: an ordinary comedian who came to power because he promised a long-awaited peace, who then dragged his fellow citizens into a bloody war that can only be described as a massacre. With the help of colleagues and experts with first-hand insights into Zelensky, I have poured over documents and video to produce a film that captures this investigation. This story has so many twists and turns that I had to break it into two parts. In the first episode, presented here, I will answer the question about Zelenskys improbable rise to power, and how the Ukrainian President accumulated his vast wealth, a sum that has only become larger since the war with Russia began. And, perhaps most importantly, why I decided to call this film Agent Zelensky. Watch: 

Learn more about the new series Agent Zelensky at Scott Ritter Extra.

READ MORE UKRAINE NEWS AT: 21st Century Wire Ukraine Files


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More grumbling from Zelensky because NATO doesnt want direct war with Russia "IndyWatch Feed National"

By Drago Bosnic | July 13, 2023

In early October last year, Kiev regime frontman Volodymyr Zelensky called on NATO to launch a preemptive nuclear strike on Russia in order to rule out the possibility of using nuclear weapons. At the time, the mainstream propaganda machine tried everything in its power to present his words as allegedly misinterpreted, but since there is actual footage of it, well let you decide if he genuinely said so:

What should NATO do? Eliminate the possibility of Russia using nuclear weapons. But what is important, I once again appeal to the international community, as it was before February 24: pre-emptive strikes, so that they know what will happen to them if used. And not vice versa wait for Russias nuclear strikes, then to say: Oh, you are so, well, keep it from us! Reconsider the application of their pressure, the procedure for applying, Zelensky said during a video conference with the Australian Lowy Institute.

While the aforementioned propaganda narrative tried to whitewash (a standard practice for virtually anything the Neo-Nazi junta does) his statement about these preemptive strikes by claiming these supposedly wouldnt be nuclear, this is openly implied in the comment itself. How else would it be possible to launch strikes against a nuclear power, much less the one with the worlds most powerful thermonuclear arsenal?

Why is this relevant now, approximately ten months later? Zelenskys unhinged commentary is deeply dividing for virtually all NATO members, as none of them wants to be destroyed in minutes for the sake of a corrupt Neo-Nazi regime. The ongoing NATO summit in Vilnius makes Zelensky look no less delusional, as he threw yet another tantrum, complaining that the political West is not doing enough because it doesnt want to make a firm promise to let the Kiev regime into NATO. Apparently, he is deeply frustrated with the regular pattern of the belligerent alliance making pledges, giving billions in so-called aid (over $170 billion, to be exact), promising to deliver F-16 fighter jets, while also expanding its military infrastructure in Eastern Europe.

Although NATO promised it will remove the Membership Action Plan (MAP) requirement for the Neo-Nazi junta, an...


Flawed IPEF Wont Solve Global Supply Chain Issues "IndyWatch Feed National"

Ever since May 2023, when the 14-member Indo-Pacific Economic Framework (IPEF) reached an agreement on strengthening the resilience of supply chains a crucial aspect of the frameworks second pillar an intense debate has been ignited within academia and media regarding its feasibility. For obvious reasons, scholars and commentators have delved into the potential ramifications and explored various perspectives on the matter. Some have scrutinized the practicality of implementing the agreement, while others have examined the potential economic and geopolitical implications it may entail. While the final text of the IPEF Supply Chain Agreement is yet to be unveiled to the media, initial indications have partially revealed its main features, suggesting the creation of comprehensive regulations and institutional mechanisms. The success of this agreement hinges on its implementation, with a particular focus on delineating tangible measures and possibly establishing specialized projects to propel further advancements.

Launched by US President Joe Biden in May 2022 during a Quad Summit in Tokyo, the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework (IPEF) is a coalition of 14 member countries including India, Australia, Brunei, Fiji, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. The IPEFs declared objective is to establish a shared framework based on four key pillars: connectivity and digital trade, resilient supply chains, clean energy, and corruption-free fair trade. But the IPEF is generally viewed as the United States strategic response to its perceived retreat from the Asia-Pacific region during the Trump era, symbolized by the withdrawal from the ambitious Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), now known as the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP). Evidently, the IPEF is an assertive move by the Biden administration to counter Chinas increasing sway in the Indo-Pacific region. With the IPEF, the United States aims to expand its economic leadership in the region while advancing its foreign policy and economic interests. Through strategic partnerships with member countries, Washington seeks to enhance the development of supply chains and promote regional connectivity in both physical and digital realms. In doing so, the United States hopes to solidify its position as a dominant economic force in the Indo-Pacific region, asserting its influence and securing its long-term economic and strategic objectives.

As per media reports, the proposed agreement has suggested the establishment of three bodies: a Supply Chain Council, a Supply Chain Crisis Response Network, and a Labor Rights Advisory Board. Additionally, the United States has pledged to initiate technical assistance and capacity-building programs, such as digital shipping pilot projects and an IPEF STEM Exchange Program. Nevertheless, the global response from th...




The Autonomous Bougainville Government has made temporary appointments on two senior positions.
These appointments were announced by the ABG President, HON ISHMAEL TOROAMA on Gazette numbers 22 and 23 of 2023.
This was made under section 30(3)(a) of the Bougainville Senior Appointments as amended in 2018, the Bougainville Executive Council has made temporary appointment of MS STEPHANIE ELIJAH as acting Deputy Chief Secretary-Policy Planning and MR. JOHN WATMELIK as acting secretary for the Department of Community Government.
These appointments took effect on June 30th, 2023 and until the following,
a) a substantive appointment is made or,
b) this appointment is revoked by the Bougainville Executive Council or
c) 6 months have passed.




Former Bougainville senior Public servant, PATRICK HEROMATE is calling on the ABG Department of Minerals and Energy Resources to carry out massive awareness throughout Bougainville regarding Mining in Bougainville.
He told New Dawn FM that the silence by officers in this sector is creating confusion between resource owners and their partners on what should be done to participate in this sector.
MR. HEROMATE said he was concerned that people are registering so many companies to seek potential investors and this was due to no awareness from the concerned department.


PNG By-elections : Issue of Writs deferred due to Security arrangements "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

The date for the issue of writ for the three By-Elections has been deferred to Thursday 27th of July.

PNG Electoral Commissioner, Simon Sinai announced this yesterday (Wednesday 12.07.23), saying this is to allow police to sort out security arrangements.

He said security is an important component of any election operation and the Commission will give time for police to prepare themselves well.

By-Elections will be conducted for the three affected electorates - North Bougainville in the Autonomous Region of Bougainville, Wewak in East Sepik Province and Lagaip in Enga Province.

The Electoral Commissioner said the Commission will wait for police to sort out their budget and other operational requirements within the next few days before the issue of writ next Thursday.

Mr. Sinai said police will go to the respective electorates and carry out security assessments on the ground and advice the Commission accordingly.

He said the writ will be issued on Thursday July, 27th, 2023, and nominations will open for seven days and closes on the 2nd of August, 2023.

Mr. Sinai said the campaign period will run for 8 weeks and polling will commence on September 23rd and closes on the 2nd of October 2023.

Counting will be conducted within 21 days from October 6th to the 27th and return of writ will be on or before October 27th, 2023.

By-Elections will be conducted for the electorates of North Bougainville, Wewak and Lagaip.

The seat of North Bougainville was left vacant after the incumbent MP, William Nakin passed away prior to counting of votes for the electorate following the 2022 National Elections. 

For Wewak Open electorate, the incumbent MP, Kevin Isifu passed away after suffering from an illness, while the Lagaip electorate was declared failed after ballot boxes and papers were burnt and destroyed.

NBC News PNG / PNG Today

Next : 





The Chair of the Bougainville Mining Advisory Council, MR PETER KOLOTEIN has given notice under section 65(2) of the Bougainville Mining Act 2015, of a proposal to designate the area in Eivo and Torokina (shown on the map) as mining reserve area reserved from exploration or mining within which further exploration and mining will be prohibited.
An area approximately 637.40 km will be affected with this notice.
Members of the public are invited to comment on the proposal by writing to the Bougainville Mining Advisory Council c/-Department of Mineral and Energy Resources in Buka, no later than 4pm (BST) on September 29th 2023.


Eivo torokina



The ABG member for Eivo/Torau, HON LAWRENCE SIRAPUI has told the resource owners from EIVO/TORAU and TOROKINA to follow the Bougainville Mining law with regards to applying for Exploration Licenses.
Speaking at the Resource owners forum organized for the people of Eivo/Torau and Torokina in Arawa this week, MR SIRAPUI said the government is there to protect both the company and the resource owners so that from the set laws both parties can create a good partnership that will be beneficial to all parties.
MR. SIRAPUI said by failing to adhere to set guidelines and procedures automatically paints a bad picture on the part of the company applying for the license.
The member said these applications goes through a stringent filter system of the Bougainville inward Investment Committee under the Department of Commerce Trade and Development and Department of Mineral and Energy Resources Bougainville Mining advisory council to make sure the Landowners also partner with a credible investor.
He called on his people to support and work with the Autonomous Bougainville Government.






Reports from Torokina is that the people are having shortage of garden food due to the continues rain in their area in the past four months.

Mr Amos Baiwa the District community development officer Torokina reported on the disaster in Torokina District to New Dawn FM.

He said that this continues rain which has gone into its 4th month has destroyed all food gardens and the people are now facing severe food shortage.

The most affected are the low lands and coastal wards. A detail have already been submitted to the Disaster office. 2. 3 weeks ago.

MR.BAIWA also reported a minor eruption of mt. Bagana and ash and lava out flow have been experienced.

And volcanic ash have also affected food gardens,water for drinking and cooking .

The most affected here are inner land towards Laruma..and upper inland.

So the people need urgent water for drinking and food rations.

MR.BAIWA also reported another threat in the area.

He said that there is a dam about 15metres high in the mountains area of border between Rotokas of wakunai and Rotokas of Torokina caused by land slide blocking the Laruma River near the mt. Bagana volcano area a month ago.

And this is posing great danger and risks to the people living down stream.

He said a team is needed to assess this situation and make preparation planning of possible disaster. ENDS

Torox 2


When the Police Arrive! "IndyWatch Feed National"

Photo by Pixabay on

When the police arrive at your door, it can be a stressful and intimidating situation. However, it is important to remain calm and handle the situation appropriately. Here are some steps to consider:

  1. Determine who is at the door: Before opening the door, it is a good safety habit to determine who is there. You can do this by looking out the window, using a peephole, or asking "Who is it?".
  2. Assess the situation: If you see that it is the police at your door, take a moment to assess the situation. Consider why they might be there, such as a wellness check, responding to a noise complaint, or conducting a neighbourhood survey. Understanding the reason for their visit can help you respond appropriately.
  3. Know your rights: It is important to understand your rights when dealing with the police. If the police have a warrant, you are required to open the door. However, if they do not have a warrant, you have the right to not open the door and can choose not to speak to them. It is important to note that if the police have a warrant, they can legally enter your home if you refuse to open the door.
  4. Consider your options: If you do not feel comfortable with a "knock and talk" situation, you have options. You can choose to greet the police outside after exiting through another door, or you can speak with them through the opening protected by your chain lock. Assess the situation and decide what feels safest and most comfortable for you.
  5. Remain calm and polite: When interacting with the police, it is important to remain calm and polite. Answer their questions respectfully, but remember that you are not obligated to answer any questions if you do not feel comfortable doing so. It is important to maintain a respectful and non-confrontational demeanour throughout the interaction.
  6. Seek legal advice if necessary: If you find yourself in a situation where you are unsure of your rights or feel that your rights have been violated, it may be beneficial to seek legal advice. Consulting with a civil rights attorney can help you understand your opti...


Winners shine at Meanjin national NAIDOC awards "IndyWatch Feed National"

THE annual National NAIDOC Week Awards ceremony in Meanjin (Brisbane) was a spectacular evening, recognising the outstanding contributions that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people make to improve the lives of people in their communities and beyond.

Hosted by Mark Coles Smith and Casey Donovan, the awards recognise the various ways Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people work to improve their communities and beyond. 

The evening featured performances by Thelma Plum, Breanna Lee and the Thaiwa Dance Team. 

Aunty Dr Naomi Mayers OAM received the Lifetime Achievement Award, which honours a First Nations person who has dedicated their life to their community. 

Starting her life on Erambie mission in central New South Wales, the Yorta Yorta and Wiradjuri woman has transformed the lives of First Nations people with her work in education and health. 

Arrente Elder William Tilmouth was named Elder of the Year in recognition of his 40 years advocating for the rights, justice and self- determination of his people. 

Aunty Dr Matilda House-Williams, who helped set up the Aboriginal Tent Embassy in 1972, was named Female Elder of the Year. 

Dr Kelvin Kong


Googz seven continent plan "IndyWatch Feed National"

THE icy sheets of Antarctica will be crunching under Andrew Thorpes running shoes in a grand plan the man they call Googz hopes will come to fruition. 

Thorpe, 32 next week, has been formally accepted to complete not one, not two, not even three marathons; he hopes to run seven yes, seven! marathons on the seven yes, all seven! continents of the world in, wait for it seven days! 

The body-bending seven marathons-in seven days-on seven continents concept comes under an event called The Great World Race (TGWR), which is formally recognised by the Association of International Marathons, which comes under the auspices of World Athletics (formerly known as the International Amateur Athletic Federation). 

TGWR takes in Novo on Antarctica (basically the airport- ice runway there), the African city of Cape Town (in South Africa), Perth here in Australia, two marathons in Istanbul because the Turkish city straddles the great continents of Asia and Europe at Cartagena in South America (in Colombia), and in Miami in North America (in Florida of the United States), and thereby encompassing all seven


Voice would be a two-way relationship "IndyWatch Feed National"

INDIGENOUS Australians Minister Linda Burney says the proposed Indigenous Voice would be a two-way relationship thats key to solving long-running issues.

As campaigning ahead of the referendum ramps up, Ms Burney said the dynamic between government and the proposed body would be based on trust. 

The relationship I want with the Voice is a two-way process, one of respect, one of listening to fresh ideas about intractable problems, she told ABCs Insiders program on Sunday. 

The Voice is about two things: its about making a practical difference to the shocking social justice outcomes for Aboriginal people, and of course, its about that wonderful unifying aspect of recognising 65,000 years of history in our constitution. 

The comments follow an address by Ms Burney at the National Press Club, where she outlined that the Voice would have four main policy areas of health, education, jobs and housing. 

The minister said she would respect the independence of the Voice


Hospital denies mistreatment after one-year-old dies "IndyWatch Feed National"

A PERTH hospital has denied neglecting a one-year-old Indigenous girl who died in its care, amid claims staff were racist and lied to the childs family. 

The girl, whose family asked for her to be referred to as Kailee, was admitted to Perth Childrens Hospital for treatment early last week. 

She died soon after in the Emergency Department as staff tried to resuscitate her. 

The girls mother, Charmain Blurton, on Tuesday claimed medical staff lied to her about her daughters condition after she rushed her to the hospital for help. 

Theyre saying all sorts of bulls**t, they dont even know what it is, she told reporters during a press conference outside the hospital when asked what her daughter was diagnosed with. 

Its hard, they should know what the f**k it is. This is a baby, man, not a life to play with. 

They just basically neglected my daughter because my daughter was killed in this hospital without being cared for. 

Ms Blurton and her supporters also claimed the hospital was racist towards the family, amid claims the system was failing Indigenous Australians. 

They wont even look at us black people properly, she said. 

Were just devastated our girl wasnt looked after properly. 

The hospital has disputed the allegations, saying staff declared a code blue and provided emergency resuscitation


Cricket teams tour lives on in memorial museum "IndyWatch Feed National"

IN 1868, the first team of Australian Aboriginal cricketers toured England. Then 120 years later another Aboriginal team followed in their footsteps. The story of these two teams is now on display at a special museum in Edenhope, Victoria. 

The story began on November 2, 1967, when a group of Indigenous men from Western Victoria gathered on the Queenscliff shoreline under the cover of darkness to go fishing. 

Their real objective, however, was not to fish, but to avoid the Victorian Aboriginal Protection Board. 

The men successfully boarded the steamship Rangatira for passage to Sydney, and eventually landed in the United Kingdom. They were the first Australian Cricket side to ever tour England. 

Once in England, they took to the field 99 days out of a possible 126, playing 47 matches in 40 centres. Its a feat not matched by any team since. 

In 1988, a decision was made to recreate the original team from modern Indigenous players to celebrate and honour the legacy of the original tour. 

Thirty-five First Nations men were selected from cricket teams across the country, many of whom were playing at the highest levels of state cricket. 

This select group were bundled off to the Australian Institute of Sport and were put through their paces with a final selection of 11 men to train and prepare for a tour of England. 

Those 11 men spent time in Edenhope, Victoria, getting to know each other and immersing themselves in the history


To Save CO2, Australia Opts To Upcycle Tallest Skyscraper "IndyWatch Feed National"


In 2014, AMP Capital, an Australian firm, issued a remarkable and unconventional challenge to the architectural community of Sydney: transform their skyscraper headquarters into a new structure without demolishing it.

The goal was to upcycle the AMP Center, formerly the tallest building in Sydney, into the worlds first upcycled skyscraper, resulting in a truly awe-inspiring outcome.

Instead of tearing down the existing AMP Center, the innovative approach involved adding a second tower to its core. This approach proved to be highly beneficial, saving approximately 12,000 tons of CO2 that would have been emitted through the use of heavy machinery and the release of carbon trapped in the cement. To put this in perspective, 12,000 tons of CO2 is equivalent to the maximum energy consumption of the 49-story tower over a period of three years.

Although the AMP Center, constructed in the 1970s, was not in a state of disrepair, it was no longer a suitable option for the company. Rather than committing to the enormous costs associated with demolition and construction from scratch, the firm chose to explore alternative possibilities.



Russias Lavrov: Ukraine conflict will not end until West drops plans to defeat Moscow "IndyWatch Feed National"

Reuters July 12, 2023

The armed confrontation in Ukraine will continue until the West gives up plans to dominate and defeat Moscow, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said in an interview with an Indonesian newspaper published on Wednesday.

The goal of the US-led collective West is to strengthen its global hegemony, Lavrov told the Kompas newspaper. Lavrov is due to attend the East Asia Summit and ASEAN Regional Forum in Jakarta this week, as is U.S. Secretary of State

Why doesnt the armed confrontation in Ukraine come to an end? The answer is very simple it will continue until the West gives up its plans to preserve its domination and overcome its obsessive desire to inflict on Russia a strategic defeat at the hands of its Kiev puppets, according to a transcript of the interview published on Russias foreign ministry website.

For the time being, there are no signs of change in this position.

Russia waged a full-scale invasion in Ukraine in February 2022, calling it a special military operation to denazify its neighbour. Kyiv and its allies call the war, now in its 17th month, an aggression to grab land.

On Wednesday, Russia launched a wave of kamikaze drone attacks on Kyiv for a second night in row and hours before President Volodymyr Zelenskiy was due to meet NATO leaders at a summit in Vilnius.

The West says it wants to help Ukraine win its conflict with Russia, and Western powers have supplied large amounts of modern arms and ammunition to Kyiv.

Lavrov also accused Kyiv of ignoring Indonesias peace plan and instead promoting its own package of ultimatums.

Ukraine dismissed the Indonesian plan, a multi-point formula which had included a call for the establishment of a demilitarised zone, reiterating Kyivs position that Russia should withdraw its troops from Ukraine.

Commenting on the internal strife in Myanmar since a military coup in 2021, Lavrov urged the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) to resolve issues with close cooperation with the junta and without interfering in Myanmars domestic affairs.

ASEAN foreign ministers meeting on Tuesday were expected to address the growing violence in Myanmar. The regional bloc has barred the junta from its summits for failing to implement an agreed peace plan.

(Reporting by Lidia Kelly in Melbourne and Ananda Teresia in Jakarta; Editing by Simon Cameron-Moore)



Edition 805 ON SALE now! "IndyWatch Feed National"

In this edition youll read about:

ALL the events that were held around the country to celebrate NAIDOC Week, with this years theme paying special tribute to our Elders. Dr Naomi Mayers was awarded the Lifetime Achiement Award at the national NAIDOC ball in Brisbane, while William Tilmouth, chair of Childrens Ground in Alice Springs, was named NAIDOC Male Elder of the year. Aunty Matilda House-Williams, a proud Ngambri, Wallabalooa and Wiradjuri Elder, was named NAIDOC Female Elder of the year. 

INDIGENOUS Australians Minister Linda Burney says the proposed Indigenous Voice would be a two-way relationship thats key to solving long-running issues. As campaigning ahead of the referendum ramps up, Ms Burney said the dynamic between government and the proposed body would be based on trust.


THE Football Treaty between First Nations people of Australia and Aotearoa-New Zealand had its first tangible expression last weekend in a series of Tests across south-east Queensland. As both countries gear up to co-host one of world sports biggest events this month and next the 2023 Womens FIFA World Cup their respective First Nations representative mens and womens teams faced off in four matches in the first International Festival of Indigenous Football between them. 



Australian Dollar and Bitcoin "IndyWatch Feed National"

1.00 AUD = 0.00002 BTC
0.00010 BTC = 4.60 AUD


Peril on Your Plate: Effects of GE and Chemical Agriculture "IndyWatch Feed National"

Editor's Note: This article is a reprint. It was originally published June 23, 2018.

After being told by her doctor that genetically engineered (GE) food and pesticides could be responsible for her son's food allergies, Ekaterina Yakovleva set out to investigate. Her quest for answers was captured by the Russian Times in the featured film, "The Peril on Your Plate: Genetic Engineering and Chemical Agriculture."

The film shows Yakovleva and her team traveling the world to meet "the people who lift the lid on the perils of GMOs and the chemicals used in the industry," as well as proponents of GMOs who argue that genetic engineering is a "high-tech" solution to feeding the world's growing population.

Advocates for genetic engineering tell Yakovleva that the technology is beneficial to farmers in that it increases resistance to pests and disease, as well as produces higher yields. But Yakovleva isn't convinced.

She learns nothing could be further from the truth after witnessing the devastation caused by mass farmer suicides in India as a result of the failure of Monsanto's Bt cotton. Yakovleva visits the U.K. where she meets Lady Margaret, Countess of Mar, a member of the House of Lords and a former farmer who suffered from chemical use, and then to the U.S. where she meets with Zen Honeycutt of Moms Across America about the link between GMOs, pesticides and chronic disease in humans.

What Is Genetic Engineering?

In order to better understand genetic engineering and its impact on human health, Yakovleva starts to research the technique and how it's used. She learns that genetic engineering enables DNA to be transferred not only between different kinds of plants, but even between different kingdoms, meaning scientists can take DNA from an insect or animal and insert it into the genome of a plant.

Many GMO proponents claim that genetic engineering is just an extension of natural breeding methods, and just as safe. Nothing could be further from the truth on both counts. Genetic engineering is radically different from conventional breeding techniques used to improve a crop. For starters, it's a laboratory-based technique allowing scientists to create a food that could never be created by nature.

Claire Robinson, editor of GM Watch and co-author of the book, "GMO Myths and Truths: A Citizen's Guide to the Evidence on the Safety and Efficacy of Genetically Modified Foods and Crops," says:

"Genetic engineering enables DNA to be transferred not only between different kinds of plants, but even between different kingdoms. You can take DNA from an insect, an animal, a virus or a bacterium, and insert it into the genome of a food crop plant. This is actually a very imprecise p...


Massive fleet upgrade to transform Papua New Guineas Air Niugini "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Air Niuginis ambitious 15-year fleet plan will improve efficiency, reliability and allow new international routes to be added. Business Advantage PNG recently caught up with the airlines Acting CEO, Gary Seddon, to find out more. 

Boeings 787 Dreamliner, due for delivery to Air Niugini in 2026. The aircraft is seen here on a test flight. Credit: Boeing

Air Niugini recently received cabinet approval to progressively replace 65 per cent of its existing fleet at a cost of around K3 billion.

The airline is planning to replace its high-maintenance and fuel-hungry long-haul Boeing 767 aircraft, for which parts are increasingly harder to find. A recently-penned purchase agreement will see the airline replace its existing two 767 aircraft with two Boeing widebody 787s (Dreamliner) by March/April 2026.

Interim fleet 

Air Niuginis Gary Seddon.

However, Air Niuginis Acting CEO, Gary Seddon, tells Business Advantage PNG that the airlines more immediate priority is expanding the domestic network through a combination of aircraft purchase and leasing arrangements.

Given that the integrity of the [airlines] schedule has caused Seddon concern for many months, he advises that the airline is about to deploy an interim fleet. In addition to purchasing four second hand (turbo prop) Dash Q400...


Los Angeles Housing Department Will Investigate Residential Hotels "IndyWatch Feed National"

<p><p class="byline">by <span class="name">Robin Urevich</span>, <a href="">Capital & Main, and Gabriel Sandoval, ProPublica

This article was produced for ProPublicas Local Reporting Network in partnership with <a href= "">Capital & Main. Sign up for Dispatches to get stories like this one as soon as they are published.

The Los Angeles Housing Department said Tuesday that it will immediately investigate whether some residential hotels, which are required by city law to be reserved for low-cost housing, are instead renting rooms to tourists.</p> <p>The citys action came just one day after Capital & Main and ProPublica revealed that 21 residential hotels were advertising on travel websites and that the Housing Department had failed to stop their owners from turning housing units into hotel rooms.

Department spokesperson Sharon Sandow said in a statement that over the next six to seven weeks the Housing Department will investigate all 21 of the hotels identified in the article and will, where warranted, issue citations and make appropriate referrals to the City Attorney's office. The department will also review its enforcement efforts, she said.</p> <p>The mayors office requested the Housing Department conduct the investigation, said Zach Seidl, a spokesperson for LA Mayor Karen Bass. We are asking for a report back on all 21 properties in 45 days, Seidl said. In addition, we are asking for a report on how this happened and recommendations for ensuring this does not happen again. The mayors office did not answer questions emailed to its staff ahead of the initial story.</p> <p>In LA, residential hotels are supposed to provide housing of last resort for the citys poorest people. The hotels consist of small basic rooms some with shared bathrooms and are sometimes the only housing that many elderly, disabled and low-income workers can afford.</p> <p>Under a 2008 law, these hotels must remain residential, unless their owners either build replacements for the housing units they take off the market or pay into a city housing fund. The city has a list of about 300 residential hotels, defined as a building of six or more units that are the primary residences of their guests.</p> ...</p>


Calls grow to put the brakes on deep-sea mining as countries discuss rules "IndyWatch Feed National"

Deep-sea mining is facing growing opposition at a critical moment that could either enable the prospective industry to advance or halt it in its tracks. On July 10, the U.N.-associated deep-sea mining regulator, the International Seabed Authority (ISA), opened a highly anticipated meeting in Kingston, Jamaica, to discuss adopting mining regulations to govern seabed extraction. Two years ago, the tiny Pacific island nation of Nauru activated a two-year rule that pressured the ISA to finalize its regulations by July 9, 2023, or begin accepting applications for extraction with whatever rules were in place at the time. Currently, the mining regulations are still in draft form and appear far from complete, experts close to the matter say. Over the past few weeks, several countries, including Sweden, Ireland and Switzerland, have voiced new support for a moratorium or precautionary pause on deep-sea mining. Canada the home country of The Metals Company (TMC), a firm sponsored by Nauru with plans to start mining in the near future through one of its subsidiaries has also called for a moratorium. Other nations that have called for similar measures on earlier occasions include Chile, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, the Federated States of Micronesia, Ecuador, Fiji, Finland, Germany, New Zealand, Palau, Samoa and Vanuatu. Last year, France called for an outright ban on deep-sea mining. Many car companies, including BMW, Volvo Group and Renault, also support a moratorium and have vowed not to use any metals extracted from the ocean in their electric vehicles.This article was originally published on Mongabay


Work underway on Dubbo fluoride repair "IndyWatch Feed National"

The tender for the refurbishment of the fluoride dosing system at the John Gilbert Water Treatment Plant (JGWTP) in Dubbo has been awarded by Dubbo Regional Council (DRC).

Following a comprehensive evaluation process, the council resolved to engage TWS Evolution at the tendered amount of $1,192,101. This decision has been finalised with all requisite documentation assessed by NSW Public Works and the Department of Planning and Environment (Water Group).

The design phase has been initiated and is expected to span approximately 12 weeks. Upon completion and approval of the design, work will commence at the JGWTP with a targeted completion date set for the end of April 2024.

Since the failure of the citys fluoridation equipment in January 2019, Dubbos residents have been without fluoride in their water supply. Despite the JGWTP staff alerting the councils leadership at the time, no immediate corrective action was undertaken.

The issue was not fully addressed until April 2022 when the newly appointed council leadership became aware of the lack of fluoride. Subsequent to this, meetings were held with NSW Health, DPE Water and NSW Public Works to comprehend the magnitude of the problem and formulate an effective solution.

I once again extend my apologies to the public for this significant breach of trust. In January 2019, the community should have been notified about the lack of fluoride in the water supply. This oversight not only represents a breach of public trust but also, according to Section 6B of the Fluoridation of Public Water Supplies Act 1957, the unauthorised discontinuation of fluoridation is a breach of the Act, Dubbo Regional Council Mayor Mathew Dickerson said.

Transparency is paramount and it should have been vital that the public be informed about the situation.

The council initially aimed to reintroduce fluoride into the water supply by June 2023. However, in collaboration with NSW Public Works, DPE Water and NSW Health it became evident that the project was more complex and time-consuming than initially estimated. Further, the decision was made to implement a different fluoride dosing method compared to the one previously used at the JGWTP.

I apologise to the public for not meeting our target date. The project was substantially larger than initially estimated, but it was crucial that we execute this correctly for the future residents of Dubbo, Clr Dickerson said.

The affected water supply includes potable town water from the JGWTP which serves Dubbo, Wongarbon, Eumungerie, Ballimore, Mogriguy and Brocklehurst.

Water fluoridation refers to the process of adjusting the fluoride concentration in drinking water to an optimal level that helps mitigate tooth decay. Dubbos water supply currently only includes natural fluoridation.



The Despicable Gaslighting Around Child Trafficking & Our Unaccountable/Criminal Leadership "IndyWatch Feed National"

Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours (7/12/23).
As always, take the information discussed in the video below and research it for yourself, and come to your own conclusions. Anyone telling you what the truth is, or claiming they have the answer, is likely leading you astray, for one reason or another. Stay Vigilant.

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Video Source Links (In Chronological Order)

(7) Dr. Eli David on Twitter: "A Spanish minister flies on a private jet to attend a climate conference. She then drives on a motorcade, and a 100 meters before the venue she gets off and takes a bicycle, as her two security cars follow her #ClimateHypocrisy" / Twitter
(7) Eric Sandy on Twitter: "Eight miles west of East Palestine... and just down the road from Crestview High School >>> Hilcorp Energy Company reports that a third-party contractor "struck a well head" on the Fairfield-Tarka pad at 9 a.m. today. One-mile evac zone established. Ohio EPA is on scene." / Twitter
Governor Announces Response to Columbiana County Natural Gas Release | Governor Mike DeWine
(7) LastAmericanVagabond on Twitter: "Well, with 88% of that population fully vaccinated (whatever that means today) the injection that is dangerous and already shown to cause GBS & auto immune issues (COVID-19 jab) should be the focus of investigation, but Im guessing it will be ignored." / Twitter
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Dawkins embarrasses himself again "IndyWatch Feed National"

Oh no, Richard Dawkins, stop. Hes asked in an interview what he thinks of doctors being arrested for gender affirming care, and his old eloquence is completely gone. He stutters, he stammers, he struggles to get an answer out, and he looks for an excuse to evade the question for adults, he asks, or children. Like it makes a difference, like theres an age that justifies suffering. He finally gets out

I would have strong objections to doctors injecting minors, children, or performing surgery on them to change their sex

Note that this does not answer the question. Should doctors be jailed for providing gender-affirming care? I dont care if someone has opinions and objects, the question is whether it is right for the state to arrest care-givers for giving care?

OK, so he doesnt think children should be treated for this issue not that theyre getting sex change operations anyway, they might at best be given therapy and reversible puberty blockers. What about adults?

If theyve thought about it properly

As if trans people dont even think long and hard about it, and as if hes the right person to judge if theyve properly thought about it. He goes on to say that it might be OK if if they struggle and suffer over it. You can be trans, according to Dawkins, if youve been made sufficiently miserable.

What were seeing now is a fashion, a craze, mimetic epidemic which is spreading like an epidemic of measles or something like that

Oh, just go ahead and spit out the words woke mind virus, its what you really want to say, boomer.

That doesnt even make sense. Is measles a meme now? Is it really a good idea to compare a fashion to a serious, life threatening disease? Is the state of being trans a biological disease at all?

Dawkins r...

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